Jon Dough



Excelling at difficult roles, Jon Dough (Chet Anuszek) appears in most of the big budget productions of the '90s, including Michael Ninn's Sex, Latex and Shock.

In 1996, Jon's directed Attitude and launched his own series Dirty Stories.

"His leading man looks and macho charisma have made him one of the hottest hunks on the adult video scene. His best early performances include Brandy and Alexander opposite Jeanna Fine and New Wave Hookers 3, both of which won him XRCO awards for Best Actor." (AFW 96D. p.20)

Since his 1987 debut, Jon's appeared in over 700 videos.

The tall laconic chain-smoker grew up in a steel mill town in Western Pennsylvania. During the steel bust, many mills closed down and Dough decided to leave for California. He did drugs and alcohol and got into porn. "If it wasn't for the adult business, I was headed for skid row or jail."

Chet entered porn through his gay brother who posed for gay magazines.

Chet's first scene - with Lois Ayres - lasted 30 seconds. "I came right away. It was definitely her ass. She had a great ass and I had no control. I put my hands on her ass and lost it. I remember the cameras scuttling around trying to catch my pop shot."

English director John T. Bone took Jon down under in 1989 during the Parliament Video Australian experiment which introduced to porn Deidre Holland, Sunny McKay and Alice Springs.

Four days after arriving back in America, he got a phone call from a tearful Deidre saying that she had broken up with her boyfriend and dissolved their window cleaning business.

"Before I knew what was happening, she was on the next plane. She dumped her boyfriend for this lifestyle and me. Next thing I knew, she was on my couch. "Hello."

Jon and Deidre married.

"We traveled all over the place. It was wonderful. Wherever we went, we worked together and got ridiculous amounts of money."

The predictability of a Jon - Deidre scene made him complacent, knowing he had a built-in gig. (AVN 1/95 p. 71)

"I was coming to the set loaded. I had the skills, I just didn't care but got hired anyhow. "

After five years of marriage, Jon turned himself around in 1993. He began his comeback by divorcing Deidre.

"I watch myself now on video and try to see everything I do. I try to look at things objectively and see if what I'm doing works or not."

Rame's Imperator says Jon Dough "embodies all that I hate in '90s big budget porn. He has no talent and yet overacts, he's wooden and slimy, he seems to be in every big feature and he gets inexplicable and repeated accolades from the industry. As for directorial merit, Jon's inaugural effort Attitude is Michael bloody Ninn in disguise. The plot is stupid."

AVN takes a different view of Attitude. "Dough's omniscient bartender links sketches about tavern patrons who radically change their negative attitudes after encountering his Presence. Steven St. Croix undergoes a religious conversion when he gets a taste of Rebecca Lord's wafer. Johnathan Morgan gets a hand job from Bionca but pops too quickly. Alex Sanders' generic geek turns rugged and manly after a standing doggie and anal with Vanessa Chase, and Jenteal just lies around looking gorgeous as Bionca shaves and vibes her. But it's T.T. Boy who steals the vid as a hostile tesosterone case."

Jon is still puzzled by the negative reaction of his distributors to one of his boxcovers. Jim Holliday describes what happened: "Marlon Brando's Hollywood comment [about Jews] had its porn parallel. In John Dough's Dirty Stories 3 - Tabitha Got a Room With a View, John wrote the boxcover for the back: "What could it be? A rapist, a homosexual or possibly a Jew?"

"Those comments caused the entire first shipment to be recalled and new boxcovers printed so that people wouldn't be offended. The company made the decision to do it because the distributors [General Video] who would've controlled 70% of initial output said "Change it or we're not going to buy it." So they changed it. A costly mistake."

During 1996, Jon relapsed to his wild and wanton ways during his relationship with the unstable and dangerous Monique DeMoan.

While under the influence of alcohol in the Spring, he bruised and blackened his face in a motorcycle accident. Soon after Dough split from DeMoan and resumed his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Jon wants nothing on his tombstone. He'd rather be cremated. What has been his contribution to life? "Nothing. It's the same with most people. We all walk around thinking we're so important. This business is no different from the real Hollywood. They're not contributing anything to anybody. And I know it gets on their consciences too. That's why they do these phony benefits to put their souls at ease. But they know that what they do is bull. None of us are philanthropists like Andrew Carnegie."

Jon developed performance problems, relapsed into drug problems in late 1996, left his contract with Vivid Video and eventually left porn. He reemerged as an Extreme Associates contract boy in early 1999 but had performance problems and left in an angry dispute in March, 1999.


