Heather Lyn talks about her role in "The Violation Of Jewel DeNyle": "I put a rubber dildo on the end of a US flag and f---ed the s--- out of Jewel DeNyle. I had her in the wingback chair and I was sitting on top of her in piledriver position, and I f---ed her to death. And for the last shot of the movie, we left the flag standing inside her."

Conceived in Florida, Heather was born in 1969 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania - Amish country. Her father in the Armed Forces, Lyn spent most of her childhood between Florida and South Carolina. She graduated high school in Georgia and then joined the Army for two years. I married a Marine, went to school to become an RN [Registered Nurse], got pregnant, and raised two kids (her son was born in 1994 and her daughter was born in 1997). After six-and-a-half years of marriage, Heather divorced in 1998 when her husband met a woman over the internet.

Lyn left Montana and moved to Arizona. She worked the door of a strip club. A friend introduced her to a porn photographer. Heather entered porno in the fall of 1999.

"This photographer asked me if I wanted to see what it [porn] was like, so we stopped at Jim South's office," remembers Heather. "Chaz signed me up and I worked that first day. I used to drive out here every week to work."

She paired up with Alec Metro from March of 2000 to the present.

"You're a whore," says Rob.

Heather: "I am not."

Rob: "You're a f---ing whore."

Heather: "I just love sex. And I can do what I want when I want."

Rob: "It's your body."

Heather: "And nobody looks at me and says, 'Oh my God, she's some crazy freak who wants to do that.' Because we're all freaks in this business."

Rob: "Not me."

Heather: "You especially.

"You know who I saw the other day? Shawna Edwards. She looks so different. I went to CES in January 2000 and sat next to her and she had really long straight hair. She looked so good. She's all tanned up. She's got really short hair with bleached tips. She went to Cosmetology school, she's been out of the business, and just came back."

Luke: "Is she with Jay Ashley?"

Heather: "No, Jay is with Aurora Snow."

Summer Storm walks by and Heather whistles and screams at her, "I'm going to get some of that."

Lyn turns to me: "She's got the sweetest ass. I met her in Jim South's office the very first time she came in."

Heather's appeared in about 100 porn movies. "I lost my organizer, which, as we all know, is our bible."

Most every porn girl I've known has had an organizer filled with photos and most importantly, the phone numbers of people in the business, particularly those who can offer them work.

Lyn sports a tight firm body with a flat stomach. She says she doesn't work out, but was simply blessed with good genes.

"Rob looks so different," says Heather. "He looks good, younger. I ran into him at Jim South's office and I didn't even know who he was. He started giving me s---, so I gave him s--- right back."

Luke: "Have you had any bad experiences in the industry?"

Heather: "No. I just take it as it comes. It's been said that I'm too businesslike. I'm older so I can't be all dingy and flighty and naive. I love work. I cater too for [porn] sets. Some people want only one hot meal, other people want three hot meals a day. I'm getting ready to cater for Jim Holliday."

Heather lost her virginity at age 13 and enthusiastically pursued sex during high school. "I was the only girl on the football team. I did one of my fellow football players in the f---ing bathroom in my high school right up the hall from my English class."

Rob: "You had a bad reputation."

Heather: "Not a bad reputation. I was comfortable with my sexuality. I grew up a tomboy and the guys were like, 'As many girls as we can tag, we're studs.' And if a girl did the same thing, we were sluts. You know what? I don't give a s---. I can be who I want to be. My mom taught us that we could do anything we wanted to do. I've done a lot of things. I didn't come straight into porn. I was a bookkeeper at a bank. I've run a polo club with 30 head of horses. I've raised two kids. I've worked in an emergency room. I love writing. I've started writing a couple of scripts."

Rob: "For porno? Porno don't need scripts."

Heather: "Just stories. I used to be an artist. I love to draw. But I love to cook. You know what I honestly want to do? I want to one, finish RN school, and two, become a photographer. Because I love composition and all that stuff. I'm anal retentive."

Rob: "Good girl. You should become a nurse, marry a doctor and live happily everafter."

Heather: "Why do I have to marry a doctor?"

