"Remember that cute, pale little girl with the glasses who sat in the back of the classroom and always had her head in a book? Meet Tricia Devereaux, the high school wallflower who blossomed into a porn star." (Mark Kernes, AVN 10/96)

Tricia: "It takes me a couple of minutes to get ready for an anal scene because I'm not constantly ready for sex. But once I'm ready...

"I didn't know how much I enjoyed sex until I got into this business. I now like rougher sex, being spanked, having my hair pulled...

"I've always been attracted to girls, but I've never had the chance before to do them."

Tricia claims a degree in Biology and says she completed one year of medical school. She entered porn in 1995, at age 19, which does not seem to have left much time for these alleged scholastic achievements.

"I was a dancer for a couple of years. I met stars like Victoria Paris and Samantha Strong. They gave me Jim South's address."

AFW: "Watch Tricia in Shocking Truth where she reveals more about herself in 20 minutes than most porn queens reveal in their entire career..."

Tricia lived out her love of rough sex with her boyfriend - nasty director Robert Black. They broke up in mid '97. Devereaux then signed with John Bone. "Tricia had been absent from the industry for the last six months due to pressure from an overbearing boyfriend [Rob Black]," Bone told the 12/97 AVN. "Thankfully, she is over that and is ready to star in my most depraved videos ever."

Bone planned to have Tricia star in the world's biggest gangbang.

Black, a particularly nasty pornographer, could not handle his girlfriend performing sex on camera.

Roger T. Pipe covered the 1998 CES, where he talked with Tricia. "While she is not a contract girl, Ms. Devereaux had done a number of titles for the new company. Tricia collected an AVN award in the Best All Girl Scene category for her scene with Jeanna Fine and PJ Sparxx in "Cellar Dwellers 2." It's about time someone recognized the talent and beauty this amazing woman brings to the screen. Tricia is back in the biz after a six month semi-retirement following her break up with bad boy director Rob Black. She was very forthcoming with information about their relationship. Apparently, the director who is best known for his push-the-envelope sex scenes, had a hard time directing other guys to choke and spit on his girl. This led him to only allow her to work in scenes with women or with Rob himself. Eventually, however, that was not even enough. "We disagreed on my career." She says. Rob didn't want her in films at all. This attitude led Tricia to do some admittedly stupid things, bringing the relationship to an abrupt halt.

"After the break up, Tricia left movies, hoping to repair things with Rob. "He would say things like, maybe in six months if he saw me out on the street and I wasn't in movies" we could talk about it. So, I quit, hoping in time, we'd be back together." Rob apparently had other ideas. "Two months later, when he already had someone else living in the house, I knew he wasn't waiting around, so I came back." Back indeed. Tricia looks better than ever and seems ready to kick the X rated world in the ass with more of her incredible performances. Ever gracious, Tricia commented on Black's AVN award as top director, she says. "I'm proud of him. He deserved it.""

In January 1998, shortly after the CES, Tricia Devereaux tested HIV positive. Everyone who had sex with Tricia between her negative test in early December to her positive test in January, tested negative, according to sources. Because of the industry's infinite care for its workers, they were quarantined from doing sex scenes for several weeks.

Through Bill Margold's E-mail address, Tricia sent me this on 2-4-98: "Rob and I have not been together or even in verbal contact in ages. However, after my initial tests, he was responsible and he and his current live-in girlfriend both had HIV DNA tests and have both come back negative.

"Everyone who has spoken to me has been most supportive, ranging from taking me out for a night at the movies, a quick brunch, a Blockbuster evening, Must-See TV, or well-wishing phone calls and voice messages. Even Rob's current girlfriend has been supportive, wishing me the best, and encouraging me to keep in touch in the future.

"I will be moving away from California at the end of the month, back with family. They will be a key factor to me going back to my previous life.

"I don't hold any bad feelings toward the business. I wish everyone currently who is talent the best, and hope that they never have to go through this.

"Currently, I am waiting for my DNA test results. We did an RNA test first to determine the urgency of drug therapy, and when that came back in a non-panic range, went on to the DNA test to determine accuracy of results. Not EVERYONE has come back negative. Most have, and the rest will be coming back within the next seven days.

"The only person that I was in sexual contact with outside of the industry in the past six months has been tested this past month with a negative result. We are currently looking at other things that could have skewed the test results, and all rest results are being monitored by the Free Speech Coalition.

