James Bonn, a veteran of 40 videos and the best actor in the biz according to Reb, says that if I print his real name he will sue me and he will kill me. After his mother dies, I can print his real name. He says he comes from a really good family. He has a college degree in exercise physiology. He works as a personal trainer.

Kris Kramski wants James to work for him. "He treats people like s---," says James. "He yells and screams at people. He offered Herschel $2000 to go to France for two weeks… Herschel said no. Herschel has a lot more street smarts than I do.

"Lasse Braun treats me with respect… I don't know why Marc Davis walked off his set three months ago.

"My best movies? Models and Masseuse 3. AVN has nominated me for Best Actor and says that I'm the greatest thing next to peanut butter.

"I've written a few scripts. I want to produce and direct [porn]. I could be here forever."

Luke: "Are you a drug addict?"

James: "No."

Luke: "Have you done gay porn?"

James: "No. The closest I've come to gay porn is doing a bodybuilder chick. I did one for Mike Hott. Worst f--- in my life. She kept tightening up so we couldn't get in her.

"I don't care about condoms… "

Bond spent three years in the US Army. He has not spent time in jail.

"I was a regular actor. I did a bunch of Playboy stuff. People said, 'have you ever thought about doing porn?' Every guy has [thought of…]. I tried it. I fell on my face. Now I'm hitting home runs.

"Kiss sent me here [Pretty Girl] from the Mike Hott place… They wanted to call me Christopher Reamer [because James looks like Chris Reeves aka Superman]."