Born 4/22/52, Marilyn Briggs fled her loveless home in 1969 to model in New York. She did topless stills, Pepsi and Clairol commercials and a small role in The Owl and the Pussycat where she appeared in bed half-naked. When Barbara Streisand didn't want to tour to promote the film, the job fell to Marilyn. She later moved to Los Angeles where an important producer had a deal for her - He'd provide her with an apartment, a car, acting lessons, spending money, roles in major films and career guidance in exchange for Marilyn being his mistress. But she didn't want to be tied down to an old man with a big paunch and rejected his offer.

On his way out the door, the shocked producer told Marilyn that she'd never make it in the biz. He was right. Marilyn never succeeded in mainstream entertainment.

Jack Nicholson and Art Garfunkel "auditioned" her in 1974, asking many questions about her sex life, but the interview ended when Marilyn refused to blow them.

Finding no work in L.A. in 1971, Marilyn moved to San Francisco but still could not find acting jobs that paid. The slim blonde danced nude for a few weeks but quit because it depressed her. While working as a waitress in a health restaurant, Marilyn read an ad placed by the Mitchell Brothers about a major film they were casting. She charged down to O'Farrells and read the audition notice which asked if the actor wanted a balling or non-balling part. Marilyn at first thought the notice meant bowling but in a few minutes Marilyn realized that the film was X-rated. She turned to leave.

It'd been a depressing day for Jim and Artie Mitchell for all the girls who'd answered their ad appeared burned out. Then they saw the fresh looking Marilyn leave the building. They chased after her and by late that afternoon, they'd signed her to do their movie.

When Marilyn told her beatnik husband that evening about what she'd done, he became angry. But Marilyn stood by her decision. After venting his feelings, Paul kept quiet for he believed in individual freedom. But he must've suspected their relationship was changing, and within a couple of years they divorced.

The Mitchells gave Marilyn a new last name to go with her starring role - Chambers.

Marilyn was the youngest of three children. She'd spent her life unsuccessfully competing for her parents attention. Learning that she couldn't please them, Marilyn decided to defy them. By appearing in Behind the Green Door, she got to defy and impress her family in a way they'd never forget. (John Hubner)

So that her reaction to being raped would be genuine, Marilyn never read the script of Behind the Green Door which is based on an anonymous story that men had been passing around since World War II. A woman named Gloria is kidnapped from a hotel and taken to a secret sex club.

"That's why I think the film hit," says Marilyn. "I lost my inhibitions onscreen at the same time Americans everywhere were losing theirs. [BF]

"I discovered that I had to break loose or I'd be trapped for the rest of my life in this guilt that had been festering inside me. Leaving New York was such a load off mys houlders. I didn't have to impress somebody... I think it was an opening of my mind, where I was at, when I met Doug. He really opened me up. "Forget it! Forget your parents! Forget what happened to you before! Be here now!" That really appealed to me..." (CEC p. 101)

Filming Behind The Green Door

Marilyn, 19 years of age, smoked a joint of marijuana to calm herself before the filming began. Six women dressed in black robes like the witches in MacBeth lead Marilyn on stage, undress her and play with her body. Then out comes the ex-boxer Johnny Keyes painted up like a savage. He performs endless cunnilingus on Marilyn who is in anguish and looking around like she hopes that everything will soon be over. It won't.

Johnny eases up Marilyn's body and inserts his penis into her vagina. He strokes long and hard, in and out, as Marilyn winces with pain. As she thrashes about, Johnny follows her eyes, insisting that she recognize him. Finally Marilyn surrenders, wraps an arm around Johnny and kisses him. Johnny rides on until he and Marilyn appear to simultaneously orgasm.

Next, five men in white tights with the crotches cut out, mount the stage. Three men get on trapezes and another lies down on the floor.The weird sisters bring Marilyn back out and guide her on to the penis of the man lying down. The three men on trapezes lower themselves to Marilyn, and she takes the middle man's cock into her mouth. Marilyn shudders, then begins masturbating the other two men on the trapezes. The fifth man tries to suck on Marilyn's breasts while the sisters fondle her.

Marilyn masturbates the men harder as the audience starts screwing each other. The men on stage come all over Marilyn.

