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"Ford exposes drug use, mob connections and murder plots..." Evan Wright, Rolling Stone

"There's a kind of low-key genius..." Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood-Elsewhere.com

"Serious history of the dirty-movie business." Booklist

"Tiny Tami Monroe has earned a place in the splat-shot hall of fame, even if she never looks another wet one in the eye again. Granted, she's still no Ashlyn Gere or Francesca Le in frequency of foamings, but her performance in Anal Visions 6 ranks as one of the best cream job in years. It follows her first anal scene, no less, which is a raw-edged ram. The anonymous stud who's doing her works up to the big finish by kneading his knob between her titanic titties. He demands that she "give me your face," and then pours a load all over one side. This is a huge spill, not your basic one-squirt-and-a-few-dribbles. The camera lingers, with Tami turning and pursing her lips at us, proud of her new adornment." (HEVG)

Married to producer Chuck Zane, Tami's redheaded sister is Tara Monroe, John Decker's ex girlfriend, who also did porn. Tara, at least as pretty as Tami but less enthusiastic, debuted in Chuck Zane's Sisters. They try to outdo each other by stealing the other's man "but it just leads to one lazy lusting after another." (HEVG 3/94)

Fred Lincoln directed Tami in Kiss My Grits. "Along with Coming of Age, this is the perfect Tami Monroe vehicle... In this story about a grits-and-jowls diner, you have crooked politicians, gorgeous waittresses, body juices and the delectable Tanja de Vries." (AVN)

Tami features on the cover of the 1997 book on American porn by Harris Gaffin, Hollywood Blue.

Tami Monroe's Troubles With Hubby Chuck Zane

Tami posts 11/04:

My husband Chuck Zane has drained me of everything (including what was mine before we married) & brought me to my knees. After 6 yrs of marriage I was served by my husband. He had been having an affair with his 3rd wife. I was his 4th. For legal reasons he had split his company into shares. The main holders being me & my stepson Matt Zane (Chuck was a non shareholding board member....whatever the f-ck that means!).

He was very concerned we handle things between us & not with lawyers in court. I now realize he was concerned I'd dismantle & sell my portion of Zane. He offered me a settlement of 500k & my car (BMW M3 conv.) spread over 4 yrs. Before I could respond he left the country (where the courts cannot touch him) before I could respond. I found out my health insurance had been canceled too. The lease on the Zane office had been renewed in Matt's name & supposedly the company was now his. When I went to the office to speak with Matt, he wanted MY car back. I told him he was a faggot & to kiss my ass & he dragged me by the hair out to the parking lot where we fought for the keys. He ended up breaking both my arms. I called the cops & Matt hid in the warehouse. The cops had a secretary bring my keys to me & I went to emergency.

Eventually BMW took my car back because without Chuck's permission. I didn't qualify to insure under the lease terms. The buyout would've been 8k. My judge ordered Chuck to pay me 18k a month in emergency support. He hasn't paid a dime.I had been homeless on the street untill someone took me in & turned me out. Now he's back from Europe & he's served me again (I think he wants to remarry). I do not have another 10k to retain another family lawyer & I'm without a car so getting to appointments or court is difficult. I'm being evicted so I don't even have an address to file. I'm so overwhelmed & depressed by everything it's literally making me ill. I often think I've lost everything but in fact it was taken from me.

My husband is a thug who found success but is still a thug. Once he actually stabbed an employee with a pencil while confronting him for stealing. He is clever & slick & gets over by doing stuff like bankrupting a business & immediately forming 2 LLCs or banking in the Bahamas & Jerssy & Lichtenstein. I am sick that he has the f-cking nerve to return to LA. He knows I cannot afford to challenge him. I do not have any family or friends for advice or support so I'm greatful for any advice sent my way.

Tami Fan writes on TER: "I spoke to Tami about this at length a few years ago. Sadly for her it seems to have only gotten worse. The guy is a real piece of s--t, no, even that descriptive is too good for him. It's not easy but I hope she weathers it out. She really is a sweet lady! I guess now you can see why some of her reviews are inconsistent, never a question about her service though."

Mike South writes:

Let's assume that what she is saying is true.

1. Any decent lawyer can sort out the company ownership thing, if she really was a shareholder her shares couldn't be transferred without her signature. If she signed them over before receiving her settlement and didn't recieve said compensation the sale of the shares is null and void.

2. She should have Matt Zane arrested for assualt and battery.

3. If Chuck is back in the country have him arrested as well not paying the support is defiance of a court order and is a criminal offense. She could also take the court ordered support documentation and file liens against everything Zane owns including his company that he doesnt own shares in, even a half wit attorney can easily prove that he is hiding assets.

Now do I actually believe her story?....Naaaah....


