A comely, courteous Christian who appears in over 100 videos including Back to Anal Alley and Extreme Sex, Dyanna Lauren, born 7/21/68, stands 5'6", weighs 115 pounds and measures 38D-22-33. Her latest boyfriend is Steven St. Croix.

"Lauren has a graceful figure with the cutest pug nose, an hourglass body with tastefully augmented tits and a perfectly round ass. With her ratty blonde mane, she looks like one of those bimbo farm girls on HeeHaw. But when she f---s, Lauren has all the passion of a slumbering snail. She's a mannequin with a cunt. Her tits must be filled with cement because they never move an inch." (HEVG)

Adam Film World: "She's got a businesslike attitude about her that harks back to some of the more studied porn actresses of the late '70s. Perhaps it's because she is getting into the X-rated movie industry at an age when most porn starlets are getting out. It gives her a sense of seriousness about her that, coupled with her lady-like countenance, makes her a class act. A conversation with her is like one with a professional woman who knows where she is going. She talks about ideas, goals and life experiences that have shaped who she is."

In keeping with her classy ways, Dyanna Lauren uses her real name. Unlike hundreds of porn performers who hide behind fake names but claim to be unashamed of what they do, Dyanna Lauren leads with truth. She's a rare person of integrity.

The sweetest of the Vivid girls grew up happily in Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles and has spent all of her life in Southern California. She attended the Christian Azusa Pacific College where she majored in music. Dyanna's Christian mom runs her stripping schedule and fan club.

Lauren is also close to her older sister. "We've never had a fight. My whole family knows what I do. I'd never do anything that I'd regret or have to hide from somebody because I always think about something before I do it. And if I did something that turned out wrong, like a relationship, it's something that I've learned from as opposed to something that I should regret doing."


Dyanna lost her virginity at age 21. Her independent ways kept her outside the popular circle all through school, which is probably why she's happy today. The values that make for popularity in high school, such as beauty and athleticism, rarely create a rewarding life.

"I let those things [like unpopularity] bounce off my back. The people that are important to me are the people that care about me. The others don't matter. The best revenge is living well."

Lauren began posing for men's magazines starting at age 18 and then acted in non-sexual roles for X-movies starting at age 25. "I'm considered a good actress.

"Ever since I was five years old, I've wanted to be Gypsy Rose Lee. I've always been able to sing and to be an extrovert and an exhibitionist. I can sing and take my clothes off at the same time."

At age 27, Dyanna divorced her abusive rock 'n roll husband who's now married Tera Heart.

One day on the set, "somebody decided that it would be a good idea to have real alcohol in this party scene. And I kept stealing bottles of champagne. After my third bottle of champagne, Lene Hefner kept doing to me more than they asked her to do. So they asked me to pan my hand up her body to her face and over to Marc Davis's face. Instead of doing that, I panned up her body, stopped at her crotch and dove in. Everybody freaked. "Oh my God, we've got Dyanna Lauren doing sex on film. Don't stop her, Don't stop her. Everybody back off."

"We went to a party afterwards and I had sex with Brad Armstrong in the bathroom, which began a two-year relationship. Brad was also an extra at this time and a male model."

Armstrong moved on to a career as a porn stud and director.

After Brad, Dyanna moved on to the abusive Colt Steele for a year-and-a-half. Lauren frequently chooses men who beat her.

She spends her spare time cleaning her house and looking after her many animals. "Money isn't that important to me. I want to be normal."

Dyanna lives on a thousand-acre ranch 100 miles south of Los Angeles. "My pig is the love of my life," she told journalist Harris Gaffin. "His name is Benny and he's a black pot-bellied pig with two white hooves."

None of Dyana's closest friends are in the industry. Two of them, however, are ex-performers, St. Croix and Celeste.

"Most people don't know how to approach me, but I'm the easiest person to talk to, the easiest person to get along with. I always do what I'm told. This morning they [the crew] said to me, "Are you sure you're on contract [with Vivid]?" And I said "Yeah."

"But you're too easy to work with to be on contract."

"People have a perception of Vivid girls and don't look at us as individuals."

Dyanna watches her own flicks, fast-forwarding through the sex to evaluate her acting.

"I'm always hard on myself. Even though we're only working with one take.

"Until they're ready for me on the set, I study my dialogue. I am a fanatic about having my scripts at least four or five days ahead of time. And that's tough in this business. I've talked to other people who do legitimate movies and they tell me the general assumption is that porn actors can't act. But when they find out how much prep time we get, they all say there is no way they could do the job with that little time. Sometimes we get the script that day and have to do it right in just one or two takes."

The sexual position reverse cowgirl - where the woman sits on the man's cock while facing towards his legs - particularly flatters Dyanna, displaying her bouncing tits, sleek waist and firm thighs.