The end result is a complex ten-minute scene with advanced special effects. "The image of one of the men ejaculating into the heroine's mouth is shot in extreme slow motion, and it is repeated and reworked by dissolves, overprinting and reverse printing. The color is solarized,and the image becomes brilliant, abstract, changeable. Chambers' elegant characterization of a victimized woman is achieved without a single line of dialogue as she moves with conviction from terrorized, passive virginity to willing sexual maturity." (Sinema p.162)

Former All-pro defensive end with the Oakland Raiders, Ben Davidson plays the bouncer at the club and the Mitchell brothers have cameo roles as Marilyn's kidnappers.

Eventually, George McDonald rushes on stage to rescue Marilyn and they run away to his van to make love.

"The movie was made under conditions so hot," says Artie Mitchell, "we just wanted to throw down the camera at the end of each of day of filming and f--- and suck our way to oblivion."

Jim Holliday: "Behind the Green Door is based upon an underground erotic classic whose vague origins are debated by erotic historians. There can be no debate however on the overwhelming attraction to males of its plot - kidnapping a beautiful woman and forcing her to do everything you want. Green Door could not be made today. The flick is most significant for introducing Marilyn Chambers, who showed in this West Coast classic that there's a big place in porn for the wholesome American girl next door."

Many of the persons in the film are unattractive but all are enthusiastic and the musical score ranks among the smoothest you'll ever find in an adult film. Green Door's kinky sex retains appeal even though its production values are poor.

Behind The Green Door Premieres

"Searchlights and ushers in tuxedos greet the sleazerati as they arrive at the O'Farrell Theatre here in San Francisco on opening night of Behind the Green Door, the Mitchell Brothers' latest and biggest filim," says a TV reporter standing under the O'Farrell marquee.

"Marilyn Chambers, the star of the film, arrived just moments ago in a stretch limo, and it's no stretch of the imagination to say she left the crowd wanting to see more, which they undoutedly will."

On opening night at O'Farrell, George McDonald felt too nervous to go inside the theater to watch. He stayed outside and awaited reactions. As the movie ended, guests came out thrilled but confused. On the biggest night of George's life, the projection man confused reels two and three.

"Only in porn could that happen and the audience still enjoy what they saw," reflected McDonald.

Even shown in sequence, Green Door makes little sense. A crucial 15 minutes of film burned up in the developing lab. The 16mm film is grainy, blurred at times, and the sound, as usual in a Mitchell Brothers production, inept.

But despite the technical problems, Behind the Green Door, shot for a total investment of $60,000, earned about $50-million, making it the second highest grossing porn movie ever.

When Marilyn's parents found out about it, they refused for years to talk to her.

In 1973, the Mitchell Brothers made their best movie The Resurrection of Eve - the finest early West Coast effort to deal with serious material - but much of the credit belongs to co-producer Jon Fontana.

"This movie proves that an inteligent story line can be blended into a sexually erotic movie.... [It features] clever interweaving of Eve's life from a child of 13 to her later life with a jealous disc jockey who believes she's sleeping with a black fighter (Johnny Keyes). She isn't. After an auto accident, Eve becomes Marilyn Chambers and marries the disc jockey who gradually talks her into swinging and then gets jealous of her when she finally enjoys it. Most women will like this one. It has many romantic sequences and excellent acting. Why didn't the Mitchell Brothers do it again?" (Robert Rimmer, The X-Rated Videotape Guide, p. 125)

Unsatisfied with the lack of explicit sex scenes in Jon Fontana's original cut, the Mitchell brothers shot more such scenes and put them in the movie.

Adam Film World (AFW) comments (3/87 p. 12-14): "Watching Marilyn develop her screen presence over the decade and a half since her debut in the Behind the Green Door, one is struck by improvements in her poise, delivery. In her first movie [Green Door] she was willowy and flat-chested, but her wide grin and shining eyes promised much, and when she was turned loose on those guys on the swings, it was like tossing chum to a barracuda. The movie looks slipshod and stoned-out now, and the follow up, Resurrection of Eve, looks even shaggier. Made in '73, it is the cinematic equivalent of acid rock: inchoate, dim, self-indulgent, buried under a heap of long, straight, brown hair...yet, Marilyn's enthusiasm charges her scenes with the voltage that only true superstars command. The keel of the movie is its orgy scenes. Lots of blue eye shadow and false eye lashes date the picture, but add color. Marilyn's lean frame is starting to flesh out with promises of curves to come. Her sex scene with Johnny Keyes is placed center stage, and with all the hippies humping happily around her, Marilyn looks like a kid in a candy store."
William Rotsler: "I was invited onto the set of Resurrection of Eve and saw something that I'll never forget. There was a huge orgy going on. An entire Gay 90s restaurant had been hired and filled with copulating couples (including some gays) and it was wall-to-wall sex. The cameraman was just going from couple to threesome to orgy lump and no one knew when they'd be on or in the background, so everyone just sucked and f---ed and felt and rubbed and....