Rob: "Because that's what they do."

Heather: "I am just going to have boytoys. I'm at my sexual peak. I need some 20-year old who can keep up. That or someone hung really well who takes a lot of Viagra.

"If I go a while without having sex, my testosterone and sexual appetite goes down. But when I start masturbating, it builds up again. For medical reasons, I didn't have sex for six weeks and I went nuts. But I masturbated anyway."

Rob: "You shove everything in there."

Heather develops a guttural roar in her throat: "On occasion, I get stuck doing a scene with a girl who's never done a girl before. And that's tough because I get loud and rough at times. I don't want to terrify them because they can't all be pretty Andrew Blake scenes.

"Gwen Summers talks the greatest trash. She's so soft spoken and really dainty. She's great."

Heather tells Alex Taylor: "The last time I saw you, I was shooting behind the scenes footage and this chick squirted off the couch and I got squirted."

Heather Lynn

Heather Lyn


Tell Truth writes: "Does anyone really give a f---a bout Heather Lyn and Alec Metro. it is a sick relationship amd they will be back together again. They are both nuts. Didnt Heather sit in Jail for a day because she whacked Alec with a frying pan. Didnt he actually try to get her out after he called the police. Doesnt that sound a little sick??? Maybe Heather caught Alec sniffing Summers feet and got Jealous he didnt stay loyal to her tootsies??? They both cheated and both hid the secret SOMETIMES, since we all know Alec loves to watch Heather f--- other men at their home as long as he watches??? Maybe her recent pregnancy and subsequent termination just made her lose her mind. Both of them are cokeheads and will soon be back together huffing lines soon."


Porn star Heather Lyn Writes

"Dear Luke, I normally would not do this but I figured with so many people in the industry logging on daily to hear the latest scoop, this would be the quickest way to let everybody hear me.

"Lately, I've been hanging out with Summer Storm, even getting her jobs. Since my break up with Alec Metro, and most recently this week, she has been "hiding out" at his house. I just want everybody to know how much of a liar she is and that as of 2 days ago, I wish to no longer be associated with her. She is a compulsive liar who has now made it impossible for Alec and I to ever be friends, even after the cool down from the break up.

"It is the ultimate betrayal to have somebody whom you thought you MIGHT be able to trust to go and do the things she's doing now, ESPECIALLY after all the help I gave her.

"As for Alec, he claims I have no friends in this business and that nobody really likes me. To that I say, yeah, I know their are people out there that don't like me for one reason or another and that's fine because you can't like everybody, but I've never done anything wrong to anybody in this business and do not deserve the rumor spreading that some have begun. If you have a question about something you've heard, ask ME.

"One more note before I go...I NEVER cheated on Alec regardless of what he or Summer says. During the periods we were separated (and there were alot) we were free to do what we wanted and when we made up I told him everything I did while apart. I know some of you are saying you could really give a rat's ass about this. However, there are those of you out there who I really like and want you to know the truth."

Heather Lyn's ex-boyfriend Alec Metro left these messages on Luke's answer machine:

"I appreciate what you've said Heather and it's true. People in this business will stab you in the back and that's why you should never trust anybody. And because you trusted people, it was a habit for you. I've warned you before that they will dethrone you. Now as a director and a producer, I can tell you that people will stand in line to screw you over. But when you commit crimes, you commit crimes alone.

"This will not ruin our friendship in the future. It will teach you a valuable lesson that you can't trust anybody. And until you learn that and understand that, you will never have any friends in this industry. Because it's a bloodsucking industry and it eats people up.

"I don't feel Summer ruined our relationship. We had our own problems. I'm sure it's very difficult to date somebody in my situation. I wouldn't because I've never dated a porn director, a porn star, with women calling all hours of the night seeking work. I'm sure it's very difficult.

"But everyone knows that when I am loyal in this business, I am loyal and when I cheat, I cheat. It's a small industry and we can all guess what each other ate when we fart. And as long as you understand that people talk, that people love misery, you will soon learn that if you want something to work in this industry you keep your mouth shut about everything. And you don't volunteer information and you don't brag about things you've done. Because there's always somebody waiting to kick you. Nobody wants to see you succeed.

