Bob Chinn (Robert Husong) may be best known for his Johnny Wad series starring John Holmes but he also made The Young Like It Hot, Candy Stripers, The Debutante and Blonde Fire.

Husong created the first successful series in adult entertainment. He initially planned to make only one Johnny Wadd film. He shot the first four films, Johnny Waddd, Flesh of the Lotus, Tropic of Passion and Blonde in Black Lace for $750. Then Bob shot a second series of Dick Aldrich of Freeway Films at about $6,000 each. Liquid Lips, Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here, Jade Pussycat, China Cat, Blonde Fire.

"I wanted to make movies," Chinn told Cult Movies magazine editor Michael Copner. "I didn't care what the movies were about. I finished film school and got out in the world and found out that when you work for a big mainstream company, you had to make movies the way you were told, not necessarily the way you believe that movies should be made.

"Adult entertainment films made it possible for me to make movies the way I thought that they should be made. I could be my own boss and was able to make movies, which was all I have ever wanted to do."

Chinn directed pornos for two decades. "He knows us the way a call girl knows her clients," writes the 7-87 AFW, "and he serves up entertainment in courses, like a fine meal. An appetizer of warm caresses; generous helpings of succulent flesh; a main course marinated in wild abandon, with a side order of kink; the aroma of danger; and for desert, peaches in heavy cream.

"Some of Chinn's images are unforgettable. In Dressed To Thrill, two gals steam up a hot tub, their reflection in a nearby window contributing to the beauty of the scene. The breathtaking Hyapatia Lee in Body Girls, entwines with her lover in a sweaty, sinewy embrace."

Screw called Candy Stripers the best sex film of 1978. Sharon Thorpe, Amber Hunt, Chris Cassidy and Nancy Hoffman carry this best hospital porno of all time.

A slight Hawaiian who grew up in New Mexico, Robert Husong aka Bob Chinn began making amateur films at age 12. After semesters at the University of Miami and Santa Monica City College, he graduated from UCLA's film school in 1966. He built sets for commercials, and worked behind the scenes on pornographic productions until churning out his own sex loops and selling them to theaters.

"In those days you could hire a girl for $25 and shoot ten or fifteen minutes of film, one reel. It was a strange period, when you could get away with hardcore if you did just a little, sort of slipped it in. There wasn't a lot of money in it then, but it was a living, and it led to my crewing on features and then to directing them.

"I was making films for Italian businessmen [Mafia]." (Playboy 3-98)

Chinn remembers the day in 1973 that John Holmes walked into his office next to the Pussycat Theater on Western Avenue. "I'd heard about him from an actress I worked with," Chinn told Playboy's Craig Vetter. "And when I saw him with his clothes off, I thought, I could make an interesting movie with this man."

Bob wrote a script for a porno starring Holmes as private detective Johnny Wadd. They shot the first film, Johnny Wadd, in a day. Holmes and Chinn made nine more Wadd films.

Sources: Coco Kiyonaga and Michael Copner, "The Boogie Days and Nights of Bob Chinn," Cult Movies, #24.