From MikeSouth.com:

More From Tami Monroe (aka Mrs Chuck Zane...Thats Mom to Matt and Mark, Aunt to Rob Black):

1. Do you remember the very public & messy fight between Matt & Chuck over catalogue ownwership? After the so called transfer of Zane to MZI Chuck tripped when Matt started to sell of the catalogue (to Explore). Chuck threatened to have Matt's arms broken & Matt was thrown out of the company which I guess was still Zane with an MZI sign on the door. I wonder if he intended Matt to make the neccesary signatures before or after his arm were broken. Signatures? Are you serious? Do you really think Chuck or Matt give a f--- about the hierarchy or ownership registered with the treasurer? Remember, this is the guy who stabbed his employee with a pencil for suspected stealing. So, how well do you think I'd fare walking in the door of Zane & attempting to regulate justice or at least get MY s--- back? After lying with my face on the asphalt & Matt's combat boot in the middle of my back, I'd say not very well.

2. When the cops arrived Matt was hiding in the Warehouse. This was considered a domestic assault occuring on private property. Matt sent my car keys (which he had taken from me) out with a secritary. At that point the cops would need a search warrant to enter & several more cops to securely enter the building to capture & arrest Matt. I'd be required to press charges & have cops go to Kaiser emergency with me to photograph & document my injuries before they were treated. Later a courtroom full of people would see this. All the employees who had stood around watching me get my ass beat would have to give sworn statements as witnesses which would require spanish translaters for most of the boxers ( most illegal aliens). They would be fired or INS called so fast it would make your head spin. I knew this, they knew this. The same cops (Devonshire) were called a couple of years earlier when an adult film sound&lighting guy named Isreal Gomez who had worked for many companies (Zane included) went nuts & assaulted his girlfriend. He barricaded himself in the Gourmet Video warehouse (1 block away from Zane). When the cops entered the warehouse Izzy shot & killed 2 Devonshire cops before turning the gun on himself. I PROMISE you this fact of two fellow cops recentlyblown away during a domestic call at a porno warehouse was not lost on these two cops who returned my keys. Even without Matt's arrest there was an auotmatic restraining order. The last thing on my mind was how this would benefit me in a lawsuit against my husband or stepson.

This was my family for the past 6 years. I am a good girl & I was a good wife & I had nothing to be ashamed of but my only thought was not wanting these people who were my friends & family to see me cry. Don't cry! Not here...not now! That's what was in my head when I accepted a lift to emergency & had my car taken to Bob Smith BMW so I could pick it up later. I don't feel you have any grounds to criticize or make light of my situatuion until YOU'VE been dragged by the hair & face down in your own motherf---ing parking lot by someone you trusted as family.

3. Chuck is back in the country after fleeing to Europe for the past few years where the US courts cannot touch him. Keep in mind you are talking about a man who has perfected the art of bankrupting one company to escape creditors only to form 2 LLCs. The only reason he divided the company into shares was because he f---ed over a former employee, Dave Konig. Chuck is VERY clever & smart. He knew the likelihood of a lawsuit & was aware of the probable outcome so he took neccessary steps because he is slick like that. That is the only reason for distribution into shares. So when Dave Konig filed (he did) & won (he did) the debt could not be attatched to Zane & it's nearly impossible to collect money civily awarded from an individual who knows how to work the system to get over especially if the defendant banks in Lichtenstein or the Bahamas (still one of the most closed banking systems & does not follow post 911 international banking reform). When you speak of 1/2 wit attorneys who can prove hidden assets you speak of forensic accounting who are not family lawyers. My lawyer's retainer was 10k (pretty standard in LA), an additional forensic accountant specialist would be another 10k...to start. For the past four years Chuck has been in Europe & there's no legal means of discovery outside the US, so it remains a mystery. He has no explanation as to how he has managed to live in Amsterdam, Germany & Prague or even how he manages to get to&fro flying on lufthansa in business class.

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or vomit when I read your little commentary & I wondered if you remembered who & what business you're talking about when you expressed doubt that these people would dare to do & get away with such things. Firstly, you're a bit misinformed about the process & penalties of family/civil vs criminal matters. Do you know how hard it would be to invoke seizures or recievership for a civil family with no federal (ie IRS) involvement?You seem to have so much confidence in the moral fiber of Chuck & Matt as law abiding, tax paying & ethical good guys. A girl who was harmed during her one & only scene in the biz tried to bar Zane from distributing it. Apparently she required emergency medical attention & felt traumatized by the incident & did't want it being sold for entertainment. Do you know how Chuck won? He simply exhausted her assets by drawing out the process untill she could not afford her case. No recall on the shipment, a victory. You do realize you're talking about the Zicari family?