Julie Meadows

From the Canadian web site Spotlight.ca:

Julie Meadows is an adult film actor who lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband of 10 years and their eight-year-old son. Her bungalow is like all the other bungalows in the valley. She drops her son off at school, sweeps the hallway, makes coffee, pays taxes and does what everyone else does. Her job is a little different than most, performing explicit sexual acts for a multimillion dollar adult film industry.

She was asked if sheís encountered "mainstream" film workers plying their expertise in the adult film industry. "The thing with adults (films) is directors are given just so much of a budget. Film is much more expensive than video so video is usually used. And, the problem with video is that it shows every little crease and crevice in your face.

"So when it comes to lighting, if they can make the video look like film - great. Thatís perfect, thatís what people are going for. Everybody wants quality but thatís the problem with adult - itís quantity and lack of quality."

She says she encounters mainstream feature film people taking part in adult films, but not very often. "People in mainstream donít want mainstream people to cross over into adult films. And the people in adult donít want adult people to cross over," she says.

From the 3/25/01 set of Succubus:

I talk to VCA contract girl Julie Meadows.

Julie: "I read your web site."

Jim warns Julie: "Be careful in what you say to him."

Julie: "Oh sure. I don't say anything weird."

Jim: "Ok. Certain names don't come out of your mouth like R-U-S-S [Hampshire, owner of VCA]."

Julie: "So how come you weren't here Friday and Saturday?"

Jim: "They're Jew days."

Luke: "Today's a goyim day, so I can come out."

Dino Bravo croons in the background.

Luke: "Julie, you and I were introduced briefly by French photographer Eric Walters in the May of 1999 at the Hustler Jailbabes party. He wanted me to meet an intelligent porn chick. He said to me, 'I want you to meet Julie Meadows because I know that you think that all porno chicks are stupid.'"

Jim: "He wanted you to meet her to prove it?"

Julie: "I am the dumbest one."

Kyle: "I can barely wait to see how all this will come out on your site."

Luke: "It will come out impartially, fairly, with every fact checked with at least three independent sources."

Jim: "Julie got to play a drunk slut last night."

Luke: "Was that a reach for you?"

Julie: "No, that's normal. I just got drunk. I was myself."

Jim: "She got up on the table. Ripped a guy's shirt off. Said 'f--- me hard, put me away wet.'"

Kyle Stone talks to Herschel Savage and his fiance Wanda Curtis.

Kyle: "Where you going?"

Herschel: "We're going to a motel."

Kyle: "I was going to drive beside you on the freeway and watch."

Herschel: "But you wouldn't see her head."

Kyle: "Yeah, but I might catch her ass arched up and that would be good enough for me."

Julie: "If you work for McDonalds, you're still prostituting yourself."

Jim: "Luke thinks that's more socially acceptable."

Luke to Julie: "How does your father feel about your new career?"

Julie: "He's happy for me."

Wanda Curtis, in porn three years, hails from Hungary.

Someone remarks that she's marrying Herschel to get a Green Card [permission to live in the US].

Wanda: "Don't say that, ever, ever, ever."

Luke: "How did you meet Herschel?"

Wanda: "On a shoot. I worked with him. Funny, I had to laugh. I couldn't do my job. I saw him first and I said, 'Guys, have to go back home. No thanks. He's old.' I thought he'd have a heartattack. He survived."

Luke: "What attracts you to Herschel?"

Someone yells out, "A green card."

Wanda: "Wrong answer. I never talk to you. That is not nice. It has nothing to do with a green card. It's not funny. Hungarian people are sensitive. I can not take this. It is not a joke for me."

I don't understand why Wanda would be sensitive to the remark unless it was true. In my years in journalism, I've found that people overwhelmingly get mad when what you write is true. If it is false, they don't care much.

Herschel: "She is marrying me for the green card and I don't care. I'm not sensitive about it. I'm an old man. I deserve a little bit of happiness before I die."

Jim interviews Dynamite: "Who was Kennedy?"

Dynamite: "I don't know."

Jim: "Who was Washington?"

Dynamite: "The first president."

Jim: "Who was Lincoln?"

Dynamite: "He emancipated the slaves."

Jim: "Who was Eisenhower?"

Dynamite: "I don't know too much about Eisenhower."

Jim: "Who was Nixon?"

Dynamite: "I don't know too much about Nixon."