"I personally do not regard Mr. Ford with any respect, as he is an opportunist. I believe that almost everyone in the business shares my opinion.

"To everyone out there--please get all further information from someone WITHIN the business.

"The Free Speech Coalition and Jacklyn Lick will keep in touch with me, as I am simply responding to the original postings. They will post something at sometime in the future letting people know how I am doing or if we have any new information.

"I will be leaving all aspects of the adult business this year, not because I hate the business but because my purist form of enjoyment in the business was becoming popular and making a name for myself as an energetic and hopefully a talented performer. Although several companies have phoned me and offered me positions within their companies as a non-performer. I have politely declined any long-time offers."

Mark Kernes writes in the 4/98 AVN about Devereaux: "At age 23, she's cute, enthusiastic, and almost every scene she's been in has been hot. She's also pretty bright. She's come into the office a couple of times, and we've sat and talked about the business, life, lovers… So it was with great sadness that I watched Tricia rise unsteadily from her seat at the Free Speech Coalition's talent meeting on February 4 and, choking back tears, begin to speak about the worst thing that can happen to the adult industry: Unchecked HIV infection."


John Stagliano's new girlfriend Tricia Devereaux is back in porn. Sedentary writes on RAME: "In Buttman's Toy Stories. She appears in the opener featuring tease and toys, and in the closer having oral, vaginal and anal sex with Stagliano (yes, a condom is used in the latter two). Concludes with a quite adequate facial."

His Holines Pope John Paul II writes on RAME: I'll bet a lot of people have distinctly mixed feelings about this. On one hand, having Trish back making vids is wonderful; she's one of my all time favorites. On the other, I wonder if this isn't a glimpse of a grim future possible for the porn world...Testing hasn't ended the ocassional viral eruption, and it seems unlikely that tightening it further will. Those infected are living longer and healthier, not just slinking back home to die. Medical treatment is costly, and I doubt that many performers have health insurance.

The logical conclusion? More HIV+ performers staying in the industry. Brooke Ashley did American Bukkakke 1 even after she tested positive, but this involved (at least in theory) no possible means of transfering the virus to others. This scene with Trish is entirely new and questionable territory. Certainly the scene sounds to have been shot in almost as safe a manner as possible, but...Condoms are not foolproof, of course, and a facial does not seem the safest or wisest possible thing here.

Would she be quite so game about taking it from an HIV+ guy if she weren't already HIV+? The virus has several different strains (most of them obscure African varients, true), some of which don't even show up on tests. Presumably, if they each had a different strain, two HIV+ partners could cross-infect each others. Furthermore, the relative strength of the virus increases as the infection progresses. The virus from one with full-blown AIDS is more infections and kills faster than the virus in an otherwise healthy, low viral count infection. (I'm not in the medical community; I hope I got this right...) So producing a scene like this is not entirely without risk to the performers.

Granted, it is a hell of a lot safer than their preinfection practices, and frankly, I hate scenes with condoms as much as anyone, and consider a good facial to be the best part of a scene, and don't particularly care if it endangers the health of people I am never going to see, meet, or come into sexual contact with. After all, it's their health, not mine, and I'm not their doctor or their insurer. And I play to rent the tape, and I can bet it will showcase her marvelous talents brilliantly.

But I'm curious to see what will come next. If Brooke Ashley can do a Bukkakke scene, why not a handjob scene. Sources like the Gay Men's Health progress state that it's almost impossible to transmit HIV during oral sex, even, or rather, particularly, unprotected oral sex. So why not have Tricia do those too? That's just disturbing...But if the number of HIV+ cases continues to creep up, it's easy to imagine that this will become a serious issue. Particularly because not all performers are as careful as John and Trish were, and some will be actively reckless. One wonders.

AJB writes on RAME about her possible return: So, let's imagine a given HIV positive pornstar can reasonably hope for, let's say, 7(?) years of life remaining if they stay away from any source of re-infection, live a low-stress / good diet lifestyle, take a cocktail of anti-HIV drugs, doesn't shoot drugs, etc. Now, if a straight male pornstar is allowed to get back into the business and perform with HIV positive girls, his risk is most likely a lot LESS than the girl; generally it's less likely a guy will catch HIV from a woman (it's just a matter of how the plumbing works). In a statistical sense, the male pornstar is maybe (I'm guessing) shaving a few weeks or months off his life expectancy. The female pornstar, if she works with HIV positive guys, is MORE likely to get re-infected but with enough HIV killing lubricants, condoms, no internal cumshots, etc. she's possibly (again, I'm guessing) shaving a year or so off her life expectancy. Mind you, if they make enough cash from performing in "safer" porn, they may be able to afford the best drug cocktails and thus extend their life expectancy above average.

