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Ain’t Technology Grand?

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Porn really highlights some of the new internet technology at its best! A simple GIF isn’t just a GIF anymore!


Source: GFY CAT

Rockstar Phil Varone Launches The V Agency

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Rockstar and Award Winning Adult Film Director Phil Varone has announced that he has dove into the Adult Talent Business with both feet, launching a new Talent Agency called The V Agency.

TVA which is a legally licensed Nevada based talent agency has been signing new fresh talent as well as seasoned Adult Veterans is “approaching the talent business in a completely different way,” according to owner and founder Phil Varone.

“The V Agency has been in the works for a long time,” said Varone. “We wanted to launch our agency the right way with a solid business plan in mind. We have been gathering new talent like newcomer and rising starlet Zoey Wood as well as award winning veterans like Dick Chibbles. We have retained an award winning marketing agency to help each client build their brands as well as the agency, and we have been reaching out to all the major studios and creating new business relationships so our agency is always on their radar when casting their next movie. We are very excited to officially announce the formation of The V Agency and look forward to a very successful year.”

The V Agency differs from conventional agencies in that it brings levels of marketing and personalized dedication to each and every client. Whenever the agency signs a new performer, Varone and the TVA staff sit down with the performer and create a road map for success and sets specific goals. TVA is focusing on signing performers that are professional and can be built into a brand rather than signing as many girls as possible.

“We don’t just sign people to contracts, put their pictures on the site and wait for someone to call and book them,” added Varone. “We are always talking to production companies and selling our talent. So far, we have had a large amount of shoots booked through the agency which has attracted more and more talent to sign with us. TVA has booked their talent with A-List companies including Naughty America, Hustler, Porn Pros and Brazzers.

  • The agency is also sponsoring the upcoming Inked Awards.
  • For more information on The V Agency, please visit their official website at
  • To book any of TVA’s talent, please contact Phil Varone at

What the world would look life is there was no porn

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What would the world look like if porn didn’t exist? Watch this video to find out.

Posted by Guy Code on Monday, March 23, 2015

Porn star Lylith Lavey settles Mr. Marcus syphilis case with BangBros

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The LA Daily News is reporting that BangBros has settled with porn star Lylith Lavey in regards to the Mr. Marcus syphilis case.

Porn actor Jesse Spencer, known as Mr. Marcus, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for exposing two adult-film co-stars to syphilis. His sentence included 36 months probation and 15 days of community labor. He was also ordered to pay Heather DeAngelo, known in the porn industry as Lylith Lavey, a $129,360 judgment.

An adult film actress and a production company settled a lawsuit she filed after she allegedly became exposed to syphilis while shooting a video.

Heather DeAngelo, known in the porn industry as Lylith Lavey, sued BangBros in February 2014 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Her attorneys filed court papers March 13 with Judge Teresa Beaudet stating that the case was resolved. No details were divulged.

The suit alleged the company should have known that actor Marcus Spencer, known professionally as Mr. Marcus, had the communicable disease.

DeAngelo suffered emotional distress as well as castigation from others in her field as a result of the incident, the suit states. She did not contract the disease.

“Plaintiff completed the scene with Mr. Marcus and subsequently found out that (he) had syphilis,” the suit stated.

The county issued a temporary moratorium on pornographic filming after the incident and implemented stricter requirements to ensure that pornographic producers ensure the safety of the actors, according to the complaint.

DeAngelo previously filed a lawsuit against Spencer over being exposed syphilis, alleging fraud, negligence, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. She obtained a $129,360 default judgment against him last June.

Spencer was sentenced to 30 days in jail for exposing two adult-film co-stars to syphilis. His sentence included 36 months probation and 15 days of community labor.

Source: LA Daily News


True Detective’s Second Season Will Involve An Elephantine Orgy Sequence Featuring At Least Two Porn Stars!

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True Dicktective‘s… Uh, Detective‘s… Second Season Will Involve An Elephantine Orgy Sequence Featuring At Least Two Porn Stars!

Yet another reason to watch the second season of True Detective!

According to sources, HBO‘s dark and moody modern day noire just shot a gigantic orgy shot over two days in a mansion in Pasadena!

Time may be a flat circle… jerk? Maybe! Details about the scene are slim.

If your interest isn’t piqued to a frenzy yet, porn stars Amia Miley and Peta Jensen were hired for the scene as well, even though they were two of the few people who didn’t get fully naked.

