Jim Enright, born 11/2/54, is widely regarded as porn's leading director of comedy.

After working as a cop in Chicago, Jim entered adult entertainment in 1974 as a city sales manager for Hustler magazine checking newsstands and counting magazines.

On his fourth marriage, Jim has lived with ex-performer Brittany since 1991. They have two boys and live in a big beautiful house in the San Fernando Valley.

Arabian Nights of 1993 tackles the "Road" pictures made famous by Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. Johnathan Morgan and Steven St. Croix portray private detectives hired by a mysterious English woman (Christian De'Oar) to find a vessel that her father spent a lifetime searching for, before he mysteriously disappeared. (AFW)

Haunted Nights, which won nine AVN awards, including for best video, best director, best screenplay Jace Rocker, also appeared in 1993. "Steven St. Croix and Johnathan Morgan head to Scotland where they struggle with the most difficult case of their careers. This is a big movie by modern porn standards." (AFW)

Western Nights appeared in 1994. Johnathan and Steve go west to seek gold. "A big budget video... that will delight those who want something more than five scenes of couple f---ing on beds. The comedy angle wears a little thin as Enright lets them run... But the script, production values and the sex are all first rate." (AFW)

Jim, a hard-working ex-cop who sports a crewcut, made Busted, an eccentric 1993 flick about out-of-work German spies. Cash Markman wrote the screenplay. The videoestablished a strong partnership between Enright and Hollywood Video which resulted in several strange comedies such as Anal Attitude and Caught From Behind 18.

Peter North plays a Gestapo officer in Busted. Says Enright, "Peter tried so hard to get the accent down. The more he tried, the funnier it got."

In another Enright flick Southern Comfort, North plays talent agent Jim South.

"That South is the living breathing Elvis is enough fodder for comedy, but getting North to play him adds a sparkle of dementia. About the only things that South and North have in common are concrete pompadours and polarized last names." (AVN)

North borrowed some of South's clothes such as sports jeans, boots and the familiar blue short-sleeved plaid shirt. North has played the talent agent before but that doesn't mean he's got the Southern accent down. Peter does pull off South's gait. "The running joke in the vid," writes AVN, "is that South barters for blow jobs and any ingenue walking through the door is fair game."

Lana Sands gets her biggest role in Southern Comfort. "Though he plays a director with initials too similar to Paul Thomas to be anything else, Terry Thomas apes Enright to a T, a fact that Enright finds amusing as he watches his mannerisms on parade via the set's TV monitor." (AVN)

"It's hysterical watching yourself being played," Enright says as actor Thomas barks commands to Lacy Rose and Celeste during a memorable girl-girl which includes an intrusive Ron Vogel sticking his light meter where it is not appreciated.

"I don't know if outsiders to the business are going to get all the inside jokes in Southern Comfort," Enright wonders, "but it's fun for me doing this kind of comedy, especially when you can poke fun of yourself. I hate it when people in this business get a little too serious about what they do." (AVN)

"I don't care about what other directors do," says Enright, whose real name is Jay Shanahan. "I try to keep my sets on the idea that we're here to make a good picture. I only hire people that I like and get along with. If I get the wrong impression immediately, I'm probably not going to hire you.

"When I started in this business, I got the reputation: 'All your movies look the same. You always have the same people in them even if you're doing a different script. Why?'

"Because I got along with all these people. If we had a problem on the set, they'd stay with me until we were done and we'd have a good time. We're not Hollywood. We don't have six months to shoot a picture. We have one to five days to shoot a picture."

"For a lot of people viewing my work, comedy adds nothing to my work," says Enright. "But I see two different kinds of viewers out there. The "raincoat" crowd who like Max Hardcore and down and dirty sex scene after sex scene jerk-off material. And then there are people who want to watch a story and have something going on. Spice [cable TV] bought a lot of my product because they knew it had something to it and they were catering to a mixed bag of people. It's easier for a man to get a woman to watch porn if he can say, 'Honey, it's a whole movie' rather than, 'Honey, let's sit down and jerk-off tonight.'

