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How to be a porn star

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Eva Angelina is back!!!

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I heard some juicy gossip today … the one and only Eva Angelina is back! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I’ve always loved her.

Eva Angelina

Producer wishing to work with her can book her at repped by ATMLA.
Fans can follow her on twitter @LifeofEva.

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  • Girl/Girl
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Brian Gross is a PR God!

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We are always so quick to talk about negative issues but today we are going to go the other way. Today I want to talk about the brilliance that is Brian Gross. For those of you who don’t know, he is a publicist in the adult industry who has been around, for who knows how long … let’s just say a while now — many, many years.

Without actually bothering to Google his ass and look him up, I couldn’t actually tell you much about his background. But that’s part of what I like about him. When you get his press releases, he’s not promoting himself or his services, he’s promoting the client that paid him in the first place.

Brian Gross isn’t just some random PR guy. He’s work for the big boys for a long time now. The companies hire him because he does a damn good job. But I don’t want to just say oh I love him, trust me he’s great. I want to actually give you specific examples because I know he’s not one to toot his own horn.

Last year I co-wrote a book called Letting Go with Richard Bacula. Richard is this brilliant author who quite honestly doesn’t get enough credit for his skill. Our book was published by and is available exclusively at Brian Gross worked his magic on our book and now it’s a top 100 best selling BDSM book at Amazon.

Letting Go by Kelli Roberts

Some people may say, top 100 big deal … but considering Amazon has millions and millions of books and they add roughly 1 new book every 5 minutes. Thanks to books like 50 Shades of Grey, BDSM is a very popular category, so that should give you an idea of just how big hitting the top 100 really is. And again that is all thanks to the work of Brian Gross — the publicity guru.

Anyone can say they are a publicist. I mean that literately. There is no barrier to entry. There is no specific license you have to get or no test you have to take. You just slap the title on yourself and you are good to go. But just saying you are a publicist doesn’t really make you good at your job.

Let’s look at the Fiverr website. I type in “Press Release” in their little search box and BAM! I instantly get page after page of results of people who will write a press release for me for the amazing price of $5.

But just having someone write a press release for you is the easy part. Hell, any retard (including me :P) could write you a press release. The problem comes after the fact. Now that you have this fabulous press release, what the heck are you going to do with it? Do you have the connections to get that press release published at the right places?

There is a company right now going around charging $100-$150 per press release. But then what? You don’t ever see any of the press releases he writes getting posted anywhere. So what are you actually paying for? Surely you aren’t just paying some random guy $100 to $150 EACH to just write you a press release when you could just go to Fiverr and have someone there do the exact same thing for $5.

Now I’m not going to be mean and call anyone out by name, but if you are a porn star I’m sure you know exactly who i’m talking about because no doubt you have already been contacted by him. The crazy thing is, some girls are actually falling for this scam and let’s be real, it is a scam because you aren’t getting shit for your money.

So #1 stop paying some random buy money who contacts you over the internet and claims he’s a publicist. Come on girls … you should know better than that!

#2 Before you spend money on PR, you need to ask the company what you are really going to get out of it. And I mean be specific. Know in advance exactly what you are paying for and if you are happy with the services they are going to provide you then pay for it. But if in the end they don’t provide what they promised, demand your money back. That’s your hard earned money. Don’t just blow it off. Because if some guy just scammed you, then who knows how many others he has done it to or will do it to in the future. Someone has to do the right thing and take a stand.

Now let’s go back to the brilliance that is Brian Gross. Because in the end, that’s really what this article is about. What really makes Brian Gross so absolutely fabulous that I would openly proclaim my love and adoration of his work?

Well to be honest it’s what he is able to accomplish. He doesn’t just write a press release and hope for the best. He actively uses his connections to ensure that whatever he sends out gets posted on all the industry hot spots … big and small. He also has a lot of mainstream connections.

How many porn publicists do you know that can get their clients in mainstream magazines like BuzzFeed, TMZ, Cosmo Magazine, Huffington Post and Women’s Health Magazine? Anyone in porn who has ever had even a single mention in anything mainstream knows just how big that can impact their bottom line. And let’s not even mention the crazy SEO benefits of a single link from any major mainstream site to your own.

So as you can see, there is a difference when it comes to publicists. I’m not saying don’t use anyone but him. But what I am saying is … find out exactly what you are paying for. Ask in advance and make sure you are satisfied with the results. If not, ask for your money back.

You can stalk Brian Gross on twitter @bsgpr.


Dakota Skye Signs with OC Modeling

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2015 has been quite a year for adult starlet Dakota Skye. She was nominated for multiple AVN, XBIZ and XRCO noms for Best New Starlet and her scene work. Dakota took some time off from the limelight, but now she’s back better than ever, and has signed with OC Modeling for talent representation.


