Jill Kelly ranks among porn's five busiest and most affluent female performers.

The star of such videos as Double Cross and Anal Princess grew up in Pomona and has never lived further than an hour away from Porn Valley. Jill says her parents do not approve of her work but they love her anyway.

Kelly stands 5'7", weighs 115 pounds, and after an April 1996 breast job, measures 36D-24-36. Because she charges several thousand dollars for the dirty deed, the anal princess rarely absorbs butt pounding or double penetration on camera.

Though Kelly's best friend from high school is her biggest fan, most of her other friends from that time are either dead or on drugs. Though wild during her teens, Jill says she maintained straight As.

In her spare time Kelly enjoys riding horses, reading Dean Koontz novels and playing basketball. Give her more spare time and she likes to reply to letters from fans and watch gay videos. Like many women, she feels disappointed that the men in straight porn are not as handsome as the guys in gay porn.

Kelly began shaking her booty for a living shortly after high school. For five years she worked as a house dancer - a category of stripper who pays a club for the privilege of undressing on stage. In exchange, she keeps her tips. Feature dancers, by contrast, receive up to $20,000 a week from the top "gentlemen's clubs."

Tiffany Million took Jill to the 1993 CES in Las Vegas which stimulated her to join herself to the body of porn.

The future "Jill Kelly" met Randi Potes aka Cal Jammer at the convention, and found him as emotionally needy as she was. Birds of a feather, they married quickly.

Cal reneged on his promise to get her into the industry, but even with his opposition, Jill moved into hardcore with great success. In return, Jammer knocked her around until she fled from him.

Feeling castrated by his wife's success, Cal killed himself on Jill's driveway in January, 1995. A few hours before, he'd discovered Jill in bed with Chuck Martino.

As documented in Susan Faludi's New Yorker essay "The Money Shot", 11/30/95, many of the boys in the industry blamed Jill for Cal's death. She lived through a miserable few months but survived to become liked by most of those who know her, including many of her former adversaries.

Jill keeps Cal's ashes in an urn which she occasionally takes on the set with her to inspire peak performance. She mulls over several TV movie offers to reveal the complete Kelly - Cal story.

After a well-publicized relationship with P.J. Sparxx, Kelly moved on to another jammer - Eric Price, who, like Cal, hates her working in porn. That she enjoys her vocation particularly bothers him.

Eric divorced porn star Paula Price in 1993.

Jill reads her reviews and watches her videos to evaluate her acting. She tends to be hard on herself. The tall blonde spends most of her time stripping in clubs.

She finds intimacy difficult following Cal's suicide. "It's hard to get close to somebody, because you think they may disappear like Cal did. I'll probably never get over the suicide of my husband. But I'm the best I've ever been since then."

By the time she's 30, Jill plans to be married with children and living on a ranch.

For much of 1996 and early 1997, Jill performed hetero-scenes only with Eric. Then he broke up with her.

"Eric broke my heart," says Kelly. "He played games with me and hurt me. Now he wants me back, but it's too late. It's over. We can never go back to the way we were."

In late 1997, Jill said, "Now I have a female lover and a male lover. No boyfriend or girlfriend. This way I can have the best of both worlds." (RAME)

Persona from Video Team is Jill's main movie of 1997. She plays a schizophrenic with wild sexual fantasies and gets therapy from porn veteran Herschel Savage.

Kelly's brother serves as her manager.

Lynn Snowden wrote on porn for the 3-98 George: "The movie, titled The Second Coming, features Jill Kelly, 27, the very blond veteran of more than 200 porn films, and she's about to resume her manipulations of her co-star, an attractive Latin-lover type who goes by the irony-proof nom de porn of Tim Hard.

""Now, Jill," says Ralph [Ron Sullivan's son], the cameraman and a dead ringer for a young Steven Spielberg, "stand up, push him back on the mattress and give him a blow job." Kelly's somewhat tense expression is not due to anxiety about the prospect of having various kinds of hard-core sex in front of a crowd of about 12 people in a freezing, filthy warehouse; it's about what Tim is likely to do once her head is down in his crotch. "I don't like it when they touch my hair," she confided as she recombed it and carefully applied more lipstick. "It's annoying me. That's what happens when you work with someone you don't know." In pornography, the real surprises are often not on film."

