Born 10/1/69 in the South Bronx, Heather Keisha Hunter worked for several years exclusively for Vivid. She ranks "at the top of the heap of black chicks on the porn horizon. She's a stunning, light-skinned lady with large, natural breasts, a tiny waist and the kind of mouth made for oral sex." (AFW)

In late 1991, after being named by three tabloids as a Magic Johnson sex partner, she unsuccessfully sued the National Enquirer, the Star and the Globe for defamation. ''I have been portrayed as saying that I didn't practice safe sex with Magic Johnson,'' said Hunter. ''I have never had sex with Magic Johnson. You can't get much safer than that.''

A porn girl turned singer, she stars in Torch, "the best vehicle yet for Heather Hunter, the hottest, prettiest black starlet ever to grace the adult video screen. Paul Thomas' look inside the video business has Randy Spears as a scriptwriter and Heather Hunter the porn star he writes for." (AFW)

Heather, a former dancer on the TV show Soul Train, released two singles on Island Records in 1993 - Dream and Come To Me.

Hunter first appeared as a nude model in black-themed mens magazines such as Players. She made her porn debut in 1989's Heather.

Vivid Video's token black girl appears in about 100 videos including Where The Boys Aren't 3, Even More Men Without Women, Heather Hunted, Hung Jury, Coming on America and Hot Talk Radio.

Heather did her first X-rated video (Heather) on her 18th birthday.

Why did Hunter leave porno? "Because the industry has changed, a new generation. Generation X. I love the legendary crowd of the early 90s. It's all action-adventure porn now." (www.genegetter.com)

Gene Getter of www.genegetter.com writes: "The steamiest sex scenes ever captured on adult films have to go to Heather Hunter. She has done things with her body only a gymnast could handle. She's also one of the most popular adult film stars of the 20th century as well as the most popular black adult film star in the world. She has been in the adult film industry for an ironic thirteen years, but let's call them her lucky 13. Films such as "The Look 2000," "Heather Hunted," "Torch" and "Performance" are now things of the past. She has moved from adult films to pursue more of her creative talents. Currently, Heather could be seen hosting a sexy/music video show on pay-per-view called "The Peep Show." As always, Heather has been a friendly, genuine spirit. Still, her undeniable beauty (including her signature long and curly black hair) and open sexuality disgust some people and yet, wow others, male and female. The choices she made in her life are surprisingly, respected by many."