I wander outside and talk to the quirky Anthony Crane who entered porn with his wife Nicole London in 1990. After a couple of years, he quit performing because he saw more money to be made in art direction of porno. Then, after twelve years of marriage, he divorced in 1998 and returned to sex on camera.

Luke: "Anthony rode the back of Nicole London into the industry..."

Anthony: "Oh, you f---er... Why you gotta be like that man?"

Luke: "I can't help it."

Anthony: "Please mention that I carried her suitcases often."

Luke: "And would you rush to her side during sex scenes with a cold drink?"

Anthony: "Immediately."

Luke: "And wipe another man's seed off her face?"

Anthony: "Absolutely not. No, here's the truth. When we got out here, I did go with her to do her first scene. I didn't know anything about the business. I didn't know if arriving on set there'd be axe wielding murderers, people with chainsaws or roofies. I got there and saw that everybody was normal. Just before her scene I left and for the next eight years, I never went back to see another scene of hers. I was not a suitcase pimp. I flat out refused.

"I immediately went to work [in 1990] doing scenes. Plus I worked at a place called Springboard Studios, which is shut down now. And a guy named Barry Wood got me doing set work. Soon I was just building sets."

Luke: "And why did you want to get your wife into the industry?"

Anthony: "She wanted to do it. She met Trinity Loren while dancing. Nicole came up to me [they lived in New Jersey] and said, 'This is cool. I want to go out to California and do some [porn] movies.' I said, 'Fine.' We were very open minded and swingers, the whole f---ing bulls--- thing that I no longer do. And it was cool.

"So she came out to California and made a bundle of money. Came back. I quit my job and moved out here. And I've been stuck here eversince."

Luke: "So what did you guys spend all your money on?"

Anthony: "Drugs and alcohol. We were frivolous. It was a bunch of money and we were young, stupid and impetuous and blew money left and right. After we separated, she decided, like I did, to become a responsible adult. Now we live like paupers and sock everything away. I just bought two pieces of property and I've got CDs [Certificates of Deposit]."

Luke: "Did pornography dissolve your marriage?"

Anthony: "No, we mutually dissolved our marriage. We're still best friends. She lives in the same duplex as I do. She lives downstairs and I live upstairs."

Luke: "Has she remarried?"

Anthony: "No, and has no plans to do so."

Luke: "Is that your child that she's carrying?"

Anthony: "No, that is not mine. It belongs to a guy who's a real s--- head asshole who bailed on her. I had a daughter with her who's five years old. We have 50-50 custody. She goes up and down the stairs as she pleases. We get along fabulous, better than when we were married. She's phenomenally good at what she does now as a producer."

Luke: "How did you feel about your wife doing interracial scenes?"

Anthony: "Didn't faze me at all. It was all work, man. It was just work.

"A lot of the directors who became friends and knew me as an art director, said, 'I can't hire you as talent. I can't see you f---ing.' I replied, 'If I invite you over to my house and seat you on my couch and f--- a girl in front of you, that's f---ing in front of you. But if I'm on a set, I'm just working, babe.

"I've won Best Actor [for Double Feature from AVN] and Best Art Direction [Jekyl and Hyde]. I'm good at what I do. If I'm able to get my dick up and f--- a girl, and get a pay check, who cares?"


Artie, a former porn actor and art director and PA, is out of prison after five and a half years (for making threats of violence against his ex-wife Nicole London). His friend Skye Blue had got him a good lawyer who got one of his previous felonies thrown out so he wouldn't rot behind bars. All his stuff was packed up, including his AVN awards but not his guns, and shipped to him in Kentucky.