Born 2/12/77, Vivid girl (since 7/98) Raylene began stripping at age 18, soon after getting a boobjob. She entered porn in 1997 and quickly hooked up with male performer Alec Metro. They broke up in late 1999.

A veteran of 100 videos, Raylene does ten movies a year for Vivid.

"I own wussie dogs, lab-collies."

Raylene has known Shane, Yvonne and Mark Davis since she was 15 y.o..

Raylene began feature dancing in late 1998, buying all her outfits but one from Jill Kelly. Many strippers buy their outfits from Trashy Lingerie on La Cienega near Beverly Blvd.

Raylene's fan club address - 9135-A Reseda Blvd, #157, Northridge, CA.

I appeared on the cover of the Los Angeles free weekly New Times with Raylene and her friend Randi Rage in late January, 1999.


David Simutis writes on www.rouze.com: Janine also stars with a handful of other Vivid girls in Everclear's "The Boys Are Back in Town." Raylene is one of the imprint's contract girls, who dance while the post-grungers lip-synch to the Thin Lizzy cover. Because Vivid's films are plot-heavy (and thus, girlfriend-friendly), Raylene is usually given plenty of dialogue in her pics, and she tries to make the most of it as an arty photographer in Peckers. She's given a bastard of a jealous boyfriend, but unfortunately, the most she does is over-emoting and clichéd pouting. Thankfully, she at least looks great.


Luke talked to Vivid girl Raylene the other day.

Luke: "I heard that you filed a restraining order on your ex-boyfriend Alec Metro?"

Raylene: "No, I filed an Annoying Phone Calls report. Because he left me 16 threatening messages in one day. He told me that he was going to put on the internet that I am a hooker, which is untrue. That I'm this scandalous whore who cheated on him...even though I have evidence that he cheated on me. He was going to ruin my career and slander me all over the internet. And he kept calling me and telling me that and I was like, you need to stop the phone calls, period. And he wouldn't and so I said, 'I'm going to the police," and that's when he stopped. Because he's an ex-felon and can't get involved with the police. I would never put a restraining order against him because he was in prison and I would never want him to go back there."

Raylene has just got back from Las Vegas. She's dating a Denver radio disc jockey.

Raylene: "He interviewed Chasey and I for his radio show on Denver's Howard Stern station. He's nice to me and that's a new thing."

Luke: "You're used to abusive men?"

Raylene: "Not abusive physically, but abusive mentally. But I'm happy now."

Raylene attended the AVN Awards last Saturday night but can't remember much because she got so intoxicated. Raylene gave Houston a big hug and kiss. Houston used to live with Alec Metro for three years until he shifted to Raylene.

Metro now lives with Farrah.


Vivid Girl Devon Kicked From Helmetcam Show

Vivid girl Devon and Raylene showed up high for Playboy TV's Helmetcam Show (with Gary Gray) last week. Raylene stayed in control and cruised through the show. Devon was out of control. She whispered audibly into Helmetcam's ear about drugs. Playboy reacted quickly by taking her off the live show.

Afterward the show, I heard there was an ugly tearful scene in the parking lot as Devon complained about her treatment by Playboy.

Playboy's repeating the show with the graphic "Porn Stars At Their Best."

Both girls were hammered out of their minds, according to sources though Raylene kept her cool.

I hear that Taylor Hayes has retired from porn.

I talked to Raylene around noon.

Luke: "I heard that you guys were drunk and that Devon got kicked off the Helmetcam Show because of drugs?"

Raylene: "No. Devon just had to get up to get a glass of water. And she didn't come back. We were not drunk. We were stoned. We smoked a lot of pot. She just can't handle her pot sometimes.

"The show went good. I was bummed that it was the last three episodes of it.

"I just re-signed with Vivid. You need to update my profile. I have a new boyfriend. I'm not dating that guy from Colorado. I now have a boyfriend. His name is Frank and he plays bass guitar in a band called "Slaves On Dope." He's leaving in two days for Oz Fest [a rock music festival organized by Ozzy Osbourne]. I'm doing the guitar player's hair right now as we speak. They'll be on the road for two months.

"Frank and I have been together for four months. I've been staying away from the business, getting my website done. www.raylenexxx.com. Nakita Kash's husband Kevin is doing it.

"Vivid has a whole bunch of new girls. One of them is my ex-roommate Cassidy, 19."

Raylene: "I'm on a sober kick right now. All I've been doing is smoking pot and I'm slowing that down. I'm in the process of buying a house. I want to retire from this business next year. I'm 23. I'm dancing on the road (through the Lee Network) three weeks of the month, working hard, saving my money.