Monique DeMoan Interview

Roger Pipe interviewed Monique DeMoan, the hot tempered girlfriend of porn actor Jon Dough. Here are some highlights:

Monique on breast implants: "I guess itís temptation more than pressure. All these chicks have big tits these days. Not too many of the girls are natural and the big titted ones are getting all of the attention. Out on dance circuit, on the video boxcovers, everywhere. That kind of stuff makes me think I should get them, but my boyfriend doesnít like them, my fans freak out whenever I mention them and I would just rather not get them. Thatís why I havenít done them.

"You want to talk about the faggots at Extreme, no problem. What do you want to know?

"First of all, they are hiring all these people under contract and then they canít even afford to pay them. If they canít afford to pay the contract performers, then where is the money going? As far as Iím concerned, they are a bunch of losers and I really feel strongly about that. They are a bunch of f---ing losers. They want to talk all s--- about Jon [Dough] not being able to get his dick up and how he and I are all f---ed up on drugs."

Roger Pipe: "Is there any truth to that?"

Monique: "You know what, a lot of people in this business have their ups and downs. For them to say what they said is totally wrong. Tom Byron of all people has absolutely no room to talk and he knows it. I have partied with that guy many times and he knows he has no room to talk. Heís the biggest drug addict in this business. And Rob Black? What, does he think prescription drugs are any better? Like that doesnít make him an addict? Heís on tons of anti-depressants Heís all doped up all the time."

Roger: "So I guess you wonít be going back to work them any time soon?"

Monique: "Hell no, never. OKÖ. And they want to talk about Jon not being able to get his dick up? Jon worked with Vivid, f---ing the finest girls in the industry for years. Not just the Vivid Girls, all the sexiest girls in the business. Then he goes to work for Extreme after being out of the business for a year and a half and look at what they make him work with. Excuse me, but a lot of the girls arenít that good looking. Iím not putting down all the girls he worked with there, but some of them were just ugly skanks. I donít want to upset anyone, but Iím pretty pissed that they said the things they did." (From Roger Pipe's Monique DeMoan Interview)


Jon Dough (Chet Anuszek) Dead

AVN reports:

AVN Hall of Fame performer Jon Dough passed away on Sunday, Monique Demoan, his wife of 12 years told Dough was 43.

"I've been with [Jon] for 12 years. We have a four-year-old daughter," Demoan said. "We lived together. I found [Jon] yesterday. ... He did take his own life."

Hank Rose writes:

I remember Jon. He came into the biz with the nickname "Diamond Hard". How could a guy who got 100 women to himself in a reverse gangbang do himself in? But all this and he had that deer in the headlights look that Shawna Grant had. I can't explain it. The gaze of a lost puppy.

Away from the cameras I hear that he was a thrill seeker. As if the thrill of lay for pay in the playpen of the damned weren't enough. I had heard that he hit the skids several years back when his business investments went bust. That he was on the street. And now this. He was same age as me, which is frightening.

I find it sad that there's no widely heralded support group or system set up to council those in psychological trouble. Perhaps it's reserved for the starlets. If vet studs would just realize if they survived porn to find love then they've succeeded, then depression wouldn't set in. When all else fails, you find your happiness in love and never get stuck in the moment during hard times.

I remember crooning My Way at a FOXE show many years ago to salute the late Cal Jammer. Who will sing for the loss of Jon? And what song would it be? What would Jon pick as his musical epitaph? I wonder...

Greg Zeboray writes:

Chetís death is a real tragedy and I hope itís not yet another example of a porn suicide that is forgotten in a week.

While he acted tough as nails, the truth is that he was a very caring person who just wanted to be loved.

As most people know, he and his then-wife Martine [Deidre Holland] were my first porn clients (back in 1995) and I really liked them both. They were a great couple and great people. I felt really bad when they split up. My memories of them will always be the little beach cottage they bought in Dana Point and remodeled into a beautiful place, along with that big snake that lived in the bedroom. Unfortunately, with the divorce went the house and Chet's move back to the Valley followed.

I really believe Chet was happiest during the Dana Point years. He would go to the Valley to work a day or two a week, then come back to normalcy, doing things like surfing, spending time with Martine, and riding his motorcycle. Over the years, I had told him a few times that my hope Ė for his sake Ė would be that heíd move back down here so he could avoid the issues Porn Valley is famous for. Sadly, it didn't happen.

