"Ford exposes drug use, mob connections and murder plots..." Evan Wright, Rolling Stone

"There's a kind of low-key genius..." Jeffrey Wells, Hollywood-Elsewhere.com

"Serious history of the dirty-movie business." Booklist


Britt Morgan in Radical Affairs 2 talks about the most bizarre acts she's done on video. She did two cocks in her pussy in Queen of Hearts then tried for an extra day to add a cock in her ass. It didn't work so she had to make do by placing herself in the middle of a seven man circle jerk. Her record is 32 guys in one video.

Morgan advises on how not to eat pussy: "Don't lap a girl as though you're painting a house."

She made numerous films with Jace Rocker before they divorced. Her best performing and co-directing, according to AVN, came in Cheeks 2: the Bitter End. "This 1960s tale of lust and espionage opens with an interesting period-style black and white scene at the beginning and never lets up with good acting and authentic background pieces including vintage TV commercials. Johnathan Morgan and Peter North attempt to infiltrate a beatnik coffee-house in search of Commie dupes."

Cheeks IV: A Back Street Affair is an analized version of My Man Godfrey "though Joey [Silvera] isn't exactly William Powell. Silvera plays a drunken bum who becomes a millionaire's butler. But because he was once a commodity wizard, Silvera is able to save the family from financial ruin by investing in sex-oriented companies. Britt Morgan takes the Carole Lombard role of the good sister who wants to rehabilitate the butler." (AVN)


I ran into Britt Morgan with her ex-husband Jace Rocker on the set of James DiGiorgio and Rob Spallone's Succubus movie for VCA.

A porn star from 1986-92, until she divorced Jace and left porn, Morgan shoots behind the scenes footage for the DVD version.

In his X-Rated Videotape Star Index, Pat Riley writes about Britt: "Not too good looking blonde who seems to take it up the butt without any problems. Small tits. Older looking."

Jim wonders at the comparatively good relationship between Jace and his ex-wife Britt Morgan, the former porn star.

Jim: "I can barely be in the same state as my ex-wife."

Jace: "Britt and I had a strong relationship. If anything, us working in the pornography business made it stronger. There were outside influences..."

Britt: "He rode in with me on my naked back."

Britt laughs. "He hates that line."

Britt and Jace exchange barbs throughout the day.

Jace: "I created her. I made her everything she is."

Jim to Britt: "Does he have a way of subtly making you feel less than you are? Because he did that to me last night."

Britt Morgan divorced Jace Rocker in 1992 and married a man twice her age in Texas. She returned to porn for the first time in February and rented a room from Jace, who appears still besotted with her.

Jace has written and directed over 100 porn films.

Jace performed sex in a few scenes with his wife.

Jace: "When you start, it's all new. You feel like you're going to reinvent the wheel. She wanted me to do it. It was like, if I do this, then I'll belong to the club. It wasn't like that at all. Once I got to know the guys in the crew and became one of the guys, there's no way I'm going to show my naked butt to those guys."

Luke to Britt: "What happened to you? Did you go away for a few years, like the movie Frances."

Jace: "Her story was more like The Burning Bed, where she sets an abusive husband on fire. She came home one day to find her husband with a young Mexican boy..."

Luke: "Do you and Jace platonically make love?"

Britt: "No. He keeps his life separate and I keep my life separate. We have different tastes."

Britt giggles: "I do whoever has my phone number."

Jace: "She's just testing the waters now. She doesn't know which direction she may be headed.

"She's a lot of fun."

Luke: "How much fun is she?"

Jace: "More fun than a barrel of monkeys. Emphasis on monkey. Because if she's around, you're usually spanking your own.

"It's a double edged sword. If you have history with someone, the woman has the power of the yes and no. She's the one that says this is where it's going and that's as far as it goes. And as a guy, you say, 'If you say so. That's where I want to go to."

Britt: "I read this boy's site. If you say anything s---ty about me, I'm locking the doors."

Jace: "You're already locking the doors."

We trade wisecracks.

Jace: "You'll have to read between the lines. I want to keep my nuts."

Britt: "I don't tell the truth. I'm a liar honey."

Luke: "You must feel right at home in this business then."

Britt: "That's not true. Some of the best I've ever known are in this business."

Luke: "Like who?"

Britt: "Everybody. All my friends are in this business. Nina Hartley, Keisha, Jeanna Fine. These people are all my friends. They are the reason that I stayed in this business as long as I did. Who better to have sex with than your friends?"

Aghast writes: Concerning Axle's wish for Britt Morgan to return to porn. Dude, count Britt's chins in this photo [Image:010326158] and be more careful what you wish for.