Blindfold is 1984 all over again. Steven St. Croix and Kylie Ireland defy Big Brother by falling in love. "The way writer Cash Markman and director Jim Enright pile on the plot in this piece, you'd think they came up with it! Guess what guys? We know the story. Get to the sex!" (AFW)

For these reasons and more, Selwyn Harris hates Jim's directing. "If you're yawning instead of yanking, it's an Enright!"

In The F-Zone, Enright piles on the sex. Nici Sterling and Peter North play a young couple invited by a mysterious man (Steven St. Croix) to spend a weekend exploring their fantasies at his mansion.


Farrell Timlake vs Jay Shanahan

On my Tuesday afternoon show Luke F-rd Live, James DiGiorgio and I interviewed a number of porners including Farrell Timlake.

Listen here to Tuesday's show. Read the chat here, including the Bob Jones vs Farrell Timlake debate.

Timlake, who owns and operates HomeGrownVideo.com with his brother Moffit, relayed this story from 1993:

Farrell says: "Way back when I was just starting to be concerned about the HIV issues. I've always been pro-condom. The director had a girl not show so he called Jim South for a replacement. And Jim sent this girl who I met the day before. And he knew that she didn't have an [HIV] test. And she came to the set and she still had not gotten her test results back. And the director wanted me to work with her without a condom. Even though he knew she didn't have her test results.

"And he knew I didn't want to work with her without a condom. And they presented it to me, 'Hey, you can do that. But you're never going to work in this town again.' And he never gave me work again after that because I contested the issue. And fact is, TT Boy stepped in and stunt dicked for me.

"It was put to me that I had to do the scene without a condom or take a hike and not get paid. And I knew that Jim South knew that the girl didn't have a test and I knew that the director knew the girl didn't have a test. I mentioned it in private to all of them..."

Farrell Timlake writes: "Jay Shanahan was the director who cut my pay because I wanted to wear a condom with an untested girl way back in 93."

Jay Shanahan aka Jim Enright, a former Chicago policeman, writes: "Dear Luke, As you no I have always prided myself on not being in the gossip columns. The comment made by Mr. Timlake is true in the fact I did cut his pay but that was based on his inability to perform not a condom issue. If you recall when the first HIV scare occurred I made it my business to employee the actors and actresses under quarantine in non sex rolls or gave them crew jobs ( Jonathan Morgan, Steve Hatcher, Nicole London, Tony Tedeschi, Lenna, Tina Tyler ) so I could help them maintain some sort of income. Luke I been in the adult entertainment business for a very long time and I have never asked nor forced any one to perform an act that they felt uncomfortable with. Check around I have worked for every major company, my reputation speaks for itself."

Farrell Timlake replies: Jay is a nice guy and I am not going to make a big deal out of this because it was long ago and I just don't care. (though I walk through the san fernando valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil) He is partly correct. However my performance problems were a result of asking me to work unprotected with a non-tested performer. I was freaked out. He knows it. Jim knows it, and the girl I worked with knew it. I knew the girl because I did a condom clad scene with her the previous day for Max Hardcore, who had no problem at all with me wearing a condom. If he can't fess up to the situation, what can anyone say? His word against mine, and I am too busy to get in a pissing match with him about it.

However, to give another example of Jay's position on this issue, at the first big meeting that the industry pulled together after Barbara Doll tested positive, Jay asked the clinician if it was o.k if ejaculate landed in a girl's eye. The clinician thought for about two seconds then answered, "Well there has never been a AIDS case as a result of semen in the eye, so I guess that would be ok." Jay smiled and said "Great, so facial cumshots are o.k, thank you." He gave Jonathon and the others jobs because they were friends and that is very cool of him to help a friend in need. Like I say, Jay is a mostly decent chap and no one is perfect. However, he should not misrepresent the facts here with regard to this issue.