When Will Sunny Lane Do A Black Guy?

Sunny calls me back Tuesday evening.

"I’ve had my fun outside of work," says Sunny. "I haven’t done that on camera yet. When the right price is available… Less is more. Timing is everything. You never know what can happen."

"How do you feel about the interracial with me?"

"I don’t have an opinion."

"You have an opinion on everything."

Luke: "Sex is such a personal act, if people don’t feel comfortable with it, they shouldn’t be pushed to… It’s too controversial. I don’t have an opinion."

Sunny: "I love everybody. I get along with everybody. We have a great time because we’re all professionals."

"What performer would you like to see me with?"

Luke: "I don’t have a preference."

Sunny: "Put those questions out there to see what people will say."

"I’ve been learning and growing in this business and only doing 80 films."

"I’ve been traveling everywhere. I’ve been feature dancing for the Lee Network."

"I’ve got my own show on KSEXradio.com every Wednesday night from 8-9 p.m. I’m looking for a co-host."


  1. streetphotoman

    God this is going to sound bad. Ive had sex with 6 blk women and have to say they all had one thing in common, a serious pen and ink problem down below and thats after a shower head had been used. Sorry but that is my factual experience. You’ll have to look up cockney slang if you don’t know what “pen and ink” means.

  2. aflyonthewall

    My confusion begins with the “Fun outside of work” statement.

    So is Sunny a racist or an undercover racist. So Sunny claims “to have fun” with a black man behind closed doors, again claiming “I did a black” but I won’t do one on camera. Is there logic in this?

    Is racism logical?

    Is racism comical?

    Does racism run that rampant in an ostracized industry? Of course it does. Hell there is reverse racism also.

    Where is the line drawn when someone is so obviously racist where there is no explanation for something so obvious?

    What’s next? I have 2 black friends and they came over for Christmas, but who’s counting?

    Sunny may wanna consider working with a black one day as it may sell a few more extra tapes or sell an extra membership or 2 because she is not as gorgeous as some of her female Actresses who are NOT racists, I mean selective project acceptance.

  3. leslie

    Sunny is part of those who are there exclusively for the money…the “pro” type as in prost…..Doing a black guy will come,when the right price is offered.

  4. BigDickDaddy

    No one cares if she does or not. For many years video whores used to say that if they did a black that they would lose “video sales in the south”. This was always a complete crock of warm horse shit especially now that DVD sales and plummeting anyways. Sunny needs some promo and there is no BAD promo. All promo and good promo and not doing blacks is just another way to get additional attention in a market where attention is hard to get. The whore can fuck a dog with a biscuit in her mouth and most of us wont give a damn.

  5. mikesouth

    would you idiots learn engish please

    By choosing not to work with black guys she is discriminating…it isnt racism, everyone discriminates everyday. Are you whining that Lex Steel should have to do a gay scene with an asian guy?

    Grow up who cares, she doesnt have to fuck anyone she doesnt want to. get over it

  6. aflyonthewall

    I hope that Blacks and gays are not considered the same style sex as normal hetro sex. Sunny doing a black guy is a little different that Lex Steel in a gay movie. The condenses of Sunny Lane not being Miss America is valid and no one should care. She cannot help that and she should not be discriminated against. That is understandable. I also agree that an individual has the right to choice, no matter how absurd and as long it does not physically do harm to another. Our choices define character and character defines values. There are very fine lines to being one way in your heart and another for the sake of public business. However we should always keep tabs on the various types of discrimination as it comes in many shades and it hinders social progression. Religious, politics, social orientation are choices, Race and sex are not choices, that is determined at birth for most people and cannot be easily changed. This discussion is not about law, it is about changing thought processes and progression in to the 21st Century. So yes, Sunny has a choice as many others have choices. I am sure some guys have issues with her having been an escort and not wish to work, date, marry, or whatever. That is also silly, but I am sure an issue with certain A males in the industry. She and others who think like her is not a severe law breaker in this industry, but in other businesses , discrimination can be a liability. We have pioneers in our society in all areas, and we have followers who follow what everyone else does. Progression is about moving forward and being better. The human race has gone far from the “stone” wheel. It’s a slow progression, but at least we are still moving forward.

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