"I'm staying out of the action and get off my drinking kick and get more sober and get my head on straight. It's working. I have two new dogs. I don't talk to Alec [Metro] anymore. And I don't need to. He's a f---ing loser. You can put that in big fat bold print.

"I'm sitting here doing braids with Chandler. Except that she's not Chandler anymore. She's getting married to the former Kid Sparkle. She's got a big fat $22,000 rock on her finger.

"Kid Sparkle is producing his own stuff, through his own company, Nymph Pictures. He's doing boxcovers for people."

Luke, In the July 2000 issue of WOW wrestling magazine they do an interview with Jasmin. She talks about wanting to become a legit wrestler instead of eye candy. No mention of her porn career. I guess she is above this work now.

BTW, can I get a copy of the Playboy TV episode where Devon and Raylene are stoned. The story sounds really funny, I would love to see it. Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks.

Luke: It plays on the Playboy TV.

I talked to Gary Gray aka Helmetcam Man.

Gary: "That's about it for the Helmetcam Show on Playboy TV. Just two more episodes. They unceremoniously cancelled my show. I found out by looking at the September schedule and found out I wasn't on it."

Luke: "Gary, how does it feel?"

Gary: "Strange but good. It's probably time to do something else."

Luke: "Tell me about your last show with Raylene and Devon."

Gary: "An interesting show. In my book, it was one of the best shows in years. It was fun and crazy and everything I could want on a show. Raylene was a pro and whatever was up with Devon is news to me. At one point she said, 'f--- with me and I will kick your ass.' A great quote that was on the show. Then we went to a clip and she was not seen again."

Luke: "And what had you done to provoke this outburst?"

Gary: "I was just my usual sarcastic self making fun of her about something she said... I don't know. I will have to watch back the tape to see exactly what I said to get that little soundbite. But she turns and grabs me and looks me very close in the face and says, 'You know what? f--- with me and I will kick your ass.' I said, Oh God. Seventy eight shows and it is the first time I've been afraid on the air. And she's like, 'You better be afraid.'"

Luke: "Have you taken out private security protection?"

Gary: "I think I am going to be ok. I'm winging it. I'm laying low."

Luke: "How are you sleeping at night?"

Gary: "Alone. I don't sleep."

Luke: "Did these girls seem under the influence of certain substances?"

Gary: "Raylene seemed fine and Devon, I don't know... She was certainly animated. I don't know her well enough to know if she was on something... The evidence of the show suggests either exceptionally high energy or something else.

"It was a very strange show. Devon got in a fight with my production manager beforehand over... I don't know if she had him confused for someone else because he's the nicest, most docile guy. She started ripping into him. 'You're an asshole. You're a cocksucker. You suck dick.' And this poor guy is going, what are you talking about? I don't even know you."

Luke: "Does he suck dick?"

Gary: "Not that I know of. I've seen him with a lot of girlfriends..."

Luke: "I heard there were tears and anger in the parking lot afterward?"

Gary: "I was not present because I was too busy fighting with assorted Playboy people... We'll see if Playboy has anything for me to do in the future. Someone said that mainstream TV exists out there. But I'm less familiar with that but apparently they have big networks..."

Luke: "What's your regular day job?"

Gary: "Ended. I was in charge of launch operations for Playboy TV's foreign networks, dealing with language dubbing and today was my first day out of the office in four-and-a-half years.

"The day job was a consulting job that was supposed to be a two-week job that ran for 200 weeks because everyone liked having me around and I was good at what I did. And then they made it a staff job with a salary a fraction of what I would want to stay there.

"As far as the show getting cancelled, there's been a change in regime there. They felt that my show was not part of the big picture anymore. It's more of a lifestyle channel, E! Hot."

Luke says: Playboy CEO Christie Hefner has told the channel to soften up. The guy in charge of the network now used to run its movie division, Dick Rosetti. Jim English, who made the network profitable, has been removed. Sex Court, Naughty Amateur Home Videos, Strip Search etc are probably no longer part of the big picture. Night Calls remains intact. The Helmetcam Show was viewed as all about porn stars, which supposedly is a small niche market that Playboy does not need to cater to.

Porn girls earn about $500 to appear on shows like Sex Court. Staff producers make less than $1000 a week.

Brent writes: Raylene claims she's on a sober kick. That she's trying to get her head on straight. Then she goes on to say that she's smoking pot, but she's slowing that down...ummm...huh? Smoking pot but not drinking doesn't make one sober.

