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"Ford exposes drug use, mob connections and murder plots..." Evan Wright, Rolling Stone

"There's a kind of low-key genius..." Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood-Elsewhere.com

"Serious history of the dirty-movie business." Booklist

Tanya Foxx was a 1980s anal queen.

"From the front, Tanya looked like any other porno starlet, but when she turned around, that large ass slammed you like a rollercoaster in the crotch. There was a great jiggly quality about her butt. Those stupendous ass cheeks had a life all their own.

"Aside from being delectable, Tanya was courageous enough to challenge the taboo of anal sex generated by AIDS in the mid-'80s.

"While fetching sluts at your downtown dance clubs were too chicken to get f---ed in the ass, Tanya showed you she wasn't. It was also her livelihood." (HEVG)

Tanya was also a groundbreaker in interracial sex; "a pioneer white chick who reveled in being drilled by black dudes with big thick jungle vines. Women like Foxx were the focus of their dark, baser intentions. She ravenously inhaled every purple-veined inch of their ebony erections with whatever orifice was open. Tanya was so good-natured, compliant and high-spirited about getting rambunctiously rammed by hugely endowed Afro-American ass addicts, it could bring a tear to your eye, a bulge to your pants, and a puddle in your palm." (HEVG)

Her movies included Return to Sex Fifth Avenue, Double Penetration and Black Heat.

On a summer day in 1996, I knocked at the home of Ron Sullivan. Tanya Foxx answered the door. She rents a room from Ron and is considering returning to porn.

Tanya values her privacy and wouldn't talk about her upbringing. She entered porn at age 18, so naive that on her first day on the job she didn't realize that performers actually had sex.

In addition to anal sex, Tanya specialized in bondage videos.