On his first day on a porn set, Brad Armstrong met fellow extra Dyana Lauren and fell in love. Since then he's moved on from both Lauren and extra work to become a leading performer and director. He made the well-reviewed 1995 flick Cover to Cover in which his ex-wife Jenna Jameson stars as a prudish young girl who finds sexual fantasy and fulfillment among the tomes in a library.

"A well-done couples fantasy from Armstrong," writes AFW, "who has the porn sensibility to cast himself in a few scenes. Jameson is center stage in this fantasy-driven outing with a costume-laden look into various periods of time as well as thematic takes such as a poker game. Jenna and Brad open up in a Civil War whammer that while implausible is pretty."

Brad and Greg Steele co-directed Hard Evidence starring Jenna Jameson and Jeanna Fine. "Jenna's performance is top-notch, but this is Jeanna's show. Fine's performance is as reserved with the Vince Voyeur interrogation scenes as it's brazenly wanton in her anal and oral f---fests with Peter North, and a foot fetish scene with Jameson." (AVN 97)

Armstrong and Steele co-directed the big budget Wicked video Conquest. "This is one handsome production with real ships, period costumes, gorgeous camera work and lighting, and striking sets...seven steamy sex scenes...

"Set in the Year of our Lord 1720, Conquest tells the tale of plundering pirate Blackheart (Vince Voyeur) and the woman (Jenna Jameson) who falls in love with him at first glance, stowing away on his ship to be with the man of her dreams.

"The acting is high school play level, the music is overwrought and the story is by the numbers... The kind of movie you would show to a first time adult video watcher..." (AVN)

Armstrong and Jameson divorced in the summer of 1997 after three months of marriage.

From the 5/20/01 NY Times Sunday Magazine:

"Some porn directors have similar pretensions. They can receive grandiose billing -- "A Brad Armstrong Motion Picture" -- and are sometimes grudgingly indulged with a "big budget" project ($250,000 tops) made on film, even though sex scenes are far harder to shoot on film (with its trickier lighting and shot setups) than on video -- and even though adult films are almost never projected on screens. "We have our own Brad Pitts wanting to make 'Seven Days in Tibet,"' said one executive."