Nineteen years of classical ballet developed Serenity's legs and figure into an icon of Wicked sexuality.

In 1997 she signed with Steve Orenstein's company, joining the team of star Jenna Jameson, director Brad Armstrong and publicist Joy King in America's leading small porn company.

At age nineteen, the classical dancer saw a tough future in ballet, with the National Academy of the Arts reducing grants, ballet companies folding, and a formidable crop of Russian dancers flooding the market. So Serenity turned her part-time stripping gig into her full time profession. "I'm still on stage and I have more artistic freedom to develop my own style of dance. Being a ballerina is a hard life. You're a starving artist, never getting ahead. There's very little opportunity for a career beyond age 28. A million things can happen meantime, and then your career is over. I had to have a part-time job to survive, so I tried stripping and I liked it."

Serenity began in New England. "I wanted to be a headliner so that I could put on shows. I was doing magazine work [posing nude] when the film industry kept asking me if I wanted to be in movies. I thought about it for a few months. Eventually I did the video Jennifer Ate which was for Wicked, the company I'm now signed with."

The blonde exotic porn star is the featured Publisher of Deja Vu Showgirls magazine, writing her own column each month as well as articles on her trips and a Q&A section. Serenity helps select which girls the magazine features in its pictorials, judges Déjà Vu contests and makes special appearances for the strip club chain.

The stripper-actress-publisher says she found porn "much nicer" than she expected. "It's like a family."


Serenity lost her on-screen hetero-cherry to her husband Steve Justice in 1996's Temptation of Serenity. The first porn stud to drill her was Colt Steele. "He's good looking, nice, and doesn't have a foot long dick."

A resident of Las Vegas, Serenity promotes the use of condoms by insisting on them for all her hetero scenes. "It's important to set a good example and to show that safe sex isn't boring sex."

To promote Jack Rocker's first directorial effort in two years, Wicked enlisted Tad, an intern at rock station KROQ-FM to be Serenity's personal valet - providing her with water and towels during her sex scenes. (AVN 10/96)

Jim Holliday and Serenity form a mutual admiration society. "Jim came up to me at the 1997 CES and congratulated me on signing with Wicked," Serenity told Mike Albo, editor of HEVG. "He thought everything would work out great for me and that if I was ever free to do one of his movies, to call him."

Serenity's primary sexual orientation appears to be lesbian. "You can just say I have lovers," she told the cynical Albo. "I don't like talking about certain parts of my personal life, but everybody in my personal life supports what I do. All the people that I am intimate with, outside the business, are open-minded, non-judgemental, sexually oriented people.

"At this time I don't feel that I'd be able to direct a movie. But I have some cool ideas. I'd like to write some scripts and work with a director on developing them."

Serenity appears in two AVN Editor's Choice selections of 1997 that were directed by Johnathan Morgan - Crazed and Indigo Delta. She won her first adult video award at the Nightmoves Awards Show with Editor's Choice Award Best Actress 1997.

The E Channel's Sex on the Riviera 97 featured Serenity. She headlined at four different hotels on the Las Vegas strip and reigns as the topless dancer world champion. Held at the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the contest had a celebrity panel that included Diana Ross, the son of Sammy Davis Jr, and the model Fabio.

Serenity also appears in Enchanted, Time Machine, and Jennas Built for Speed, Lost Angels and Hollywood Spa.


XXX writes: Is Serenity leaving Wicked? It would seem a matter of time. On Wicked's latest press release on pornnewsdaily, Wicked says their biggest project to date is with new Wickedgirl Sydnee Steele. A sure passover of Serenity. Also of interest is Serenity's website is no longer with Wicked and has a new address of serenity.net, dropping the wickedgirl.com. Way to go Wicked! First award winner Jenna, now award winner Serenity.

Rog Pipe of www.rogreviews.com writes 2/3/99:

OK, here we are on the last day of CES, finally getting the chance to
interview Serenity. There are thousands of people around us which of
course, will assure that you get out of the topless requirement for
the interview. Very tricky, but thank you for taking the time.

