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How to be a porn star

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Let’s talk about big – record breaking sized – cocks

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John Falcon is a 45 year old man who has a 9.5 inch cock when soft and hard it can grow as big as 13.5 inches. That’s impressive right? Well apparently not as impressive as Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, a 52 year old Mexican man who measures in at 18.9 inches. The thing is so huge it weighs an amazing 2 pounds just on it’s own.

The owner of the world’s longest penis says he wants to be registered as disabled because his mammoth appendage makes it impossible for him to hold down a real job.

“Look where it is, it goes far below the knees. I cannot do anything, I cannot work, and I am a disabled so I want authorities to declare me as a disabled person and give me support. Then, I want to go to the Guinness to get recognition.”

Unfortunately, the Guinness World Records organisation cannot oblige because it has no penis-size category.

I mean, he kind of has a point about being able to work with that thing. How hard must it be for him to lug around that thing every damn day?

It’s so big it actually hangs down below his knees.

Some people were skeptical of the size, because it really so astronomically large in size so he released an x-ray showing the size.

19 inch penis

People were still skeptical so he decided to shoot a video. In the video footage (SEE THE VIDEO OF HIS COCK ON TMZ) the man put a stocking over his cock to censor it as best as he could and showed us just how big his cock really is.

TMZ is reporting that Vivid approached the Mexican citizen in an attempt to negotiate a deal for a sex tape but “it’s complicated by language barrier, expectations of money and basic anatomy challenges“.

What I want to know is, what female porn star could take on such a challenge? I mean holy fuck there have been some big cocks before in the jizz biz but this thing is in a category all its own.

Despite photographic and video evidence, some people are still calling bullshit on this guys story. What do you think? Is this man the real deal?



On the set of David Lord’s The Key for Wicked Pictures

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These are production stills from David Lord’s THE KEY, his first scripted narrative feature for Wicked Pictures in Los Angeles, California on September 1, 2015.

These photos were taken by Glenn Francis of Pacific Pro Digital.

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Did Shy Love find Farrah Abraham’s twin?

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Did Shy Love of the VIP Connect find Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s twin sister? Okay maybe not exact twins but you have to admit, at least in this photo they look amazingly similar, right?

To the left is Farrah Abraham and to the right is Christiana Cinn.


Producers wanting to work with Christiana Cinn can book here through The VIP Connect.

Fans can follow her on twitter @christianacinn

XBIZ Awards begins Pre-noms!

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It’s coming up on that time of year again … yes my friends, I do mean awards season. As of September 1st, XBIZ opened up pre-nominations which means if you are a member of you can go in and add in any name you want in the various given categories for people you feel should get a nomination.

Anyone who can verify they are in the adult industry (like you are a performer, director, run an adult related website, etc.) can join for free.

The 2016 XBIZ Awards show itself will be held on Friday, January 15, 2016, in Los Angeles, California.

xbiz awards

There are a ton of categories – but you don’t have to submit something for every one of them. Just pick the ones you want and submit away.

The categories in the movies and production categories alone include those listed below and that’s only like half of the categories overall.

  • Feature Movie of the Year
  • Parody Release of the Year
  • Gonzo Release of the Year
  • Gonzo Series of the Year
  • All-Sex Release of the Year
  • All-Sex Series of the Year
  • Vignette Release of the Year
  • Vignette Series of the Year
  • Performer Showcase Release of the Year
  • Couples-Themed Release of the Year
  • All-Girl Release of the Year
  • All-Girl Series of the Year
  • Director of the Year – Body of Work
  • Director of the Year – Feature Release
  • Director of the Year – Non-Feature Release
  • Director of the Year – Parody
  • Female Performer of the Year
  • Male Performer of the Year
  • Best New Starlet
  • Best Male Newcomer
  • Girl/Girl Performer of the Year
  • Foreign Female Performer of the Year
  • Foreign Male Performer of the Year
  • MILF Performer of the Year
  • Crossover Star of the Year
  • Best Actress – Feature Movie
  • Best Actor – Feature Movie
  • Best Actress – Parody Release
  • Best Actor – Parody Release
  • Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release
  • Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release
  • Best Actress – All-Girl Release
  • Best Supporting Actress
  • Best Supporting Actor
  • Best Non-Sex Acting Performance
  • Best Scene – Feature Movie
  • Best Scene – Parody Release
  • Best Scene – Non-Feature Release
  • Best Scene – Vignette Release
  • Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release
  • Best Scene – All-Girl
  • Screenplay of the Year
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Special Effects
  • Best Music
  • Best Editing
  • Studio of the Year
  • Best New Studio
  • Marketing Campaign of the Year
  • Amateur Release of the Year
  • Pro-Am Release of the Year
  • All-Black Release of the Year
  • Interracial Release of the Year
  • Latin-Themed Release of the Year
  • Asian-Themed Release of the Year
  • BDSM Release of the Year
  • Fetish Release of the Year
  • Specialty Release of the Year
  • European Studio of the Year
  • European Director of the Year
  • European Feature Release of the Year
  • European Non-Feature Release of the Year
  • Gay Studio of the Year
  • Gay Movie of the Year
  • Gay Director of the Year
  • Gay Performer of the Year
  • Transgender Studio of the Year
  • Transgender Release of the Year
  • Transgender Director of the Year
  • Transgender Performer of the Year