"I've been in this industry for eight years now. Everybody knows that I've had everybody from Houston to Raylene to Hustler magazine kicking me. And I stand still. I started in 1993 and I am still at the top of my game. I'm a loyal person. I have integrity. And I have fun. And that's why I am still standing.

"Until you learn this basic theory, you'll be pummelled like the rest of them. Because the women come and go and the men stay. And the men stay for one reason - because we don't brag about our feats.

"Don't trust anybody. As people know, I lost five years of my life to prison. Because a good friend of mine couldn't hold his bud [marijuana] and set me up with drug agents. I lost a lot more than just a friend. I lost a major family. Most people know that my dad's side of the family owns a multi-million dollar furniture chain in the South called Claibourne Interiors which I am no longer a part of. Anytime I call that store, they hang up on me.

"So I do adult video. I'm a survivor. My biggest mistake was, just like you, I was helping a friend go through college, when I was a drug dealer. We're all from a rich family and I became a drug dealer because I wanted quick money fast. And my other friend wanted quick money fast too. And he got popped and he didn't want to do time. And I did. And I lost a family fortune because of it. I will never see a dime of that money until my father dies. And chances are, in Louisiana, because of the way the laws are, I will never see it. That's a lesson well learn by myself.

"You possibly lost a friend. You still have my respect. I never cheated on you. And it's all true. Anytime Heather or I broke up, whatever occurred with other partners was because we had broken up.

"You can't trust anybody. I am the classic example of that. For some reason or another, people will screw you. It's within our nature. We want to survive and it's all about the survival of the fittest. That's why there's a food chain and it's important to stay on top of the food chain."

Heather Lyn responds: I appreciate your advice. I don't however like how condescending you are. You think men are the best thing in this business. Yes, it's true, women are a dime a dozen here, but we are primary to the success of this business. I may not have big tits but my energy more than makes up for it! It was difficult being your girlfriend but less from the girls calling for work and more from BOTH of our stubbornness and jealousies (YES you got jealous too).

I never said our break up was because of Summer. That's all on us. I only claimed her a liar and user who betrayed me. As to your not cheating, I laugh. I have the very letter in which you claim me to be a skank and how I'll never work in this industry again, then account each time you cheated on me and even how one of them looked. You even bought one of them a $300 ring, so you wrote. Well, I hope you enjoyed it.

As I know you have no conscience, this may not bother, but at least I can leave you saying I never cheated on you. I never used you. I never NEEDED you. I CHOSE you. Period. You claimed to not believe a word she says, yet now you do. Too bad. You say others have told you things different from what I told you (at Nakita Cash's) and say to you, it doesn't matter what I say because you have it set in your mind now. I do say to the people(girls) that for some reason want to ruin things for me, Karma is a bitch and will come back to haunt you!! If you want him that f***ing bad, help yourself, but quit screwing with MY happiness!

Luke says: I spoke to Alec Metro Sunday evening.

Alec: "End of game. Too much information. It's getting ugly."

Luke: "What else are you doing these days?"

Alec: "I'm doing Alec Metro's Sexcess for Vivid TV, now owned by Playboy. It's a series based on my life. If me and Dale Dabone owned a multi-million dollar porn company and its inner goings on. Since I know the chemistry of everybody, I write it with all of our quirks. I shoot it slick European-style on Betacam. Everybody's dressed to the hilt. All the locations are fancy and beautiful.

"And Sexcess is based upon a porn company. We get to shoot porn movies within the movie. I can make you think something's happening but you're actually on a porn set. The whole conversation you've just watched was only a porn scene. I use big things like Westerns to make it come across in big shots. One minute we're talking about a script, and then we're back in the boardroom.

"It is produced by New Century Cinema and Studio 5533. We're on our third edition. It stars Ava Vincent, Heather Lyn, Bella Donna, Shay Sights, Adajja, Anika, Sky Taylor, Steven St. Croix, Jason McCain, Shane Collins. Its got the feeling of Joe Hunt's 1980s Billionaire's Boys Club. I'm going down this dangerous road and these guys are following me. I go directly to the Mob for the giant budget for a movie. I'm unconcerned with everybody's safety and welfare.

