Born 6/9/67, Samantha Strong (Samona Shields) entered the industry she despises in the autumn of 1986.

"Sometimes you don't even get a script because there's no plot. The director will say, "Now you walk in the room and you see the guy and you tell him you want to f---. Then he'll help you take your clothes off and then you'll give him head." That's it.

"I'm surprised anybody watches these movies through. I'll bet the most used button on the VCR is the Fast Forward. Nobody could possibly sit through all that stuff unless they're on Valium... These adult videos are bad. I wish I could say there's some stuff I'm proud of, but I can't. I'm only proud of the huge amounts of money I get to me them." (HEVG)

Samantha gives out the odd fantasy to keep smut journalists happy.

"I'm on a bus and all these gang members from South LA are on it with me. I'm the only white person. We're sitting in the back of the bus and the guys gather around me so that the bus driver can't see. Without a word, they take out their cocks and I can't tell you the rest because it's private." (HEVG)

Other reports show Sam to be a racist. "Somona would never, ever have sex with a black guy on camera or in private," reports an acquaintance. "She asked me what type of woman I'm attracted to, she thought for some reason I liked asian women, and when I said I never had been with and asian, she replied, "good, because I hate asians". She drove with a friend down a predominately black neighborhood and she referred to it as "niggertown". She told him that she thinks the majority of black people are "f---ed up". And when she found out that my buddy once dated a black woman she went ballistic and screamed out, "you dated a nigger". She has a lot of great things going for her, she is smart and very spiritual, it's just the drugs and racism are her two major downfalls."

Dateline, 1986. "I'd dated this guy for four years. He was my first boyfriend, and when we broke up, I wanted to do something to piss him off, so I posed for nudie magazines just to embarrass him. After I did a layout for Penthouse, somebody suggested that I might want to do some movies, so before I made a decision, I thought I should go down and look at one being shot. So I went down to where John T. Bone was doing a video for Video Exclusives, and I decided it was something I might like to do."

The truth behind Sam's entry into porn is more prosaic. Ron Jeremy spotted her at a VSDA show with her brother and friends and asked if she was interested in acting.

"John liked me and he became my manager for a while. I signed an exclusive contract with Video Exclusives. After that, I had contracts with Western Visuals, then Cinderella, then Vivid, Intropics..." (AVN)

John Bone remembers Strong as "a dead f---. I had her on her 18th birthday.
"She could be called Dorian Grey. She could party for five straight days without one wink of sleep, party with drugs and booze and a f---ing baseball team, and show up at a shoot and look like she just had 12 hours of sleep. It never ever showed on her, no matter how much she abused herself. I pulled her out from underneath tables, lying in her own vomit, put her in the shower, dressed her, and driven her to the shoot, and she would look so refreshed and angelic, you would never know.

"I delivered her baby. But she f---ed me for $7500. I guaranteed her apartment and I gave her a car."

Sam and John eventually split. Heavily addicted to drugs, Strong left porn for the first time in 1987.

She reentered porn as a Vivid contract girl. "They wanted me to work with Jeff Stryker [who mainly does gay videos] which I didn't want to do, so they accused me of breaking the contract and told me they wanted my car back that they gave me, so I had my lawyer call Steve [Hirsch, the owner of Vivid] and he said, 'Let's take one of these tapes before a judge and see what he thinks...' and that was the last I ever heard about that. Steve [Hirsch] still won't speak to me.

"So I kept the car, but I quit the business again, started dancing [stripping] for a couple of years [till '89]. Then I met this guy, got engaged, moved to Las Vegas, quit the business again - I wasn't even dancing - broke off the engagement, started dancing again, did a couple of tapes for VE, and now I work exclusively for Western Visuals." (AVN 4/92 p.25)

"This was around the time she was with Randy Spears," says an acquaintance of hers. "He dumped her and broke her heart. She moved to Vegas to be with her family and friends, many of whom would no longer talk to her."

