Born 11/22/65, Victoria Paris grew up in Montana and earned a college degree in nutrition with a minor in P.E.. She moved to California after graduation and lived quietly as a secretary. Seeking a challenge, she went to work at LA's mud and oil-wrestling emporium, the Hollywood Tropicana. "Even mud can be glamorou," says Paris. "I felt like I was in a sorority - all the girls were great."

After a few months playing in the mud, Victoria decided to truly get dirty. She posed nude for several magazines and eventually went hardcore.

Victoria debuted in Scotty Fox's Live In, Love In and then moved on to such films as Illicit Affairs and On Your Honor. Paris found sex on film more fun than photo shoots.

"I've been treated like a queen. Everyone in this industry has been wonderful to me. I made some judgments beforehand and thought that certain people would be intimidating, but no. And everyone I meet is so health conscious."

Paris wants to stay in X as long as it doesn't mess up her mind or body. She then plans to establish a dietary company.

Victoria plays a sexually repressed woman in Alex deRenzy's Two Women, whose sister Ashlyn Gere "encourages her to embark on a sexual odyssey. The script explores deep aspects of today's woman and confronts some of the unusual contradictions... One of the best looks at the feminine mystique... the sex is memorable... Not to be confused with Western Visuals' Two Sisters which also starred Paris." (AVN)

Paris plays Linda Lovelace in Ron Jeremy's Deep Throat 4. Her book entitled The Psycho-Sexual History of the World has made so much money that it's transformed her life. After her limousine and chauffeur bring her home, Linda Victoria finds the maid and butler fornicating on the couch. Alone in her room, Victoria tries to dictate her autobiography but gives up to join in the fun.

Victoria and her friend Ashlyn Gere produce, direct and star in a series of videos for VCA Platinum titled Decadence. The videos supposedly feature the girls' erotic fantasies and show a side of them yet unseen in adult features.

"I haven't done a movie since Fall, 1995," said Victoria in the fall of 1996. "I worked on Russian Roulette. Before that, I hadn't done a picture for two years when I worked on The Seduction of Mary and Sex Under Glass.

"I've been dancing on the road non-stop. Ashlyn Gere and I have formed a duo act Top Katz and we've been booked constantly since.

"We decided that not having a box cover to promote us was having an affect... So we got this idea together... "

Victoria entered porn in the late '80s, and Ashlyn in 1991.

"We're glad to be with VCA as they are the best, most honest company in the industry. We've been with them since the beginning of our careers."

Victoria no longer has sex with men on camera so as to not screw up her relationship with her boyfriend.

"There's a porn fan on every block in the country creaming in his jeans over Victoria's return to the silver screen," wrote Tim Connelly of AFW in late 1996. "Nobody is happier than the smut scribes in our offices."

Jim Holliday wrote in AVN in 1992 that all things considered - meaning films and videos, fan clubs, personal appearances, dancing engagements at large and small clubs, etc.. - Victoria Paris was the industry's top star.

Victoria now sports an oversized breast job. "Her boobs look strange," writes Roger T. Pipe in his rame review of Decadence. "Like a 44D? Too big for her petite body. I think she is self conscious because we never get a good look at them."