Porn star Viper (Stephanie Green), who featured a snake tatto down most of her torso, was regarded by most of her peers as lethal.

"In Hotel California and Black Taboo she plays a maid too willing to be made, her guileless 'anything goes' attitude a source of heat and laughter. Little Bit of Honey has her in nurse drag, dragging doctors onto the pool table for snooker and nooky. Captain Hooker has her f---ing on a frigate." (AFW 1-87)

An ex-hooker and ex-marine, Viper was generally despised by her peers. She lived with Bill Margold.

"I want to be famous, get some notoriety. When I was younger I wanted to be a ballerina. Then at 18 I wanted to be a sex symbol so I joined the military. The guys are great. Even if they weren't great lovers sometimes, they were always so happy to have f---ed me that it made my day. I did a lot of charity f---ing. I then hooked for a year in Baltimore and decided to become a porn star." (Adam 12/86)

Viper says she's stopped hooking. "Men don't appreciate their hookers. They're like maids, at the bottom rung. And you're doing a great job and you're not appreciated. They pay for it, go out of their way to get it, but they don't appreciate it. No one cares how great their hooker is as long as their wife is still there. When I was a hooker, no one cared about me. I ended up with all the weirdos because I was all tattooed.

"I love to f--- and suck. Women are fun to play with, but I don't know what to do with them. I like to feel a cock get hard in my mouth. I like to be on the bottom with someone f---ing me a whole lot. I love to have guys come on my face. It's like play dough. I wanna stick my hand in it and squish it. I like the texture. I'll f--- anything. I used to do bachelor parties and f--- the champagne bottles.

"Guys look at things and turn them into sex objects. I look at them that way too. Nine out of ten guys look at a carrot and would like to see some girl f--- it. I look at a carrot that way too. So I'll f--- it and then I'll eat it.

"At the moment I'm monogamous because I'm living with Bill Margold and he likes to be monogamous." (Adam 12/86)


In an unaired interview with Howard Stern at the Grammy Awards party in 1990, Viper described how she tried to do a dog (boxer) because the owner wanted her to. But it didn't work because the dog didn't pack enough tackle to make it in. The interview appeared on Stern's CD, Crucified by the FCC.

Viper told Hard Copy that she entered porn "[s]o I can have sex with 10,000 men at one time rather than just one."

Margold describes Viper's tattoo as "gorgeous. It's analogous to her personality… The industry, in its ignorance, didn't want to use her at first, because she is different, because she has the tattoo, and because she is pierced in many places… I finally took her to a convention and put her in the booth with me and showed her tattoo off to thousands of people. And, as the industry walked by, they noticed her. They were to find out that she was better than they could ever dream, because she was literally open to anything that came up.

"America wants to see youth. That appeals to the dirty old man who wants his daughter. So if he can see a surrogate daughter rolling around on the screen, more power to him. I don't question anybody's fantasy. I try to satisfy as many as possible. A lot of these kids can't even read their own names - so how are they ever going to be able to play any role other than bimbo?"

"You have to truly be an exhibitionist [to perform in porn]," says Viper. "They want people to see them f---. A lot of men want people to see them f---ing gorgeous women. They want to make people jealous. A lot of women want men to lust after them. They want men to think 'Wow, I'd like to stick my dick in her mouth.' They want that attention, because most of us look plain. We're not the kind of people who you just walk in on and have instant lust.

"Most of the videos are so clean. I mean they're just mundane boring stuff. I try to be as dirty as possible and get edited out every time I do something that's good. It's become antiseptic eroticism. The girls will sit there and say 'For how long do I have to suck his dick?' They're careful about how much they have to do, how far they have to put themselves out. They act like your classic Jewish American Princess. They are just there to collect a pay check." (Porn Gold)

Margold agrees. "They're becoming carnal cash registers. You can tell in the videos who is really into the sex and who is really into 'When can I collect my money and when can I go home?' When you watch a f--- film, you want to see people who are really into the f---ing."

"You do run into people that you don't want to work with," Viper told journalists David Hebditch and Nick Anning. "There are people who say 'I won't work with this person and I won't work with that person.' And there are other people who say 'I can work with anyone.'

"I will work with anyone but there are people I don't like. You can use that to your advantage. For example, I hate Ron Jeremy. He makes me puke. I can use that so I an f--- him as though I really hate it. Which is interesting.

