"Elegant and patrician, with a fine acting talent, as well as built-in sex appeal, Kay came here from England to carve a unique niche for herself. In porndom's hierarchy of archetypes, she is the older woman who seduces, or is seduced by, a younger man. Tall, slender, and full-breasted, she projects an aura of sensuality that captures viewer interest right away. (AFW 3/87 p.58)

Her first offer to appear in a porno came after meeting John Leslie, who introduced her to director Robert McCallum. He cast her in V-The Hot One in 1978. In her porn debut she played a straight role, no sex.

Kay's enduring popularity is largely based on her rousing performances in the first three Taboo films, in which she plays a woman troubled by forbidden yearnings. Her scenes with Mike Ranger in the initial Taboo in 1980, and with Jerry Butler in Taboo III are classics.

Memphis Cathouse Blues: "One of her own favorites is the passionate, prolonged, and beautiful fireside f--- with Billy Dee in this Lewis Brothers take-off on The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas." Kay also played a bit part in that Hollywood musical.

In Private Teacher, Kay plays a prim tutor hired to broaden a reclusive young man Tom Byron. "The prim tutor grabs Tom's cock under the table - a great icebreaker - and soon they're off and running."

Sexworld: Kay performed her first sex scene for director Anthony Spinelli, who coaxed her out of her British reserve. "Kay goes to a big high tech sex therapy center to act out her fantasy, and gets a nuts-and-bolts screwing from sex-machine Joey Silvera. The action is hot and intense, and Kay is the boiler that makes it steam. She and Joey got so carried away filming this scene that one of her teeth was chipped."

"I've always had a strong fascination with big-titted older women," writes Douglas in Miami. "The first woman I ever screwed was a good eight years older than I was, and she had big knockers like Kay Parker's. I love watching her moan and groan, twist and jiggle on screen as she's getting it hard from some guy." (AFW 8/83)

Kay, born 8/28/43, features in Robert Stoller's books Porn and Coming Attractions. "Biological time and servitude as a performer alerted her good sense," writes Dr. Stoller, "so she moved on to other areas of the industry. She is slim, graceful, intense, wary-covered-by-willingness-to-inform, dressed tastefully in casual Southern California style... English accent. Holding herself poised, with all movements self-contained. Controlling the conversation with the skill of an old hand at interviewing. She knows the value of being private, and she is not into the pride in rebellion that dominates Bill [Margold] and my other informants."

Kay: "I only took acting jobs... Then things started to change. That's why I dropped out of the business, because I'm not able to perform sex the way it's done now [1986]."

Jim Holliday to Dr. Stoller: "Kay is slick, stylish, sophisticated and hiding. Kay is our jewel but she is not going to tell you what you want to know.

"Kay is perfect in front of the television camera. Any hostile minister... anti-porn guy is going to melt. How could Jerry Falwell scream venom at Kay Parker when she's sitting there saying, "My sex life was enriched by porn"?"

Bill Margold: "Kay had a cloistered sex life until this business exploded on her. She, like me, is going through an adolescent period at a late age and has discovered the wonders of sex as a toy."

Jim Holliday: "One person in the cast [of Stairway to Paradise] that I insisted on...was Kay Parker. Even the sales people don't realize what an impact [in a non-sex role] Kay Parker is going to have on this tape [Stairway], a major coup.

"This sounds funny in this jaded industry, but neither Sharon [Kane] or I could bring outselves to say, "Hey, Kay, you want to show your tits?"

Ernest Greene to Dr. Robert Stoller: "Almost all [persons in porn] will give you a variation of the party line. You're almost always better off with a younger, not-so-bright performer. Out of the mouths of these babes come things closer to the truth. Some of the rawest, wantonest, craziest, least engaging personalities would come closest to giving you the straight stuff: they're not committed to this way of life. The older people [like Kay Parker] have, over the years, accreted a calcification of lies and rationalizations around what they do."

Dr Stoller: "They've been interviewed often enough...that they're just reading their lines."

Ernest Greene: "However they started, by the time you're 35 and been in the business ten years, it's central to your life... Any attack on this business is an attack on your whole life. You defend it to your last breath. Nina [Hartley] gets up there with a baseball bat ready to take on anyone with anything bad to say about the X-rated business, but it gets in the way of truth...

"No matter how often an outwardly charming, intelligent, likable, well-adjusted person sits up there on the Donahue Show and says, "We're charming, likable, well-adjusted human beings," no one is fooled. Everyone knows they're looking at a carefully trained, carefully chosen anomaly. The public's idea about this industry is probably not far removed from the kind of industry it is: exploitative, with marginal personalities who can't integrate into society, self-destructive people living self-destructive lives." (Coming Attractions)