"I was crossing the room, careful not to get into the camera's way, or in the mirrors that lined the walls under the balcony - which was filled with voyeurs and press. Suddenly I stopped, transfixed by a sight of both great beauty and great lust.

"Muscular Johnny Keyes, the black star of Green Door, was lying on a couch. Kneeling between his legs was Marilyn. Both were naked and she was fellating him with an eagerness and expertise I have seldom seen. But it wasn't just her mouth that was so expertly moving up and down on his big cock, but that, with every inward suck, her whole body rippled, from mouth to toes, as if sucking him to the innermost recesses of her body." (AFW)

From 1975 to 1985, Marilyn and Chuck crisscrossed the country as Marilyn headlined one porn theater after another.

"To create the perfect porn star," says Chuck Traynor, "you have to create an image of a totally uninhibited sexual creature who would be happy being anything you want her to be. You have to eliminate barriers between this chick and the audience, so men think she enjoys doing anything they want her to do."

Chuck refused to allow Marilyn to take classes at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas in case the word got out and it spoiled her image. Marilyn had no friends in the sex industry. Other female performers were jealous and competitive. Marilyn used to drink beer like water, but Chuck limited both that and her drug use. He also forbade her to smoke.

"For me to be put on a pedestal," says Marilyn, "and adored by millions of men, I loved that. I never felt exploited by Chuck or anybody else. I exploited me."

Chuck will reveal anything about himself except his age, which is about 57 as of 1997 according to Linda Lovelace.

"I'm over 21, but that doesn't mean anything," says Chuck. "Inside, I'm 21. All men are 21."

Chuck describes himself as a country boy from Homestead, Florida. He dresses like a cowboy - boots, jeans, a belt with a big rodeo buckle, and Western-style shirts. He is lean and wiry and his face is lined. He always wears a baseball cap to cover his thinning hair.

Traynor speaks with a drawl he uses to hide a shrewd mind. After 25 years of crisscrosing America in the sex business, he can go into a community and learn everything he wants to know by spending 30-minutes with the local paper.

Not the news sections. "They're filtered through reporters. You can't trust that. But the classifieds. They never lie."

Low car prices show the local economy is down. Cheap guns and many openings for security guards show that the town has a crime problem. Ads for "artist's models" indicate the town is loose, because "artist's models are always a scam, they're ads for hookers." A personals column full of ads from single women indicates hookers again. Personal ads from divorced women with children who are looking for a husband reveals a conservative community.

Chuck lives in Las Vegas where he owns the Survival Store - an indoor shooting range and gun store. To open the business, Traynor had to sign an agreement with Nevada authorities promising that he would not work in the pornography business in the United States. His young wife Bo and other feature dancers work the Canadian circuit for Charles Traynor Enterprises.

After Behind the Green Door and Resurrection of Eve with the Mitchell Brothers, Marilyn performed in only three more adult features - Insatiable ('80), Up 'N Coming ('83) and Insatiable 2 ('84).

These three films led the video revolution, staying at the top of the rental charts through 1985.

Marilyn can't get enough sex in Insatiable. She plays Sondra Chase, an affluent model, who flies to England with her agent and friend Flo (Jesie St. James). While driving in her Ferrari, Sondra picks up a man who's run out of gas. She not only shows him how to siphon fuel out of her tank by sucking on a rubber hose, but also sucks him off until he comes all over her face. Finally, Roger Renee (John Leslie) arrives, but instead of falling for Sondra, he does Flo every which way - first by going down on her, then getting Flo to suck him off, then screwing her missionary style followed by pounding her up the ass, before finally bringing his unwashed dick home to her throat until he comes all over her face. Sondra listens to this whole session while masturbating and wearing out three guys. The best sex scene comes when David Morris takes her virginity on the pool table. Also hot is the Marilyn - Serena lesbian water scene.

Marilyn sings the theme song Shame on You and the rest of the music is typically Godfrey Daniels superb.

The film climaxes with Marilyn in a fantasy sequence with John Holmes, Mike Ranger and Jesie St. James.