The petite, sexy, doe-eyed blonde who’s a mix of Chinese, German and Russian has captured the hearts of fans around the world. In less than two years, Dakota has filmed over 100 scenes for such blue chip studios as Hustler, Nubiles, Jules Jordan, Digital Sin, Evil Angel, Reality Kings and Girlfriends Films, appeared on countless covers for New Sensations, Skow for Girlfriends Films, Digital Playground, Airerose Entertainment, Hard X and Digital Sin, and had her own showcase film through Digital Sin entitled “Meet Dakota Skye”.

“I have decided to make a return to the career that I’ve always stood by and loved,” says Dakota Skye. “I had to take some personal time to clear my mind, and find myself outside of Dakota Skye. After deep reflection and soul searching, I found that I truly miss my fans, and my want career to grow, as I have as a person over these last few months. I yearned for the drive that it gave me to succeed in not only the industry, but also my life as a whole.”


“The minute Dakota went up on the site, we had people calling to book her,” Sandra McCarthy, Co-Owner of OC Modeling. “She’s beautiful on the inside and out, and we’re glad she signed with us, and we’re going to have some big announcements for her very soon.”

Dakota Skye is available for boy/girl, girl/girl, feature dancing, fetish, and much more. View her agency photos at




Speaking of Elegant Angel

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Since Vivid no longer seems to be making movies, I started looking around for a favorite new studio. I’m really leaning towards Elegant Angel at this time. Want to see why? Just look at the box cover of their latest release. Now that’s a company that knows how to market a product!

Elegant Angel - Alexis Texas


Elegant Angel having some trouble? Oh my!

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A person from GFY said it best … “When the GM and former head of production for a company comes to GFY to vent you know it’s on”.

So earlier today a guy by the name of Graham Travis made this post on the AVN owned website.

Elegant Angel Bonanza Licenses For Sale

Hey I am the guy who won all the fucking awards at Elegant Angel and was accused of raping that cunt but I didn’t do it.
Anyway I have 400 Elegant Angel movies to license all the new good ones but not the new new shit ones.
You have to take all of them. I know you will all take the piss on here you fucking cunts I am the laughing stock of the industry you have all put me through hell I don’t know how you fucking live with yourselves after what you’ve all done to me these last three years.
But, email me at GrahamTravis1979 {at} gmail :dot com if you want to make some fucking money.
Someone buy the fucking url and do this fucking buddy finder dating website with me.
Someone do my fucking british rape porn website network with me. Someone build my fucking Elegant Angel discount website $4.99 a month. Or just put all their fucking movies on a tube site I don’t give a fuck anymore.

I have the licenses I was their signatory for 5 years use all their fucking movies I will give you the fucking contracts for cash.

I am fucking angry because I built that company and they fucking threatened my life with guns after I tried to save the fucking place from the divorce by mediating they fucking raped me, gang raped me, ejaculated on my face, scooped it up, forced it in my asshole until I puked it all out my fucking mouth and then made me fucking bathe in it.

What the fuck you know what happened. I don’t need to explain myself. They were fucking evil and all I wanted was a fucking directing gig, or a consulting job, and they couldn’t do anything for me after I built that fucking company.

The owner is a fucking cunt who is such a scared little girl she cares more about her fucking pride of not giving me a fucking cent after I negotiated her fucking house her fucking car her fucking everything and almost got myself killed trying to be a decent fair person instead of just fucking her and protecting myself and my future like any fucking normal person would have done.

Don’t fucking come at me with why am I doing this. Just hit me up and get these licenses offer ends Friday.


The owner of Homegrown video was quick to reply to burst the poor guys bubble.

Good luck with that.

Just by the content of your post though, and not knowing about any of the events you feel compelled to defend yourself against, and the fact that you are trying to sell content that you are deluded to think belongs to you because you “signed for it” as the employee of that company, I think I would fall on the side of believing you would be capable of all sorts of rapaciousness and wrong doing in your own self interest.

So what the heck is going on over there at Elegant Angel. Even if he can’t legitimately do these deals, it does go to show you by the post itself, something is happening.


Let the extortion begin!

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In news that will probably not shock anyone, now that the Ashley Madison database has been released we all thought it would only be a matter of time before someone decided to try and exploit said information.

In comes pornikileaks – Surprise! Surprise!

Now I can’t post the entire story here because it’s full of personal information, and other things I just can’t say (hate speech). But the long and short of it is, they are creating their own personal wiki sort of like they did before with porn stars, revealing personal and private information about porn stars, only this time it will be dedicated to all the Ashley Madison cheaters, aimed at potential future employers and girlfriends, with searchable categories like …

  • List of members on Ashley Madison website
  • List of ashleymadison cheaters
  • List of cheating scumbag liars
  • List of people not to be trusted
  • List of people not to hire

The good news is, for a fee you can have your information removed, at least from this site. Good luck getting it pulled from the rest of the internet.

