Wicked's contract director Jonathan Morgan directed Double Feature in 1999 which won ten prizes at the 2000 AVN Awards.

Contract girl Serenity got Morgan his start at Wicked where his talents have flourished as he's personally matured.


I talked to Wicked contract director Jonathan Morgan Friday morning about the hilariously mistake-ridden write-up on AVN.com about its own awards show Saturday night.

AVN's Scott Batson writes: Double Feature!, a brisk comedy from Wicked Pictures, was recognized as such, taking Best Comedy honors as well as Best Actress and Actor (Video) for co-stars Serenity and Randy Spears. Shanna McCullough also nailed down Best Supporting Actress (Video) for her performance. The video didn't take Best Actor and Actress (Video) honors, though- they went to the co-stars of Chloe, Chloe and James Bonn. Double Feature!, though, lost out to VCA Platinum Plus's Dark Garden for Best Video...

Luke: Double Feature! wasn't even nominated for Best Video. And it did win for Best Actor (Randy Spears) and Actress (Serenity) on Video. Sin City's movie Chloe won for Best Actor and Actress FILM.

Luke: You had a huge night Saturday night.

Jonathan: It was fortunate, not so much for me, but for everyone involved, in front of and behind the camera.

Luke: I don't remember anyone winning that many awards for one film.

Jonathan: I think we have the record. Ten out of eleven. The only one we missed, and probably the saddest part, was our cameraman Jake Jakobs was the one person who was not able to fully enjoy the festivities. In AVN's great wisdom, they decided to give it to Barry Woods again.

I find myself shocked for calling you. I know that you on a continual basis get a lot of grief for inaccuracies on your website but you were dead on after the awards show, listing winners... I went to AVN's website...

Luke: Yes, I found it amusing.

Jonathan: I wanted to pat you on the back for at least getting your facts right on this one.

Luke: Every once in a while I like to do that to shake people up.

Jonathan: How could they do that? I want to say, did you even go to the show? It's sad. If they're not checking their facts on this, I can only imagine how many other things they are not checking their facts on.

Luke: What else is new with you?

Jonathan: Right now we're in the edit bay, editing the sequel to Double Feature called "Bride of the Double Feature." I have largely the same cast with Randy Spears, Serenity and Herschel Savage. We have many good projects coming out for our many contract girls.

Luke says: Here are my notes on Jonathan:

Sweet and funny Jonathan Morgan, according to Hustler Erotic Video Guide, is the inspiration behind Peter North's amazing cum shots.

Over the years, HEVG's editor Mike Albo bagged repeatedly on Morgan.

Jeremy Stone's Adam Film World took a different tack: "Here's an East Coast transplant who is to porn in the '90s what Bobby Astyr was in the late '70s. He's a wise-cracking, self-effacing everyman who isn't afraid to perform with a pair of panties on his head or in his mouth."

In early 1996, Jonathan got a big bang out of his lover - performer Morgan Le Fay.

She fired a gun into the air near Jonathan. His offense? Saying he didn't want to live with her.

Many persons who know Jonathan sympathize with Morgan Le Fay. Five porn girls told me on different occasions about bad experiences they've had with Morgan off the set. It seems that hell hath no fury like Jonathan scorned.

As for Morgan's childhood: "I was beyond geek," he told Adult Video News. "I had a lifetime subscription to Nova and my date for the high school senior prom was my right hand. Instead of learning to unhook a bra, I was doing math equations."

The first time Jonathan had a sex scene before the camera, he fumbled for ten minutes trying to unclasp K.C. Williams' bra which opened from the front. Morgan was working on the back.

Doing standup at San Francisco's The Punch Line, where Robin Williams got his start, helped Jonathan pay for college. Then the Malcom McDowell lookalike moved to LA with his girlfriend who exchanged him for a producer.

While working in Orange County as a car salesman, he watched a porno one night with a girl who told him that porn studs must be superman. "I bet you couldn't do that."

"I'm the kind that accepts a challenge," says Morgan, "so I set out to prove I could be a porn stud." He drove to Jim South's office and started working within two weeks.

Jonathan told the girl who'd issued him the challenge but "she dropped me like a bad habit."

The turning point in his career was doing The Dirty Little Mind of Martin Fink for director Scotty Fox.

"This business is nothing like the dark alley operation that people make it out to be," says Jonathan. "I've met nothing but the friendliest people."

After Morgan built up his bank account, bought some Armani sutis, a Gucci watch, new car and other Hollywood trappings including an expensive home in the San Fernando Valley, he called his ex-girlfriend.

The Hollywood producer had ditched her. "Guys just want me for my looks and my body," she complained. She accepted Jonathan's invitation to dinner. When he drove up in his new car, her eyes opened wide.

"I knew she was dying inside," says Morgan. "Then I made a pretext of having to go to my house because I forgot something. She thought I was still living in that hole, but when she saw the place, I could see her breasts palpitating. She started talking about whether we might not try to work things out."

Then she saw a picture of Mona Lisa, Morgan's fiance at the time. She asked who it was, telling Jonathan she hoped it wasn't anything serious. Then Morgan told her:

"Marcy, you just don't have what I'm looking for, and I think it's best you leave. I'll call you a cab because I don't want to be seen in my car with you." You can picture her reaction." (AVN 11/92 p.69-70)

Jonathan directed for a year under the name Damian HellX, making some of some of the nastiest pictures this side of Hades, such as Anal Institution. "Classic porno simplicity and the outrageous, double-anal sexual excess madly tints this perverted story about an "anal asylum" where backdoor addicted ladies are given an anal overdose (two dicks shoved simultaneously up their asses) in an attempt to cure their unwholesome cravings. Strange thing about this "cure:" rather than giving them an aversion to anal sex, it has the opposite effect." (AVN 97D)

Anal Rippers. "HellX has an offer of a squalid little lamb to sacrifice upon the altar of anal worship. Two (sometimes three) hooded figures drag their female prey into the corner of a set which resembles Ed Wood's version of Dante's Inferno where they submit to a proctological exam from Hell. There's a plethora of pile-drivers, DPs, and facials for even the most jaded raincoat Satanist. In Vol. 2, Roxanne Hall sucks three various dicks under a shower of stinging candle wax, and when two dicks up her snatch don't cool her inner burn, a double-dose of cock up her over-stretched asshole seems to placate her." (AVN)

Back directing under the name Jonathan Morgan, the former Mr. HellX delivers multi-pairings, double penetrations and jizz-splattered faces in Hell Hole. Stacy Valentine, who dated and dumped Jonathan in real life, gets screwed here by up to four guys at a time.

From the February, 2001 issue of Talk magazine, Martin Amis quotes Morgan:

"The girls could be graded like A, B, and C. The A is the chick on the box cover. She has the power. So she'll show up late or not at all. Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of them do that." He gestured as the screen adn said, "Here you have a borderline A/B doing a double anal. Directors will remember that. She'll get phone calls. For a double anal you'd usually expect a B or a C. They have to do the dirty stuff or they won't get a phone call. You've had a kid, you've got some stretch marks - you're up there doing double anal.

"Some girls are used up in nine months or a year. An 18-year-old, sweet young thing, signs with an agency, makes five films in her first week. Five directors, five actors, five times five: She gets phone calls. A hundred movies in four months. She's not a fresh face anymore. Her price slips and she stops getting phone calls. Then it's, 'Okay, will you do anal? Will you do gang bangs?' Then they're used up. They can't get a phone call. The market forces of this industry use them up."