Born 6/26/76, Jenteal stands 5'6", weighs 125 pounds and measures 34B-24-34.

She says her name has never been Jen Teal. "When I first started, someone read it wrong on my model release and it appeared in the credits that way. From that point on, that's the way people thought it was spelled."

In early 1994, the Vivid girl did her first scene with Nikki Sinn in Babes Illustrated 3. Then she did such men as Alex Sanders, Mark Davis and Steven St. Croix. Scheduled to star in St. Croix's directorial debuts, Hard Feelings and Mind Set, Jenteal became sick and had to change her plans. "Both of those movies were written for me. I was disappointed that I didn't get to do them." (AVN)

The perky blonde says she has her best on-screen orgasms with women such as Melissa Hill, Felecia and Misty Rain. "I had sex with several girls before I got into the business. It's one of the reasons I entered... I like girls so much."

Jenteal's comedy series Stardust plays on The Playboy Channel. The Vivid girl plays Honey Potts, "a country bumpkin from the South who has this dream to go to Hollywood, but she's been stuck with her boyfriend Bubba, a typical chauvinist pig, who owns a strip club where she dances. The whole series is about her chasing after this dream of a knight in shining armor, who will kiss her hand on bent knee and ask her to marry him..." (AVN)


Janine Gossip

XXX writes: Janine started seeing someone at the beginning of last summer after her breakup with Rikki Rachtman. Blinded by her ultimate dream of eventually quitting the adult business, getting married and having more kids, she gave up too much of who she was to this guy. He started controlling her, telling her how to dress, how to cut her hair, how she should live, etc. She disassociated herself from everyone, and stopped making movies and dancing. Jenteal.com runs her fan club and merchandise web site, and Janine broke contract with Jenteal claiming she couldn't look at pictures of herself naked. She started renting a house close to him while she put her empty house up for sale, and she tried to sell her cars. She lived off her savings while trying to liquefy her possessions. He tried to make her believe the adult industry and everything and everyone involved with it (including her friends) were evil and she should have nothing to do with it/them.

After several months with no income, Janine decided to sign for Club Magazine for the CES convention to make some money. Her boyfriend did not at all approve of this, and threatened to break up with her when she insisted on going to the show. She finally came to the realization this person was controlling her life. She had lost sight of who she was, and sacrificed her beliefs and integrity for a man. She went to CES and left the relationship.

Janine is very confused about what she wants to do at this point. She has mixed feelings about where she is going to go from here, but she is in a good frame of mind and she is positive. She plans on dancing again soon, but is still unsure about making movies.

Luke asked Jenteal: "What sort of deal do you have with Janine regarding her fan club? Any other porn stars do you work with?"

Jenteal: "For the past year I have been running Janine's fan club and merchandise site. I do all the promotion and fullfillment (the gruntwork) and she signs the merchandise and writes letters to her fans. Janine and I are putting extra focus into her merchandise site and fan club right now, since she had taken some time away from it. She is very dedicated to her fans and wants to keep them happy. I am going to continue to run her fan club and I am going to teach her the process. I get the feeling she wants to eventually do it on her own, which is great for her and her fans. I think she will be good at it, and I am glad to help her out. I also work with Dyanna and Kobe Tai on their web sites and fan clubs, as well as running my own.

Luke: "Are you trying to draw Janine back into an industry that she wants to leave?"

Jenteal: "I am not sure she wants to leave the industry, and I don't think she is sure either. She has always enjoyed her work, but judgements and influence from people outside the industry can be harsh. It doesn't make any difference to me if Janine is a part of the industry or not. Her decision should be her own, without the influence of other people in her life. She is my friend regardless of what she does."

Emmett writes: What's wrong with Rikki Ratchman persuading Janine to quit porn and learning how to dress? If Janine said that she wanted to leave pornography, settle down, and have more kids, then Racthman has the right Idea. If your going to leave porn your attire must change. You cannot dress slutty and erotic anymore if you plan to have a normal life. I think that she should cut her hair for a while so other people would not recognize her in public. Now "XXX"could be right, perhaps Ratchman is obsessively possessive, but from XXX's perspective, I still do not see how this warrants him as to be too be sadistically controlling.