WiredPink.com Review

BritPop writes on RAME: Most adult actresses come into the business looking young and fresh and leave looking like hard,worn out skanks. When Jill Kelly came into the business as Seth Damian, she looked like a tough, hard street girl, yet has actually become better looking and more glamorous with each passing year. Naturally, I was curious to see if Jill's website would also improve with time, since her first website was your typical Atlas designed piece of s---. The site offers the standard images,quicktime clips, as well as live webcams (4) from Jill House which either feature Jill or one of her guest models.A Java chat client is also offered.


Images are virtually all behind the scene shots as well as on tour photos showing Jill on stage dancing. Total images in galleries was about 250 broken down as follows: Set1- 12pics,Set 2-10pics,Set 3- 8pics, Set 4- 159pics, Set 5-15pics Set 6- 39pics Unfortunately, the average size of the pics was 50-60kb, and looked to be at 800x600 resolution which was much lower than what I look for. Set 5 was basically just thumbnails, and while set 6 did have a few larger images, they were behind the scenes shots of the lesbian gangbang. While I liked the behind the scene pics, the absence of professional quality solo girl photo shoots was noticeable. And the inability to see any of the photos at a higher resolution was frustrating as well.


Jill has a standard bio page of herself as well as about a dozen other women who have appeared in her movies. The bio was a short 2-3 paragraphs, and had that dry Public relations department feel to it. All the movies the actresses have appeared in were listed. In short, it did not have any information that would really interest a true Jill Kelly fan. There was no diary or weekly journal where Jill tells us about her life or what she did last week at all. Very disappointing.


I am on a cable modem, and to her credit Personal Porn and Jill Kelly have enough bandwidth to support all the streaming videos that they are serving. The problem is that the technology is just not there yet, even for those of us who can download at T1 speeds. Her site uses quicktime technology, and the movies appear in a window that is roughly the size of a audio cassette tape case, and even at high speed they suffer from the blocky pixalated look. What you get are roughly 50 minute versions of each of the first 2 Purrfect Pink movies, some clips from her gang bang video, and one streaming dance clip filmed at a club in Denver. Jill's webcam schedule and dance schedule is not posted in the free section, so you don't find out until you join whether or not she will be there or if you will get a guest model The webcam windows are the same size as her streaming videos, and do have sound, so you can here the person speak. Jill was not there when I viewed her site, but "Nurse" Kelsey was. It was better than most webcam shows, but streaming video technology in such a small window does not do it for me.


Wiredpink.com is currently paying referring webmaster's $25 a signup, yet their monthly subscriber fee was also $25. When I see payouts that high it usually means either two things: 1) The site is so good that subscribers tend to stay with the service for months, allowing Personal Porn to recoup the sign up bonus paid to webmasters. 2) They were cheating webmasters by not paying for all the signups. The next thing I noticed was that you had to host their banner on a page in a password protected directory. What? If they just wanted traffic, then they would allow everybody and their grandmother to participate in the program. Requiring that the link be behind a password protected directory limits participants to other paysites. The only advantage of that I can think of was a way to keep the chargeback ratio down by only getting traffic which was a member of another site. For a pay site op, encouraging your existing members to leave your site and go join another one would have a short term gain, in that it might reduce your monthly variable costs for bandwidth in addition to the sign up bonus , but the surfer might decide to drop your site the next month and stay with Wired Pink. So I am assuming that this would primarily appeal to those paysites which did not update content frequently and thus did not have many recurring subscribers.


Whether or not you will like this site depends on how you feel about streaming video. My impression is that the technology is does not provide high enough quality to be worthwhile yet, and I am on a cable modem connection, so if you are on a dialup connection, your image quality will even be worse. I will say that Personal Porn has done one of the best jobs of implementing the technology that I have seen on the adult web, with plenty of bandwidth to support users as well as having multiple frame rates which the user can select based on his connection. As far as jpegs are concerned, 250 images for $25 bucks a month ,ie 10 cents a pic, is not my idea of value . The site has a dry corporate feel and lacks a personal diary or any sort of personal "warmth". You also get to view some of Personal Porn's content which consist of streaming video clips, organized by category and a rotating 3D image of various amateurs. The 3D images did not impress me at all, and the Personal Porn's video server was down when I viewed it on 18/09/1999.

The reason why I am calling this an observation as opposed to a review, is that the obviously the entire sucess of the site and a fan's enjoyment of it depends on Jill Kelly's webcam appearances, and she will not be there again until Oct 10. If her webcam shows rock, then maybe the site will generate the recurring monthly subscribers which it needs to cover its referring bonus. If the shows don't rock, or generate any initmacy that would appeal to a fan, then this site will receive an unfavorable recommendation.