XBIZ has opened its pre-nomination period for the adult industry’s awards event of the year, the 2016 XBIZ Awards, presented by premier live cam network Live Jasmin.

To submit pre-nominations in any of the awards categories, industry professionals must be registered members of the social network and use the online submission form to record their entries. The upgraded submission form provides users the option to submit a single entry to multiple award categories, up to three.

To submit pre-nominations for the 2016 XBIZ Awards, click here.

The pre-nominations period will close midnight on Wed., Sept. 30.

Six new award categories have been added for the 2016 show in an effort to be more inclusive of previously unrecognized market segments and in response to feedback from members of the adult industry.

In the Movies & Production field, for the first time an honor will be given to the Performer Showcase Release of the Year. This award will go to the best movie that is centered on a single performer.

In the Web & Tech field, XBIZ will introduce awards for Live Cam Model of the Year both male and female. These honors will recognize outstanding achievement by a single model in the field of live cams.

In addition, XBIZ will debut two new Adult Site of the Year awards: For Women and Virtual Reality.

The Adult Site of the Year – For Women award will go to the best site created and marketed specifically for a female audience; and Adult Site of the Year – Virtual Reality will recognize outstanding work in the emerging VR sector.

In the Pleasure Products field, XBIZ for the first time has created the Sexpert of the Year award that will recognize the most outstanding educator within the realm of sexual health.

XBIZ also renamed its award categories in the transsexual genre to Transgender Studio of the Year, Transgender Release of the Year, Transgender Director of the Year, Transgender Performer of the Year and Adult Site of the Year – Transgender.

In order to be eligible for consideration for a 2016 XBIZ Award, movies and pleasure products must be released between Oct. 3, 2014 and Sept. 30, 2015.

The 14th annual XBIZ Awards, hosted by adult film superstar Stoya, will coincide with the industry’s trade events series of the year, XBIZ 2016, which annually features an unparalleled lineup of guest speakers and special events dedicated to exploring the future of the adult industry. Stay tuned to for upcoming announcements about the 2016 XBIZ Awards.

The 2016 XBIZ Awards will be held on Friday, Jan. 15, 2016, in Los Angeles.

To access the 2016 XBIZ Awards website, click here.

I Love Me Some Riley Steele. Don’t you?

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There are a lot of really beautiful girls in porn, but one of my favorite has always been Riley Steele. But what has she been up to lately?

Riley Steele as I’m sure you all know got her start as a Digital Playground contract star alongside fellow blonde hottie, Jesse Jane.

But when Manwin (now Mindgeek) bought the company, their incredibly hot contract stars soon took off for greener pastures. When this happened many like myself worried that meant girls like Riley Steele might retire from porn for good.

In fact when she ended her contract with Digital Playground, Riley Steele ended up taking some time off – That took place on July 2012.

Lucky for her legion of fans, that didn’t last long and on September 20, 2013 she signed an exclusive deal with Axel Braun Productions, who himself is under contract with Wicked Pictures.

It gets a little confusing, I know … but the long and short of it is, the very sexy Riley Steele is still very much out there making movies and hasn’t gone anywhere.

Here is a picture of Riley Steele in an Axel Braun called Farmer Girls.

Riley Steele in Farmers Girls

Of course there are also sites dedicated to sharing Riley Steele porn videos.