"It has comedy. Heather plays my girlfriend who's always mad and comes storming into the boardroom.

"It's hard to be a porn director's girlfriend because I am very focused on my career. I've been waiting to be in this spot for a long time. I've been in this industry since 1993 and I've waited for the right deals. And they're in place now. And it's simply going to take time away from people. It took time away from Heather. Yes, I am selfish in some ways and now that I'm really focused on a directing career, I'm going to be really selfish. I don't think anybody should be with me. I never have. I don't think this is the business for a relationship of that intensity.

"As a male porn star, having to focus sexually on other people just takes it away from home. There are only a couple of us in this industry, and I'm not one of them, who can f--k all day at home and f--k all day on the set. I got into this industry to shorttail my producer - director career, to get hands on, instead of pounding Hollywood agents for it.

"I wanted to be an actor, in whatever medium I could be. I wanted my stuff laid down early in life so I could look back at myself, whether it was pornography or whatever... I usually shot highend pornography so that when I look back, at least it was somewhat of a movie. I didn't want to wait for Hollywood to finally figure me out. Maybe it never would've and I would've never put anything on film.

"This way I'm doing something that I've always wanted to do - look through the eye of the camera and create images for other people.

"As far as Summer Storm, that's a Billy Glyde situation in this house. A friend hanging out. I have no interest in the young lady. She has no interest in screwing anything up because that would just make me mad. This house has always been a place for people to hang out.

"My first porn star girlfriend was J.R. Carrington and then Jordan St. James, a really crazy girl. Then I got into a longterm relationship with Houston, followed less than a week later by Raylene and then Heather Lyn. I think that's a pretty good record even for normal people for three years.

"As far as dating another porn star, I'm crazy like that. I don't know. I just let life take me where it does. I'm essentially waiting to march in to Louisiana, get an attorney and freeze all the assets when my father dies. And that's one of the reasons why I do porn too. I'm just waiting for my father to pass away. He stole an inheritance from me and sunk it into a multi-million dollar furniture company. And I'm biding my time. I do want to be a movie maker.

"When he goes, I will be more of a huge producer. And I will own the store.

"I'm the easy money guy. I'll admit that. I thought that after high school, everything should be handed to me. I was wrong. I did scandalous things and made large drug deals to purchase cars and homes. And then after my stint with the big house [five years in prison], I came into porn after other work for a year.

"Penthouse was the first thing offered to me as a male dancer to do a boy-girl. And I fell in love with the concept of it. I'd been pounding the Hollywood streets for a year after prison and was getting nowhere. It's like trying to hit the lottery. I was at my optimum wait at age 25 and there were guys who intimidated me.

"When Penthouse came up, I said, hey, it's a form of media. I will be naked in this media. But I've been devious since I can remember. I started sex at age 12. We had homes in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico during the 1970s. I ended up with a lot of sophisticated older women from LA and Canada. I got a nice training. It was a time of free love, disco... I was raised amongst that with a disco dancing sister and a disco dancing mom and a crazy lifestyle.

"I'm following a crazy lifestyle. I never expected it. I'm just looking for things until my, I don't want to say scum-father, it's kinda rude... But thief, and he knows he is and I hope he reads this, but I'm just biding my time until I get that company. I'll probably liquidate it. Drug diversion videos are where I'm headed next. My next two videos after pornography, one will be a new drunken driving video for all counties to see. The next one will be an expose on Ecstasy. My brother-in-law in Oxnard, California, distributes drug distribution videos. I'm not even going to tell people how much these videos cost, but if they're bought by the government, you can understand how much they cost.

"Say you get caught and the judge sends you to anger management or whatever class, you'll have to watch one of these videos. And there hasn't been one recently done in a long time. A low end tape is worth $200. Some of the high end tapes, like my drunk driving tape, will cost $800 per tape, sold nationwide. Nobody knows about this. The market is such cornball, and they need new stuff, and my brother-in-law is president of a company out of Oxnard, and that's all they do. And my mother is the director for the council on alcohol abuse for all of Santa Barbara county. She's like a judge.