This is all guess work but my point is that HIV+ performers aren't necessarily dooming themselves to die vastly quicker than they would have otherwise. There's so many variables involved it's hard to predict anything with accuracy. In the end, this will all be decided by the marketplace -- for better, or more likely, worse. If enough consumers buy a tape with HIV+ performers, you just know there'll be more of that product. My sense of what's been discussed in RAME is that most viewers are hopelessly turned off by the thought of watching terminally ill people f---ing. But I suspect that there's also true fans who feel sympathy for Tricia Devereaux or others AND there might be some viewers who get off on the danger & novelty of HIV positive sex play. Or the porn producers may just decide to put out the scenes and not bother telling the public, most of whom couldn't tell Tricia D from Inari V from Chasey L; only learned fans would be outraged. My bet is that HIV positive performers will pop up once in a while but it's never going to be common. And I hope Tricia was paid far above average money for doing this scene.


Tricia Devereaux Giggles With Brandly Alexandre

BrandyAlx1: Been kind of a sentimental week. One year anniversary of being fired and meeting XX in person. Then I dropped by Evil Angel today because I've never seen the office. I wanted to bug Jeff Marton for a couple of tapes.
BrandyAlx1: Tricia Devereaux was there. Gossiped for over an hour (maybe two hours, not sure). We giggled and laughed and got along great.
BrandyAlx1: At least I was able to generally confirm that my flamers are just that. No, people do not have nothing but bad things to say about me. Tricia even told me she was doing a promotional chat session and people were trying to get her to say bad things about me, but there just isn't anything bad to say.
BrandyAlx1: I guess people who exist on the fringes of the industry like to make themselves sound like they're insiders by pretending to have juicy gossip. "Yeah, I'm on the inside and nobody in the industry has anything nice to say about you. Aren't I important if I claim to know something like that?"
BrandyAlx1: Oh, John called from Hungary while Trish and I were reminiscing. They told him I was there. I wonder what he's thinking? ;)
BrandyAlx1: I told her I wanted to call John to recommend he see "Center Stage" but I didn't want to create a conflict with Tricia if she answered the phone. She told me never, ever to worry about it and call anytime.


Brandy Alexandre writes: I was just reflecting more on what Tricia Devereaux said to me via your column, and tried to make me believe about John [Stagliano, Brandy's ex-boyfriend]. Yes, he does talk about me to other people, and yes, he even to this day refers to me in his magazine. He may not in the future because of what's happened, but that won't be because his memory of "us" has changed, just that Tricia, like any woman, has told him, in no uncertain terms, that he better not ever do it again. That's really sad.

In the conversation to which she referred, she talked about how he cheats on her, like he did me (some men never change no matter how much time passes), about finding condom wrappers in his pockets, etc. She joked about watching the DVD duplication and seeing John, "when he was still able to f---" with me. She has a strange inheritance--she miscarried a baby once and is trying again. It seems to me that it's all she can do to hang onto him for whatever reason she wants to. When we spoke she indicated she was about to give up. That he claimed he loved her but continued to dominate and cheat. Maybe she looked at the bills for their HIV meds and realized she could never finance it. I know that's a rude thing to think, I know, but if he doesn't marry her, and if she doesn't want to marry him (which is what I got from our conversation) what else is she supposed to do? Tricia may have her baby to hang onto him, but will it be enough, and will it bring him closer? John said he wanted to have a baby with Kristi Lynn. So, it's not so much that it's Tricia's, but that it's his. There's an accomplishment for her...

So, she orders him never to mention The Ex again, at least not in flattering terms, and tries and fails once to have a baby, and tries it again. Tries to get me, and everyone else, to think he saw me as insignificant--that she's the queen bee. I don't know what she's jealous of. I've been long gone from his life and it's not like he'd ever want me back or that I'd even take him. That's the most desperate thing I've ever seen in my life. And I don't mean that as a flame, but as an assessment of what her life must be like: a man she can't trust, who cheats on her, but is her sole source of support. Not just for life, but for her very LIFE.