How did someone as hot as her get into porn in the first place? Well years ago when Pirates (the first one) was released, she traveled to Hollywood to a in store signing and got the autograph of several of the stars in the movie, including Jesse Jane who told her she should consider doing porn herself. Jesse Jane even went as far as giving Riley her number and told her to give her a call.

Riley Steele didn’t however contacting Digital Playground for years and when she did they signed her to an exclusive contract that very day. The first movie they released featuring her was Naked Aces 5 in 2008.

To date she has been nominated for 14 AVN awards. Even more amazing is that she has won 11 of those. This is an abnormally high percentage, but only speaks to just how great she really is.

Fans can follow this blonde goddess on Twitter at @XXXRiley.

James Bartholet to conduct acting workshop Sunday, August 30th

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We all know you can give a great blowjob, but have you ever wanted more? Ever thought about taking it to the next level? Well for that you are going to need some acting chops and as it turns out James Bartholet can help you with just that.


Multiple Award Winning Actor and Radio and Internet Host, James Bartholet will be conducting another acting workshop this Sunday, August 30th from 1:00pm to 5:00pm in Sherman Oaks.

This special workshop will be geared toward adult performers who want to sharpen their acting chops, and will cover the basics of comedic and dramatic acting, improvisation, cold readings, and audition preparations.

The workshop will be in Sherman Oaks. The price will be $30.00 per student.

The classes are three hours long, and interested students should sign up now for the workshop on the 9th as the workshop space is filling fast. The workshop will start promptly at 1:00pm

“This is an excellent time to get in and study your acting craft. A lot of performers have already been taking my workshop, and with industry performers also trying to make the step into mainstream projects, you need to be prepared. I’ve always had great responses from my workshops,” said Bartholet.

Bartholet has many years of experience in acting, directing, and producing in the mainstream and adult industries, and acts in many of the top award winning and popular adult parodies and features. Bartholet has won numerous AVN and XBIZ awards for his diverse acting performances, and has mainstream projects out now.

Bartholet has coached actors in the adult and mainstream industries, and performed onstage in sketch comedy performances at the world famous Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip.

Sign ups for the workshop have started now, and all interested performers should contact Bartholet by email now at; Please put “workshop sign up” in the header.


Warning Porn Stars – Casting Scam Alert!!

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I have a friend who decided to give the site Sexy Jobs a try. Now I want to go on record as saying I told her not to do it. It’s nothing against anyone, I’m sure the people who own it are really nice or whatever, but I knew that she would get bombarded with requests for privates or escorting.

Sure enough, as I predicted, in two days she received more than 30 requests for escorting work. LOL

However that isn’t what this post is about. There is one message she got that concerned me. The reason is, because on the surface it looked legit.

The person in question said they were casting b/g scenes for a company called Third World Media. This email is exactly white sites like Sexy Jobs concerns me. It just leaves unknowing girls wide open for scams and con artists like this jack ass. Now let’s look at his email.

I will highlight the parts that stood out as suspicious to me, but someone new to the industry might not have caught them.



Thanks for responding to my inquiry about some upcoming work. I am excited about possibly booking you for projects I have in NY. Please review the following information I have outlined below for you to get an understanding of upcoming projects

I will be filming about 6-8 shoots in the next few weeks. I tend to come out there twice a month to film, alternating between the East and West Coast. The pay for the 1 boy / girl scene starts at $1200.00 and can go up depending on you limitations. If you are looking for a little extra work the same day of your shoot we can add an additional blowjob scene as well. Pay for the extra scene is $800. Additionally, you will be paid $800.00 for your work on the non filmed rehearsal with your on-screen partner prior to the main shoot.

In total, your compensation will be at least $2800 if you did both scenes. As you would expect, cash is paid in full the day of the shoot. Please let me know if you want the scenes ASAP so we can start exploring possible dates.

A little about us – Third World Media is a NJ based production company that produces its own content as well as content for some of the biggest names in the industry.

For the most part the content is for members-only, paid website environments. If the content your are involved with will be for DVD production there is higher pay for such exposure, typically in the form of larger initial pay or royalty options. The films we are planning for right now are for web only though. Anyways, we produce some of the most trend setting and popular adult content on the internet.

While a smaller company, we always make sure everyone that works with us has a unparalleled experience. This starts with competitive industry appropriate pay and the option for recurring work should that be something you are looking for.

More specifically in terms of the non filmed rehearsal. We try to take the high end approach, not only for our media, but the media for our clients. Ultimately I am trying to portray the two of you as a couple on film. This is usually hard to accomplish.