Also involved in the sexy sequence? Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell? Will they be orgy-ing it up too? We hope so. Sweet Yellow King, we hope so.

The two were hired among dozens of men and women willing to bare it all. Since everyone involved signed NDAs, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Source: Perez Hilton


Can Taking Your Wife to the Porn Awards Actually Be Good for Your Marriage?

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It was their wedding anniversary, and he took her to a Vegas party filled with hot porn stars. Find out how it became the best thing to happen to their marriage in years

Is there a more romantic way to spend a wedding anniversary than at the AVN Awards?

Initially, I saw a conflict between covering the annual Las Vegas porn extravaganza and celebrating my 11th anniversary, which fell on the same weekend. Then, I realized that I could combine the two, and use the opportunity to have porn stars offer us some marital guidance.

After 11 years, our sex has—how should I put this?—reached something of an ecstasy plateau. And porn stars are people who fake ecstasy for a living.

 What could possibly go wrong?

An answer arrived the night before the awards, during a mad 10:30 p.m. dash through Kohl’s because my wife insisted that she had nothing to wear. Whenever “What do you think of this?” is asked in a dressing room, the husband must always pop his eyes open and scream: “Amazing!” I knew this rule well. Yet, when I opened the door to find her modeling an old-woman dress, the word couldn’t come fast enough for believability.

“Fine,” my wife yelled, throwing the hanger to the floor. “You find me something!”

If you recognized this as a trick, then I am not as smart as you. What I found was porn-star short and tight with a black and white frilly skirt. And it only made matters much, much worse.

“Just because I’m agreeing to go to the porn awards doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a whore in public for you,” my wife scolded me. “Never in a million years would I wear something like that! Is that who you think I am?” (It was almost besides the point that I had accidentally chosen a bathing suit.)

My wife ended up borrowing a dress from her friend’s 19 year-old daughter and looked amazing in it. But the dark cloud the Kohl’s incident formed over our pre-awards/anniversary dinner remained, and was seeded further by a text I received as the main course arrived.

There aren’t many things worse than interrupting an important dinner with your wife to text, but texting a porn star is probably one of them. So is responding to the text by leaving your wife by herself because the porn star wants you to meet her somewhere else immediately.

But I was working, and my wife knows that my job sometimes requires me to do things I really don’t want to—such as flirting with porn stars. So I walked out to the designated spot to meet Tasha Reign, who informed me she was ready for our interview. (I provided my phone number to the team of AVN publicists and asked for whomever I could get for some quotes. Reign was the first to text.)

This interview probably would have gone better if I knew who Tasha Reign was. I love watching porn, I really do. But my relationship with it is such that I do my business and turn the computer off, ashamed of myself. I don’t want to know the names of anyone involved. I don’t even want to think about what I just did.

I mean, not only did I not know Tasha Reign’s body of cinematic excellence—which I later discovered includes Tasha’s Pony Tales, Anchorman: An XXX Parody, and Reign Over Me—I had already forgotten her name since reading her text. And asking well-known interview subjects to identify themselves is pretty much the professional journalism equivalent of leaving an anniversary dinner with your wife to disappear with a porn star. You don’t do it.

Insulted, and rightly so, Reign ignored me to chat with four sharply attired men standing nearby who didn’t ask, “Who are you again?” When she finally re-established eye contact, after 15 long minutes, I asked if there was any way she could possibly follow me back into the restaurant and help my wife and me with our sex life—and possibly even sing her “Happy Anniversary” to make up for my disappearing act and prove that she’s the real star of my show tonight.

“I don’t think so,” Reign replied, and the fact that “Happy Anniversary” isn’t a song wasn’t even a factor. “Tonight is our Oscars, you know,” she explained.

She was correct. Everywhere at the AVNs, men in tuxedoes and women in glittery gowns are interviewed by reporters who ask about the motivation for the movies they are nominated for. Inside the venue, boom cameras swirl and millions of dollars of production value pop as hosts sing, winners deliver weeping acceptance speeches, and audiences marvel at close-ups of full penetration as though they are scenes from 12 Years a Slave. (Which reminds me, kudos to 12 Inches a Slave for taking the well-deserved AVN for Clever Title!)

I don’t know about the Oscars. But this is definitely the Golden Shower Globes.

