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"Ford exposes drug use, mob connections and murder plots..." Evan Wright, Rolling Stone

"There's a kind of low-key genius..." Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood-Elsewhere.com

"Serious history of the dirty-movie business." Booklist

Christie Brinkley lookalike Stacey Donovan (Kelly Howell) began doing light bondage non-sex movies such as Outlaw Women and Bondage Interludes 2 before she graduated to hardcore in Bouncing Buns.

A covergirl for Seventeen magazine, the tall slim blonde was warned by several pornographers to avoid the industry. Stacey was told that she was too beautiful for porn. In pursuit of quick fame, fun and money, she ignored their advice to her later regret.

Donovan starred in 1986's Convenience Store Girls - Harold Lime's shafting of 7-11 stores for caving into the Meese Commission by no longer selling sex magazines such as Penthouse. Stacey owns the convenience store with her husband Peter North. Thought police Steve Drake and Randy West harass the store, censoring the ladies thoughts and making sure they don't sell dirty magazines. Stacy ends the flick by blowing the cops into submission.

Donovan ended her five year porn career in 1988 and disappeared after turning in evidence against the industry to the feds.

Jerry Butler says Stacy hated sex and cried all the way through the filming of Svetlana's Hawaiin tetrology. Other male performers such as Tom Byron say the same thing.

Donovan appeared on a Los Angeles TV station in the late '80s where she dumped on the industry while behind a screen so she wouldn't be recognized. "Never a genius, she probably didn't realize she shouldn't move too much because at one point in the interview she bent forward and was clearly visible." (Peter van Aarle on RAME)