The goal behind going this route it the two of you will actually have chemistry on screen, compared to the typical awkwardness that usually is there. This not only results in superior content, but it also makes for a much faster shoot. I also consider this good insurance that you will actually perform.

The last thing I would want to do would be set everything up only to have a shoot bust. Simply, time is money and I like to work fast. I hope you understand that. Whenever possible I like to shoot a full 25-30 minute scene without stopping. A whole shoot rarely exceeds 3 hours. In the end I feel it delivers a much more raw, believable experience for clients and customers. Prior to filming I would like you and your selected partner to get together to rehearse the scenes, run through all the positions, etc. I’ll send you over script details as soon as you let me know you want the gig.

The model I had in mind to pair you with is well-known male talent Tyler. He is based out of Brooklyn and a reliable, experienced performer.

Additionally, I will be sending you over a questionnaire to find out some more details of your comfort levels. From there this will help me understand what your do’s and dont’s are with regards to filming.

This will help me put together the proper scripting that respects your boundaries and most importantly creates quality content. As soon as I get this back we should set up a call to answer any questions you may have and go over more details. When is a good time to call you? Hope to hear back from you and possible work on a project together.

David Northrop

(858) 952-1286
Executive Producer

So we have a guy offering well above average pay for a b/g shot up north. B/G scenes in LA may pay $800 to $1200 but up north, $600 is more like it. So a guy offering LA rates for a BG stood out right away.

Next the guy offered $800 for a BJ. Come on – right there, I could have stopped reading and knew it was a scam. I didn’t need to go on, but I did.

Royalties? Really? When the hell did porn start paying those? LOL

$800 pay for a non filmed rehearsal? Interesting concept but total and complete bullshit. Anyone who has been in the business for two seconds should have caught that one.

Well known male talent Tyler. Really? I don’t know about you but I don’t know any male talent named “Tyler”. But I thought perhaps maybe I just missed one. Maybe there is a really well known male talent named Tyler so I did a search over at IAFD. There are lots of male talent who over the years that have used the name Tyler as part of their stage name but only 3 who just went by Tyler and none of those guys have performed in a long, long time.

So this guy can’t be to well known if nobody has ever heard of him and there is no recorded trace of his existence out of more than 143,000 porn stars that have been in the industry in the last 20 or so years.

So I warn you all now. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be from Third World Media or that goes by the name David Northrop or uses that number or email address or whatever listed above – avoid them.

By the way I contacted the actual owner of Third World Media as well as the people who run the actual Third World Media website and they say they have never heard of this guy and they aren’t out of New Jersey, they are out of California.

Their exact quote was –

I have never heard of this guy in my life!!!!!! He has nothing to do with us!

Ladies if you are going to use a site like Sexy Jobs, make sure you do your due diligence and research an offer that sounds to good to be true. Because chances are, it is.


Not knowing the law is no excuse for breaking it

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I can’t tell you how many people over the past few days have told me they have a copy of the Ashley Madison hacked database and are sure it will be of some value to them – like they can somehow make money selling it or even better, by emailing the customers on the list, promoting their own products or services.


First of all, you may have a copy of the database, but so do about 20 zillion other people. What dumb ass would buy something that at this point anyone can download for free?

That should just be common sense – but apparently not.

Now to all those brilliant people out there right now making their own master email list from that Ashley Madison database, let me share a little bit of bad news with you —

Spamming is illegal

Sending out junk email, or unsolicited commercial email advertisements (also known as spam ) is in fact a criminal offense and has been for a long time now – and guess what? Several people have been convicted of this crime and have served time in prison for it. One guy is serving a 90 month sentence while another is serving 5 years. One lucky bastard got nailed for spamming but he only had to serve three years probation, six months house arrest, and a $10,000 fine.

It amazes me how many people don’t realize that spamming is illegal and yes they do go after non US citizens.  So for those of you reading this post who don’t live in the United States, don’t think you will get away with it.

On April 1, 2006, Mounir Balarbi, of Tangier, Morocco, was the first person outside the United States to have an arrest warrant validated under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Mounir’s trial was held in absentia, and he was sentenced in a closed session.

Beyond being a criminal offense, you also face multi-million dollar civil lawsuits as well. Because the law in this area is now so clearly defined, since the Ashley Madison hack, certain companies have already started to gear up and ready themselves to go after dumb asses who use the Ashley Madison database to send out spam.