For some reason, the quarter-hour I abandoned my wife to spend with a porn star was not an issue in the moment—although I suspect it may come up in the divorce proceedings.

Chanel Preston lost the AVN for Female Performer of the Year, but she was definitely the top-performing porn star in this article. She was much friendlier and more helpful than Reign. But that’s probably because I wasn’t stupid enough to forget her name.

“Sit down, face each other, and talk about your fantasies, no matter how weird they are,” Preston told us. “No judgment whatsoever. Just express it and you can figure out a fantasy that you can live together. Even if you fantasize about having an octopus on you.”

My wife and I used to be adventurous. Before our daughter was born four years ago, we even made a sex tape—although making and watching it were too different experiences, and we wanted to vomit watching ourselves. But, strangely, in 11 years, we’ve never had a serious conversation about our sexual fantasies. (Usually, she says “another husband” and changes the topic.)

We also got some advice from Tara Morgan, 23-year-old girl-on-girl performer and star of Seduced by Mommy 9. It was definitely one for my personal yank bank to hear Morgan tell my wife: “When you completely release all discomfort and accept the situation of being leashed, that’s when you experience true release.”

I expected my wife to be revolted by advice given by someone half her age whose career consists entirely of eating vagina on camera. And maybe she was only shaking her head to be nice, but she was digging the vibe, and the attention I was paying her again.

We didn’t score seats to the awards, only standing room at the bar in the back. But I was spotted by a friend who texted and invited us to sit at his table full of horny Las Vegas strip club executives.

From here, we got to see Best Female Performer winner Anikka Albrite thank her mom (who was seated in the audience), Tia Tequila not show up to collect her trophy for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, and Ron Jeremy get paraded through the audience to meet all three female members of the adult-video industry that he hasn’t yet banged.

By the time Adriana Chechik and Manuel Ferrara won for Best Anal Sex Scene, my hand was so far up my wife’s leg, we qualified for our own award. I whispered in her ear what I intended to do as soon as we got back to the room I rented at the Hard Rock.

“I expected to be really disgusted by all this,” she said. “But I’m kind of turned on.”

Of course, judging from the sound of the female shrieks and headboard thwacking in the room next door, we wouldn’t be in the running for any “best post-AVN hotel sex” awards. But it was great FOR-US sex. In fact, at one point, I had to stop because I thought the wrong head would explode.

In our throes, we agreed to try a bunch of new stuff together—at least the next time we can afford an overnight babysitter—and, after 11 years, we finally had that sexual-fantasy discussion.

She doesn’t want me revealing them to you, but think of us the next time you’re standing by an octopus tank.

Source: Men’s Health

How porn stars would invest $10,000

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Tesla, Apple and…electronic sex toys? How porn stars would invest $10,000

When it comes to the right place to invest your money, everyone has a suggestion. That’s true in the world of adult entertainment as well.

Last week, as the stars and superstars of the porn world walked the red carpet before the AVN Awards—the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars—CNBC decided to ask them how they’d invest if they had a little spare cash lying around.

The premise was pretty basic: Stars were given $10,000 in (fictional) money to sink in whatever asset or sector they’d like. Somewhat predictably, many took the opportunity to mention their own companies and websites. Several noted that $10,000 wasn’t a tremendous amount to invest. Still, everyone eventually figured out where they’d invest the cash.

Here are some of the more interesting answers.

Jesse Jane

“Apple. [The company] is always inventing new technology [and] everyone’s going to want it, so it will never go down.”

Ron Jeremy

“Real estate. I own a few condos and they all went up. See, there have been a lot of economic problems with real estate, but…you don’t get off the roller coaster in the middle of the ride…I didn’t. Everything has gone back again. I have a bunch of good condos. They make a lot of money. I think that, right now, is the best place to invest. Entertainment is the worst place to invest.”

Jessa Rhodes

“I’d probably put it towards animal rescue. I’m very passionate about tigers, so that’s my calling—eventually—is to have my own reservation.”

Anikka Albrite

“I’m a huge fan of biotechnology, so anything that seems like it’s good for the future and the health of other people.”

Jessica Drake

“I would probably put it into real estate. I’m trying to buy houses in areas other than California. I’ve had a house in Texas for a while.”

“Or I would put it into my [simplified employee pension] where my financial advisor makes all the decisions.”