Axle replies: Aghast's comments regarding Britt Morgan are well taken, but I bet she could still f--- circles around the tattooed, pierced, implanted, soulless zombies that currently inhabit the industry. She looks a little older, so what? She was a hot, raunchy, dirty talking performer before such things were de rigueur. I don't know, maybe my tastes are f---ed up. I'd still rather watch Brandy Alexandre than Jenna Jameson.

Britt Morgan, Dino Bravo


Britt Morgan Replies

LUKE WRITES [actually, Fred wrote these to Luke]: A few questions: a) Has Britt Morgan aged well over the years? b) I assume her ex-husband knew about her porn past, eh? c) Is she trying to melt back into civilian life, or capitalize off of her porn past?

LUKE ANSWERS (himself - because no one else will talk to him): A. You can decide for yourself. Check out BrittMorgan.com. She looks ok. B. I am sure he did. C. She's trying to capitalize off her porn past.


BrandyAlx1: I was just looking at the Britt Morgan photos. I thought from the way the comments were worded that these would be new pictures, but they're all at least 8 years old
BrandyAlx1: She and Jace Rocker always held that she never had a boob job, but it's so apparent that she not only did, but it's a bad one.


Let's C silly babies - a) who cares? b) who cares? (and besides, WHICH ex-husband pray tell....my past ones or the next one I'm looking for - haha) and c) who cares? MELT back into civilian life - I am a civilian - grocery stores, mall, prop houses, home - no problem - go figure......e-gad, you goombas make me laugh.......(and besides, doesn't 'capitalize' mean in some kind of 'monetary' form? It's a f---ing FREE site.....not even any ADVERTISING - you know, like all the obnoxious eye-candy floating around yours, Luke)

And as for miss Brandy Alexander - haven't you found a life YET? How 'bout lunch sometime and you can cry directly to my face about how pathetic you are...... my treat - luv ya' baby.

Hey Luke, how 'bout Miss Alexander and I each send in recent photos of our respective breasts, and we'll let your avid and faithful and unbiased followers decide for themselves: "boob-job" or "not" or "in need of one"........ Let the games begin......

Brandy Alexandre writes: Here are mine.


Ex-porn star Britt Morgan writes Jason Sechrest: Hello, Jason, my dear - thank you for the love - I send mine in return most devotedly! I did indeed grill him on much, and he answered unabashedly - with only a couple of 'no comments' which of course you know is driving me insane now! haha (Tell Luke we need to tag-team on him and do a lunch - I've got him good and warmed up, or else he'll just refuse to speak to either of us ever again! haha)

Britt Morgan came over to my hovel with a video camera to shoot me doing the show. Then she got on the phone with Jimmy, who just bulldozed over our scheduled guest Roger Pipe.

Roger Pipe: "My ex-girlfriend met Britt 15 years ago at a bookstore in San Diego. She got Britt's autograph for me. Britt posed for pictures with my girlfriend. I thought it was very nice of her."

Luke: "She asked me, 'Who's Roger Pipe?'"

Britt: "Well, I'm glad that was not a horrible story."

Roger: "If it was, you know that Luke would've already printed it."

Britt: "That is so true. I think he's still waiting for me to trip up so that he can print something horrible about me."

Jim: "Are you having sex with Luke?"

Britt: "Would Luke have sex with me? Does Luke have sex?"

Jim: "Has Luke shown you his gun?"

Britt: "Yes."

Jim: "Has he pointed it at you?"

Britt: "No, we'll do that later when I'm naked.

"I just got off a 15 day mainstream shoot. I was script supervisor."

Jim: "What are you wearing right now?"

Britt: "Red slacks and a sleaveless sweater. And I do have underwear on. No bra. I don't own one. I don't see the point."

Jim: "He's so narcissistic. He loves the camera being on him. Are you detecting any gay traits?"

Britt: "I'm not at liberty to discuss things like that."

Jim: "His ego is such that he'd allow 15 people to shoot a documentary on him. You're not exclusive. If I walked in there right now and said, 'Luke, I want to shoot a documentary on you.' He'd say yes, while you were standing there. He wouldn't care."

Afterwards, Britt and I went to a nice kosher restaurant down the street where we ran into two couples I know from my local Orthodox synagogue. I wonder what's going to go around about that. I had a big bowl of lentil soup and a big Israeli salad.

Fred writes: 1. Find out her educational background. Any college? What fields of study?

Britt Morgan replies: Sociology BA - CSURiverside

2. What she was doing during her hiatus from porn? Was she employed? Was her spouse a "sugar-daddy"?

Britt Morgan replies: Married. No, he was a spouse.

3. Any regrets about porn?

Britt Morgan replies: None whatsoever. The business was extremely good to me and I made wonderful dear friends who are my closest still to date.