I have to wonder about the psyches of some of these women. ...ones like Wildcat (nee Cheyenne Silver), Azlea Antistia, Aspen Brock (she's been covered though). These are women who could have very successful legit modeling careers (is there any truth to the Azlea being a former Guess? girl rumors?), but instead choose to f--- on camera, pretty much eliminating their chances of legit work, at least for quite some time. What is going on behind this? Childhood physical, emotional or sexual abuse? A voracious hunger for the approval of males? When I heard and later saw Nico Treasures on Howard Stern's show, she stated that a gang rape when she was a teenager screwed her up. Could a traumatic sexual event be responsible for this behavior in some of these women?


I talked to Vivid girl Raylene Friday morning.

Luke: "So you're recording something?"

Raylene: "Yeah, I'm working with a few really big people. I probably shouldn't mention their names. I just went on vacation for five days with a huge player in the [music] industry. I got together with Daisy Chain. She's the girlfriend of Lynn, from the band Snot, who died. I was afraid because I knew I could sing, but I've never played or sung in front of anybody.

"So her and I got together. And I had never written other than writing poems and stuff. And within three hours, we finished our first song and it was amazing. So we're just concentrating on positive things and on each other. I'm hanging out at my pool. I bought my first house.

"I quit drinking. I've been sober three weeks. I still smoke my weed but that's all I do.

"I haven't read what she [Devon] wrote. But who cares dude? I haven't thought about her or discussed her."

Luke: "Here's what she writes..."

Raylene: "I don't even want to hear it, dude. I don't have anything bad to say about her.

"I've re-signed [with Vivid] for another year. Depending on how my music goes, I'm trying to make this my last year in the [porn] industry. But I love my company and I am glad that I am with them for another year.

"Oooh, gross. The gardeners are staring at me. I'm naked in my back yard. I'm sunbathing. And they've come by to clean the rubbish away."

Sept 3, 2007

From Kotorimag.com:

From the looks of her at the time, one would probably guess that Raylene broke into porn for the same reasons a runny-nosed guttersnipe might break into a suburban home. Her eyelids were heavy and adumbrated and her early Gonzo videos painted her as a jaundiced drug whore of one type or another. Later in her career, she would change this up, either consciously or as the result of kicking a nasty dependency; she would become the happy pothead with the Cheshire grin who runs around praising quirky movies and Cali bud.

Somewhere between 2001 and now, Raylene disappeared. Branching out is not abnormal in adult entertainment. Asia Carrera was perhaps the first when she became the Queen of the Dow Jones. Gina Lynn has been all over the place, investing the money from her sex performances in Gina Lynn Productions, Inc. and Top Notch Bitches Dot Com; she's now trying to open her own chain of Subway sandwich shops and an adult video store in her hometown.

Expanding your monetary potential is expected. The hard part to understand is the need for anonymity. My old friend Tabitha Stevens was in the business for years when she decided that she wanted to be a Chiropractor. And she did it, quite successfully in fact. But she didn't use a different name and made no attempts to conceal who she was. On the contrary, she continued to write a column for Hustler's Busty Beauties for years to come.

So the question arose. In a liberal and hedonistic climate like that of California, why would Raylene keep hush about her roots?

Joe emails:

Raylene announced her retirement from the adult entertainment industry in November 2001 (about the same time as Toni James aka Renee Smith), although she hasn't cut all ties to the adult industry, she is married to Brad Hirsch, and her father-in-law Steve Hirsch is the President and Co-Founder of Vivid Entertaiment.

Toni and Raylene performed together in many adult videos. However, Raylene does NOT hide from her past. Stacey continues to respect & support all those people working, past & present, in the adult entertainment industry, unlike Renee Slyker Smith (Toni James).

In fact, Stacey, while still working at Pinnacle Real Estate in Encino, is proud to show up at many events in person & currently helps raise money for AIM & other well known adult industry related fund raising charities, benefits, & causes.

From RayleneBlog.com in May, 2007:

Former Vivid Girl Raylene will greet fans and sign autographs Saturday night in Las Vegas after the opening of the musical Birdy's Bachelorette Party at the Stratosphere.

Now better known as Stacey Hirsch, a successful West Valley real estate agent, Raylene is appearing as her former porn persona as a favor to a close relative of hers who is producing the show.

"It's kind of a special thing," Raylene told. "It's not something I will be doing all the time."

She said that there is "a Broadway edition of this particular musical. The focus of the show is a big, giant mechanical penis. So it's adult oriented but it does not have adult content. It's not porn."

Raylene will do her signing after the first performance at a bookstore adjoining the Stratosphere showroom.

"I do look forward to meeting fans again," she said. "It will be interesting. I am definitely rusty. I have been doing the real estate thing for a long time. I have not seen a fan in god knows how long."