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Courtney Stodden Sex Tape

Photos from the Magic Mike XXXL 4th of July Pool Party

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These are some of the pics from the Wicked Pictures Magic Mike XXXL 4th of July Pool Party taken by Glenn Francis of Pacific Pro Digital.


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What it’s like to be a porn agent in Miami

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The Daily Dot recently sat down with the now infamous agent in Miami from the Netflix documentary ‘Hot Girls Wanted’. They wanted to hear his side of the story and hear directly from the horses mouth, what he thinks of the documentary now that it has been released on Netflix and is getting so much mainstream media attention.


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Can a Condom Detect STDs?

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I read an interesting article today on CNN that basically details a new product (still in the development stage) that sounds just to good to be true. Basically a man puts on a condom and it will be able to detect syphilis, chlamydia, herpes and genital warts and change color based on which specific STI it detects.


Detecting STIs: Teens believe a color-changing condom is the answer

Sexually transmitted infection– it’s a sensitive topic that many people find difficult to discuss, but a group of teenage boys think they may have found an eye-catching solution.

The so-called “S.T.EYE” condom is a conceptual design that changes color when it comes into contact with an STI such as chlamydia or syphilis.

The idea is the brainchild of Muaz Nawaz, 13, Daanyaal Ali, 14, and Chirag Shah, 14, who attend the Isaac Newton Academy in east London.

The team got the idea to create S.T.EYE when they found out what a big problem STIs were in the United Kingdom. “This kind of inspired us to make a condom, as it could save hundreds of thousands of lives,” Shah said.

The condom could, in theory, detect an infection both in the wearer and his partner. “People find it embarrassing to go to the clinic so this makes sure that their privacy is maintained,” although they would still have to go to the clinic for treatment, Ali said.

Once in contact with an STI, antibodies in the condom would recognize the virus or bacteria and cause the condom to change color. The exact shade would depend on the STI, because reaction times vary. The condom could also have an intermediate layer that includes reactants to test for syphilis, chlamydia, herpes and genital warts.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1 million people acquire a sexually transmitted infection every day. The National Health Service in the United Kingdom says chlamydia is the most common STI and is easily passed on during sex.

The idea won an award in the future of health category at the TeenTech Awards, which encourage teenagers to explore science, engineering and technology. The boys won £1,000 ($1,568) and have been invited to Buckingham Palace along with the other category winners by the awards’ patron, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

The condoms are still at the concept stage but the developers have been approached by a condom manufacturer that believes it can make their idea a reality. “We really want to make this a realistic thing, but we understand that it is not the easiest thing in the world to do,” Nawaz said.

“With today’s molecular technology, it is quite possible,” said Dr. Ward Cates, distinguished scientist and professor emeritus at fhi360, a nonprofit “human development” organization. “It would be quite sophisticated and my guess is quite costly,” he said, adding that it might be too expensive to make condoms that detect more than one STI.

Ounce of training worth a pound of pregnancy prevention

“Anything that would get youth to wear condoms, I am for,” said Cates, who was not involved in developing or judging the idea. Color-changing condoms could promote use because they are novel, and also because teens want to know their infection status, Cates said.

Although it might be unrealistic to think people would stop in the heat of the moment if the condom changed color, the condom would be on and hopefully prevent the spread of disease, Cates said.

“As a public health person, I applaud their creativity and willingness to transfer innovation to a world that usually doesn’t have much consideration in that age group,” Cates said.

Some people took to Twitter to offer praise, as well as questions.

Source: CNN

Sylvaria Speaks with The Daily Beast About Netflix Doc Hot Girls Wanted

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Sylvaria Agency Speaks Out on “Hot Girls Wanted” Netflix Documentary in The Daily Beast Profile, “Hot Girls Wanted is Pornsploitation: The Porn Industry Fights Back”

Sylvaria Agency owner Jack Spade spoke with The Daily Beast writer Aurora Snow about the controversial, hot-topic, Netflix documentary, “Hot Girls Wanted,” about how adult entertainment agents are depicted and the misconceptions presented in the movie produced by actress Rashida Jones. (Here is an interview with Rashida Jones did with VICE about her movie Hot Girls Wanted)


From The Daily Beast:  With over a decade of experience in the adult industry, Jack Spade also transitioned from performer to agent, and now operates two licensed agencies: Sylveria and Adult Star Models. Appalled by Hot Girls Wanted, Spade is determined to voice his concerns. “Just a couple of days ago, I had a meeting with some of the other licensed agents and said, ‘What are we going to do about this, guys? Isn’t this on us to step up and show the other side?’ And it was sad because there was almost a sense of helplessness—but I’m not going to give up,” says Spade.