Lexi Belle

“I’m really interested in owning a dog grooming business. I don’t think it would be enough to start up…but it would cover the cost of pretty little bows in their hair.”

Kelly Shibari

“Tesla, absolutely. It’s a great company. It’s green. They’re coming out with a more consumer friendly price point for the car. I think that’s a really, really good idea.”

Angela White

“Teledildonics [electronic sex toys]. I think the future of sex is being able to connect online but also virtually—being able to actually experience the sensation of what your partner is doing at the time” when you might be separated from one another, she said.

Tasha Reign

“If I had $10K to invest in a company…I think I would invest in Uber—because I use it for everything and all of the porn community is obsessed with it, and so is LA and NY. Or maybe my favorite restaurant Chipotle.”

Nikki Phoenix

“I would put it into a school to give them some sort of nutritional program to help people learn how to eat right, because I feel that’s a huge epidemic in this country.”



—By Chris Morris, Special to CNBC
Source: CNBC


Chasey Lain is back and making movies in 2015!

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Porn legend Chasey Lain announced today her latest project, which is the production of a new line of movies under the label “Resurrection Studios”. These titles will be distrusted online via VOD sources like AEBN. I’ll post more information about her new line of movies as they become available. For now here is what she had to say …….


Hello Everyone, I wanted you to know that I have decided to go full speed ahead on some new videos that will be marketing for VOD and online rentals through AEBN.  I will be doing this independently under a new business venture called “Resurrection Studios”… the name seems appropriate as the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.

tami monroe


I will be shooting my first scene next week with the an incredibly hot world famous AVN Hall of Fame porn star Ms TAMI MONROE.  

Members of my website will get some exclusive sneak peaks of the clips before they are published.

Watch for Chasey Lain Does Tami Monroe details next week

Look for other announcements to come …


Chasey Lain


Tips for Female Talent on how to succeed in the Adult Entertainment Biz

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Glenn King is a former director for Evil Angel Director, and Radio Host he also now blogs about the Adult Industry and recently he posted a great one that I wanted to share with all of you.



I usually charge girls for this kind of advice… my fee structure is based on hot pictures of asses sent to my phone. But here you go girls – My advice for girls on how to Succeed In Adult Entertainment:

Tips for Female Talent on how to succeed in the Adult Entertainment Biz

One phrase I have heard over and over again from Female Talent is “My agent is not getting me enough work”. In reality, your agent does not get you work. He/She introduces you to companies that might want to hire you, and then it’s up to their Producers/Directors to decide. If you are not getting enough work, here are some things that you can do to help yourself out:

1)      If you are new in the industry, do as many scenes as possible to get your career going- Producers know that they make more money by shooting girls who have a large fan base. It’s only logical that if I book a girl with lots of fans, I will sell more DVDs and website memberships. So build that fan base!

2)      Show up on time to set- I can’t emphasize this one enough. If a girl shows up late to set, it can cause a variety of problems. We might be paying by the hour for the studio. The makeup artist may have another booking to get to, so she might rush on your makeup if you are late and then it won’t be as good. Or maybe we will have to rush the scene and it won’t be as good. If I have to choose between two girls, I’m always going to choose the one who has a reputation for being on time.

3)      Be clean!!! – You would think this would be obvious. Girls, your vagina is your moneymaker.  How can a girl who is about to do a scene where a guy will be licking her vagina show up unshowered or not smelling clean? And yet, it happens all the time. Would you go to a restaurant that smelled bad because they never cleaned the grills or took out the garbage? Of course not –they would go out of business. As an adult performer you are your own little restaurant (small business).  Because it’s awkward for anyone on set to say anything about it, you may not even realize that other people noticed but believe me, other people noticed. If any of my male talent friends tells me he had a day on set where the girl’s vagina did not smell wonderful, I won’t book her. Trust me – you don’ t want to be known as a girl with an unpleasant smell. All it takes is one incident to get that reputation.

4)      When on set, make the producers want to shoot you again. When you first get into the business, a lot of producers will want to book you because of your looks. After most companies have shot you, your bookings will come from companies who invite you back. So make yourself someone that we want to bring back! Have a great attitude on set.