Marilyn Chambers plays a country western singer on the way up in 1983's Up 'N Coming. Lisa de Leeuw plays a singer on the way down. Amidst all the ups and downs, ins and outs, Marilyn screws everyone in sight, including disc jockey Richard Pacheco who thinks Marilyn exudes sexual charisma even though she doesn't sing well. Pacheco fantasizes about interviewing "a beautiful woman like you naked." So Marilyn unzips him and deepthroats Dick Pacheco.

John Holmes appears in his first film after finally being released from prison on drug and murder charges. He's as skinny as Marilyn and she's able to deepthroat his not-fully erect cock. The final scene is a four-way between John, Herschel Savage and Lili Marlene. Lilie and Marilyn eat each other out while getting screwed up the ass by the two men.

The great tunes in Up 'N Coming are sung by Marilyn and lip-synched by Lisa DeLeeuw. The disc jockey voice over was done by former DJ Jim Holliday who also receives writing credit.

Marilyn's insatiable need for cock and punishment fills 1984's Insatiable 2. Jamie Gillis stretches Marilyn out on a pool table, puts a tourniquet around her neck, prods her with a pointed instrument, drops hot wax on her nipples and labia, whips her with leather thongs, ties her hands behind her, and f---s her doggie style while he ass whips her.

Manager Paul Thomas wants Juliet Anderson's two daughters, Shanna McCullough and Valerie LaVeaux. Marilyn's scene with Bobby Dee features an audience participation blow job, with Ron Jeremy as the unseen stunt stand in. (Holliday)

Marilyn breaks with Chuck

After ten years with Chuck Traynor, Marilyn tired of his discipline, and cut loose in 1985, though she was forced to keep Chuck as her manager and pay him 50% of her earnings through 1990.

Finding her freedom, Marilyn resumed smoking, drinking and using drugs such as cocaine. She went all out in her public performances at the Mitchell Brothers' O'Farrells club in San Francisco. Marilyn endured heavy whipping and bondage while fellow dancers drove their fists deep into her vagina and ass (about a foot-and-a-half). Sometimes Marilyn would lock the door in the Kopenhagn lounge and allow the male patrons to do anything they wanted to her - giving or receiving oral sex, anal or vaginal intercourse, fisting, whatever.

"It was a question of showing them how much I could take," says Marilyn. "I showed them I could take a fist up the butt and have hot candle wax dripped all over me. People would go, 'Oh my God, that's amazing.' I loved it that the Mitchell brothers couldn't believe what I was doing and that there were lines around the block. It was great."

Eventually the police had to act. Lieutenant Dennis Martel of the San Francisco Vice Department took these notes one night at the O'Farrells before busting the place and Marilyn.

"I observed approximately twenty patrons have sexual contact with Ms. Chambers. At least five patrons touched or put their mouths on her breasts and nipples as she offered her breasts to some patrons. Chambers raised her vagina and anus to other patrons to touch these areas. I observed at least twelve patrons inserting their fingers into Chambers' vagina while she made undulating motions. I observed at least two patrons appear to make penetration of the anus with their fingers. I observed a white male orally copulate Chambers's vagina for approximately fifteen seconds."

Marilyn and company later beat the charges, much to the frustration of the Vice Squad.

"She signed a pact with Caballero to release a line called Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies 1-6. The first few were loop carriers, scenes shot a few years ago, but we later see the new Marilyn. She's been pumping iron and is solid...over thirty...and with age [comes] an attractive layer of rounded female flesh. Number six combines furious f---ing with French pastry photography." (AFW 3/87 p.14)

Marilyn Chambers began giving advice on sex, including anal sex. "Get a good lube and use a vibrator on your clit.

"There's a fine line between pain and pleasure, and yes, it is painful at first, but the thing about anal sex is that most people tighten up. If you push out as its happening, you'll never get hemorrhoids. But you think it's the opposite. When you pull in, breathe in, that's when it tightens up and it hurts. That's when you get pain and blood and everything.

"You may feel at first, "It's so big I can't take it," and then all of a sudden there's a switchover in your mind. "Oh wow, this feels like dynamite. And if you use a vibrator on your clit, it's the most mind-blowing orgasm.

"And when you come your ass gets large. It contracts and expands. People say, "Don't you have trouble controlling yourself afterwards?" No. Your pussy and your ass are muscles, and the more you use a muscle, the better it gets.