4. During her porn career, did she ever wind up doing things she didn't want to do?

Britt Morgan replies: Never, what would be the point in that exactly? I did what I wanted with who I wanted when I wanted. I did it because it was fun and these people were my friends. I never worked with people I would not otherwise associate with outside of the 'job'.

5. During her career, she "wrote" some of her videos. How did she go about judging what she thought guys would want to see her do? Did she rely on Jace for input on that? How much of what she did was based on a) what she felt like doing; or b) what she thought she would like to see in a porn video?

Britt Morgan replies: (And produced and directed: Great Brittan Motion Pictures......) Most definately, his input was regarded most highly; we discussed and debated many topics and always tried to find a happy medium that met the 'nasty' scale for tha' boyz and the 'horny' scale for tha' girlz.

A lot of what I did was for the sake of personal discovery of some sort - personal fantasies and/or scenarios played out in a safe and controlled environment, sometimes being explored enough within that context to put it to rest, and then sometimes triggering a desire to take it further on a more private level outside of the 'safety net', having tested it first within.

6. Has she ever done it with a patent attorney? If not, would it be accurate to say that this is the one great thing she's missed in life?

Britt Morgan replies: I am sad for me, I suppose......? haha

7. What's she doing for a living now? What's she planning on doing next?

Britt Morgan replies: I do set design/construction - some A.D. work for a select few producers, and just finished as script supervisor on a mainstream. And as for 'next' - this is my next right now; I'm in the midst of a fairly painless divorce, although a 10-year term nonetheless, and am just taking it easy and enjoying being alive again. I have a jacuzzi, couple of overly devoted hounds, a magical cat sent to me as a gift from beyond, an uncorrupted sense of delight and a local Sav-On that carries MGD. I complain not. Life is very very good.

8. Has she ever done it with an orthodox Jewish Australian porn journalist? Isn't this the one experience she believes she's been missing in life?

Britt Morgan replies: I thought #6 was the one great thing I had somehow missed in my life? Have I truly missed ALL this too?

9. What fashion advice does she have for Luke F-rd?

Britt Morgan replies: He didn't get thrown out of the restaurant we were eating at and he fit in perfectly well with the other diners there. I was not at all embarassed.

10. What advice does she have to assist Luke F-rd in scoring?

Britt Morgan replies: Nina who? Hartley? if so, my advice would be: ask her.

11. What does she think are the most interesting things about her?

Britt Morgan replies: It varies. But probably the most -#1. I don't care. and - #2. I have no fear.

Fred writes: 1. Did Britt go into porn because she is an exhibitionist, for the money, or for the sex?

A: I went into the biz out of severe curiosity; I don't think that I am (or was) an exhibitionist - I didn't do it for the money (I made plenty of money before the business and make plenty in spite of the business now) and as for the sex - it was definately a treat, but not the sole purpose - I was truely curious about the people, about the industry, & about the dynamics involved. I was rewarded by what I was lucky enough to gain from it - confidence, enlightenment on many levels, friendship, empathy for things and people I would never have otherwise been exposed to and acceptance by people far above the mainstream society which is almost completely judgemental and hypocritical.

2. Does she think she has a stronger libido than most women? Does she think she has stronger exhibitionist tendencies than most women?

A: Not at all, and probably less. Porno does not define me, and it's been my experience that porno could not even remotely contain or handle the even slightly-above-average civilian woman.

3. Does she consider herself unusual in any way? Or does she think that by and large she is a typical woman?

A: Unusual - in the most unusual ways. And Typical - I'd rather be dead first. But you would really need to ask others about this one I think.

Lynne writes: So does Britt have real breasts or not? If she does, do they sag or not? If she has implants, then of course she doesn't need a bra. Not that I'm judging her, mind you, but the point of wearing a bra is that real breasts often sag as we get older, have babies, etc. Big real breasts do all sorts of funny things in clothes if they aren't harnessed in place. If, like me, Britt has been fortunate enough to escape this fate, bless her... If she's saying she prefers artificial breasts because they eliminate the need for brassieres...that's different.

Britt Morgan replies: I suppose I will have to let Mr. Ford pop off a couple of photos just for the sake of argument, I haven't done this myself because it is truly a huge chore to mess with this contraption of a computer - so, if he's willing to withstand the effort, you can take his personal opinion into account also. hahha And as for 'preferring' artificial breasts? I don't believe I have ever made any comment to that effect, I have only said that I judge not what a girl chooses to do for whatever reason - it is just none of my damn business personally - because personally, I think Keisha has the all-time perfect breast thing going on, and anyone would be very hard-pressed to find anything real or not that even vaguely compares.