"So, we're well connected into the anti-drug era, which is funny for me. But my mom is a drug counselor now because at the age I am now, she was experimenting too.

"I don't volunteer information about myself. This is the first time I've spoken to this site in five years, aside from the Hustler thing. I missed the whole Raylene thing. I didn't want to deal with it. Raylene threw me in front of Hustler and I didn't retaliate to that. I never do. I don't know why people want to discuss my private life with everybody. Especially in full detail about a letter I wrote... Of course the letter is going to say angry things. It's called a break-up. I've never seen anybody get a love letter during a break-up. These letters intend to be hurtful. They're meant to remind people of the mistakes they did. They're meant to sever ties. And the only way to sever ties in a relationship is complete abstinence.

"No letters, no phone calls. Not letting 50 million people read your letter either. The less contact, the better.

"Every single one of these women is now a friend. To every woman, I made it extremely clear - I can't be controlled. I play a submissive game. But if you can't figure out that I am really not a submissive, then you are not bright enough. I am a dominant. And I am in career where I am not turning around. I am 35 years old and I don't want to go anywhere else. I'm just waiting for the jerk to pass away and then it is on from there."

Luke: "How long since you've spoken to your father?"

Alec: "Since I was 18. I'd asked for a business loan through my grandmother and he turned it down because he thought I was too young. So I tried fire fighting for a while. I was accustomed to the nice life. I grew up in a beautiful beach home in Puerto Vallarta and hung out with the Fondas. An Aries male will do whatever he needs to do to live a nice life. Fire fighting was rewarding in the hero aspect of it, but financially it wasn't reaching it for me. I had to work two years of overtime to get the lifestyle I wanted. Psychologically, fire fighting was bad too because of dead children. So I went into drug dealing.

"And I didn't go into the small drug dealing. I knew two major people. I hooked them up right in the middle. Back in the 1980s, a kilo of cocaine was $40,000. And I was getting it for $35,000 and selling further south for almost $44,000. I was making serious money and playing with serious players.

"By the way, Ronald Tomminelli, if you read this. Or if anyone who knows you reads this. Alec Metro is Brendon Claibourn. I don't care. I'm not going to be a senator and my parents can kiss my ass anyways, except for my mom. If you're out there, find me."

Luke: "Who is he?"

Alec: "He was my main guy, when I was a drug dealer. We were really good friends and he was a way cool dude. When I got popped, he gave me the choice of rolling over. And I chose not to. The man made me. He later got locked up but I got the most time.

"The Aries man is going to live good, no matter what. It's no secret that adult is the easy way out. It's easy for a man. I will focus on my career. I'm sorry ladies, but every woman makes the same mistake [doing porn]. It's all glamorous and cool and fun in the beginning, and everybody thinks they can handle it, and the bottom line is that it is hard to handle.

"I didn't get into the industry through a girl. I got in through Penthouse. I've always been the provider in the relationship, or at least met someone half way. Obviously big giants like Raylene, Houston and Jordan St. James, I couldn't match their incomes then. Yes, a lot of money was spent and money was thrown at me. These women would come home with large amounts of cash, and want to run to Mexico or buy guns or whatever...

"I offer three basic things - security, a home, and security in the business. And I've never threatened anybody that I'd stop their career. A lot of times, if somebody calls me for a role on a production that will also star an ex-girlfriend, they will ask me, I usually ask them to take the girl first. For some reason, she [Heather Lyn?] always thinks that I'm going to try to stop her career.

"This is the most I've talked about my relationships in my entire porn career.

"Everybody knows that I am not a mechanical star but I use my true things that get me off. And so women get upset with, what's in the bedroom and what's on the stage? Well, it's for everybody.

"Once women get to know me, they see that I am using my mental process to make myself horny on a set. And in the bedroom. Instead of being a mechanical performer with Viagra.