My pleasure.

Let's get started. Where were you born?

I was born in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri.

Is that where you grew up?

No. I was born on an army base and a month later we were gone. I grew
up everywhere from Maine to Mississippi, it just depends on what year
you're talking about.

When is your birthday.

October 29, 1969.

That makes you...

A Scorpio.

No, I mean, hold on. 29? No way.

What do you mean?

Oh man, good thing I didn't do any age guessing, I would have been
like eight years off.

I do still get carded for everything, but I've been in the business
for six years.

You live in Las Vegas now?

Yes. This is the longest place I have ever resided, six years now.

Why not LA?

I hate LA to be quite frank. It's a cool place to visit with all the
movie studios and everything, but it's too hard to get around. There
is too much hype, nobody's real. I'm not really into the fake thing.
It's not me. And I don't like earthquakes, or mudslides or fires..

Or riots

Yeah, too many natural disasters in one area. Plus I figure if I stay
here, my property will end up being beach front some day anyway.

Do the people you grew up with know what you're doing now?

Well, since I never really settled in one place for very long, I
didn't have life long friends. But towards the end of my childhood, in
high school, I did make a few friends, and yes, I have gotten quite
few emails saying 'Hey, don't you remember me?'

Are they surprised?

Many are, but it's kind of weird. I've never been predictable. I've
always been a black sheep and I've always been kind of quirky, a
little bit off the edge, so I don't know if they are all that
surprised with anything I do.

What about your family?

Do they know what I do? Yes. Do we discuss it over dinner? No. They
stand behind me, they love me and support me 100%.

That's really all you can ask for.


When did you do your first video?

1993. My first video was Jennifer Ate for Wicked Pictures. It was an
all girl movie.

Who directed that one?

Jim Enright directed that particular video for Wicked. I was the star,
it was a feature starring the likes of Jeanna Fine, Porsche Lynn and
some other big names.

Who was your first scene with?

My first scene was with Alexis DeVell and PJ Sparxx.

How was that?

It was really weird, because going into I didn't actually think I was
going to go through with it. I had watched adult videos, I was a fan
of them, but I never really thought about being in them. I wasn't one
of these people who grew up wanting to be in adult movies. The thought
never really occurred to me. Even in make up, I didn't think I was
going to go through with it. Being on the set, I was like 'Oh my God,
that's PJ Sparxx, oh God, there's Porsche Lynn, there's Jeanna Fine."
I was this starstuck virgin, but it was great. Everyone was wonderful
to me, they helped out a lot. I can only say great things and I guess
that's why I continued to do it.

When you were done with that first scene, did you know you wanted to
do more, or were you having second thoughts?

Well, I had to. I had another scene that day. It was an orgy with
everyone except for Paula Price. Once I got through the first one, I
was in a mod, I was like OK I can do this. You know, you have sex, but
you do on set and you're not sure how it works. You know how to have
sex, but what about the cameras and the set ups? Once I had done the
first one, I understood the concepts and it was fun. The second time
one was more relaxed, plus Porsche Lynn just attacked me, so I had no
choice but to be into it.

Had you been with women before that scene?

Yeah, I was bi-sexual before I came into the business.

How many movies have you done in your career?

I have done over fifty, but I have lost exact count. Currently, I am
under contract for Wicked Pictures. I am supposed to put out six a
year. Unfortunately I wasn't able to do that last year. I was only
able to put out four.

So you owe us two extras in 99.

Yes. The plan is to put out eight, but who knows?

Are there any that you are particularly proud of?

There are a few. Pornogothic. That was kind of my baby project with
Jonathan Morgan. All of our heart and soul went into that one. Also
Crazed, which was my first real chance taking role. I don't look
pretty in it at all. In fact, all the critics that know me, doing on
set pieces, walked right by and didn't recognize me at all. That's how
ugly I looked for this movie. It was a very heavy acting role. Also
Indigo Delta was really cool. Again it's a little off the edge but I
loved it. I absolutely loved doing it. Lost Angels I feel has my best
sex scenes I've ever done.