If you want to read the full story at the PWL website, click the link below. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. The language is pretty harsh.

EARTH SHATTERING: Ashley Madison CHECKMATE, Cheaters Wiki Time

Well Well Well lookie what we have here. It seems that a bunch of f*gg*ts and f*ghags that claim nobody comes here or cares about PWL and that want to keep kicking the bulls in the straight porn god army are going to get kicked right back but harder than they thought they every could. You fucktards want attention then we are going to give it to you. Nobody comes here but look at the whosamungus button at the bottom of the site growing now to over 100 people per second on the site.


Seymore Butts Speaks about #Porn

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Famous Porn Director Reveals the Jaw-Dropping Truth about Porn

Seymore Butts has seen it all in his 20-plus years in the biz, and he’s about to burst your porn bubble.

To the typical civilian watching porn, the stars can come across as sexual super-heroes. I know this because I was once a civilian watching a lot of porn.

I still remember the thoughts that ran through my head back then. ‘How does he do that? Jeez, his penis is big! Wow, look at her perfect body! She’s insatiable!’

Continue Reading »

Audrey Hollander offers her “services” to man with the 19 inch penis

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Porn Star Audrey Hollander has decided to offer her “services”, saying that she is willing to perform in an adult movie alongside Roberto Esquivel Cabrera – the man with the 19 inch penis.

Audrey Hollander

Known as porn’s extreme queen, Audrey Hollander is a multi-award-winning porn star. She began her career in 2005 with her debut film. Within a year, she won the AVN Award for the Female Performer of the Year. Since then, Audrey Hollander has earned more than 30 AVN award nominations. Penthouse Magazine named her as one of the Top 5 kinkiest porn stars.

When asked what makes her think she is the perfect person to star in an adult movie with the man with the 19 inch penis, Audrey Hollander had this to say —

They don’t call me the extreme queen for nothing and is there anything more extreme than having sex with someone who has a penis 3x bigger than the average man? I mean come on, I’m perfect for this job! If he makes a sex tape with me, I’ll show this guy the time of his life.

Recently Audrey Hollander has been busy with pre-production of her latest project Audrey Does America where she will be banging her way across the US.You can find out more about Audrey Hollander by following her on Twitter @RealAudreyXXX or on Facebook at

If you aren’t sure about who the man with the 19 inch penis is, here are some links to various articles about him from different websites.

Mike Kulich addresses racism in porn

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Mike Kulich recently addressed the James Deen article on racism in porn, on his Facebook page. It’s a very insightful view that I wanted to share with you all.

The only thing I want to add is no girl makes $3k for 30 minutes. LOL But minus that, it’s a very interesting view.

This James Deen Discussing racism in the industry has snowballed into mainstream now which is ridiculous because his entire interview was predicated on a lie.

James Deen has been producing his own content for years under James Deen Productions. His movies were distributed through Evil Angel and now Girlfriends a Films.

Each movie is separated and shot according to genre. Please show me one James Dean Productions movie featuring an All Black Female cast. If you can’t do that, show me one movie that has at least one scene with a black girl in it.

Lastly, if you do happen to find that one scene, disclose how much that woman was paid for that scene compared to the 3 other white woman in that movie (I am excluding whoever you put on the box cover.

Never had any problems or anything against James, but when you go out and give mainstream interviews about race in our industry, please don’t own a company that contradicts everything you are saying.

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy some hot ebony erotica, Dogfart has you covered at, because at Dogfart, we DO fuck black girls, multiple times per week, and pay them a fair and equal wage as their white counterparts.

If there is any type of discrimination in the Porn industry it is gender discrimination. A girl can make up to 3k for a 30 minute shoot while the guy fucking her gets $300 if he’s lucky, except for people like James Deen, who besides Ron Jeremy is the highest paid name pornstar in porn.

Is Jayme Langford Back?

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I’ve always loved Jayme Langford. She’s just such a pretty girl and I hated to hear she had taken some time away from porn, especially just at that very time she took a break I wanted to book her. LOL

Jayme Langford


The good news is, it appears she is back and looking better than ever. She’s even recently did a shoot for Playboy Plus.

Fans can follow Jayme Langford on twitter @jaymemflangford.

Producers wishing to work with her can book her through ATMLA. She’s available for …

  • Softcore
  • Solo
  • Solo w/Toys
  • Stills
  • Store Signings
  • Music Videos
  • B Movies
  • GG Only


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