Lauren appears frequently on the Howard Stern radio show. On her 2-7-98 gig, she talked about her two awards at the last AVN ceremony: Best Anal Scene and Best Actress for Vivid's Bad Wives. She then gave a nude massage to a 27-year old male virgin who suffered spinal and other injuries when hit by a car a year before. A man who had been raped at a coke party looked on.


I was live on the Bob Berkowitz show Lovebytes on Eyada.com with Vivid director Dyanna Lauren.

Lauren mentions that she's paired up with John, the owner of the Spearmint Rhino stripclub chain, since September. She's on the line from London. Dyanna broke up with fellow Vivid porn actor Stephen St. Croix in February.

Dyanna is in London because her boyfriend is opening Spearmint Rhino clubs there. He's also opening up clubs in Moscow and elsewhere.

Lauren has known John for 15 years through his ownership of various clubs.

Dyanna: "Stephen and I broke up in June. We had pretty much broken up in February and we had tried to work things out until June. And then in September, I started dating John."

Luke: "There was a lot of talk a few years ago about Spearmint Rhino getting into the video business?"

Dyanna: "We were going to do that a few years ago... I was going to do it with him. I was very upfront and honest. So many people think there is so much more money to be made [in video pornography] but the pie has been split into so many different pieces. It's not worth it. It's better to take your money and put it into adult cabarets around the world."

Luke: "Spearmint Rhino has had a controversial reputation within the industry?"

Dyanna: "What's the controversy about?"

Luke doesn't remember but comes up with: "Girls not getting paid... That they were signing contract girls to do these videos..."

Dyanna: "That's not true in any way shape or form. Whoever made the statements was just trying to sensationalize themselves. I was the one who was going to do the video company... There's no way that could be true. They did do a line of strip videos with a few girl-girl things..."

Excerpts from Luke and Dyanna on Lovebytes: Listen here1 Listen here2 Listen3 Listen4 Listen5 Lauren Lauren

Dyanna Lauren Talks About Vivid Owner Steve Hirsch On Howard Stern


XXX writes: A source close to the Gary the Retard porno admitted that not much of Gary's scenes were used because he was ``too loud'' when directing and he could be heard on video. Also, his direction wasn't much more than ``Lick her ass.''

Tell me something Luke. Why did Vivid send Dascha and Kelsey along with Dyanna Lauren to Howard Stern on the Gary the Retard directed scene? none of the three worked with Gary, matter of fact the unnamed actress in the scene isn't even a Vivid girl.

When Dyanna approached the actress she (Dyanna) promised a spot on Stern then the actress got snubbed when the time came to live up to the bargain. The girl who was in the scene that Gary directed was Felicia Fox. Besides, for all the carrying on about all of this Gary was in The Whack Pack Gangbang with Alexandra Quinn where he essentially barks the same encouragement and gets a lot of screen time to boot, I would choose that one over the Vivid scam any day it was hilarious.

Hello Luke....... Dyanna Lauren was asked questions by Howard about the major success story of the "owner" of Vivid. Dyanna became VERY nervous and when asked about the Vivid owner's hundreds of millions of dollars...she became even more nervous and her voice became kind of frazzled. She was muttering all sorts of comments about remaining silent about all that and something about IRS agents listening. Poor Dyanna was really put on the spot and in a difficult position live on national radio. I was laughing my ass off listening to every word....just knowing that word for word would be transcribed at some point on LF.com.

howard said hundred million.and I could hear the lump building up in dyannas throat....i felt sorry for her.... watch....it will be cut from the TV edit. watch....it will be cut from the Tv edit. Just like all the paul fishbein mafia references on stern. Funny material set aside for "image."

i was rolling......just waiting to read all the people emailing into you about that aspect of the stern interview...very funny stuff..no vivid names were givem..dyanna played dumb.smart girl ;-)

Luke says: Steve and Vivid are notorious within the industry for their fancy movement of money in and out of their offshore accounts.

From MarksFriggin.com: Gary the Retard came in to talk about this porn movie ''Interactive Shock Jock'' that he directed... well, one scene was directed by him. Also in with Gary was director/actress Diana Lauren who has been in over 160 pornos herself.

Howard spoke to Gary and Diana for a few minutes about what happened at the shoot. Diana said that Gary directed one scene where a DJ gets sex from a stripper. He got to hang around for 3 days while they shot the rest of the movie also. We found out that Gary had to pleasure himself after one scene. He ended up going out in a back alley to whack off. Howard had a couple of the other girls who were in the movie come in also.

Dasha and Kelsey came in and talked to Howard about their porn careers for a few minutes. Gary didn't get to work with either of them on his day of directing though. Howard was fascinated with Dasha after he found out she used to be a nanny before she became a porn star. He spent a short time trying to find out more about that. She said she never had sex with any of her employers though. She eventually stopped doing that and became a stripper. She was homeless at one point and that's how she became a porn actress.

Howard asked all of the girls if they'd even consider having sex with a retarded person like Gary the Retard. They all draw the line at that idea.