She can construct whatever house of cards she wishes, and it doesn't matter to me. Yeah, it's a cool ego thing to hear that John has said, more than once and more than three times, that I was the best he's had in his life in a lot of areas. But if he never says it out loud again, I had that for a long, long time. It's nice. If he flat out hated me now it would be sad, but it wouldn't change my memories--the good stuff. It wouldn't change the longevity of those feelings after the relationship ended. Or the things that enter my mind first when I think of him. Like the places we went, Big Sur, Carmel, Tahoe, Angel's Camp, Puerto Vallarta... all when he DIDN'T have money. (Tricia told me that he told her he knew I really loved him because I was with him when he didn't have money--that he questions the reason people stick around him now). That we had "a song." You know, I knew we had a song, but I couldn't remember what it was. I called and asked him and he was genuinely hurt that I didn't remember. That he said to her that he knew I really loved him because he didn't have money then--that he questions the reason people stick around him now. It was just a lapse, he reminded me and I'll remember now. It was "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx. The words go, "Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you." It's still true. Not in the romantic sense, but as a friend. If my phone rang at 3:00 a.m. and he just needed someone to talk to, just anyone at all, nothing to do with "me," I'd be there as I am for any friend. Even you, Luke.

Some people don't appreciate that about me. It's their loss. And even if I'm rarely sympathetic, I'm still a voice, I'm still an ear. Bend it, bitch at, threaten it. It's resilient like person to whom it belongs. I don't need John's money, grace, or flattering comments. He's gone. I only wish Tricia felt the security in herself that I feel in myself--that she believed her relationship had substance. Maybe this would piss John off enough to change. But if he hasn't changed in ten years since we were together, he isn't going to. She needs to decide if she deserves better than that or not. Most porno girls don't think so. Such is life.


Tricia Devereaux Gives Birth

InsideAdult.com reports: "Tricia Devereaux and her new daughter go home March 6. Isabella was delivered by Caeserian section March 3, weighing 4 lb., 9 oz. Both mother and daughter are reported doing just fine."

The father of Tricia's child is Elegant Angel owner John Stagliano. Both Stagliano and Devereaux are HIV positive.

Ron writes on RAME: "I remember reading that Tricia did her homework and investigated the risk of getting an HIV+ child, and she found that the risk is very low if certain precautions are taken. This includes having a C-section and probably giving the child preventive medication for a few months. I am sure that Tricia's daughter, Isabella, is fine and not HIV+."

Tricia Devereaux Interview


John Stagliano's girl Tricia Devereaux told RogReviews.com about Marc Wallice, the guy who probably infected her with HIV:

"He did not attempt to speak to me. He did try to talk to some of the other girls, but not to me. That’s probably for the best because I really had nothing good to say to him. He did try to talk to John, but John’s attitude was just ‘why are you the one complaining and acting like the victim.’ That’s pretty much what I would say to him as well."

Devereaux, who gave birth a few months ago, is back at work running Evil Angel's DVD Department. She tells Roger Pipe:

"Isabella Joi was born on March 3, and is doing wonderfully. She tested negative for HIV. I’ve gone back to work a little less than full-time for now. Evil Angel DVD is currently producing between 6 and 8 DVDs each month, including 2 or 3 simultaneous “day and date” VHS and DVD releases. These simultaneous releases are very difficult because of the additional time it takes to produce the DVD. After the video is edited, Evil Angel works on the chapter menu and something we started called a fetish menu. This is basically an index of the different types of sex acts and some tease from the movie. From there, we work closely with the authorer as he designs the DVD."


John Stagliano's wife Tricia Devereaux writes Luke: See, I actually thank you when you're not printing unsubstantiated rumors about me and my friends... Anyway, I was telling someone who works at my office that I was really bummed about losing my camera at Night of the Stars, and they told me that they noticed on your site that somebody posted about a camera being lost. I called Dino today (I've been out of town on business since the day he posted), and he still has my camera in good shape. I'm really happy, not as much about the camera, but because all the pictures I took of John getting his Lifetime Achievement Award were on the film still in the camera.


DVD Sales Down 15% For 2007

That's one figure I hear that makes sense.

A source in distribution estimates porn DVD sales were down 10% in 2006 compared to the year before.

New porn producers are having a hard time getting paid by distributors who expect that the newcomers will fold.

Established producers are doing deals that they would never have considered a year ago, selling recent catalogue titles for as little as $3 per unit.

Wholesale units sold on new releases is down 30-50% compared to two years ago.

