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"Ford exposes drug use, mob connections and murder plots..." Evan Wright, Rolling Stone

"There's a kind of low-key genius..." Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood-Elsewhere.com

"Serious history of the dirty-movie business." Booklist

Taija Rae has one of the ten most mispronounced names of all time in porn, according to Jim Holliday and Bill Caits. Pronounce the first name TAY-zhuh.

She's at her sexiest in Tickled Pink, as Director Jay Paul gives the swinging scene a sexual analysis.

Cecil Howard directed Taija Rae in Star Angel. While he shot reverse angles of her, two shots, single shots, close ups, she turned to Howard's cameraman and said, 'What's wrong with him? Does he think he's making a real movie?' The crew laughed. (Wizard of X, p. 106)

Taija had a full round figure with large hips.

After a time in prostitution, Rae was last seen working as a hostess at a Las Vegas restaurant.

From www.excaliburfilms.com: "Taija broke into the business in 1984, scorching her way through a host of supporting roles in flicks like '69th Street Vice' and 'Wish You Were Here.' Soon, her natural appeal began to catch on, and she started landing bigger and better roles with each new outing. By the late 80's Taija was a sexual star in her own right, cranking out sizzling work in star vehicles like 'Taija's Satin Seduction' and 'Good Morning Taija Rae.'"