Jim: "Who was Roosevelt?"

Dynamite: "I don't know too much about history period."

Luke sings: "I don't much about history. Never learned much biology. I don't understand pornography."

Dynamite: "Pornography I understand. I open up my legs and go 'Oooh and Ahhh.'"

Jim tells Luke: "Julie's destroying your whole world. You don't understand how she can be so nice, so pleasant to speak with and have that smile, and then do what she does. It just confounds you to the bottom of your being, that she can have that twinkly eye and big beautiful smile and be friendly and warm... She can't do those pornographic things. She wasn't laying there yesterday on that table with a dick between her legs. It wasn't her. It was a stunt double."

Julie: "If it wasn't for the fact that I am happily married, I couldn't do adult. Because I am too sensitive to be able to handle some of the things I've actually handled."

Luke: "Did your husband get you into the industry?"

Julie: "No, it was my choice. We're swingers anyway. I was a dancer for five years.

"I've been married for ten years. I am 27. I have an eight year old son."

Luke: "Does he come to sets and bring you cold drinks during sex scenes?"

Julie: "No. I don't want him to get a reputation of being a suitcase pimp. He's a musician. He has a recording studio.

"My initial plans were to move to New York and get into dancing or acting. Get far from the small town where everyone knows who you are."

Luke: "When you were a little girl, did you want to grow up to be a porn star?"

Julie: "I didn't even know what it was. My dad had a few magazines that I found once by accident."

Luke: "Were you abused as a child?"

Julie: "I was abused mentally by my older step-sister. But I guess that's expected. She's such a bitch. My other three sisters are not so well off. They're great people. They're attached to smalltown life. I'm the weird one."

Luke: "Will you be working at the Bunny Ranch?"

Julie: "No. How about you?"

Luke: "No."

Jim: "Have you ever thought of visiting the Bunny Ranch?"

Luke: "No."

Jim: "Yeah, they'd open the door right up for Luke. They'd give Luke the keys to the place."

Julie: "Tape recorder in hand. 'So, do you like being a prostitute?'"

Jim: "Dennis Hof would welcome Luke with open arms."

Luke to Julie: "Does your son know?"

Julie: "He's eight years old. Of course not. He's concerned with Pokemon."

Luke: "Poking mom?"

Julie: "Pokemon and scooters."

Jim: "My son's the same way. Pokemon and Power Rangers."

Luke: "One day you're going to have to explain to him."

Julie: "Well, I'm his mother and he loves me better than anyone. He'll understand. As children, it's hard for us to understand many things. There were many things that I did not understand about my parents until I became an adult and gained a mental maturity. 'Hey, you're just human. Do what you do. I love you anyway.' He'll be fine. He's a great kid."

Jim: "She'll be able to raise non-judgemental children."

Julie: "He's very outgoing while I'm shy."

Jim: "You mean he hasn't been arrested 15 times and has tattoos that say, 'Porn To Kill' and stuff?"

Julie: "No. The wildest thing for him is staying up until 11PM on Saturday night."

Jim: "Luke hates this. It is not what he wants to hear."

Julie: "We're not overprotective about a lot of things because we don't want him to form mental blocks about himself and sexuality and people. We encourage him to form his own opinions about whatever. We're good people. He'll be fine."

Luke: "Are there any other contract girls at VCA?"

Julie: "It's just me and Chloe."

Luke: "What happened to Juli Ashton?"

Julie: "I don't know. I don't ask questions like that."

Luke: "Did you demand that they drop all other contract girls before you'd sign with them? Because you wanted to be the only star?"

Julie laughs. "No... And then I threw a temper tantrum and started throwing things across the room... I don't know what happened with that [Juli Ashton]. I almost asked once and I thought, 'Oh, I don't want to know.'"

Jim: "It's none of my business right."

Luke: "Maybe she got whacked."

Julie: "I have this friend in Texas. She's the reverse of me. She was really wild young. Now she's really conservative. We were best friends. Now she considers me really wild. She says, 'I can't believe you can do that.' I say, 'Why not? If I get out of the business, there will be 100 girls to take my place. Why shouldn't I enjoy myself and have a piece of whatever I can get.'

"But we don't talk anymore. I think she regrets many of her life decisions. She doesn't understand how I can be married and still have a career and want to be ambitious. She would like to have a career but she stays home because her husband doesn't want her to work."