In other words, if you try and use that data to send out your own email advertisements, you are a lawyers wet dream. They will come after you.

It really does amaze me how many people don’t realize that spamming illegal and how many people are excited to get their hands on the Ashley Madison database thinking it’s a gold mine for them.

Think again my friends. That list could end up being your worst nightmare.

The crazy thing is, just yesterday Yahoo news reported that junk email hit a 12 year low but that apparently 49% of our email is still junk.





Stefani Morgan is back!

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Former Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan left the porn industry years ago and went on to do mainstream modeling. But now she’s back! Only this time she won’t be working for Vivid anymore. She’s on her own and has an idea for a unique line of adult movies. She is currently on the set of her first movie filming in New York and her new company name will be Stefani Morgan Productions.




After nearly eight years of departing from the business, former Vivid Girl Stefani Morgan is making a comeback. Upon leaving the adult business, Ms. Morgan spent her time based mostly in New York City and London, although she rarely stayed put in either.

Her travels became inspiration for her upcoming work, as she will be filming in various exotic destinations adding to the fantasy her films have always provided.

Stefani is serving as head to her production company, Stefani Morgan Productions. Though she admits this is subject to change.

“It’s so expected and boring to use my name” she says. “Until the first feature is out… I have time to decide. I also have a tendency to overthink things!”

image1 (1)

When addressing how much time has passed since her time at Vivid she states, “I have thought about coming back a couple times in recent years, but was always cautious to do so as I left on such a sour note. I was young and incredibly vulnerable in those years. I was very much a little girl without any control of my career or other areas of my life. I hadn’t the faintest idea how to speak up for myself and that wore on me in a number of ways over time. All that has changed and it shows in my work. In truth, the industry doesn’t know a thing about me.”

“My time at Vivid was an education not only of the business but also production. Larger companies are so focused on their profit and when you are sharing your body for the product, it wears on you as a performer. What’s business for them is personal for you. I am grateful for my time with Vivid and am not opposed to working with them in the future. But my views and ideas on what is sensual differed from theirs too much back then and I’d assume still does.”

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is everyone has pain, everyone has desires, everyone wants something they can’t have… and often they are clueless to what they actually need. My films aren’t about sex, they are about people. The sex is just the superficial layer. So much of porn has become lifeless.”

Stefani Morgan is currently shooting her first film since returning in New York and is very pleased with everything up to date.

“I was SO nervous! Then I was nervous as to why I was so nervous for something I’ve done before,” she said with a giggle. “I wouldn’t say it’s like riding a bicycle, but it’s like riding something.”



Farrah Abraham, Jenna Jameson, and Tila Tequila head to London

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What do Farrah Abraham, Jenna Jameson, and Tila Tequila have in common? No no it’s not that they have all done porn. Okay they have but that isn’t what I meant. No the other thing they have in common is that they are all starring on this season of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Crazy huh? But apparently it’s true.

Apparently this show is crazy popular over there.

Celebrity Big Brother UK

Uh oh spaghettios, looks like the CBB line up may have been leaked.

Scrap the speculation. If this list is to be believed, there’ll be no Gemma Collins, no Dan Osborne and No Daniella Westbrook. Not straight away, anyway.

15 names have been leaked by The Sun as reportedly entering the house next week when the show launches, and the list includes porn stars, comedians, rappers and X Factor rejects. Each of the names fit into the US Vs UK theme.

And the list goes:


  • US reality star Austin Armacost
  • Hip hop singer Fat Man Scoop
  • Teen Mom star  Farrah Abraham
  • Film star Daniel Baldwin, brother of Alec Baldwin, and also Steven Baldwin who previously appeared in CBB
  • Porn star Jenna Jameson
  • Model and TV personality Janice Dickinson
  • TV personality Tila Tequila



  • Chris Ellison from The Bill
  • Natasha Hamilton from Atomic Kitten
  • Sherrie Hewson from Loose Women
  • Apprentice star James Hill
  • Stevi Ritchie and Chloe Jasmine from X Factor
  • Presenter Gail Porter
  • Comedien Bobby Davro

Reps for the show gave ‘no comment’ when asked by to confirm or deny the list.

Source: Metro UK News

While nobody can say for sure if the rest of the casting rumors are true, Jenna Jameson has confirmed she is in fact going to be on the show.


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