Racquel Darrian, born 7/21/68 as Kelly Jackson, chooses her movies carefully. Signed exclusively with Vivid Video, she only does high paying productions such as Bonnie and Clyde 2 & 4, Intimate Journey (where she dons a blonde wig) and More Dirty Debutantes 5.

The grey-eyed brunette stands 5'6", weighs 120 pounds and measures 36C-24-32. Racquel sports a black panther tattoo on her right bottom cheek. She normally performs only with her husband Derek Lane and with girls. Her ethnic heritage is part Spanish and part American Indian. She gave birth to a daughter, Brooke, in June 1997.

Born in Kansas, Racquel moved to California with her family at age seven. Shortly after turning 18, says Farrell Timlake from Homegrown Video, Darrian got heavily into hard drugs and did escort work on the side to support her habit.

Darrian pursues a parallel softcore career in magazines and videos under her real name Kelly Jackson. Kelly was the October 1990 Penthouse Pet of the Month. She also appears in Playboy's 1996 strippers pictorial along with Juli Ashton.

A blonde former Atlanta Hawks cheerleader posed in a couple of Playboy Newsstand Specials under the name Kelly Jackson. She later began doing adult videos under the name Kelly Jaye. Orginally signed by Vivid, she began performing under the Kelly Jaye moniker to avoid confusion with Vivid's other Kelly Jackson, aka Racqual Darrian. (Dick O'Stone on RAME)

Raquel - I Still Love You

Hello Mr. Ford. I have interest in porn for one reason only. Kelly Jackson whom you may know as Racquel Darrian. Back in the mid-late eighties I met and dated this beautiful woman who somehow ended up doing porn. We dated briefly for about a month and a half before she left me for another guy. It just does not figure. Kelly was and probably still is the sweetest girl you would ever meet. She loved life and her smile would light up a room. I dont blame her for leaving me as I had at the time little to offer her. However, I could not get over her. I would attend adult bookstores and conventions to see her before finally she had a restraining order placed upon me. I didnt mean to upset her. In now way was I stalking her. I honestly believe that jerk of a husband Derek Lane put her up to it. I own every video she has been in. It kills me to watch her whore herself out to these other guys. At least Lane at one time had the decency to not allow her to be with other men. But that changed too. I just wanted to say that I know a lot of these marriages dont work out and if Kelly reads your site I want her to know I will always be there for her. I have my own business and am doing quite well.

Sept. 1, 2007

Fast Eddie writes on TER: "she did provide selectively while she was active in the adult industry. The only problem was that her husband/manager stayed in the room!"

Makana writes:

A yr or so ago, had the fortunate(oh so I thought) to have some time with Ms. Darian. Hubby there, in livingroom (thought he was VTaping), she is mechanical & not even close to PSE...Truthfully, I think the hubby is the one telling her what she can and cannot do...NOT WORTH THE 5 G I did fork...Save for the others if possible... KEISHA WAS WAYYYY better than Raq...We spent a day together(my birthday present to me) and we have seen each other on other occasions.