Keisha - pronounced KEY-sha - entered porn in 1986, turned to burlesque dancing in 1990 before returning to X-work a couple of years later. Born 10/25/66, she checks in and out of the industry whenever she needs to pump up her dance career. Keisha's recent performances include In Living Color, Pussyman 3,4, Real Tickets and Secret Diary.

"Long, lusty, pillow-chested, pouty-lipped, long-lashed Keisha is a wet dream come true," writes AFW. "Her soft skin covers flesh firmed by body- building. Keisha's almond eyes and ample mouth tell more about her sensuality than a stream of juicy adjectives."

"After my shows," says Keisha, "I take Polaroid pictures and give autographs. Some places I table-dance, and in Hawaii I do lap-dances, so I have a lot of contact with the customers. If I see somebody who looks good, I ask him what he's doing later."

Keisha says she's never been turned down. When she gets the guy to her hotel room, "Sometimes I want them just to f--- me and go away. But most of the time I like to hang out and chat, and get naked and have fun. A lot of the guys will start by doing me - they'll eat my pussy or play with my tits. They don't like to take their pants off immediately, 'cause they're scared they won't measure up.

"I was always sexual. Even from the time I was 13, I was flashing my C-cup tits. Driving around with some friends, we'd spot some cute guys - I'd flash my tits, for the pure enjoyment and shock value. I loved to rollerskate on the boardwalk, from Playa del Rey to Hermosa, and if I'd see a cute guy, I always had to flash my tits. I got lots of reactions. Some guys fell off their bikes into the sand.

"In sixth grade I used to make out with the boys behind the trees. Then in seventh grade I'd go into the bushes with two eighth- graders and let them finger me. At 13 I had a boyfriend and we did everything except sex. We gave each other head, but he never stuck it in.

"Then when I was 14, a friend of mine had two brothers. At first I was fooling around with one of them, and then I ended up having sex with him. He was 16 and I was 14 and we were in the back of his car - it was the Fourth of July. And he came so quickly I was like, "This is sex? What's everybody talking about?" I was disappointed. "But after him I had a boyfriend and we had good sex. I hadn't seen an X-rated movie, so I didn't know much. Any time I had sex I had to be quiet, because I wasn't going to scream from the bushes or fooling around in my bedroom when I was 14 and I lived with my grandparents. I get loud when I come now. People put towels over my mouth." (AFW)

Raised strictly in the fundamentalist Church of Christ, Keisha was prohibited from wearing any dresses shorter than the knee. "My parents wouldn't let me take gymnastics when I was a kid, because the outfits were immodest. I broke away from that when I was 13, when puberty hit.

"My sexual openness was just a gift I was born with. Sex is an energy that helps people to be creative. And if you can suppress that, which the church does, you have more a hold on people."

The X-rated business helped Keisha learn about herself.

"When somebody's eating my pussy, I don't like them to go directly for my clit. I like them to suck on my inner lips and suck on my clit, it feels good. But I like the rest of the area to be warmed-up first. Guys have a tendency to think that "the clit is the pleasure center, therefore I must go directly for that." No.

"I like my breasts played with. It has to start slow, with squeezing my breasts. And then I'll ask them to touch my nipples and pinch them, but not too hard. If they're putting just the right amount of pressure, it'll start sending this sensation of heat down my body and I'll get wet. It's amazing, the connection between my nipples and my pussy.

"I would like to experience pure lesbian sex, with a woman who is just into women, not for the sake of a man watching the video to get off. My lesbian friend has this girlfriend who's into bondage and wild sex. And I probably will someday have her tie me up, and be at her mercy, and ravish my body and eat my pussy and finger-f--- me." (AFW)

Upon turning 18, Keisha began doing fantasy phone calls and bachelor parties. "The owner of the fantasy phone-call company took me and some other girls to an X-rated awards show. And this girl leaned over to me and said, "You can make a lot of money in this business if you keep your body in shape." She pointed over at Traci Lords. "She drives a Ferrari."

"So I was drawn both by the money and the excitement of having sex on the screen, being a bad girl.

"The first time I did a movie I wasn't embarrassed or nervous. I used to work with the guys and then go home with them later and do it again." (AFW)

"I used to never like facial cum shots. I thought guys liked them because they were degrading. But then my friend told me how much he really loved them, and how much they turned him on, and he didn't think it was degrading. He just thought that it meant that the girl really liked the sex, and that she really liked the guy, and that it just really got her going. So I started doing some of those in my movies with that attitude -- and now I really like them." (Mentertainment magazine)

Keisha gained weight during the '90s, causing a heart-broken porn fan to complain to HEVG.

Cabaret City, Forbidden Bodies... were all movies that got me through rough times during those crazy '80s. The personal turmoil to which I refer resulted in a ten year stretch - with time off for good behavior - in a maximum security correctional facility in Louisiana... One of the first things I did upon my release was to head to the video store...a movie Pussyman 12: Sticky Fingers. I went straight home and jammed that sucker into my VCR. Could somebody please explain to me what happened to this woman whose old movies and magazine layouts caused me to pull my cock raw... She was always fleshy, but now she's huge. If the director had slammed some tanning oil on her and then stuffed an apple in her mouth, she would've looked like a glazed suckling pig at Easter time.

Keisha worked hard during the '90s to lose the weight that caused fans so much grief. As of 1997, a trim Keisha, married to a landscaper, stripped at Bob's Classy Lady in Van Nuys, a suburb of Los Angeles to pay for college. She studies psychology.

Keisha wrote to me 2/99: " I haven't done a movie since the end of 1994 and I thought I was done for good, but I have decided to come back and do some more movies. I have been in college for the last 2 1/2 years and I am a psychology major and a straight A student. I will continue going to college part time. While I've been in school, I've been working at a club in North Hollywood called Deja Vu. I usually work there Friday and Saturday nights. "