Do you have any favorite males to work with?

A few. Alex Sanders and I obviously do very good scenes together. I
also like working with Brad Armstrong, Mickey G. Ian Daniels. Those
are the four favorites that come to mind.

How about women?

Women. Lots of women. It's a little to hard to bring up names because
there are so many great women in this industry. Obviously, Stephanie
Swift, Missy, Shayla LaVeaux, Ruby, those are just a few.

On camera do you prefer scene with men or women?

Both. It's kind of like, well, I'm a vegetarian but it's kind of like
chicken or beef. You can't eat chicken all the time and you can't eat
beef all the time.

How tall are you?




Do you watch your movies?

I do. Unfortunately I don't watch them for sexual purposes. Usually I
am there during the rough edits. After the director has done the rough
edits, I kind of go through and see what is awful, what is good, more
of this. So I am there for that process. Once the final product is
out, I usually go over it one last time.

What are you looking for?

I am looking to see what got put in. I was there so I can say 'why was
this angle put in and not that one' Also, things like sound, lots of
the technical. Then sometimes I watch myself and think "Oh, that looks
really bad, I look pretty darn awful. I won't do that again."

So you try and learn from it.


Since you are under contract with Wicked, do you have more control
over the finished product and input with the director than someone
working as a free agent?

Absolutely. Usually the process is this. I pick my own scripts, I pick
the director to go with the script if the director has not himself
sent me that script. I usually work a lot on the casting, I have final
call on whether or not someone is going to work on the project. This
whole time I am working with the director, usually I get to help out
during the whole process as it goes.

Do you plan to direct your own?

I don't know if I know enough about the technical aspects to be honest
with you. Everybody keeps telling me that all I need is a good camera
guy, but I think there is more to it than that.

Not knowing enough doesn't stop many directors in this industry.

I know, but I'm not that way. I'm more of a perfectionist. I want my
projects to be better than that.

Any favorite directors at this point.

Jonathan Morgan. We have a special, sibling chemistry that works
really well. We click with one another. We have conflicts with each
other, but it's because we both feel so strongly about putting out a
great, not just a good, movie. I also like working with Brad
Armstrong. We've only worked on lighter projects so far, but those are
my two favorites.

What are you overall impressions of the adult industry?

That's kind of a vague question, don't you think? Break that down.

All right, what about the HIV situation. Is the business doing enough
to help itself stay safe?

Well, first of all, individuals have to help themselves stay safe. I
always use condoms, I always check the tests of the people I am going
to be working with. I check physically before the scene. I think
that's very important. But also, a lot of the companies have indeed
started to not only protect themselves and the talent, but also to
project a positive image to the public which I think is very
important. You will always have some of the these other companies who
are real sticklers who will say 'No way, it ruins the fantasy.' I
don't think that's true. There is no fantasy ruined. My God, it's a
condom. It's a little piece or rubber.

If you had a magic wand and could just wave it over porn and change
one thing, what would that be?

The budgets. They would instantly be bigger.

Do you prefer that acting you do or the sex scenes.

I like them both. I especially like the combination of them, because I
like being able to get into a character. What makes it even more fun
is to be able to keep this character and carry it over into a sex
scene. Instead of just seeing me have sex, I can be a lunatic, and
know I am going to kill this person after I have sex with them. It's
kind of neat.

If there was a mainstream movie made about porn today, who would you
want to play you and why?

Lisa Kudrow because she has the character down that is like me. I am
pretty goofy and she does look similar to me. She is kind of light and
airy and that is closer to my personality.

How does your on screen personality reflect or differ from your real

It depends on what you're talking about. Obviously, I don't go around
killing people. So the characters I play can range from absolutely
nothing like me to pretty close. There have been a few that really
have come close to my personality.

Do you have a fan club or a web site?

www.wickedgirl.com and if must do snail mail, which by the way does
take me a while to answer, it is Serenity, PO Box 18000-141, Las
Vegas Nevada, 89114.