If a person decides to leave porn then that person has to do it all the way and that individual is going to need some strong support. In order to move on she has alienate her friends, stop dancing, and making movies. Pornography is extremely alluring, to just walk away from it is nearly impossible. I believe Ratchman would have had better success if he went slower in his method of conversion.

The adult industry is pure evil Triple X, how can you believe that it is not? Women like Jenteal are not the evil kind to murder Janine but they are the evil kind to "help" lead the rest of Janine's life to no where. If porn star is having doubts to remain in the industry then we should encourage them to leave. The porn industry is not a life time career. Just as Brooke Ashley, Tricia Devereaux, and Nikki Lae.

Pornography is extremely alluring, to just walk away from it is nearly impossible. Janine is one of the few visionaries who tries to envision their future by their current state of being. She is knows that cannot be in pornography forever, especially if she wants kids and wants to get married. She's in a dilemma wrapped in fear.

Instead of trying to persuade Janine into coming back to the porn ring, you and Jenteal should help her in the opposite way. You would be saving her life. I believe that leaving the industry is a very scary thing to do if you wrapped you life in it. Janine is incredibly sexy and smart. I just hope she becomes smart enough to leave the dismal land of pornography. In any case whatever you decide Janine, some of your enlightened fans are with you.

Jenteal responds: "Luke, I think Emmett needs to re-read your post about Janine. You wrote that her boyfriend AFTER Rikki is the one who tried to control her, not Rikki. I believe Emmett's intentions are good ones, but I don't think people should comment on a situation or place judgement if they cannot even get the facts straight. Otherwise they will just sound like a moron. Emmett doesn't know me, or my relationship with Janine. How can he possibly tell me what I (or you, Luke, for that matter) "should" do in regards to Janine. As her friend, my only responsibility is to support whatever decisions she makes and hope her choices make her happy."

Frank: I watch my share of porn and what adults do is there own business. But people who think porn does no damage to the actors are not looking for the truth. There is no way a woman can go f--- guy after guy without suffering some physical or emotional harm. Like I said before adults can do what the want.But if the porn industry were honest the would realize that a lot of men and woman are harmed from being in porn.

Emmett writes: Why is it every time I turn around I am always hearing and reading from a porn star that, "If you love me, then you should support me." IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! Then we might as well say if a parent who has a child that is a drug addict, alcoholic, or even suicidal; that parent should just support their child in what their kid is doing if they truly loved him or her. That is what Jenteal and millions of porn stars are saying today. And It's wrong. Here is the revised and correct form. "If you love me then you will try your best to dissuade and prevent me from doing anything harmful to myself or others." That is the motto they should be using.

People who are bulimic would be happy if know one would say anything about them vomiting and weighing 92 pounds. But Jenteal, XXX, and millions of other people would deem it unfriendly not to support their friend in bulimia. Thus the bulimic dies. But that's okay everybody! As long as the bulimic friends supported her then their nothing to frown about. WRONG!

Ms. Jenteal is right, I do know her to make an arrogant comment like I mentioned above to her, but it still does not mean that I am wrong. Porn is straight up evil, nasty, vulgar, you name it, that's what it is. To call it the opposite is inadvertently admitting insanity. Everyone who is associated with it, including me, is not good or righteous. If someone is in turmoil about leaving that dastardly world then we should support them out of the business and see if we can find them some honest work (That is of course if they are willing). Yes, Janine's life is not my business, but if someone who was about to commit suicide and then debated about it to world, I would say something...wouldn't you? As for the mix...

I am sorry for the blunder guy. I'll try not to let hit happen again. Thanks for the correction Jenteal (honestly I do), but the meaning still hold the same. Help lead your friends and loved down the right path, even if it means them yelling or disassociating themselves from you. If they still don't want to listen then still try to remain their friend, but do not let them know for an instant that you concur in what they are doing, and then pray that they do the right thing. That's all that I am saying.


