Shy but sexually wild, Missy entered porn in 1994 to live out her fantasies. She appeared in a handful of videos, including Ona Zee's Sex Academy, Penthouse Kama Sutra and Campus Girls.

When overwhelmed by phone calls offering her work, Missy took a year off to see if porn was what she really wanted to do. It is. She appears in about 200 videos, four times as many as her husband Mickey G.

"I'm a shy, sensitive person. I care about people…and this business is so different from what I used to do ( a counselor in a hospital where she met her husband).

Most of her work appears in edited versions on Spice and Playboy channels.

"Answer: Right outta the gate, she's providing fireworks in this vile paean to sphincter-stretching.

"Question: What's Missy doing these days?

"For the clueless; she's the one who looks like an angel, f---s like a beast, spreads wide for a snarling DP, takes frosting #1, then sucks off guy #2 as the first stud's spunk crawls down her cheek." (From AVN's review of Anal Jeopardy)

Missy fondled her beautiful blonde girlfriend Laurie while we talked in the spring of 1996.

"My parents know about my work. They don't agree. But they have their life and I have mine."


Missy grew up with her five brothers and five sisters in Simi Valley, a conservative community fifty miles outside of Los Angeles. In high school, the Libra felt shy and timid and spent most of her time in the library reading.

She lost her virginity at 17 and her first time with a woman came at age 23. Missy and Laurie have been together for two years.

"If I could marry a woman, Laurie would be it," says Missy. "We have something that we can feel without talking to each other. I know what she's saying when she looks at me. I can feel her heart. It's not like you're dividing love. You're adding depth. It's not too different from loving my husband because he's a different type of man. But with a woman, it's a feeling, an emotion. I yearn for her when she's not with me."

Mickey feels comfortable with his wife's bisexuality. "It's balancing. It seems normal to me. It enriches the relationship I have with my wife. It gives her a female not only to talk to but to be intimate with. She's able to grow in a different way through that relationship than she can just through ours'.

"It doesn't threaten me. We're secure in what we have."

Missy: "After sex, I can't do dialogue well because I've used up all my energy. One movie put all my outtakes in the end as a joke. It was funny.

"I don't worry much about acting. I just try to have a good time. I watch my scenes so I can learn how I can act better. I've always been shy and performing has helped me overcome that."

Missy problems with dialogue usually occur at two different junctures in the video making process - before sex and after sex. Lines longer than a few words scare her. When she called in sick to a Thomas Payne production in June, 1997, crew suspected that the number of her lines scared her off.

Together since 1991, Missy and Mickey married in 1994. It's her first marriage and his third. Mickey has two children who spend most of their time with their mother who is his second wife.

Missy features natural B-cup breasts. "We've gone back and forth over her having a tit job," says Mickey, "but the consensus is to leave them alone. She has a nice feminine body. Missy gets most of her exercise from sex. And we also go hiking and play other sports."

Missy enjoys performing. "I like the people in the business. I try to portray something in the movies...that some people at home can't have.

"I want to produce some of my own movies. That's why I hang around the set so long."

When Missy's not working, she spends most of her time with her girlfriend Laurie.

"We talk deeply, share feelings, sometimes without words."

The girls look at each other and giggle.

Missy's interests extend far beyond sex. She enjoys reading inspirational books, such as by Deepok Chopra, and she's learning to play the harp.

During Missy's initial performances, Mickey, born in 1962, stayed behind the camera. "She wanted to save our sex for home," he explained in Spring, 1996. "Then we did a few scenes together and enjoyed it. Often we're in the same scene even if we're doing other people.

"With Laurie and her boyfriend Randy, Missy and I explored swinging before we got into porn, but we never joined a swinger's club. Now couples come up to us all the time wanting to swing and we simply don't have time to do them all. This business has its own internal swingers group. And once you're in, there's a warm welcome. But the majority of our fantasies now get played out in porn.

"Our favorite is the pirate movie Conquest and the wildest was The Gang Bang Girl 17 where Missy took on eight guys including me.

"My first few times on camera were uncomfortable. It took me a while to learn the mind trick that allows you to turn off all external distractions and focus on your inner feelings. Once you learn your body and how to eat, and when's the last time you should have sex before doing a scene...

"I found out from other male performers that protein is important...powder, egg whites, tuna or steak... And there are herbal supplements to take like Twin lab's Male Fuel...amino acids, electrolytes... Other guys have their tricks. I haven't met a vegetarian male performer.

"My parents used to go to burlesque shows when they were dating, so they're open to what we do. We show them the box covers and the cable versions. They think Missy is great and that the money we make is great. But they keep it to themselves when members of Missy's family talk to them.