"But you can't consistently work with someone you can't get along with, because when you're in make-up, they're sitting there babbling away and it just turns you off…. This guy's such a moron, but you've got to f--- him in ten minutes. SO in ten minutes you f--- him, and you go back into make-up to get a touch-up and he starts all this garbage again. He's a moron but you know you gotta go work with him again.

"People who think they are serious actors are such a hassle to deal with. They want to act their sex and that's not the point of sex films. The sex, at least, should be real. It's hard to be real with some director yelling in the background and with a camera up your backside. But you can attempt…."

Viper says her peers don't enter porn on drugs. "They don't start out on dope. It's what you do if all of a sudden you're getting paid a thousand dollars a day and you never had more than $5 allowance before. I think it's easy to get into drugs in our business because the money that you make you don't always pay income tax on. If you put it in the bank, you're going to have to pay tax on it, so you might as well spend it.

"On American TV, they don't like condom ads. They want to broadcast all the warnings they can about AIDS, because they believe it's a faggot disease, and it's filthy and faggots are perverts. But they don't want to accept condom ads on TV, they don't want to say that this is a safer method and it's a good thing, because it will bring sex to the attention of the public." (Porn Gold)

Viper disappeared around 1990.

Mark Ebner profiled Viper for the May/June 1999 issue of Gear magazine. "A thin, red-headed, green-eyed virago, she boasted chain piercings, a full-torso tattoo, and a sexual aggressiveness, on-screen and off, that challenged even the seasoned professionals she worked with. More than that, she was a genuine enigma: a trained dancer who spent a season with the prestigious American Ballet Theater in New York City, a six-year veteran of the Marine Corps, a veteran of hte strip bars and club trade on the streets of Baltimore, a zealot for radical child sex education, and an adept of witchcraft." (p.85)

Born Stephanie Green on September 12, 1959 in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, she moved with her family to rural New Hampshire. She danced with the New Hampshire Ballet Comopany from 1968 to 1976, and dabbled in regional theater. After graduating high school, she moved to New York City to train with the prestigious American Ballet Theater where she was kept on the back line, and eventually suffered from eating disorders.

In 1978, Green joined the Marines, serving for six years at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Rising to the rank of Corporal, she received such decoration as Meritorious Mast, a Good Conduct Medal and a Rifle Marksman Badge. Stephanie married and gave birth to a girl in March, 1983.

She was pushed out of the service for "trying to f--- a platoon," says porner Bill Marjors (Gear 5/99). She left her husband, a marine stationed in Germany, and put her daughter up for adoption.

Ebner writes that Green worked as a nightclub entertainer on "The Block" in Baltimore before joining motorcycle gang in Philadelphia. Tattoo artist Harry Von Groff belonged to the gang and he inked a tattoo across her torso. She moved to New York City, had an affair with a married man, then headed to Los Angeles to do porn. She met Bill Marjors of www.bondage.org who referred her to Margold. They fell in love.

Over the next five years, Viper did 70 hardcore videos, making her debut with Tom Byron in White Trash. In 1989 she got breast implants, moving from a 34A to 34DD. In 1990 she won a Best Supporting Actress award from Adult Video News for her performance as a Nazi spy in Mystery of the Golden Lotus. She finished her porn career playing aderanged janitor in Erotic Heights.

Viper used methamphetamines and dablled in witchcraft. One day she was picked up by police for walking naked down Santa Monica Blvd. In August 1990, she was busted for obscene behavior at a Dallas sex shop. On March 3, 1991, Los Angeles police stopped for her bad driving and arrested her for possession of amphetamines.

On May 11, 1991, she wrote a 15-page handwritten safe-sex editorial for children that she addressed to the president of the United States, the secretary of defense, the surgeon general and the Washington Post. It was never mailed. Later in the month she left. Jim Holliday received a few postcards from Arkansas. Then Margold got a letter from a Little Rock couple who found on a relative's grave Viper's drivers license, social security card and birth certificate. On September 21, 1991, Viper's car was found abandoned in a high-crime part of Little Rock. Holliday then got a postcard from Philadelphia. "I just hit Philadelphia, and I f---ed three guys real quick," Viper wrote. In early 1992, Jim got his last letter from her. It had a New Hampshire address.

Stephanie Green, according to sources, now lives (3/99) with her parents in the mid West and hangs out with a crowd of transsexuals and transvestites.