"Hope you like Dave Hardman," writes AVN, "because Dave's the stud-of-record in this trio of anal sizzlers in Anal Camera 12. An outdoor scene has Dave looking for rattlesnakes while sunbathing Jessica wants a man snake that rattles. The contrast of sunshine and shadow play visual havoc with Dave's search for Jessica's asshole, but once the key light's set in place, wham-o."

AFW writes: "One of the busiest bones in porn, alongside Rick Masters, Steve Hatcher and Sean Rider, Dave shows up, gets off and doesn't pitch a bitch whether he's f---ing a 300-lb. negress or an old bald lady in a wheelchair. One of the new breed of Grade B porn dicks, he can act as well as any husband caught cheating and his constantly erect penis speaks volumes for what goes on inside the head of a guy who can f--- without prejudice..."

Large Marge directed Dave in Heavy Weight Cumtenders. "What do five fat women do when they want to get in shape? They join a martial arts class, so they can f--- and suck the instructors Dave Hardman and Steve Hatcher.... Plenty of different camera angles, so you can see every inch of cellulite-ridden flesh. Dave Hardman gets so turned on f---ing Sindee Williams, he pops his load then sticks his dick up her ass. Our chubby chaser moves to spoon position with this lusty lardo until he cums again... A big bellied actress Swells deepthroats Dave, then takes it up the ass until she squeals like a pig." (AFW 97)

Porn fan Scribbler comments on studs like Dave and Rick Masters: "The younger guys are a crude, clumsy bunch of bastards who don't know what they're supposed to do in front of a camera. They remind me of gorillas that never learned how to f--- because they've been raised in a zoo." (rame)

After finding out that his recent video partner Nena Cherry was HIV positive, Dave quit porn. He said the 1997 AIDS scare has him "freaked out." (AVN)

Dave did one scene where he buried his face in Nena's vagina at a time she was menstruating. Scared, Hardman went on the anti-HIV cocktail for a month but he never tested HIV positive.

After a series of negative tests, Hardman returned to porn in the Spring of 1997.

In early 1998, Dave received the XRCO Unsung Swordsman award. AVN 4/98: "As at the AVN show when his Best Supporting Actor curtain call was delayed, the presenters had to fill while a team of bloodhounds were deployed to seek out Hardman, who apparently got lost in the wilds of the Bel Age. "He's probably outside smoking some…uh, you know Dave," Byron smiled wickedly. When he did appear, Hardman's acceptance speech was as terse as the search for him was elaborate. "I deserve it," he said. "I'm stoked.""

Dave's sister performs under the names Darcy McDaniels and Mistress Mercy. She stands 5'9", weighs 260 pounds and appears in The Good The Fat And The Ugly as well as More To Love. A nudist with real tits, she appeared in Hustler's Bits & Pieces.

Hardman says his family welcomes sex. The stud lost his virginity at age 12, according to an interview he gave to Michael Louis Albo in the 8/98 edition of HEVG.

Dave says his whole life is based on porno. Before he entered the biz, he frequented whores. "I don't care if I have to go out to Sepulveda Blvd. and find a girl… I don't care if it's an ugly girl. I'd rather get a 40-year old woman that's really horny and f--- for a couple of hours for free than to pay some hooker. …I'd always tell a hooker that she would have to let me come more than once. Because you always have to blow a load in the first five minutes, so that you can actually f--- the girl and get over that initial sensation… You come five or six times and you feel like you got your money's worth."

Dave told HEVG that his sister told him to enter porn. So in 1987, when Dave was 27, he visited Jim South's World Modeling Agency. Jim snapped a picture and told him to call in every day. Hardman left and never returned until 1993. "If I didn't have that girlfriend, I would have been calling every day. But the girlfriend was an 18-year old nymphomaniac that hated porno. She wouldn't even look at them. She wouldn't even let me bring them home and watch them. She hated to even talk about it. But she was a nymphomaniac. I heard stories about her going over to my friends' and they were f---ing her like a hotdog."

Dave told HEVG that he can flick switches in his head to achieve an erection and to ejaculate. "Sometimes when you do these anal scenes it gets messy…"

Dave remembers life before cable TV, when he'd watch futuristic movies about people watching nudity on TV. "That was a thing of the future. And it's here. It's now. It's snowballing and getting bigger, going into 2000 with the internet and computers." (HEVG 8/98)

Dave says there are lots of wild people in porn. "People pulling guns on each other. People who don't care what others think about what they do. They don't give a f--- about anything but money, good scenes, production... They don't care who lives or dies 'cause they don't have to do scenes. You've got to have a death wish to do porno…

"I've found that I can't have a serious relationship outside of the industry. If you find someone special they will eventually get jealous. They say they don't care, but then the night before a shoot they keep you up all night f---ing them so you won't have anything left for the other girls. The longer you stay in the business, it's like you have no feelings anymore. Every year that goes by I get more jaded." (Exotica Magazine 7/98)


Here's a transcript of Luke's interview for Lynne's movie "Dave Hardman: A Day in the Life of a Working Stiff."

