Janet Jacme works frequently with her lover Julian St. Jox. "She goes wild when any stud buries his bone deep in her derriere." (AFW p.28) Janet, who doesn't do girls, appears in Pussyman 7, Black Buttman, Black Satin and Erotica.

She moved to L.A. from Chicago when she was 17, and worked as a hairdresser before she started stripping and hooking. Janet met Julian in a nightclub, and while it may not have been love at first sight, it was at least lust.

"We're dancin', and he's doin' all that ol' kinky stuff, tryin' to get between my legs. Then he asked me for a drink, let me see that he had money, and then he told me, 'Let's go have breakfast.' I'm in the BMW - he knew he had me."

That was five years ago and the couple have been in porn since. Janet and Julian star in America's Raunchiest Home Videos 30. They begin by discussing their life histories with cameraman Paul Little before screwing. Julian has difficulty keeping it up "and if there was a cum shot, it was a measly dribble. This is understandable as Janet looks like she has a skin disease and has a pussy that looks like a rotting dead animal not to mention her sagging tits and a face that would fit in on the D train." (Pat Riley, X-Rated Videotape Guide 4, p.35)

Janet is black. "I don't like it when prejudice comes into a business, especially when you're doing something as 'out there' as pornography. Take features with title like Buttman - there are no black women... I give a good performance in every video, and everyone tells me that 'you are a good actress, all your scenes are hot.' I would like one chance to be on a Vivid boxcover, to just see how terrible sales would be... None of my fans are picking up Vivid boxes because that's not what they want to see." (AVN 4/94 p.21)

According to Adam Film World, the underrated actress has "one of the best butts in or out of the jizz bizz. Janet is a fiery little f--- doll who always lights up a lewd sex scene."

Robert McCallum's Wet & Slippery is little more than "Deep Inside Janet Jacme."