Chet remained - to the end - someone who I always looked forward to seeing or talking to. I knew he had some tough times, but I refused to let them affect how I felt about him.

May he rest in the peace that he so deserves!

Brandy Alexandre IMs me: "I met him early on in 1988 when he was just getting started and you had to be really careful with him because he hadn't learned control. I worked with him in Fantasy Girls when he used the name Chad Sanders. What a waste. It's always the good ones. Isn't it?"

I met Jon in 1996. We talked easily. We had a lot in common. We must've struck others as cynical, self-destructive and bipolar.

Even when many in the industry said I was the enemy, that never bothered Jon. He was too easy going, too unpretentious. "It's just porno," was his attitude.

We talked about books. Jon, who told me to call him by his real name Chet, loved the depressing author Charles Bukowski, an alcoholic and drug addict.

Jon became friendly with photographer Ian Gittler and helped him with his 1999 book Pornstar.

Gittler writes about Jon: "We were becoming friends...before I was the one who pulled back. ... Jon's willingness to be close -- our closeness -- made me uncomfortable." (pg. 166)

Ian met Jon in 1994.

Jon seems present, not distant and aloof...

In a matter of minutes we know a lot about each other, kind of phase out everything around us.

...He says, "Man, you're a cool guy. You know, you definitely know. We have to talk more."

It might sound silly, but the way he says it in his deep, calm voice makes me feel grounded, less alone in this world of bored, inaccessible porn people. In three years, he's the first male star to tell me anything about his insides, to show his feelings. (pg. 104)

[January 1996 at CES.] ...I find a pair of wraparound shades staring back at me from a head or so above the crowd. It's Jon Dough, grinning. I make my way through the crush. His smiles broadens as I near. He pulls his sunglasses off.

"Man, Ian. I'm happy to see you," he says. Then, "Are you bored yet?" in a tone that assumes I must be, that says he is. He looks much trendier than he did summer '94: He has a Caesar cut, a goatee, an expensive-looking casual T-shirt, and earrings in both ears. (pg. 155)

...Jon is a total insider, a ten-year veteran, but he stands next to me, watching from the outside, too, in a way. (pg. 156)

"Every guy I meet is jealous of me. And they all think I'm pathetic. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I could die tomorrow. I'm not gonna build a life around some idea that everything lasts forever.

"That's why I'm not gonna have kids, a family, why I don't want that. Tomorrow I could hit a wall on my Harley. My parachute could f--- up when I jump out of a plane." (pg. 157)

"My mom has this black guy named Bobcat Jones move in with us. He was bad. Over time there were rapes in my house. My brother and I -- he was seven and I was eight -- we wanted to kill him." (pg. 163)

"So when I was fifteen, my mom sent me to live with another one of her relatives. He was this forty-five-year-old gay guy with money.

"He would sit on the edge of the bed and coo at me. He would say 'I adore you.' It was bizarre. We didn't do anything, though."

Jon doesn't want me -- or anyone -- to think there's on gay molecule in him, that there's any sexual ambiguity there whatsoever... (pg. 164)

"Since I don't do drugs anymore, I find that high somewhere else," Jon says. "Every second of the day I have to fight some part of myself that's self-destructive. Ian -- every second."

Jon tells me that on one recent afternoon he did a scene with a new girl. When they were through they got on his Harley, and Jon got it up to 105 miles per hour on the freeway. He says he almost lost it at one curve but kept going anyway. (pg. 165)

Shortly before its release, Jon Dough's Gang-Bang 101 was retitled The World's Luckiest Man.

Fester Sam writes on "Jon Dough directs himself in every man's fantasy. Over a hundred hot ladies who need stuffed! Filmed at a mansion, Jon undergoes fem therapy while playing tennis, cooking, etc. The scene where he is at the grill giving out free sausage is just great. Jon, you are the MAN!"

Jon was often wild and self-destructive. He'd do crazy stuff on his motorcycle and have accidents. He'd do drugs and alcohol to excess. He married the fiery Monique Demoan. They had a baby. He said it settled him down. He said he didn't party as much.

I think the last time I saw him was at the March 10, 2005 Britney Rears party. I snapped this picture of him with his wife:

"Everybody wishes he didn't stick with Monique," says a porner, "because she's just as bad as him. There's no way that two people addicted to the same thing can ever get off it if they are together.If he'd try to clean up, there she would be doing it. If you noticed in some of the press releases for the fund set up for the daughter, there was a subtle remark that the money would go straight to a trust for the daughter. That was for people who know about Monique."