"My brother Steve knows what I do. He came to the set of Pussyman 13. I haven't confided with my other brother and sister."

A highly sexed Scorpio, Mickey describes himself as "Wild, hot, passionate, powerful... "I have to be to hang on to Missy!"

Though Missy and Mickey turn in hot scenes, it's nothing compared to what they do behind closed doors. "You just can't capture that heat and passion on camera, though we do our best," says Missy's husband.

They spent thousands of dollars providing a new wardrobe for Missy.

"Porn sets don't provide wardrobe," he notes. "So you have to start out in something. You just can't walk nude into a scene. Wardrobe has a lot to do with how a woman feels out of the gate. When they first step on to the set, most of the girls like to start out feeling pretty and clothing is a big part of that."

Missy plans to wear much of her new wardrobe when she begins stripping in clubs.

"We're pleasantly surprised by this business," says Mickey, a typical husband loathe to reveal anything negative. "There's less drug use than we expected and the people, both cast and crew, are friendlier. I've worked in mainstream movies and this business is more intimate.

"I'm surprised by how successful we've been. Within a year, Missy's become one of the top five girls. She appeared in Hustler, Adam Film World, on the cover of Hustler Erotic Video Guide and the last two covers of AVN with an interview in the VSDA issue, as well as all the European video magazines.

"One of the keys to her success is her stunning beauty. But it's also the reality of her scenes. Once sex starts on camera, you'd never know it was being filmed. She responds in a real way. Her sex isn't acting, it's a passionately felt response of pleasure. She even feels dizzy after scenes because she's put so much into them. She thought about doing porn for a year and now she's made up her mind and gives 100%.

"Because she's so wild, she's like a Debi Diamond, though we've never met Debi.

"We love to bring light to this dark world. We want to be there for those who have struggles with or questions about sex. There's a spiritual side to sex as found in the Tantra or in some of the Eastern philosophies.

"We want to show that there are people who are spiritual and believe in God and have a relationship to God that are in the business and that porn is not an anti-God, anti-rule thing. We just don't abide by Judeo-Christian standards."

On her web site www.missysweb.com, Missy writes:

I started in the erotic entertainmint industry because I found myself drawn to the essence of passion. I choose the Word Erotica over Porno Because Porno is a Legal Term used in the Court Systems, we know what that does to the meaning of terms. I found a place in Erotic Film and Video that allows me to feel independent. Isn't the reason we all live life to the fullest is to love, learn, teach others what we know so they may have the same opportunity . And YES that includes spirituality, from the way I see it. This business involves more than just have Sex, it involves a woman's Heart & Soul. I often been asked about my spirituality. How could I not be spiritual when every action we participate in is actually speaking before God. Not through
language alone, but through actions and expressions, feelings, emotions, and even silence is speaking, of everyone and everything in life. I have worked extremely hard to get where I am now and I will always be proud of myself for taking this chance to experience something in life that may seem only forbidden to others.

My goal here has been to try to live my life to the extreme only to find that everything we do or say, whether it be to yourself or to others, it has a meaning a question and a answer. We already live in a spiritual world and I believe we all have God in us. It’s our choice to either remember or forget. But if we remember with love, you’ll see we all have a purpose here. Whether it be for yourself or someone else. If we all loved ourselves and loved others around us for who they are then life wouldn't be so hard. I feel we all need to do what we need to do to live our own lives. I believe God is our only judge because God is the only one who knows why we all do what we do. And their is a reason for all aspects of life, including the wonderful sensation of sex! So I Took My Chance to prove that spirituality, love and sex is essential for life. Leave the judging to God.

Regan Starr told GeneRoss.com 1/31/00 about her experience with Mickey G. on the Anabolic production Rough Sex. "Mickey G. on a personal level is a good friend of mine but he was told to be extremely realistically rough. He was allowed to hit hard, choke hard and to pull hair hard. There were times when he slapped me so hard that he left a mark. He choked me while lifting me off the ground. He shoved my face into the cement floor. He threw me over his shoulder, cutting off my air. Choking me was one of the worst things. I hate when anybody touches me in the face.

"I knew that this was going to be a rougher sex scene, but I was not prepared for this realism. To handle someone with my body size and frame, to handle any woman that roughly, Mickey was not being false about it. He was hurting the girls. He was given the green light to hurt the women for the effect of the video. I was told before the video that, and they said this very proudly, mind you, Mark and Christopher made it aware to me that in this line most of the girls start crying because they're hurting so bad."