According to Spade, his agency has no qualms about turning a prospective model away for her own good. “Before we buy a model a ticket to fly out here, one of us will talk to them. We get on the phone and ask about her goals. If she says she’s halfway through nursing school, we say don’t do it, it’ll ruin your future. And I don’t think Riley from Hussie Models is doing that,” says Spade. “I don’t think there is a genuine effort put into how this will affect their lives.”

“I’m appalled at the one sided nature of this documentary. Although there are members of the adult industry who do mislead girls into working in this business, there are plenty more reputable, licensed agencies, like Sylvaria, who strive to provide professional and reliable representation for our performers,” say Randy Quintara of Sylvaria. “We only work with established and respectable companies who treat our talent well, as their well-being is ALWAYS our number one priority.”

“Hot Girls Wanted,” follows the lives of a handful of barely-legal, aspiring porn stars living in Florida out of a model house rented by Hussy Models agent and performer, Riley. Snow, a retired adult entertainer, expresses the narrow view of the industry in the documentary, and encourages young women to do their research instead of taking the first offer of a free plane ticket. Other industry experts interviewed by Snow are performer Jenna J. Ross and New Sensations director Jacky St. James.



You can read the full article here

 Sylvaria can also be followed on Twitter at and on their website

 About Sylvaria: Created by industry veteran Jack Spade, Sylvaria is a hot, new adult industry agency specializing in developing today’s talent into tomorrow’s superstars. Sylvaria provides booking services for a select group of performers who aim to go beyond the usual expectations of what being a porn star is in this competitive climate. 


Bree Olson Warns Girls About Getting Into Porn

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Earlier today former porn star Bree Olson tweeted a heartfelt message to young girls thinking of going into porn. No she doesn’t have any regrets about her time in porn and no she doesn’t have anything wrong with the porn industry itself. But she wants these young girls to realize that by making that decision to go into porn, it could have very long term effects on the rest of your life – including a lot of discrimination.


To all the young women that are interested in getting into porn:




Audrey Hollander Does America

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Porn legend Audrey Hollander announced a crowdfunding campaign for her next project — Audrey Does America.

Audrey Does America

Her idea is to travel to seven different cities, exploring the naughty side of each place she visits and capture it all on film.

In exchange for her fans helping her fund her next movie Audrey is offering a variety of perks from an advance copy of the movie to the ability to help write the script. Some fans will get to pick the locations and who she will perfect with as well as what she’ll wear, down to what kind of toys she’ll be playing with.

7 lucky fans will even get to keep the costumes she will be wearing in the movie.

You can see more about her project AUDREY DOES AMERICA at her indiegogo project page at

ABOUT AUDREY HOLLANDER: Audrey Hollander is known as one of porn’s extreme queens, and is a multi-award winning porn star. She began her career in 2005 with her debut film, More Dirty Debutantes #268 from Ed Powers. Within a year she won the AVN Award for the Female Performer of the Year. Audrey Hollander is a natural redhead famous for her ultra-hardcore anal performances, but is equally adept in the lead roles of features, including Michael Ninn’s Catherine and Hustler Video’s Everybody Loves Lucy. Audrey Hollander has earned more than 30 AVN award nominations alone during her porn career not including those from XBIZ and XRCO. In October of 2013, Penthouse Magazine named her as one of the top 5 kinkiest porn stars. You can find out more about porn star Audrey Hollander by visiting her on the web at, or by visiting her Facebook page at, or you can follow her on twitter @RealAudreyXXX.

Jenna Jameson is Marrying an Israeli & Converting to Judaism

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We haven’t heard much from Jenna Jameson lately. Not since I guess her now infamous hosting gig of the XBIZ awards. Was that last year? The year before? Who knows. But anyway, I guess that doesn’t matter now because Jenna Jameson has been busy doing something far more interesting … falling in love! But not only has she fallen in love, she’s also apparently planning on major religious conversion in her life, by converting to Judaism.

Jenna Jameson 2008

We’re always excited to welcome another celebrity into the Jew crew, but we have to admit this one took us a bit by surprise. Apparently, Jenna Jameson–known colloquially as the Queen of Porn–is marrying an Israeli and converting to Judaism.

According to JPost, Jameson is marrying Lior Bitton, an Israeli who works in L.A.’s diamond business. She’s even hosted her first Shabbat dinner, which she proudly posted on Instagram (featuring some very impressive challahs).

The quasi-retired adult film star has also taken up Hebrew and plans to visit Israel soon. A formerly self-described devout Catholic, the change would be big for Jameson–so she must be serious about it!