5)      When on set, be careful what you say! – I have heard several stories lately of girls who managed to destroy a scene by talking about their shitting habits on set. Yes, you read that correctly – there are actually girls who talk on set about their shitting habits. I cannot emphasize this enough; DO NOT TALK ABOUT THINGS ON SET THAT THE OTHER TALENT MAY FIND HORRIBLY GROSS. Girls, the male talent in the scene with you is supposed to have an erection during the scene. You are supposed to help him get that erection. A good way: find out what his fetishes are and talk dirty to him. A bad way: talk between takes about how what you just did in the bathroom.

6)      Always have a good Manicure/Pedicure- Producers may not say anything to you about this, but if you show up to set with nasty looking nails, we notice. And our fans notice. Fans want you to be their fantasy girl. Beautiful hair, good skin, good makeup, and nice nails are all part of the fantasy. If you want more bookings, always look beautiful.

7)      Drinking/Drugs are for AFTER set, not on- A lot of girls don’t get this because Producers don’t say anything to them about it. If we realize halfway through the scene that you are stoned, we probably will do our best to finish the scene and then never hire you again. If you have a reputation for being drunk or stoned or using other drugs on set, you are probably losing a lot of work.

8)      Help your male talent stay erect:  We producers understand that the performers will have better energy in the scene if we move along at a good pace. If your male talent is having wood problems, help him out! Just because the camera isn’t going doesn’t mean you should say “I’m not on the clock. He can get himself hard”. The scene take a lot less time to shoot if you talk dirty to him, blow him, or do whatever it takes to help him get turned on. It’s part of being a team player when on set.

9)      Use Social Media to build your fan base: twitter up hot pictures of yourself. Get more followers. More followers=more fans. More fans=more people to buy your scenes. More buyers=more bookings. It’s not a huge factor, but it’s a plus. There are certain girls that I know if I book them and put up a picture from the scene, it’s going to be seen and retweeted by an army of 100,000 followers. If I’m choosing between two equal girls, give me the one with the twitter army.

10)   Go on any Radio Show/Television show/Podcast that will have you. Do any interview that is published somewhere that people will read it: this is all part of building your name. My Internet TV Show is my direct pipeline for casting. But any show that has more than 1 listener is an opportunity to gain more fans. Any online interview site with more than one reader is an opportunity to gain more fans. More fans=more people to buy your scenes=more bookings.

11)   Meet as many Directors/Producers as you can- If you are at a party and someone tells you “that guy over there is Glenn King. He directs for Evil Angel”, you should come introduce yourself! Assuming you are hot, the more producers you meet in person, the more bookings you will get. Go on as many go-sees as your agent will take you. And for God’s sake,if a Director like me asks you to come on his radio or television show, your answer should be “YES!” without hesitation. I’m a Producer/Director. My Co-Host Aiden Starr is a Producer/Director. Why would anyone want to pass up this opportunity to meet Directors in person? I’m not saying I won’t shoot a girl who won’t come on my show. There are great performers like Alexis Texas and Chanel Preston who have never been on my show whom I book as often as possible. But if I’m choosing between two girls who are equal, I will always choose the one who loves coming on the radio show.

12)   On days when you are not working, work!. You have to think of adult entertainment as a full time job. The average performer in porn is probably getting only 4-6 bookings per month. Most girls are not making enough money off scene bookings to pay all of their bills. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live comfortably with high earnings.  You just need to find other ways to make money on the other days. There are plenty of ways: Custom Videos, Webcam Shows, Work in a Strip Club, Open a Clipstore. Start a website. You can make a living at this, but you can’t do it by working one day a week and then using the other six days for relaxation.

13)   Press Releases are your friend: Press Releases are inexpensive or even free if you write them yourself and it’s an easy way to get your name out there and become better known to producers. A simple Press Release like “Candy Peaches appears in 4 new titles this month” that talks about what DVDs you have appeared in lately, is easy to write. Or find someone who knows how to write press releases and will help you.

14)   Research your producers. Know who you want to work for: I have heard a lot of Directors say “I don’t want to shoot a girl who just wants to show up, get fucked, and get paid”. We are all looking for girls who are going to do a wild, memorable, intense, great scene. If a girl contacts me and says she wants to work for me but doesn’t even know what kinds of scenes we shoot, why would I think she is going to do a great scene? Know what you are into, find out what producers make those kind of videos, and watch some so you can find out who you really want to work for. If you consider yourself a domme, you should know about all the companies that shoot female domination. I’m much more likely to hire a girl who says “I loved Tory Lane’s scene in ‘When Pornstars Attack!’ I think if you gave me a chance I’d give you an incredible scene” than one who contacts me and says “I know Evil Angel shoots a lot of girl/girl anal. You should shoot me”. I don’t shoot girl/girl anal. So why would I be interested in a girl who says that?