Is Jenteal A Good Friend To Janine?

Is Vivid girl Jenteal a good friend to ex-Vivid girl Janine or is Jenteal a seductive pimp, pulling Janine back into an evil industry that she wants to flee from, so Janine can pursue a traditional marriage and family?

Jenteal writes: Luke, you created a hell of a stink here. You seem to be good at that. :) What the hell is Emmett rambling about now? He says, " Jenteal I believe your methods of support is dissuading Janine from making the right decisions. Your are not evil, but your way of support and being her friend is unsound. "

He has no idea what my method of support is, or what kind of friend I am to Janine. How could he possibly say it is unsound? He doesn't know in what manner I support Janine, but whatever it is, it is unsound. Does that make any sense? And it is not my responsibility to make sure Janine makes the "right" decision. Who is to say what the right decision even is? Only she knows what is right or wrong for her life. All I can do is offer my opinions. Oh...yeah...gee thanks for saying I am not evil. WHAT A DORK! Emmett, you cannot draw a conclusions if you don't know what the situation is. I read some of your other writings that Luke posted and have formed this opinion of you: You have mostly good intentions, but you squawk too much. You have no idea what you are squawking about, but you sure seem to think that you have it all figured out. Religion can screw with your head like that. Who are you to judge how I support Janine, what kind of friend I am, or whether or not Janine's decision will be the right one Emmett? That is God's job, remember?

BTW, Kudos to Laura. I think you're cool. :)

Luke to Jenteal: I need to irritate you more often!

Jenteal: Why, does it turn you on when I write?

Luke: No, porn [and related material] rarely excites me sexually...etc... It just gives me good stories for my site...lots of people will write in...and I do not have to work for stories. They just come to me. I am lazy.

Jenteal: It is easy to make money (a lot of money) in this business and still be lazy. I would be lazier myself if it weren't for the fact that I am scared to death of being old, fat, ugly one day, and still have to make movies and dance for a living because I didn't save money to secure my future. Every time I feel lazy I just picture an old fat ugly lady f---ing. Bleckth! It gets my ass in gear!

Emmett replies: Dear Mr.Ford, I think I am becoming an excellent writer like you! Stix and stones. People call me names when they are presented with the truth...oh well. If they (Jenteal or Kevin) still do not get it now then there is no need for me to continue on with the subject. I said all their could be said about the issue without the "name calling". Oh well, you can't win them all. Good luck Jenteal and Janine. I hope you guys find what you are looking for in life.

Sergio writes: Jen Teal sucks. Her sex scenes are weak. She may be good at pimping, but as a porn actress she stinks.

Brad writes: Luke I have no idea who these people are that comment towards jenteal and others but I got the impression you will print anyone's comment. So I just wanted to make this comment which surprised me. Jenteals comments on wed seemed very intelligent and thought out. I was quite surprised she could talk that way since i met her briefly at wiskey a gogo in toronto. Anyway, Jenteal I am impressed and I wish more porn stars think like you.


Lori MichaelsSays Jenteal Is Packing It On

Vivid girl Lori said in PornStarTrading Tuesday night: "She [Jenteal] has always been real rude to me. At the show year before last I was suppose to hold her hand and walk out to present, and she just pushed me to the side and walked in front of me. She has always been like that. Like she has a hard on for me or something. I've never known anyone so rude, and always been so nice to her. I mean hell, she is overweight, has hedgehog teeth, and no reason to act like a premadona. Last time I saw her she was really putting it on."

Luke: "You don't think that is just muscle?"

Lori: "Don't know Luke, and personally don't care. Just tired of being nice to that girl and her acting so rude to me. I'm a sweetheart. You know that."

* JimGunn notes that when one porn girl says that another one she doesn't like has "been packing on the pounds", that that is the equivalent of a ten ton neutron bomb insult.

Lori: "I'll always remember her coming to my motel room acting like a primadona to get her makeup done. She was on her period and told me that I could lick around her hole but not to lick on the inside."