After doing Sin City: The Movie in early 1992, Samantha took a year-and-a-half off from the biz. She married in December of '92 and had a baby. At one point she weighed 177 pounds before dropping to 118 in two months.

Strong visited HEVG's Scott Mallory in early 1994.

"That's a nice pantsuit, a pretty green," Scott said to her.

"None of my clothes fit me anymore. I'm losing too much weight," said Samantha. "That's why I was late. I couldn't find anything to wear."

"What's SB5 stand for?"

"Star Bangers 5. It's really stupid. There's no dialogue in it at all but it's winning for best actress at a film awards show at Cannes, and I say nothing. Best movie and Best Box Cover."

"Maybe the sex is good," ventures Scott.

Sam: "The guys were limp...really lame. I wanted to pick all the older ones and the company wanted new guys and that's what they got.

"Porn is worse than ever. I'm older and trying to get into other things. I don't like that people know personal things about me or what I look like when they're not worthy to know what I look like. It's a Catch 22 because I've done it, and the money enables me to do what I want to do.

"I don't want to do porn anymore but it's too hard for me - people are going 'Here's $10,000 for two scenes.' That's hard to resist." (HEVG)

HEVG's Semen Salon: "One of the queens of cum is back, and although it's a shame her return isn't more of a frosty-faced event, it's still great to see Samantha Strong groveling for goo and spitting up spunk. Starbangers 5 finds the now-maternal minx taking on eight studs in a f---ing free-for-all. Unlike the Gang Bang Girl series, the climax here doesn't find all of them draining their dongs on her mug, but at least two studs hose her down with acceptable loads. In true Strong fashion, she does upchuck a nice pat of protein, which shoots up into the air."

Samantha wrote up some of her fantasies for Samantha's Personal Fantasies put out by Western Visuals, but she says she didn't share anything about herself that's important.

Samantha Strong's time off from the jizz bizz was time well spent. As of 1995, she looked better than at any time in her career, and in Samantha's Private Fantasies, she shows that she hasn't lost her taste for teste tonic either. She takes facials in three scenes, though her partner's don't cover her properly. Johnathan Morgan has dead-on aim at Strong, but can manage only a light sprinkling, and while Tom Byron blows a healthy load, but he sends most of it over her face. She does get a "great double dose from Gerry Pike and another slamming stud, as they splat her skin in style, highlighted by Strong spitting that pat of protein straight up in the air. That's the Sam we've all grown to know and love." (HEVG)

Samantha admits to appearing in about 20 porn features including Adventures of Billy Blue, Bored Games, Doctor Feelgood and Images of Desire.

  Strong spent the summer of 1997 in drug rehab.


Samantha is an unreliable prostitute but receives these glowing reviews from the escorting site NYCFantasies.com:

"This long-time fan favorite has been busily sexing her way through the porn industry since 1986. She's a bosomy blonde sexpot with the body of a stripper and the face of a cover girl. Samantha's searing on-screen sexuality has stolen many a film over the course of her erotic career, and she continues to appear in the occasional sex vid, always turning in a stunning sex scene.

"Samantha got into the biz by accident. She started doing some nude modeling in order to bum out an ex-boyfriend, and when one of her layouts appeared in Penthouse she was approached about doing some porn. She decided to check it out, so she went to see a video shoot. Samantha liked what she saw and immediately made the plunge into hardcore. Her youthful exuberance and gorgeous good looks won her a wide fan following and soon Samantha's was one of the most sought after faces in porn. She won the 1987 AVN Best New Starlet Award, a testament to her instant popularity.

"Samantha's sex film career has been one full of stops and starts. She's retired from the biz on a variety of occasions, whether due to jealous boyfriends or to concentrate on her stripping gigs. But she always comes back, better and hungrier for sex than before. Samantha has matured from a teenage cutie into a sexy glamourous stunner over the course of her career. But she has never lost that certain sexy something that keeps fans and critics alike coming back for more. She was recently inducted into the AVN Performer's Hall of Fame."