Shayla LaVeaux directs, produces and gets gang-banged in Shaylas Gang. She dreams then plays out her fantasies. "I masturbate with a big drill-like dildo. I do a threeway with Alex Sanders and Joey Silvera. The highlight is when Alex anals me while I'm in a gynecological chair. Next, I do the first DP of my career with Marc Wallice and Tom Byron. In the big finale, I do all five guys. It was and still is the most men I've ever had sex with at the same time."

The five-foot blonde who measures 34C-24-34, also turns in good performances in Within and Without You and Shock.

"Shayla LaVeaux is not your typical porn queen," notes Michael Albo. "She's not jaded about the business. Ask her a question and she gushes, the words pouring out of her mouth in a breathless torrent.

"It's hard to keep from excusing yourself to go take a quick jerk-off break in the restroom. It's either that or rip off every stitch of her clothing and root around in all that sticky pink goodness.

"All manner of sexual variations are played out in Shayla's videos. She can be a sweet, innocent girl one minute and a raging dildo-dipping dyke the next." (HEVG)

Anal Idol features Shayla beginning the tape in a three-way with Tom Byron and Silvia. "Tom takes Silvia doggie style, and then proceeds to re-route Shayla's plumbing. The vid's finale has her and T.T. Boy in a reverse cowgirl that segues into the spoon, leading up to a dildo/dick, one-two anal combination. Busy under the Xmas tree is Joey Silvera who unwraps Kaylan Nicole and C.J. Bennett, and later lays his yuletide log into the anal stuffing of Silvia." (AVN)

Brought up by a single mom, LaVeaux was a wild kid, doing drugs like cocaine, dropping out of school and stripping at parties by age 15. "I put my mom through hell. Then again it's just a product of what you're brought up in… She did the best that she could and I did the best that I could."

LaVeaux married James Wieser in 1990. He occasionally performs with her under the name Anthony. They owned a strip tease company in Denver, Colorado. To improve business, the five-foot blonde decided to do some magazine layouts. She met up with an old friend from high school, Alexis DeVell, who worked in X-rated videos. Shayla decided to drive to California with Alexis and her manager Lucky Smith to take the porn plunge.

Alexis and Shayla carried on an affair for years until Anthony and Shayla finally moved to LA in June 1996. Earlier in the year, Shayla felt ready to quit porn.

LaVeaux and her husband spoke about their struggles at the 1998 World Pornography Conference. Shayla broke into tears at one point. "I had a lot of rude awakenings. A lot of things were hard for me to deal with because I was not honest and upfront with him. Coming into this business gave me a strength and confidence. It's given people that I can learn from. I know of nowhere else that I'd rather be."

Jane Hamilton said that in 1996 she thought Shayla was going to leave porn. "For her [Shayla's] first two years in the business," said James, "we lived in Denver. She'd come out here two weeks at a time. That strained the marriage. She hit a point where she could not continue. Then we found out that Shayla had ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder]. She got on medication and has been fine ever since."

Shayla: "I've been putting this business and my personal life more together than it ever was. I've always wanted an open relationship. In this business I've acquired wonderful teachers like Nina Hartley, the big sister I never had."

"Shayla's bisexual," says her husband James. "I'm straight. I enjoy two girls. There's nothing like screwing one girl while the other one licks your balls... She can pull your cock out, suck it and stick it back in. Then when you need to rest, you can kick back and watch them go at it."

Neither LaVeaux nor her husband get recognized by strangers for their porn work. Shayla usually dresses down in public and looks like a college coed.

Paul Norman's The Darker Side of Shayla 1 & 2, earned LaVeaux name recognition. The movie features her first ever threeway, and she also does a scene in a bondage swing. "I like doing sex scenes in places other than bed."

Shayla starred in Michael Ninn's Shock, turning in a threeway with T.T. Boy and Vince Voyeur. "They are sitting on pedastals, air-brushed so they look like they are made of stone. Meanwhile, I'm sleeping nearby. The guys come to "life," and the sex begins. There's also a hot scene where Sunset Thomas gives special attention to my ass. At the end of the flick, six girls take turns f---ing me with strap-on dildos." (Swank's Video World 1/98)

When Shayla gives blowjobs, she mixes in every technique. "Sucking, flicking and rolling my tongue on the tip of the penis, putting pressure on the base of it; pulling my mouth and hand up and down in unison. I've found that a lot of guys in the business like their balls to be played with. Basically, whatever the guy likes is what I do." (Swank)

  Evan Wright writes for the 3/31/00 LA Weekly:

Shayla LaVeaux, the 27-year-old star of Psycho Sexuals II, lounged on a pool chair, smoking cigarettes and baking her skin. Like many dancers and porn stars, Shayla had the classic looks and proportions of a model, but she was short, perhaps only 5’2”. She had doll-blue eyes and thick ringlets of natural blond hair piled up and pinned atop her head. Her shapely legs, shaved pubic mound and pointed, implanted breasts were completely visible through her sheer nightie top, which afforded little more cover than a prayer.

Shayla’s voice was gravelly and sweet, as if her vocal cords had been marinated in whiskey sours since puberty. Her laughter, for which she was well-known in the industry, was a cackle that would be deafening in a crowded sports bar. Her body rippled from her stomach to her back and shoulders with well-developed muscles. I asked her if she worked out.

“Are you kidding me?” She cackled and snorted, blowing plumes of smoke from her nostrils. “I got my body from dancing on the road for seven years. I do my workouts on the pole every night, honey.”