"The best position for deepthroating is if you hang your head over the bed and the guy comes up behind you and his cock is over your mouth - straight. It's got to be a straight passageway or it cannot happen. And then there's a breathing thing you must do. When it goes in, you can't breathe, but when it goes out, you take a breath. So you're breathing along with the guy. The guy can't leave it in there. He's got to be screwing you in your throat, so there's a rhythm." (AFW 3/87)

Marilyn Chambers Today

On her way to an early grave, consuming massive amounts of alcohol and cocaine, Marilyn met her husband-to-be Tom Taylor on a blind date.

"It was lust at first sight," remembers Marilyn, who felt stunned when Tom didn't realize who she was. They had a great first date, but then Taylor called to say he couldn't see her again. A recovering heroin addict, he'd taken a vow not to associate with anyone who used drugs. Marilyn got so angry that she kicked a wall and broke her leg. Her husband-to-be visited her in the hospital and Marilyn ended up in Narcotics Anonymous.

"It was difficult for me to meet men who didn't have this preconceived notion about me, or else were totally intimidated and shaking. Tom had no idea who I was. He'd never heard of me. I was crushed. I thought I was famous. But he cracked me up. He made me laugh so hard I was rolling on the floor.

"At first he was appalled when his friends asked him, 'Do you know who Marilyn Chambers is?" and showed him. Now it's a turn-on for him." (Chicago Tribune 6-2-89)

Chambers and her husband use explicit tapes as a marital aid. Night Trips is her favorite.

Marilyn told the 6-2-89 Chicago Tribune that AIDS drew the curtain on her porn career. "I was offered a lot of money to do another X-rated film, a lot more than my normal asking price which was $100,000. But I'm not willing to die for it.

"There's tons of new, young girls in the business now, and you just wonder, don't they listen to TV or read the newspapers? A lot of them think it's a fast buck, but you're playing with your life now.

"There's nothing to what Linda Lovelace says as far as what our life together was like," Chambers told the Tribune. "Chuck is still a good friend. I had no trouble getting outů I've always owned a piece of each film, so I always got my money.

"I could've made a lot of money as an agent [of porn]. What would I tell them now? 'Don't do it!'"

Marilyn drives a black Lexus with the license plate "LUV NA." With help from Narcotics Anonymous, she's says she's been clean and sober since 1988.

Today Marilyn drives a black Lexus with the license plate "LUV NA" and she wears a large gold Roman numeral V around her neck. She has been clean and sober in Narcotics Anonymous for five years (as of 1993).

In 1990, she gave birth to a baby girl. "What am I going to tell her when she's old enough to know what I've done?

"Oh hell, I'll just tell her the truth.

"Would I want her to do what I've done? To go through what I did?"

Marilyn pauses and then says definitely "No." (Bottom Feeders)

Chambers now stars in softcore cable product such as Private Screenings. The ex-porn queen appears naked at times, showing off her enhanced breasts.

Marilyn still strips at clubs around the country. She spends much of her private time rescuing injured and unwanted animals. Her movies include Party Girls, Legends of Porn 1&2, Playboy Video #4, My Therapist, Electric Blue: Marilyn Chambers and Night on the Town.

In 1993, Marilyn slowed her work. "My career is nice now because I'm not working 52 weeks a year... I've been on the road since I was 18 years old, living out of suitcases in hotel rooms, and it's nice at this stage of my life to enjoy my family." (AVN 9/94)

Marilyn had just finished the R-rated erotic comedy New York Nights where with two female friends, she seeks to marry a millionaire. "I'm fortunate to have a wide-spanning career for 20 years. I've been able to travel the world and meet interesting people."

Marilyn sometimes regrets her X-rated past. "It's gotten me to where I am today, but if I were to do things over again, I'd do them differently."

Chambers and her husband used explicit tapes as a marital aid - Night Trips is her favorite.

Chambers returned to porn in aVCA video directed by Jane Hamilton iearly December, 1998. VCA owner Russ Hampshire introduced me to Marilyn Chambers 1/8/99. She explained her decision to return to X.

"I was running out of fantasies," said Marilyn who divorced for the third time four years ago. "It's helped my sex life to fantasize about the films I've done.

"AIDS really scared me. VCA is condoms only. Russ and Janie [Hamilton] and the whole crew at VCA are so classy. Russ is a fair person. Which is an unusual thing to say about anybody in this business, I hate to say. Russ has lived up to everything that he said he would do. There was no pressure on the set [of Still Insatiable shot in early December].