Slammy: "How does the industry perceive Dave Hardman?"

Luke: "The industry does not respect itself. It disses itself a lot and Dave Hardman embodies what people expect of a porno stud. He smokes a lot of marijuana, he can get it up and off easily and he's not particular about who he does. He'll do 300 pound women. What was the question again?"

Slammy: "How would you rate Dave Hardman among the other studs?"

Luke: "There are the A grade actors like Mark Davis, Tom Byron, Peter North, Alec Metro... Dave Hardman is a B grade porn actor. Like Rick Masters, guys who will work for $200 a scene. Dave is reliable. The guys don't matter much in this business anyway. They're just there to pound the women and bring out different emotions and feelings and positions from the women. The men are just meat puppets. The quintessential example is Ron Jeremy who's fat, unattractive and hairy. But there's a freak appeal in pairing unattractive men with attractive women.

"Porno is all about degradation. And when you pair a Dave Hardman or a Ron Jeremy with a good looking chick, the stroker at home can see that he's just as attractive as Dave or Ron. And it is a perverse form of excitement to see a good looking woman sucking on the schlong of some schlub."

Slammy: "Do you have a favorite Dave Hardman story?"

Luke: "I made one porn video, What Women Want, in January of 1996. It was the first time I had seen people have sex. I got my talent from Regan Senter. We chose Kimberly Kummings as the pin cushion in the gangbang video and Kimberly got to choose all the male talent - Dick Nasty, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters, Tommy Gunn... Dave and Rick were laughing at me the whole time because I did not know what I was doing. They were also giving me tips on how to shoot a porno.

"I was interviewing everybody after the shoot, on camera, and Dave Hardman was jerking off. He wanted to spooge again on Kimberly. She freaked out. The man was a sex machine. He popped into a cup."

Slammy: "What is the basis of Dave's appeal?"

Luke: "To directors, that he can do the job relatively cheaply, reliably and consistently. Porn is lowbrow hardon fuel with almost no redeeming value. People aren't going to the video store going, 'What is Dave Hardman's latest video? I have to see this guy because he's such a great actor. Just the range of emotions. His appeal is that he has a dick and can get it up on camera and not many guys can. Dave's not going to be competing with Dustin Hoffman."

Q: "Dave's deathwish?"

Luke: "Most people in this business are self-destructive. This business attracts people with backgrounds in drug dealing, organized crime, prostitution... People who've been abused as kids... People who can't handle the real world... This business is the road to hell and in porno you may get a lot of orgasms as you walk along to hell. So Dave's deathwish is par for the course in porno. This is a destructive industry. This is something that will haunt him the rest of his life if he tries to enter middle America. He'll always be regarded by many people as a figure of derision. If you take your life seriously, and you're ambitious, and you have people who care about you, and community, then stay the hell away from porno."

Q: "Dave's perception of porn?"

Luke: "That's the one thing I do like about porno. People are pretty honest. Most of them don't pretend that they are crafting "Titanic," or that they have any great social or political agenda, and they're here to make a buck, and they don't really give a f---. Dave is like that. He despises porno as much as Jerry Fallwell. And what's not to despise? This business attracts neurotic types, myself included.

Q: "Dave says he tires of the business but fights against his best interests?"

"Dave has done so much weed that he may not be fully there upstairs. He's a nice amiable guy but he's a dope smoker. He's a sex addict, an animal. He's not going to be running General Motors or make it in corporate American. He's a hippie, a throwback to the 1960s.

"His own best interests? He only has a vague idea of what they are. As the cliche goes, 'if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.' I don't think Dave has detailed one year, three year, five year goal outlines for his life."

Q: "Evaluate the risks to Dave from this business."

[Producer Lynne was primarily thinking about health risks but Luke took the question in a different direction.]

Luke: "I'm not sure how much of a risk there as he has pretty much F-'d up his life by working in front of the porn camera. He's done it for years... There is always the chance for personal redemption and resurrection. There's always the chance that any one of could turn our lives around and become productive members of society. And every month he stays in this business, his chances of getting out of it diminish because this business is like 'The Hotel California.' You can check out, but you can never leave.

"Dave says that he's found he can't have a serious relationship outside of the industry. Of course. People in the straight world don't take people in the porn world seriously. It's a source of derision and contempt if not outright hatred.

"Dave says: 'If you find someone special, they will eventually get jealous.' Funny that. 'Honey, I'm going to work now. I've gotta bang three girls today.' Very few women can handle that, nor should they. A relationship should have some element of the sacred and porno is the antithesis of the holy."