You've been one of the more active adult stars on the web, what has
your interaction with the fans been like. Have you had a lot of

Oh, I get a lot of feedback, especially through email. Most of it is
very positive. Every now and then I will get a negative, but I find
even that is very polite. People will be like 'I didn't understand
this, or I didn't like this.' and I email them back, explaining what
is going on and usually they respond nicely. Sometimes you just have
to explain things to people or put it into a different context for
them. It is a nice mode of communication and also gives me a chance to
see what they are looking for when they are viewing. That is one of
the reasons I work so heavy on story lines. I had a lot of people
asking for something besides just the sex. I had a lot of email saying
that people wanted something worthwhile to watch in between, something
to captivate them.

There really isn't a lot out there for those people.

No, there really isn't.

You still do lots of feature dancing right?

Oh yes.

Any upcoming dates off the top of your head?

I'll be in Tampa, Florida January 20 through the 23rd. Then San
Fransciso at Mitchell Brothers February 4-6 and 8-9. All these dates
are regularly updated on the web site.

Are you saying you don't think I can get this done by the time you
make those dates?

Of course not.

Any body piercing or tattoos?


Any plans for any?

No. Actually, I had planned to get my belly button pierced a long time
ago and then all the super models came out with it, and then everyone
came out with it , so now it's kind of passé.

Is there anyone you have never worked with that you would really like

I am sure there are, but none I can think of off the top of my head.

Are there any things you won't do on camera.

There are things I won't do on camera at this time. But I always say
never say never. I never thought I would do porn, I'm doing porn. I
never thought I would do boy/girl, I've done that. It just depends on
what I feel comfortable with. If I enjoy it, I do it on camera. If I
don't necessarily enjoy it or haven't gotten to the point where I feel
I can do it comfortably on camera. If it's not fun, I don't do it.

What are you outside interests?

Oh gee, I like to read, I like to watch X-Files, I like to go to
renaissance fairs, I love collecting swords, I like swimming, I like
snorkeling, I love sex. I like going out clubbing.

So you basically have no time at all.

Right, I have no time. I don't get to actually do any of those things,
but I do like them. Oh, and D & D, I used to love to play D&D, but I
don't have a D & D group any more.

>From D&D to computers, I can't believe it. Serenity is like, a total


Do you have a husband or boyfriend?

I have someone very important to me in my life.

Besides me?

Yes, someone besides you, I'm married to a wonderful guy.

What do you look for in a guy?

You know what I look for? Personality. It really has nothing to do
with physical attributes. I really hate the egotistical gym dudes, but
if they are just like anybody that is just normal and hey here I am
and I have something interesting to talk about. They don't have to be
a genius or anything, but have something interesting like the news or
X Files, or something.

You mean they have to be able to talk?

Yes, they have to say something. That's what I like, I like good

OK, right before CES, the first annual Rog Reviews fan web poll
concluded and you were voted as Female Performer of the Year. Did you
even know there was such a poll?

Yes, I was so amazed.

Are you pleased with that?

Absolutely, I would like to thank everyone for voting. I was totally
amazed and I thought I was in excellent company with Tiffany Mynx. She
used to be one of my favorite people to work with and we only got to
work together a couple of times. Now she is under contract and I am
under contract and I guess, never shall the two meet.

What are some upcoming projects we should look for?

Double Feature will be coming out in about a week and a half. I highly
recommend it. It is the funniest comedy you will ever see in porno.
Directed by Jonathan Morgan, I am very excited about seeing it. It
also has bloopers at the end of it that I am very frightened of.


They didn't show me the bloopers ahead of time, so I don't even know
what is going to end up on there. I am also going to be working on
Brad Armstrong on an actual script project which is unusual for him
since he usually does very pretty vignettes.

Well, that's all I have, anything else?

Just keep tuned to the E channel, I have a bunch of specials coming
out in 99. Don't know all the titles, but they will be listed on the
web site whenever possible and of course, advertised on the E Channel.