"Divine Brown is back on the streets of LA again and its just like old times. She's getting paid to go down on a British actor. This time it isn't Hugh Grant who's on the receiving end of Brown's lip service, but English porn stud Mark Davis." (AVN 5/96 p.62)

Ron Jeremy directed Divine & Sunset: The British Experience. The black hooker was difficult to nail down. Producers initially tried to sign her before her fingerprints dried on LAPD's suspect identification. But Divine brought in too many Beverly Hills lawyers and the negotiation broke down. Later she signed for less than her initial offer but 500 times what Grant is said to have paid her.

Several times during the famous blowjob Brown stopped midsuck to demand that director Jeremy clear the set of gawkers.

Divine Brown arrived late with a small following and a star attitude. She still took calls from her lawyers while in makeup.

Standing on the street, Brown "broadcasts a street-hardened skepticism as she muses about the project.

"I hope this video is up to my standards," she says, shooting a tough glance at Jeremy. "What happens here will determine whether I do more adult video." (AVN 5/96 p.62)

Ron Jeremy does Divine, as does Kim Kataine in a lesbian scene.

When it's time for the money shot with Davis, Jeremy asks Brown if she'd like it on her face or tits.

"Pop shot? What!" Brown says. "Where do I want it? How about on the steering wheel!"

Leisure Time knows how to exploit the news. First they brought John Bobbitt into the porn world with John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut. Later came John's Frankenpenis.

At first, Divine Brown tried to parlay her fame into something legit. She ended up doing some public service announcements for the radio station she listened to while hard at work that day with Grant and also did a photo shoot for Esquire magazine in a take-off on the milk council ad for their Dubious Achievement Awards issue. "That sums up her shot at legitimate success. From there, Brown floundered around before deciding on her fee for f---ing and sucking in a porno. Sunset and Divine comes too late for anyone to really care about a low rent call girl of average looks with a tattooed body and not much sexuality.

"The opening is done like one of those MTV shows with jump cuts, fancy edits and all kinds of video trickery while Brown is showcased getting ready for her hardcore performance. No matter how much they gussy her up for the camera, she still looks like a street hooker." (Knight Publishing 8060 Melrose Ave LA 90035)

During the video, Divine discusses her blow job with actor Hugh Grant. Then she reenacts the experience with Brit Marc Davis. Arrested and sent to jail, Divine takes on Kim Kataine and jailer Candy Cash.

"The final failure to arouse comes when Ron Jeremy gives it to Brown, making for one of the least attractive pairings of the year." (Black Video Illustrated)