Slammy: "Alex Sanders refers to the Spice Curse. No matter what happens, you'll always be on Spice. I went out with Alex one time to a strip club. And everywhere he goes, people recognize him. He tries to get a [straight] girlfriend and they always go, ewwwwwwwwww."

Q: "Your favorite Dave Hardman scenes?"

Luke: "I don't have any. I don't think most people do. You don't think about the guys. It's all a blur. I have very few favorite porno scenes anyway and I certainly don't evaluate them by Dave Hardman. I'm not there jerking off and saying, 'oh there's Dave. What a convincing performance.'

"Dave's future? I hope that he will get married, get another job. Perhaps work construction. Maybe he'll just make porno for the next 20 years. Work in a storeroom and move tapes around and get them ready for the next order."

A siren blares in the background.

Luke: "That may be Dave's future right now."

Next, Slammy interviews Cumisha Amado.

Cumisha: "Some of this stuff is going on cable?"

Slammy: "She thinks it will go to Comedy Central."

Cumisha, as she cleans a huge two-headed dildo: "Can they show..."

Slammy: "No. I don't think you can reach into your underwear on cable. I think you can fart."


Cumisha lies on her bed.

Slammy: "You can look in the camera, you can look towards me. You can do what you want. You can play with yourself."

Cumisha grins and starts masturbating.

Cumisha: "The first time I worked with Dave Hardman was six or seven years ago. It was a DP with Rick Masters.

"Dave and I have hung out at parties with Rich. At Rick's sister's place. And we all joined in a major orgy. Dave loves asian girls. And Dave got to lick a lot of asian pussies at the pool. And he got his dick sucked. One sitting on his face and another one licking his balls.

"One time, before a movie was shot, he asked me, 'do you want to see something crazy I can do with my dick? And he wrapped it around this pole. And he twisted it all around. The pole belonged to Rick Masters.

"When Dave's afraid he's about to come, he slaps his dick around and pounds it on the table. He loves to f--- hard.

"Have you ever heard him tell his jokes? Dave is really funny."

Slammy: "Dave and Rick are like the Laurel and Hardy of porno."

Cumisha: "Yeah, they're like the Three Stooges except there is only two of them. They do a lot of slapdick comedy."

Luke: "I think Rick Masters has been retired from porno for a year. Eversince he married Charlese L'Amour. I think they're now divorced."

Cumisha: "My favorite position is doggie and 69."

Next Dave Hardman is interviewed.

Dave says he's done five scenes in one day.

Lynne: "Most men can pound away for two minutes, ejaculate and leave the woman feeling like she's been assaulted. David, what's your secret? How can you pound for two hours and let the woman walk away?"

Dave: "Some of them don't."

Q: "What's the best piece of ass you've had in your whole life?"

Dave: "Lynne L-patin."

Lynne: "Use my other name. This movie is going out under "Diana Roth." We don't want Lynne L-patin and Dave Hardman associated much longer."

Q: "What's the best piece of ass you've had?"

Dave: "Dianna Roth... Second best... The 18-year olds are the best. After that, they deteriorate. Fresh meat. A lot of them know what they're doing. Some of them have been f---ing me under the table lately.

"French women have the best feeling pussies. They know how to take care of themselves. Their pussies are like silk.

"I've won for most outrageous sex scene the last two years in a row. I do the most dangerous job. We're like Indy racers. They crash and burn and so do we. You f--- a girl who has AIDS, you crash and burn. It's the price you have to pay, like athletes..."

Next Lynne interviews Darcy, David's older sister (eight years).

Darcy: "I've been in the adult business for 12 years on and off. David started about five years ago. He asked for a phone number and I gave him a phone number.

"I hired a stripper for him on his 27th birthday and he loved it. He's a very handsome man. I know the genetic pool. Dave and I did a scene in "The Bald, The Fat & The Ugly" where we shaved a girl's head."

Lynne: "You didn't get to see him much in high school and beginnings of his sexuality?"

Darcy: "A little bit... He had long brown hair...

"By the way, after this shoot, I'm getting naked. I was a stripper long ago before I was an actress.

"Periodically, when my type of full figure woman was selected... It is very ironic that no matter whether you are doing an adult film or a legitimate film or commercial, full figured women are always considered for the frumpy or derogatory role. I think that's wrong. Our society is made up of all types of people and races and I don't think there should be any discrimination against body size.

"Bald men are beautiful. Any man with hair on his head is overdressed..."

Dave has two other brothers.

Lynne: "I would like to know all the details of his sex life that you could share with us?"

Darcy: "I do know one movie where I was in a different scene, long after me, and I watched him. His prowess was definitely there. Definitely obvious. I've watched a few of his scenes. I think watching sex is good, even if it is your brother.

"I'm not like anybody else. I don't think sex is dirty or wrong. I like my tits, don't you?