15)   Use Social Media to start relationships with Producers- Almost all of us Producers are easy to access and contact on Twitter. We prefer to book girls who are interested in working for us. If a girl is not following me on Twitter, I assume she isn’t really interested in my kind of scenes (women who use men as sex slaves) So, I rarely book a girl who is not following me. It makes communication a lot easier… If a girl is following me on Twitter, I can DM her the night before the scene and ask “Did you have any questions about wardrobe? Do you have any special requests for beverages/wardrobe?”. I’m not saying I won’t shoot any girl who isn’t following me, but if I’m choosing between two equal girls, I’ll take the one who is following me. This is 2014, not 2001. You should be following every Director on Twitter that you want to work for.

16)   Help Producers market the content on Social Media- Again, if I have to choose between two equal performers, I want the one who retweets my links. That way, her fans know they can see her scenes if they join my website. By doing so, you make yourself worth more to the producer. And you help yourself too by showing people where to see you in action.

17)   Flirt with Producers- We Producers are human, and we are insecure just like you are. I admit it, I have had instances where I didn’t hire a girl because I flirted with her and she was cold in return. No producer likes when a girl makes him feel undesirable, especially if she seems to be flirting with everyone else.  I’m not saying that you need to have sex with any producer to get work. I have NEVER in my career told a girl I would hire her if she had sex with me but I’m saying if it comes down to two equal performers, I’m usually going to pick the one who seems to like me. It’s just human nature. Note: Keiran Lee points out to me that if the producer is married and you are too good at flirting with the producer publicly, you may end up harming your chances of being hired so be careful with this one.

18) Find a Mentor- Girls who have been in the business for a few years have been through a lot and can help you avoid mistakes. Don’t be afraid to ask advice from someone with more experience. A girl who has been around can help you determine what agent is best for you, what kind of producers you want to work for, how to find the optimal housing and transportation, and more.

19) Find a place to live that’s somewhere in the valley or close to the valley. – Los Angeles traffic is the worst in the country. If you live in Orange County, leave at 8AM to arrive at a 10AM calltime and don’t arrive until 11AM, it may have been unavoidable but to the producer all that matters is that you were late. Girls who live far away and are often late get a reputation. You don’t want to be the girl who doesn’t get booked when the producer says “We are on a tight timeframe this week.. we didn’t want to book her for this one because we can’t wait around for her to make it through traffic”. The easiest way to avoid being late for set is to start somewhere close.

20) Make it easy to book you, and then take your bookings seriously- Here’s something that just happened last week: A few months ago I asked a girl (who has no agent) via twitter DM when she was coming to LA. She gave me dates in October, I offered her some dates in her window, and we agreed on October 9. Then in mid September I checked back with her and asked “Are you still coming to LA in October? We still good for October 9? She said “I’m open on October 9. Did you want to book me that day?”. I said “Um.. OK I already booked you for that day, but sure – let’s book you for October 9”. Then on October 3, I texted her and asked “You still coming to LA next week? Are we still on for October 9?. She said “I’m booked that day.. here are my open dates. Did you want to book me for one of those days?”. I told her “No- I have already booked you twice. I’m not going to book you again and wonder if you are going to show up. I’ll book someone who is reliable instead”. This isn’t the first time this has happened to me.. Some girls are great performers but terrible at maintaining their own calendars.  It’s really important to convey to producers that you are the type of girl who takes her bookings seriously. If you are too stoned to write down your bookings, you need an agent. When you get a booking, make it your utmost goal to keep that booking. You don’t want a reputation as someone who may or may not make it to a booking.

You have heard me say in this blog a few times “If it’s between two equal girls, I’m always going to choose the one who…”. That’s what succeeding in this biz is all about. There’s a lot of competition, and it’s your job to make yourself a little more bookable than the girl next to you. I hope this helps you girls out a little bit!

Source: Glenn King’s Tumblr

Porn Stars Try To Riverdance For St Patrick’s Day

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Watch these porn stars show their river dance skills for St Patrick’s Day.

Kenna James
Ivy Sherwood
Zoey Monroe
Serena Blair
Ana Foxxx
Jodi Taylor


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