Tall blonde dominitrix Porsche Lynn (Lauren Pokorny) takes Sean Michaels up her ass in Radical Affairs 6.

"It's one of the sexiest scenes you'll ever see," says Nina Hartley about Porsche's fling with Sean in Affairs. "Whenever I have people over who want to get turned on, I show them that scene. It's authentic Porsche."

Porsche loves black men, particularly Sean Michaels, particularly at the time the scene was shot.

"Her sexual encounters are filled with pants and screams that turn her partners into frantic f---ing machines," writes AFW. "Porsche recently turned her talents to behind the scenes work on X-rated productions and concentrates on dancing more than dicking these days. Check her out in Buttman vs. Buttwoman and Buttman's Revenge. Or even some of her bondage roles, or her scene in Bend Over Babes II. Porsche has turned into a wanton ass slut recently, taking a serious f---ing in the butt from Sean Michaels in Arabian Nights and Radical Affairs 6." (AFW 96D p.40)

Lynn, born 2/14/62, grew up in the Midwest. "My mother got pregnant at eighteen and was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church. I was never baptized.

"I grew up in a family that was excommunicated. My grandmother divorced, and my mother became pregnant before she was married.

"I was six when my parents died. My father shot my mother and then he committed suicide. My grandmother took care of me for a while... Then I got put in adoption agencies and foster homes."

Porsche's aunt adopted her. "It was a small community, not a big city where murders happened every day. She got bad vibes from the community because of what her brother had done.

"She always told me that she had lost so much more because she had lost her brother. She had lived with him for 20 years, but I had lost a father I had only known for three years.

"I didn't truly grieve until I was 17 and did drugs. They made you numb...were an outlet. You could cry and nobody would care: "She's just f---ed up on drugs."

Porsche's new "father" molested her. "He'd watch me shower, he would fondle me, and hugging and kissing on my neck and my breasts when I was 14, 15, 16. I was sexually aware at a young age, and knew that wasn't right. He said, "Don't worry. I'm giving you love because you didn't get enough when you were young.""

Porsche gave her first blowjob in the backseat of an upperclassman's car, while wearing a beautiful cashmere sweater. "I was going down on him, and he came all over my mouth, all over my face and all over my sweater. You can imagine cum on cashmere, all stuck in there.. I remember handwashing the sweater and worrying that somebody would notice the stain." (Hustler)

Porsche attended Michigan State University for two years. "Then Reagen got elected, and my scholarships were taken away. I hadn't worked for two years. So I started

dancing at topless bars and mud wrestling and oil wrestling, wet T-shirt contests..."

The tall blonde moved to Los Angeles in 1985 and began performing in adult movies the next year.

In 1986's Depraved Innocent, Porsche plays a teenager fleeing from a foster home run by matron Trinity Loren who gives her enemas. Porsche learns the facts of life

from Trinity who screws her with a dildo equipped with a crank.

"The story opens with Porsche in bed, sobbing her story to Tracey Adams, whose husband Jason Brooks is in too much of a hurry to properly service her. They found Porsche sleeping in the garage. Porsche says she was picked up by two probation officers Carol Titian and Jesse Eastern who turned her into their private sexual delicacy. Tracy and Jason have been making love so noisily that Porsche hears them and becomes horny. She's discovered by their son Greg, who sneaks into the bedroom and makes love to her. Tracey finds them in bed... Porsche senses her frustration and tells her they can share Greg. After a happy threesome, Tracey feels better." (Bob Rimmer in X-Rated Videotape Guide 2)

Porsche turned her life around on her 30th birthday. "For women in the entertainment business, 30 is a magical number, because now you're 'old'." says Nina Hartley, born


"Porsche realized that she was going to be around for at least another 30 years. And she said to herself, 'I'm going to live. I've got a future. I better plan.' And Porsche

decided she'd thrive, not just survive."

Sharon Mitchell: "It's been a beautiful experience watching Porsche blossom.

"I've seen her take her ego and throw it in the trash can and just be there for herself.

"Porsche Lynn was my role model and catalyst for me to get clean.

"She used to be so angry and controlling."

Nina: "But she's let go of that and followed her spiritual path. Porsche helped me to become less squeamish spirituality."

Porsche thrives as a dominatrix. In her personal sex life, she's submissive. She's built up a large enough clientele to enable her to fly to Phoenix twice a month to

commune with her American Indian guru Swift Deer, to endure three day fasts and to seek visions.

Nina: "She's done things I could never do. She's tough. Porsche looks radiant. She appears calmer, happier and more centered.

"S-M is consensual power exchange. In her scene with Sean Michaels, she coos like a girl. "Ooooh, f--- my pussy." Porsche's a caring, beautiful dominatrix. She's

intuitive and helps her client go where he wants to go."

In late 1997, Cintra Wilson of Salon magazine contrasted Porsche with Farrah Fawcett, who "recently made a very tottery, self-humiliating veer into the nether realm of scronky withered nudism. Apparently fueled by some kind of terrible secret, she turned herself into a naked, writhing paintbrush for the art lovers of the Playboy Channel -- the kind of sprawling, non-discriminating succubus commonly found on velvet over Persian waterbeds. Farrah chucked over years' worth of respectable TV workability to careen into a rut that even most ancient porn stars like Porsche Lynn won't stoop to. Porsche, battling long-in-the-toothitude, correctly became a Classy Lady: a dominatrix for foot fetishists. She doesn't take it off anymore; Porsche wears severe jodhpurs and bowler hats and gave up trying to work the unconscious-blonde-flesh role specifically designed for runaway 18-year-old girls from small American towns who fall in with the wrong boyfriend. There is no fecundity wafting off the page in an airbrushed shot of debased old Farrah, whose vividly comestible sexiness was quietly beaten to death by Ryan O'Neal in the '80s."

Porsche told www.talkingblue.com: "I get recognized in New York City constantly. I always hear "Porsche, Porsche, Porsche". But in L.A. I rarely hear it. A lot of times if they recognize me, they say it very quietly, like the other day I was shopping on Hollywood Blvd. at a magic store and a couple of guys came up to me saying, "How are you doing today, Ms. Lynn?". They very quietly acknowledged me. But here in L.A. you see stars all the time on the streets, so it's not a big deal. But when I go touring smaller cities like Cleveland or Des Moines, Iowa, they might not know me but they know I am different and not from the area.

"Most interviewers don't know how to relay the message we sometimes tell others. Like if we, performers, go on a talk show and talk about our pasts, and we may have been raped or molested as children, then the audience jumps in saying, "Of course, you're an adult film performer, you were raped, or, you were molested, so you can do nothing but be a prostitute". To which I say: "No, we are trying to turn this into a survivor issue and show, of course, those types of abuse are going to make children more promiscuous, but it should also make them more aware of the sexuality and who they are as people". That is why I talked about my past. To show others that you can survive and move on with your life."