"It wouldn't have been right five years ago. It wouldn't have been right a year ago. For some reason, it was the right time at the right place... I did three sex scenes and a masturbation scene. I was nervous... Ohmigod, doing a double penetration in a sleazy motel room with Mr. Marcus and Julian St. Croix, oooh. But that was my favorite scene. Then a scene with
Julian and a scene with Kylie Ireland, Julie Ashton and Julian.

"I don't know how it went. They kept saying it looked great. I never saw anything until yesterday [Thursday, 1/7]. They put some of my stuff up and it was really pretty. I was happy with it.

"I was nervous. I hoped I could look good. I hoped I could get their dicks up there... But it was mind over matter. And it was fun, a blast. No pressure. The crew was great. Jane [Hamilton, the director] was great. None of the girls had attitudes.

"I've known Jane Hamilton [Veronica Hart] for 20 years. We worked together on the R-rated Little Shop of Horrors for Private Screenings in New York [during the 1980s]. She's very sexy and a good actress. On our shoot [Still Insatiable], she was calm, friendly. She never goes nuts.

"I have some ideas for the future that I won't go into now. I wish that I'd met them earlier [Jane Hamilton, Russ Hampshire].

"Chuck Traynor was great. I asked him to come on the set [of Still Insatiable] with me to help me out, mentalwise. I was having a hard time..."

Luke: "He's very good putting you in state."

Marilyn: "Yes. He knew I could do it. I got a little nuts before... I didn't want to be doing a sex scene and going ahhhh. I wanted it to be cool. It worked out fine. But us women, we worry about everything.

"I don't know what happened between them [Linda Lovelace and Chuck Traynor] but I feel that it [Lovelace's book Ordeal] was really s---ty of her... She said a lot of stuff about Sammy [Davis Jr.], Hugh Hefner, and Chuck, and they all got together... Chuck did have a temper. But I know
that he didn't kick her with his boots... He and I had our disagreements but I always made my own decisions. Chuck made me a star. He showed me that you have to give people what they don't expect - nice person... You have to be as freaky off-stage as on because word-of-mouth is the
best advertising. He was absolutely right. But if I didn't agree with that, I would not have done as he said. I did what he said and it worked."

Marilyn's fourth marriage ended in 1994. "I'm single and loving it." Her daughter was born in 1990.

Luke: "Will your comeback affect your daughter?"

Marilyn: "Probably. She'll need some therapy down the road. She knows that I do sexy things that she's not aware of. It's not necessary to give her all the gory details yet. I'm sure other people will. Kids are cruel. She's cool, a tough little cookie... So, what are you going to do? I can't be a

Chambers did not bring her kid to Vegas. "Vegas is for adults, not for families. I love being a mom. I have all her friends over. She's going to finish school while staying with my ex-husband. I have her on weekends. All her friends in the neighborhood come over and I cook for all of them.
In June she'll come back and I'll have her all the time.

"I talk with my parents twice a week. We don't discuss the movies I'm most famous for. My dad's a secret fan. I embarrassed them. Not being a parent until recently, I didn't understand it. I now do.

"I still do the R-rated cable TV show. At the end of January I go to Florida to do two days of shooting. Aside from that, and making appearances, I'm a mom. I broke my elbow a couple of years ago and couldn't do much for a year.

"I retired in 1986 because I felt that I had done all I could do. There were too many people trying to do the same thing. When I started, there were only a few companies."

Luke: "If critics take shots at you in this new release, will it get to you?"

Marilyn: "I'm sure they will [take shots]. No, that's fine. There are a lot of people my age [46] and older who watch adult films... And you don't have to look 18 [anymore to star in a porno]. There aren't enough films with older women...to be as they are, without plastic surgery... to make it ok to
have some fat here, and some wrinkles and looking older... Older women can still be sexy and some younger guys like that. 'Hey, that's cool.' It's intimidating to look at 18-year olds on screen. So I did it [the comeback] for that reason also. It's ok to be older and we're still sexy."

Luke: "Your private life?"

Marilyn: "I have some friends that I see frequently, with no strings attached."

Luke: "How's your sex drive compared to 10-20 years ago?"