"When women get involved with you, they see the mental things you use on stage. And I guess it hurts their feelings. But I need to do that to give a good scene. And trust me, you don't want a boyfriend who can't get wood, because then you look really stupid. And a lot of women start getting hurt by the foot fetish thing. And the foot fetish thing saved my career. After the novelty of the new car wore off, I was getting bored of porn. Then I remembered my foot fetish and I implemented my foot fetish and that has saved wood problems.

"When women get attached to me, they ask me not to do the foot thing and I have to say, that's the most appalling thing you could tell me. Because that's what I've based my whole career on. You can't change somebody's sexual interests. You can't know what it takes to get a boner on stage if you don't have a dick. No girl will ever know.

"I have a lot more to offer a girl than just f--king. Obviously f--king means nothing to a person if they're in this business. It's money. I've yet to get a free scene from anybody. No girl has ever come up to me and said, 'Hey Alec, I want to do a scene for you. It's on the house. I'm horny.'

"As long as you're earning your income off sex, expect tired people. Girls are tired too. I've been turned down at home because she's tired. And I understand.

"The plumber doesn't go home and start fixing the sink. Heather, I wrote that letter fast because you were on your way over to pick up the mail. I wanted to end this relationship because it's not going anywhere. I'm stingy, I admit that.

"You always look like a chump when you air your dirty laundry and for some reason, you get back together. People like to see the drama and hurt in lives. It sells better than love. Misery loves company. When a sad person sees a happy person, they don't like that. In this business, unfortunately, we have some unhappy people. We've made choices that have made us unhappier and then they get on the drugs... With all the bipolar personalities in porn, and the ADDs (Attention Deficit Disorder), these people should take proper medication.

"If I were a woman, I would not be in pornography. It's hard for a woman. If you're smart, and invest your money right, you might walk away with something good.

"I'm in it [porn] for good until that furniture thing kicks in. I'll probably liquidate that and sink it into porn, because it is what I know.

"Girls get hurt and they start... I don't know. I can't think like a girl. But when they see you having sex with other people, it's a mental thing for them while it's nothing for our penises. Porn relationships are hard."

Heather Lyn responds: To whomever you are, Who do you think you are? Why don't you tell me who you are? Who are you to talk about our relationship? Alec and I are not nuts! When you love somebody or think you do, you do things that seem weird to others. I never hit him with that frying pan. He called the police and in the state of California, somebody automatically goes to jail when called. There was no proof I hit him and he tried to tell them that as they were taking me away. That's why he tried to get me out of jail. So what? What do you care? And no, we will not be getting back together. If we someday can be friends that's our decision. We never hurt anybody in the process. As far as the termination of my pregnancy goes, f--- YOU ASSHOLE! It was a very hard decision for us to make and until you have to do it, especially as a woman, don't talk s--- about it! It was Alec's baby, not from work or play with others, and we did what we thought was best. Who the hell are you to call us cokeheads? Have you been to our home and partied with us? If so, then you are one too. If not, then how can you speak about something you haven't seen? I won't say that we've never partied, but who doesn't? As long as we get our work done and don't bother others then why the hell not?? Let's see if you have the balls to tell me who you are. Write me back or, since you seem to know me so well, call me.

Luke says: I spoke to Heather Lyn Monday afternoon.

Heather: "I never hit Brendon with a pan. It was just a threat. In the state of California, when the police are called, it's an automatic arrest. As for the termination of my pregnancy, it was Alec's. We wanted it but it just wasn't a good time to have it.

"Alec and I are not getting back together. We did talk civilly on the phone last night. But as far as coke heads go, if we party every once in a while, that's nobody's f--king business. Everybody in the business does it.

"I don't hide anything I do. Somebody asked me the other day and I straight up told them."

Luke: "So did Alec call the police on you?"

Heather: "Oh yeah, I was handcuffed in the house. They never told me I was under arrest and they never read me my rights. I sat in a holding cell off of Van Nuys Blvd for 45 minutes before they ever read me my rights. Then a three hour in-processing at the big station off Van Nuys Blvd in Sherman Oaks.