"I do have one beef with my little brother. I just think he needs to grow up and become abstinent from certain substances on the planet."

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  • Dave Hardman

    Dave and Dom

    Dave and Dom

    Dave, Domonique and Tony

    Dave, Domonique and Tony

    Dave, Domonique and Tony

    Dave, Domonique, Tony and Amber

    Dave, Domonique, Tony and Amber

    Dave, Dom, Tony and Amber

    5/31/00 From Gene Ross

    Working Stiff; Luke F-rd: "What's Not to Despise About Porn?"

    Described as a "mockumentary," and, technically, a half-way decent one at that, minus a stopover at Bulls--- city, you've got to wonder which side of the fence Lynne L-patin's Working Stiff, from Zane Entertainment Group, a biog-of-sorts about Dave Hardman, is mocking itself from. (From Gene Ross)

    Boasting several sex vignettes starring Hardman but also along with some gratuitous commercial plugs for, and informational relays from Luke F-rd, propaganda of this sort generally comes packaged by way of the American Family Association, or the Fox Network, not a porno tape. The fact that its message is aided and abetted either directly or indirectly by Hardman's own purported testimony, makes it that much more disturbing. It's like the Miranda rights where whatever you say, can and will be be used against you, whether you said it or not.

    To wit, we're led to believe that Ford's fire and brimstone sermonizing on camera is supported by Hardman's alleged aversions to porn. And it's the typical Luke boogeyman spiel about the porn business attracting people from backgrounds of drug dealing, organized crime, prostitution, child abuse, people with death wishes, yadda, yadda yadda. (Gene Ross)

    Porn is "the road to hell," proclaims Reverend Luke. Ford then reads written comments allegedly stemming from Hardman supporting some of Ford's contentions, all the while with Luke looking dead-on at the camera with a "see, I told you so" grin. "Dave Hardman despises porn as much as Jerry Falwell," says Ford smugly. "What's not to despise? Ha! Ha! Ha!"

    Quoting Dave saying you got to have a death wish to do porno, Ford also comments, "Dave's death wish is par for the course." Yeah, Luke, except you and Lynne double-bogied. Death wishes are the last subject porn tapes ever address themselves to.

    "This [porn] will always be there to haunt him [Hardman]," Ford predicts, calling Hardman a potential figure of derision in normal mainstream society. "Porno is the antithesis of holiness," Ford offers in summation. Okay, now, let's get to the anal scene which comes later with Dave buttf---ing Cumisha Amado in a funny strip search vignette...

    And, upon hearing an ambulance siren, Ford intones fatalistically, "The future is calling, Dave."

    Luke: Gene Ross continues in greater detail, including some interesting quotes from Dave Hardman who believes that Lynne L-patin shaped the movie to humiliate him.

    Hardman told Gene Ross: "I heard that it came out. I didn't know that Lynne ever sold the movie. I worked on it for that two days and did a few things afterwards over at the lawyer's who put up the money for the movie. Other than that, I didn't know what was going to happen. All of a sudden I heard a couple of weeks ago from Zane that it was coming out.....Lynne moved up to Oregon so I guess the anti-porn message is the one she's trying to leave. It sucks because my name is totally affiliated with that, and that's not me."

    [Hardman says the "death wish" quote is Rick Master's quote not his. "He said it on the Jerry Springer Show," Hardman says. "These guys are very smart. The day I went over there to play pool [for a pick-up shot], Lynne was in a way I had never seen her before. This was in the wake between Bruce [Bruce Walker passing away] and me not talking to her and her going to jail and the whole nine yards. And I was bitter being there."]

    Hardman: "Whatever is out, is out there. It is porno, but it sucks with a negative message. The hardcore will be able to tell that they bulls---ted me. The truth is I didn't have anything to do with that movie and everyone knows the whole story and what we went through, with her going to jail for stalking me and telling everybody I was in love with her." (From today's Gene Ross)


    Dave Hardman's Mom Does Hardcore

    I found some interesting items on InsideAdult.com aka Tod-Hunter.com, including this report that David Hardman's 71-year old mom Davina will star in Mature Kink with Fritz the Cat:

    ...[S]he's busting her porn cherry wide open on the set of what will end up in a volume of X-Traordinary Pictures' Mature Kink. And no, Dave doesn't watch.

    "At first, David was negative about my doing this," Davina confesses. "He was very against it."

    [Jim] Powers laughs, remembering. "We were shooting one day and Gabor [from Heatwave] was there. [Production Manager] Johnny Packwood asked Davina if she wanted to try a scene. And Gabor went nuts. He loved it. But Dave was pissed off. He came running over to me, yelling 'My mother has a heart condition!' He was really upset, you know, screaming about how we were all animals."

    "Oh, yeah. At one time I did have a heart attack. But that was two years ago. I'm fine now." Davina says, arranging her lavender nightgown and pearls.