Some studios such as Smash Pictures are releasing comps as new titles. They'll include one new scene to put a recent production date on the box but most of the scenes will be comps.

These studios must think that buyers are so overwhelmed with product that they won't bother to check if a title is truly new.

I hear that Evil Angel's units sold have dropped by 50% compared to a couple of years ago.

Tricia Deveraux emails:

Not true, yet... DVDs will eventually be taken over by internet, but we're still going stong. Ask any of our directors if their checks are 50% less than a couple years ago.

Is your source so sure of his figures being valid that he'd be willing to have his name posted?

Oh, and just to clarify, I've been Mrs. Stagliano for 6 years now. :) But I found that one way too trivial to bother writing you specifically about.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted this:

She [Variety journalist] also repeats the myth that John Stagliano is married to Tricia Devereaux.

They are not married. John values his freedom to much. I'm not sure why John and Tricia perpetuate the lie that they are married.

It turns out I was completely wrong. I was told by someone I trusted that their marriage talk was just a front. I apologize to John Stagliano and his wife Tricia. I have made an ass of myself. Again.

Tricia emails: "I have to admit your source interests me. He got it partly right, but doesn't know us well enough to know all the details. We never did a ceremony. We did a legal marriage contract, which makes us legally married in the government's eyes for things like home ownership, taxes and all that fun stuff. And I changed my last name in court before our daughter was born."

Regarding DVDs, Tricia replies to my questions:

We're down about 10% [on] average, sometimes 20% on out-the-door units sold by street date from where we were 2 years ago. But nowhere near 50% down from 2 years ago.

Reorders during the first month are better than before, because of places like AdultDVDEmpire and other online places who don't order everything for street date, but instead do a good portion of their business in reorders to fill their own customer orders.

I will admit that when we bring out a DVD transfer of a movie which was originally put out on VHS in the '90s, those sales are not huge, but are still bigger than actual new DVD releases from most companies. We used to see big numbers from our VHS-to-DVD transfers, but that's not a sure thing anymore.

We've always done 1 or 2 sales per year, and have never brought our old titles down to permanent 'catalog' prices. That's still the case.

Re: more new releases... Company wide, yes. We now have 12 (or 13, if you count John) directors instead of the 8 or 9 we had 2 years ago. Back then, Joey was doing 3 or 4 movies every 2 months because of the wide range of genres, i.e. b/g, she-male, blowjob and now strap-on. He is still producing at the same rate. Rocco is doing more movies per year, and Justin was but is now back to 1 movie per month. Other than those two who chose to bump up their schedule (and are making proportionally more money - not doing more work for the same total money), all of our other directors still choose to make just one movie per month.

To adjust to the decline of DVD sales, we're strengthening our cable and DivX-type markets, and will be having a huge re-launch of our pay site network this year, which will include extensive VOD sites.

My source: "I will not put my name on this. I don't want to commit career suicide.

"Evil Angel are releasing more new DVDs. They're probably doing more specials. The directors checks may not be going down but their new release numbers (units sold per new release) are down by about 30-50% compared to two years ago. The directors are also getting checks from Evil's internet sites and sales, though I don't think these checks are significant."

Evil's bestselling directors are Justin Slayer, Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi and John Stagliano.

The top three bestselling directors in porn are probably Joone (Digital Playground), John Stagliano, and Jules Jordan.

I hear Jules is doing well. He's making at least as much money as he was with Evil Angel.

Jules gets great performances out of the talent. He's able to pay more, for instance, to get a star's first anal scene.

Jordan's new company is the most financially successful new company, but is it art?

Is my blogging journalism?

VOD and internet downloads are nowhere near making up for the loss of DVD sales.

Porn studios get about a 25% revenue share of the retail price of product sold on places such as AEBN and Hot Movies. So if the movie is sold for $10, they get $2:50.

When studios sell a new DVD, they get about $10 (unless you are Evil Angel, whose DVDs wholesale for about $15 and up).

Jules Jordan does double-discs on every title and gets a premium price (between $15 and $18) per new DVD wholesale.

Tricia Devereaux replies to my inquiries: "We go on a very specific pricing tier structure in which customers who purchase large quantities get a base price, while customers who purchase smaller numbers pay higher prices per unit. Because of this price structure, we sell a huge portion of our produce to the larger distributors, but we do also sell to smaller distributors who prefer receiving our product on the street date."