"It was in October. I was getting ready to cater a VCA shoot. We were fighting. He was screaming in my face and I wanted him out of my face. I came to grab my dishes to go to work. I held a pot up in the air but I never hit him.

"Neither one of us give up easily. We're strong and we fight for whatever we believe in.

"I'm starting to go out more and meet new people, people who have nothing to do with this business. Which is really nice."

Luke: "How long do you plan to stay in the video business?"

Heather: "As long as I have work. I do catering too. I told you that I've done a lot of things in my life, it's not like this is my only skill. I'm getting in shape and changing my hair color. I feel good about myself."

Luke: "Alec thinks it is a mistake for any woman to enter this industry."

Heather: "He would. He's a guy.

"My first rule when I got in [to porn] was not to date anybody, period. When I met him, I dropped that rule."

Luke: "It's hard for us guys to understand why any woman would enter this industry?"

Heather: "For the same reasons why a guy would."

Luke: "Guys just want sex."

Heather: "There are plenty of girls that just want sex. And everyone wants a paycheck.

"Girls get contracts and are known throughout. Some crossover to mainstream stuff. Others become directors, producers, photographers.

"Summer stayed at my place. When she was sick, I held her head all night long, even though I had to work the next day, all day long.

"I never asked him [Metro] to not do his foot fetish thing at work. I've been on many of his sets to support him through that. And I've done things to get him through scenes."

Kevin Korey writes: Concerning "Tell Truth" comments about Alec and Heather and their relationship. Both Heather and Alec are good people......this is a hard business to deal with both professionally and personally, everyone is in each others personal lives and sometimes we just are not sure how to handle it. We live in a glass house, don't throw stones! None of us received the "How to be a Porn Star/ Boyfriend / Girlfriend/ Producer/ Director" hand book. To even bring something up publicly like her "pregnancy and subsequent termination" is just plain rude and disgusting.....let them deal with this in the manner that they feel fit and stay out of it. I am sure this was NOT an invitation to the cyberworld to chime in and try to hurt them. This is the type of s--- that is killing this business........it's time to grow up and treat this industry as a business and stop the childish games that seem to resonate from every direction you turn......trust me, if we (the adult industry) don't stick together.....we are all done.

MikeSouth.com writes: "Luke, kindly tell Heather Lyn NOT to speak for me. Everyone in this business does NOT do drugs, I don't, unless you count caffeine and an occasional cigarette (not the left handed variety). It really pisses me off when these morons get busted using drugs and attempt to explain it away by saying "hey, everyone in this biz does it." I can tell you LOTS of people in this biz who don't. If you have to be f---ed up to be in this biz you have NO business being in this biz."

Brandy Alexandre writes: "I agree with Mike South. I don't do drugs either, didn't then, don't now. She needs to keep her self-justifications in her own backyard where the correct phraseology may be everyone SHE KNOWS and hangs out with does drugs. People don't like to think they're alone in their little groupings and like to say "everybody." But like cheating on taxes, lying on resumes and keeping the extra when a cashier gives too much change, "everyone" does not do it. It's just the sorts of people you keep company with and it does not make it okay."

Tell Truth writes: HEY HEATHER just by looking at your email I can only see a mental breakdown in the works here. I may have been to your house and I may not . It doesnt really matter other than the fact that you are a cokehead and a heavy drug user. I know several people who have doen them with you alone. maybe even myself included. I am not an asshole but rather someone who isnt interested in readng about the drama that goes on between you and your man. At what point did i say I cared , only to have to read about some girl Summer and how she hid somewhere. Who gives a s---??? ANyone in the business really care about your ex friend hangin out over Alec's house. She is probably a cokehead too and that was motivation. I am not interested in your life only to point out that noone else is either. I dont care if you whacked him or didnt whack him with a pan , only that he called the cops so you must have been having a psycho episode just like now when you replied to my comments. I dont really give a s--- about your pathetic over the hill and over 30 and growing older by the minute life, only that you attempt to bore us with stories of your unnatural relationship. Nice to see you can afford a computer , maybe living with Alec still is saving you money.