Porn's leading female performer of the early 1990s, Ashlyn Gere (Kimberly McCamy Patton) also appears in mainstream entertainment such as the Fox TV show Beverly Hills 90210 where she plays a porn star. A member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), the green eyed brunette, born 9/14/67, stands 5'3 and weighs 110 pounds.

Her face fails to appear in the biggest roles of her life - background sex with Randy West for the R-rated movies Basic Instinct and Indecent Proposal. Directors Pauls Verhoven and Adrian Lyne use the hardcore veterans as body doubles for the main characters' love scenes.

Gere's real name is Kimberly McKamy. Like dozens of porn's leading playthings, she's married and untouchable.

A cheerleader in high school, Kim's "big things were football players and theater arts." After spending fruitless years in pursuit of stardom through acting, the UNLV graduate launched her career as a masturbation helper upon meeting Penthouse photographer Steven Hicks in 1990. He introduced her to publisher Bob Guccione who promptly spread her across his magazine.

Gere tumbled into hardcore, where she starred in Paul Thomas's sequel to The Masseuse earning awards and spilt cum. She wrote a lame essay about her thoughts on the film for AVN, saying that everyone she worked with was wonderful. (AVN 9/94 p.44-45) In her interviews and writings, Ashlyn only speaks well of the industry and the people in it.

The creative force of Companion: Aroused 2, Ashlyn also appears in Voices in my Bed, Animal Instinct, Night Train, Cheating, Aroused, Night Vision, Sex 3: After Seven and Dirty Looks.

Nineteen ninety two and ninety three proved stellar years for Ashlyn. She won top honors for her work in John Leslie's Chameleons and stole the erotic show in The Secret Garden 1&2 and Captain Butts' Beach. Some of her wildest sexual encounters came in the self-produced Realities 1&2 for Zane Entertainment. For Vivid she turned out The Ice Woman, Anonymous, Bonnie & Clyde, and Paper Tiger.

"Her beauty is natural," gushes Jeremy Stone, "warm olive skin, hazel eyes, a full chest and a large expressive face and eyes that sparkle when she smiles. Ashlyn has a way of looking up into a man's eyes that make him feel as if he's the most important thing in the whole world."

Michael Craig directed Just for Tonight - a "quickie" feature about action at a local pick-up joint. "All the sex is orchestrated with that nasty, "f--- me, quick" look... Ashlyn, who seems to be making a career of playing over-sexed, defiant women, turns in another stellar performance." (AVN 97)

Robert Rimmer: "Ashlyn, who facially and emotionally is joining the ranks of the emasculating females - Erica Boyer, Jeanna Fine and Tori Welles - who act like macho males and practically rape their consorts, is a turnoff. Would you stand in line with three other guys to get your horn blown by Ashlyn? Sorry, orally, vaginally and anally, