Ex-school teacher Juli Ashton ranks at the top of '90s porn starlets. There's almost no sex act she won't do. Juli says her nastiest off-camera sex came "when I had two male friends over and we ended up in my bedroom and I was tied down on my stomach with a mask on and they both f---ed me.

"I like being tied up and spanked. I love nipple clamps. The sensation when they had me down was great, and I had the mask on so I couldn't hear that well and I couldn't see, and they left the room after having used ice and whips. After all that had been going on I couldn't hear them leave and so I'm lying there with the anticipation of being touched. My pussy was clenching and releasing for 45 minutes.

"I would love to be pulled over by a cop for speeding - make him chase me, and then have to suck and f--- my way out of a ticket, preferably while I'm handcuffed." (HEVG)

Ashton entered porn in May 1994. She first appeared in Dinner Party for Ultimate, turning in a scene with Tammy Parks. "I was so terrified," Juli told Roger Tipe, "but in that scene I didn't have any dialog or anything. So I didn't have to stress about camera presence. Also, I was very into women so that really helped. I remember looking up while she was eating me out, and seeing the sound guy. I looked right in his eyes and he had this huge hardon. He totally blushed and it made me cum instantly so I just went "Wow, this is a cool business.""

Ashton then did several Rosebud videos using the moniker Juli Austin and other similar sounding names. VCA scooped her up after New Wave Hookers 4.

She got a nose job and dyed her blonde before starring in The Butt Detective, Conquest, Wide Open Spaces, The Scarlet Woman, Naked Ambition, The Devil in Miss Jones 5, Latex and Attitude.

Juli stands 5'9 and measures 36C-24-36.

She moved to Southern California in June of 1995 after a year of commuting from Florida.

Ashton worked behind the scenes to make VCA's Daydreams, Nightdreams with director Bud Lee.

Juli lost her virginity in high school. "It was bad. I had the hots for this guy and he seduced me. And the next day he asked another girl to the prom. I could've killed him.

"I was a straight-laced, nerdy kid. My mom was a teacher in the school district. I grew up there and knew all the teachers. It was a real small town so I got away with absolutely everything, but didn't do that much that needed getting away with." (Told to Pipe)

The tall blonde majored in Spanish and History at Colorado State. In her freshman year, she had her own room in a co-ed dorm and slept with 90% of the boys on the floor.

After graduation, Juli taught Spanish at a Junior High School for a year. "It was awful," she told Roger P. Tipe. "I hated it. I was so bad at it too. I wasn't very good at the discipline part. I think I would be better at it now, but the parents were a pain, the kids were a pain, even the other teachers were a pain."

Ashton became a stripper.

Her first time with a girl came with Kylie Ireland when Juli was 22. "We broke each other in. We stumbled about. It was wonderful. We danced at the same club in Colorado.

"One day we were in the basement of my sister's house. We talked about it for hours before we got up the nerve to kiss each other. We'd spent so long talking about it that by the time we got into it I was incredibly wet.

"I danced at a club in Florida where Shayla LaVeaux and Alexis DeVell did a duo act. Their manager Lucky Smith was there. We started talking. We were all from Colorado. They gave me their phone numbers.... After a year, I called Lucky."

Juli's family know what she does for a living and they don't like it. "I told my family before I did anything at all," Ashton told Pipe. "I didn't want them to find out some other way. They started out pretty upset. My dad and my brother were going to come out and kidnap me. It was a pretty traumatic time. That's why I told them when I did. I didn't want to be making movies and dealing with that at the same time. Now, they see that I'm happy and successful. I just bought a home. They see I'm not falling apart, not doing drugs or any of the terrible things that they had thought of. I'm not going to say they're entirely happy, but they're OK."

Ashton doesn't stay in touch with her friends from childhood. "So, it's not like they gave me grief or anything, but I am the talk of the town. Everybody has seen my Playboy layout or checked out my web site. Everybody knows now. People have just been surprised, so it's kind of cool."

While sitting around the Video Gold Fan Club, Juli, Shayla LaVeaux and other porn girls read their fan mail. "Going through the mail can be tedious, so we try to do it in groups," says Juli. "If we come across a good letter, we read it to each other.

"I don't know what first struck me about Dan's letter. He was able to sound the confident-nothing-to-lose attitude without being arrogant. He asked me to attend his fraternity's Spring Formal with him. I shared his letter with the other girls and they thought that would be fun."

Juli and Shayla flew to North Carolina and ended up doing a girl-girl scene on the floor in front of everyone.

Ashton had tears in her eyes when she received XRCO's Performer of the Year [1995] Award. She thanked "all the people who treated me as an intelligent adult and not as a f---in' bimbo."

Though she is no bimbo, Juli's voice makes her sound like one. "Finding a brain cleverly lodged inside an apparent airhead is an arousing discovery," writes Philip Hitchcock on RAME. "I would be delighted to see several sets of magnificent hooters smiling down from the Supreme Court bench; I would be grateful to hear Juli Ashton's cute-sexy voice delivering the Saturday morning radio rebuttal to the then sitting President's weekly address; I'd be in heaven to vote Marilyn Chambers into office as the first woman President."

In early 1998, Wicked released the first production from Juli Ashton's new company Ashton-View Productions. "This one, obviously is a Gonzo, home video thing," Juli told Roger P. Tipe, "but we'll be doing feature films, bondage, all sorts of different things. I am still in front of the camera and I still like it, so I will be in all four this year. In the future, it just depends on how I feel."

Juli says that the Scotty Schwartz porno Scotty's X-rated adventure "was a lot of fun. We worked with a lot of new people behind the scenes who weren't in the adult industry. It was fun to have them bring in their enthusiasm because they had never done anything like that. And Scottie was just so professional and it was really fun to act with him and he's a nice guy.

"I love California. Growing up in Colorado, you're kind of taught to hate California and I was not looking forward to it, but I really love it here.

"I love being on the set. I love the whole production aspect of it, so the sex is an added bonus.

Juli says that DMJ5 is her favorite movie aside from her latest Essentially Juli. "I put so much of my heart into 'Essentially Juli' that it will probably always be my favorite. But DMJ5 is right at the top as well. Greg Dark is incredible. It was a wonderful shoot. There are just so many high points in that movie. It will always be on my list of favorites. The Butt Detective is another one I liked."

The Wrong Snatch was fun. "Comedies don't tend to do that well, I don't know why, but I liked it. I helped write it, and there are a lot of stupid jokes in it.

"I think that the adult industry and the people in it, walk a really fine line between responsibility and art. I tend to lean toward the responsibility side. I don't like violence and drama with my sex. There is enough drama in my real life. I don't need to watch it on screen. I like to laugh. That's what sex is to me. Sex is joy, it's funny, it's lighthearted, it should be fun and so I would prefer to do things like that rather than the mental deep, dark stuff. It just doesn't do anything for me.

"I have always loved Shayla Laveaux. She'll always be my favorite. I like all the girls. It's amazing, in this industry there's no competition like in the straight world or in modeling. It's not really a competition thing so all the girls are just wonderful. And the guys, I came in as a fan and so I'll always have a place in my heart for Peter North, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice... I love those guys. That's who I watched when I started watching.

"I'd like to work with Janine. She's a really good friend of mine, she's such a sweet, incredibly gorgeous woman that I think it would be really hot." (Told to Pipe)

Juli watches her own movies. "It's not sexual when I am watching myself. However, I did most of the editing on 'Essentially Juli' and I have to admit that I am past the embarrassment where you blush and can't watch. Now, I'm watching and remembering how much fun it was. It's becoming erotic.

"I am quite proud because I don't act during the sex. I am pretty transparent with my emotions, so I can't fake things. I think that comes through in the movies that I am enjoying myself and having a fun time. I don't have to act.

"Being a contract girl, I get the script at least two weeks in advance as part of my contract. A lot of the people get the script on the set and have to memorize dialog while in make up.

"I think it's an amazing business, I love it. The people I've met in this industry are the most open, sincere, straight forward people you will ever meet. There is also a loyalty that I haven't seen a lot of other places. Maybe it's because we're all outcasts in society's eyes or whatever brought us to this industry ties us all together. The loyalty in this industry is really strong and I love that.

"People will come up and say hey and have a picture taken and stuff. It's really great. I've always had a very positive response. I can't think of one time when somebody was even a little bit rude. Like at the grocery store the other day, I was in line and someone said "I really like your show [Nightcalls on Playboy cable TV] by the way." Nice things like that make my day.

"I was doing a show called "Sex Under Hot Lights" for Playboy, and it was contracted out. The director [for Night Calls] and I got to know each other pretty well and he thought I would be good for it. I owe him a lot, because he sent my tapes down and got me the audition."

Juli says there is nothing she does on camera that she would not do in her personal life. "When I got into the business we were talking about whether I should do anal or not. A few years ago not a lot of people did. And I was kind of like, "but I like it in my personal life so why should I hold something back." I guess something like a gang bang is just for the screen. I've never just gone and picked up a bunch of guys. So, that's something a bit different.

"Bondage. I haven't explored it as much as I'd like. I mean, I've dabbled a little in my personal life, but I'd like to do a really good, strong bondage film. That would give me a chance to work with some of the people I've met from those videos, but never worked with.

"I want my production company be successful and grow bigger. I want to put a joyful spin on sex and help the industry educate the rest of the world that we're just normal, nice, moral people. We just happen to have sex for a living.

"I would love to see Ashton-View go into mainstream films as well. That should keep me busy. And I want to make a million dollar porno film.

"I'm remodeling my house... I did the whole party thing in college, so I don't go out to bars and I don't do the Hollywood scene. When I am at home, I like to be around my family and my dogs. That's what I do."

What does Juli look for in a man? "Sincerity, sense of humor is very important and a sense of direction is very essential.

"I don't like to talk bad about this business, but no, I don't think they are [doing enough to protect performers from AIDS]. I went all condoms the last time we had this scare. To claim a small piece of rubber on a dick makes a difference is a lie. People don't care, they just don't. So, I would like to see the industry be at least all condom for anal. But you can't change the world overnight.

"I tend to shoot with the same people, or the people within my own organization. Most everyone in Essentially Juli is a Risqué girl. I've been on DNA testing for a long time, and do what I can. It goes back to the responsibility vs. art thing. Sure, in a perfect world, we wouldn't need to use condoms, but on the other hand, people do learn behavior from us whether we like it or not." (Told to Roger P. Tipe)