A veteran of over 100 supporting roles during his X career, Michael Morrison aka Milt Ingley, born around 1952, tells great stories.

After five years in porn, he appeared in Adam magazine's May, 1984 issue, in the midst of the video revolution. "There has been a dramatic change in the way things are done. People have scripts, actors are expected to perform, they are loooking for better product because they have to go out and sell it to a changing clientele.

"Middle-class America is more sophisticated and better educated, buying adult films and taking them home and putting them on their VCRs. It's a whole new ballgame. It's not the little character in the overcoat going into the seeedy little theater anymore.

"These people expect the quality they see on their Television. Consequently, filmmakers get bigger gudgets. But instead of rehearsing the actors or planning a script, they spring for a Rolls Royce and a bigger house."

"I had been in the club business for five years. I used to build and design discos and set up management programs in Texas. There was just so much competition it wore me out. I had a girl I was dating who was going crazy that there were nine million little girls hanging on my arm every night. So my relationship's going down the tubes...I'm tired. I quit and return to San Francisco. I started dating a girl who did a couple of films for the Mitchell Brothers. It was a casting call and I was dropping her off. I ran into John Seeman and he was doing the casting. He told me to come upstairs. And I was 240 pounds (5'9) and had a beard. Robert McCallum, the directors, who used to do a lot of work with Orson Welles, said, "God, you look like a young Orson Welles. Would you like to be in this movie?" He got excited and there was a pretty, naked big-titted girl named Holly McCall standing there and she got upset they were excited about me, because she had taken all her clothes off. I did a movie called Tangerine. I was in a bathtub with Holly McCall, in cold water, and the fog blowing through the deal, and I was worried about my lines, not the sex. When I was through, they said, "If you can get it up in that kind of weather and that kind of cold, you'll be a star in this business." (Adam)

Milton performed under the name Michael Morrisson and did about 150 features and a hundreds of loops.

He lost his virginity at 13. "I figure the number of ladies I've been with is in the thousands, because in the disco business, you took home new girls all the time. It's probably over 1000 and less than 3000." His top three f---s in his life were with Georgina Spelvin, Seka and Marilyn Chambers.

Milton's daughter, born in 1968, used to live with him. "My daughter is conservative and she's like, "Oh, my father is doing something weird again." She's come to the set with me. She shot stills on a couple of them. When she was at college, people were watching X-rated movies and they couldn't understand why she didn't want to watch them. She said. "It's not that I'm prudish. I just don't want to watch my father come out and jump on some little girl."

"She's my only child. The only non-Oriental, I mean."

After one of his sex vids, the backer called Milton to say "I like the sex but there's no words." Milton replied: "You want words? Words are extra. I have a base price for a movie. If you wanna shoot a movie, they start at $7000. If you want a lot of words, you can start adding. You can only do so much for the budget. When I was an actor, $200,000 budgets were not uncommon. Nowadays, they're down to $5,000 and they want the same product that they used to get for $100,000. What do they think? That someone used to put $93,000 in his pocket. The business isn't what it used to be. It's a dirty job but somebody has to do it."

Michael Morrisson is known today as director Milton Ingley. He made 1994's Deep Space 69. "Guys in grotesque rubber masks and penile prosthetics f--- girls with weird hairdos and industrial strength make-up in this porn parody of the many Star Trek ripoffs.

"Just how bad is this video? Four words: Directed by Milton f---ing Ingley! The sound is badly distorted, the scenes look like they were lit with a ten watt bulb, and the sex is ugly. Lana Sands is the first up to be humiliated, f---ing a mutant with two dicks and begging for more (yeah, right)." (AFW 96D p.112)

Milt operated his own porn studio for several years as well as shooting dozens of low budget videos.

In 1998, I heard that Milt was hanging out in Holland, fearing arrest and law suits for his role in distributing the Pamela Lee Anderson sex tape.

In April 1999, Ingley emailed me that he was living between Europe and Canada and working on a book, presumably about his porn career.


The Pamela Anderson Tapes

Don Barzini writes: Buono Sera luke. I'm in a generous mood today, so I thought perhaps I'd share something with you, and your reader 'Peter.' Namely, how Milton Ingley came into possession of the Pam Anderson tape, and how he then f---ed up and managed to not make a dime off of it.

Aside from sometimes producing porn, Ingley owned a stage, "Ingley Studios," where many a porno was--and still is--shot. The stage is under different management.

One of Ingley's friends, and sometimes employee, was an individual who I'll not name, but who was once married to a prominent porn slut of the eighties, and who also sometimes performed meat-puppet duties in scenes. This person also sometimes worked for Ingely at the stage, and often hung out there. At other times, he worked for various construction sub-contractors.

On one job, he found himself alone in the Anderson residence, more specifically, alone in Ms. Anderson's bedroom. While poking through Ms. Anderson's private property, he came across some video tapes. Knowing whose home he was in, and possessing the sensibilites of a pornographer, he decided to boost the tapes. Upon inspection of the tapes, he discovered that most of them were of the innocent, 'home-movie' variety, but one tape definitey was not! This, of course, was the infamous Pam Anderson sex tape.

Our thief really didn't know what to do with the tape, but he knew he had something that was probably worth something to someone. He took the tape to his shrewd friend, Milt Ingley, and enlisted Ingley's aid in exploiting it.

Now Ingley was a pornographer, and as such, no stranger to stupidity. He also possessed that other typical pornographer's trait, he was a greedy f---. So instead laying off this Golden Goose for a quick score, and cutting it up with his pal, he decides to remain a partner in its exploitation. Unfortunately, Ingley's new partners were also thieves and greedy f---s, and to make a long story short, Ingley ended up with s---. The thief ended up with s---. Ultimately, those who attempted to exploit the tape ended up with s---. In fact, the one who finally made a pretty good score with that f---ing tape was--you guessed it--Ms. Anderson herself.