Marilyn: "Better. I stopped lying about my age a long time ago because I got caught one time on a TV show. My math isn't too good and it was really embarrassing. Sex is great. I don't feel the need to have it all the time. It's difficult to go on dates, because it is near impossible [to live up to the fantasy of Marilyn Chambers]. I don't like to be on all the time. But I
don't really give a s--- what anybody thinks these days."

Chambers said the book Bottom Feeders by John Hubner accurately reflected her life and her experiences with Traynor and the Mitchell brothers.

June 20, 1999

Marilyn Chambers is Still Insatiable

Pat Riley writes on RAME: Ah, hah, another opportunity to pound on the oldie-lovers, the guys with a mommy-fixation, and the touchie-feelies! This movie, Marilyn's comeback and hopefully swan song, will be released in July according to the accompanying publicity. For JC Lee and Two-Fisted: Marilyn smokes (a regular Marlboro type) just before her scene with Marcus and St. Jox.

The modified extended cummerbund effect is where the girl just exposes her crotch and pulls her tits half out of the slip/dress/corset she's wearing.

STILL INSATIABLE Alternate Name: MARILYN CHAMBERS IS...STILL INSATIABLE 1998--VCA Producer/Director: Chanze, Veronica Hart Featuring: Marilyn Chambers, Juli Ashton, Nikita Gross, Victoria Queen, Kylie Ireland, Staci Valentine, Chloe Nichole, Mr. Marcus, Steve Hatcher, Tice Bune, Julian St Jox, Jack Garfield, Julian Andretti, Gloria Leonard, Georgina Spelvin, Veronica Hart, Ron Jeremy, Mark Kernes

If for some weird reason best kept between you and your psychiatrist you have a fixation over old fat women or you drool nostalgically over (as the publicity says) "your old girlfriend" Marilyn do us both a favor and just go and buy or rent this movie. Marilyn does get screwed a couple of times, masturbates, takes it up the butt, does some minor g/g action, and is shared by two black guys. That's all you need to know and you won't like the rest of this review.

For the rest of the world you should consider this as an upscale {Older And Anal #34} with an upgrade of the guys to "reasonably handsome if a little poofy" and a slight plot. Marilyn, twenty-seven years after {Behind The Green Door} returns as US Senator Charlotte Bulworth (yeah, ~that's| original!) who's lecturing Republican (I suppose) women's groups in CA about the evils of pornography and why she's voting for a special anti-pornography task force to clean up the filth.

They actually rounded up some realistic-looking if ugly people such as Gloria Leonard, Georgina Spelvin, and Veronica Hart to hover around and regale us with their dialog skills. Fortunately none of them take off their clothes. Kernes (credits: Bobbie Neuwave), Scottie Schwartz, Sasha Gabor (doing his Burt Reynolds imitation), and many other old-timers also have non-sex stand-around roles.

Marilyn has been given a couple of porno tapes to watch purely for research purposes and as soon as she pops one in the VCR of her limo she's turned on and her hand immediately goes to her crotch for some masturbation while dreaming of herself lying on a bed masturbating. As any good church-going religious type will tell you masturbation is one step on the slippery slope and sure enough next thing you know she's asking her bodyguard Andretti (credits: just Julian) if she can suck on his dick. Since he just swallowed a dozen or so Viagra he can actually get it up for "mommy" (I hope he was paid big bucks) and he screws her.

Marilyn's entourage also includes Kylie (looking pretty facially but hefty with a big butt), Juli, and chauffeur Staci (looking as usual, plastic) and of course they're also rather promiscuous, Kylie screwing a reporter (Jack Garfield, I suppose--also reasonably handsome), and Juli finding that she really likes girls, in this instance, Staci. After Marilyn walks on the wild side and does a three way with Marcus and St. Jox (both uncredited--oh, they're black, I understand), Marilyn's handlers decide that to defuse possible criticism by the press of her affair with Andretti, they'll all have sex with him.

The tapes that Marilyn watches provide two sex scenes, one of Hatcher screwing Chloe (credits: just Chloe) while a bald pathetic loser watches and masturbates, and one of Tice, Nikita (credits: just Nikita), and Victoria (credits: Vicca) doing a stylized three way. None of this is worth watching.

Marilyn looks old and fat and tries to cover herself using the modified extended cummerbund method in all scenes but is unsuccessful in dispelling the idea that you might need a fork lift to turn her over. Chloe does her usual badly acted over the top performance, screaming and contorting her face in fake orgasm; the Russians are clinical; both Kylie and Juli act like and probably are in real life, hard businesswomen; and, Staci goes through the motions. The sound fades in and out and the cameraguy spends most of his time trying to avoid the nasties but doesn't succeed. At least there's no mist and no special effects.All scenes use condoms, Chloe even for the oral part but then I would too with Hatcher.

