Rayveness comes from a Quaker background. She still believes in God, says her prayers every night, and has some traditional values.

"Getting into erotic movies, I decided that my husband [Red Boan] would be the only guy with me on film. Ever! We needed money when we did the first seven movies in 1990. I wasn't even a dancer at the time.

"I am a voyeur and an exhibitionist. I love to watch people have sex. I used to go to swing clubs just to watch. I like outdoor sex, where there is a chance of getting caught. I like romance, candlelight dinners, and long, hot bubblebaths."

The movies of Rayveness include Renegades, Club Kiss, and Night Vision.

In 1996, Rayvenness, Chantilly Lace, Teri Weigel, Murril Muglio and Scarlet Hunter appeared in a 3D movie for Penthouse.

The brunette with the 34D natural breasts has a bad reputation in the biz. Some say she is difficult to work with and dishonest.

In her 80 flicks, Rayveness has done everything from foot fetish, catfighting and enema to her biggest role in Buck Adams' Renegade.

She says she only does boy-girl scenes with her husband Red Boan though he can do anyone he wants to. "I'm a volunteer fireman in Jamestown, North Carolina and you know how conservative some of these southern towns can be."

Rayveness did stripping benefits for Toys For Tots and Jamestown's Fireman's Fund charity. She plans to publish a book of drawings and paintings that her fans have done of her and donate the profits to the needy.

Her favorite on-screen partner is Kirsty Waay.

In late 1996, Rayveness and Red Boan sued Genesis for $48 million over the magazine's Friends 'n' Lovers (FNL) contest. In Genesis' September, 1996 issue the winners of all the monthly FNL contests from the past year are put on a ballot, and readers end in their votes for the FNL girl of the year. The winner receives $10,000.

"They have one of these 1-800 lawyers," says Genesis publisher Joe Kelleher. "This is a nuisance suit, but I'll have to spend $5000 in legal fees to get rid of it."

Kelleher admits the magazine was going to name Rayveness the winner of its contest when one of its employees recognized her from performing in a porno. Genesis disqualified Rayveness for not being an amateur, a stipulation of the contest. The prize eventually went to B-movie queen Tammy Parks who didn't even appear on the September ballot.

Genesis suspects Rayveness of stuffing the ballot. Many of the votes for her came from the same post office and had the same handwriting.

Rayveness warned Genesis that she'd go on talk shows and set up a toll free hotline so the other girls on the ballot can initiate suits against the magazine.

"The Associated Press was sitting right there when my lawyer filed this case," Rayveness claimed. "They're sitting on the story to see if they settle. If not, they're running with it."