We hope she has a beautiful, transformative conversion, and that she finds her place in the faith. Mazel tov! Source: KVeller

Now here is where the story gets a little interesting. Who is this man in question? Well in 2013 he was arrested for fraud – in a big way. The guy got robbed a few years back and reported that a 4.21 carat diamond was among the ones stolen. It was work $99,000 (or so he said) and his insurance paid for it. Only it wasn’t actually stolen. He had the diamond the whole time and got caught.

The owner of a Los Angeles jewelry store has been charged with insurance fraud after falsely reporting a 4.21 carat diamond stolen, prosecutors said.

Lior Bitton, 36, of Los Angeles, was arrested Wednesday and is being held on $100,000 bail. He’s scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Bitton is the owner of Pacific Diamonds and Gems jewelry store. On Jan. 7, one of his jewel couriers was robbed of 20 diamonds in front of 9156 Bolsa Ave. in Westminster’s Little Saigon, said Matt Lockhart, a deputy district attorney with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office who is prosecuting the case. That robbery remains unsolved, Lockhart said.

Bitton then filed a claim with his insurance company for the stolen diamonds, including a 4.21 carat diamond that he had certified with the Gemological Institute of America, prosecutors said in a news release. Bitton accepted $99,000 from the insurance company for the 4.21 carat diamond, the release said.

On Feb. 25, Bitton traveled to Israel, met with a diamond wholesaler, and provided the wholesaler with the 4.21 carat diamond he had reported stolen in January, Lockhart said. The wholesaler submitted the diamond for certification to the Gemological Institute, which determined that the stone was the same one Bitton had certified, prosecutors said.

Westminster Police Department, which investigated the case, recovered the diamond, prosecutors said. Police were suspicious that the Jan. 7 robbery might have been staged, but determined that the courier had been legitimately been robbed, officer Van Woodson said in May.

Bitton was initially arrested by Westminster police in March, but posted bail and was released. He was re-arrested Wednesday after Westminster police completed their investigation, District Attorney’s spokeswoman Farrah Emami said.  Source: OC Register

FOR SALE: Traffic Network with 8k Uniques a day #porn

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It’s official …. I’m ready to sell out my entire traffic network for an incredibly low price! $11,000 cash. Final price but you get so much for this price.

Let’s talk! Looking for a quick sale. Email me at KlubKelli (AT) gmail – or Skype me at KlubKelli. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

First and foremost, I’m selling my traffic network – mostly porn star niche free sites – with more than 80% of the traffic generated from search engines (mostly Google).

In all my traffic network includes a total 62 websites (A couple domain name aliases – making it 67 domain names in all. ie: also uses the alias

This network generates about 8k unique visitors per day – mostly high quality search engine traffic!

Don’t be fooled by others who have crappy ass tube sites. All of my sites are search engine friendly and attract more than 80% of their traffic from Google and Bing! You can push that high quality traffic to any affiliate program you want or even your own membership sites.

Many well aged domain names in this package – several more than 10 years old. Contact me for a full list of the domain names as well as a list of the monthly unique visitors.

Here are some of the websites in my traffic network…..


You’ll find my sites generate their traffic from search engines – all high quality. No purchased traffic with any of my sites so you won’t have any of that low quality crap. All of the sites have AWstats installed for detailed server side traffic statistics.

This package also includes two membership sites (will provide details privately) – The sites don’t really have any members but includes the more than 100 DVDs I licensed for the sites so you can benefit from the content.

*** BONUS ***

If all of that wasn’t enough I’ll also be throwing in three movies I own the exclusive rights to, one of which was nominated for three AVN awards and has a huge star-studded cast.

Hocus Pocus XXX, The Love Twins XXX Movies and Ugly Chicks Need Love Too




These movies will be yours, and that means you can make money from them however you want. You can use them on your own membership site, license them to other membership sites, offer them for sale at VOD sites like Gamelink and AEBN – they are yours to do with as you wish.

These three movies alone make this package worth the price!

Let’s talk! $11,000 USD for everything. Looking for a quick sale. Email me at KlubKelli (AT) gmail – or Skype me at KlubKelli. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY.

Rockstar Pink promoting free porn? SAY WHAT?

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Can’t get a celebrity to tweet about your porn site? No problem. Just do what and get a hacker to do it for you. That appears to be what happened on June 9th when this tweet when out from the twitter account @Pink which belongs to the famous singer P!nk.


The tweet has since been removed but it still begs the question, what legal ramification (if any?) will the porn website face and in the end, was it worth it? Not only do they have the obvious criminal investigation, hacking being a felony and all, but they also risk civil suits from both twitter and Pink.

What do you think? Brilliant marketing move or dumb ass of the day?


Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss as read by 42 porn stars

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RatedXLife got some of your favorite porn stars together to read the classic Dr Seuss book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

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