Sexwise: Hatcher screws Chloe including an anal ending in a belly cum shot; Marilyn masturbates; Staci masturbates; Andretti screws Marilyn; Juli and Staci do a g/g; Tice, Nikita, and Victoria do a three way including an anal of Nikita only ending in a tit cum shot; Garfield screws Kylie including an anal ending in a butt cum shot; Marcus and St. Jox share Marilyn including an anal (no DP) ending in a tit cum shot; and, Marilyn, Kylie, Juli, and Andretti do a four way with all females penetrated ending in a tit cum shot on Juli. Date of production: 12/98.

  1. Image:00010816
    Marillyn Chambers at entrance to AVN Awards 2000
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  • Image:ces9941
    Marilyn Chambers and Chuck Traynor at Marilyn's 1997 induction "Legends of Erotica"

    On March 8, 2001, on their weekend edition, Entertainment Tonight profiled porn stars who've done mainstream TV. You'll remember me asking for help on ET's behalf a few weeks ago.

    Host: There were a few adult film stars up to the challenge and they set their sights on primetime.

    Traci Lords: "I went and did it all. The drugs, the sex, everything. It was a horrible combination. I want younger people who might think X-rated films... well look at Traci Lords, she made it because she did that. I want them to understand what really happened to me. There's so many things that led me to do that and there was very little help when I wanted to get away from it."

    Narrator: Traci Lords was an X-rated star who got caught up in the business as a minor.

    Traci: "I never thought I was going to live to be 20. I thought 20 was old."

    N: When she decided to turn her back on the adult film industry and make it in mainstream films and television, she found nothing but problems.

    Traci: "It isn't easy. It's been so difficult. Are you kidding me? I just don't think it is right when someone tells you that you can't have something just because of something that you did when you were younger or you just made a mistake..."

    N: But Traci persevered and that iron will paid off. We caught up with her doing a guest spot on McGyver. And then with a recurring role on Melrose Place. She remembers when she got that first call for a mainstream role.

    Traci: "I just said, 'Can you hold on for a second?' And I put the phone down and screamed 'I got it.'"

    N: Traci's also currently on the sci-fi channel series First Flag. But her success story is unusual. Many other X-rated stars have had trouble making that jump to primetime.

    Jenna Jameson: "I think it is only a matter of time until I crossover and become the biggest star anybody's ever seen."

    N: Jenna Jameson has high hopes and she did win two guest spots on Nash Bridges. But so far the mainstream has eluded her.

    Marilyn Chambers of Behind The Greed Door fame made some R-rated cable movies but hasn't been able to move beyond that.

    Marilyn: "My phone has not been ringing off the hook with a remake of Gone With The Wind or anything. I'm settling for middle of the road stuff and hoping that it will lead to other things. Of course. But I am not going to hold my breath."

    N: Ginger Lynn Allen managed to make some feature films and did guest starring roles on Silk Stockings and NYPD Blue. But found it hard to achieve mainstream stardom.

    Ginger: "I do feel that there are people who aren't willing to take a chance with me or to give me opportunities. I feel very confident with my abilities today. I've studied hard. I've worked hard. I take my craft seriously. So hopefully else aside from me will take me seriously."

    N: The latest X-rated star to go for primetime is Alisha Klass. After 20 adult films, she got a non-speaking role on Melrose Place and a featured part on Showtime's 1999 series Hooplash. But she still faced the X-rated stigma when she won a role in the film Cruel Intentions that ultimately ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Alisha: "He goes, 'Fine, you can come down here to read today. But don't come down here looking like a porn star.'"

    N: Unlike other adult stars, Alisha intends to keep making X-rated films while pursuing her mainstream dreams.

    Alisha: "What you put your mind to and what you put your heart to, will come true."

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Traci Lords

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      Jenna Jameson

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      Jenna Jameson

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      Marilyn Chambers
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      Marilyn Chambers

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      Marilyn Chambers

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      Ginger Lynn Allen

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      Ginger Lynn Allen

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      Ginger Lynn Allen

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      Alisha Klass

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      Alisha Klass

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      Alisha Klass

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      Ginger Lynn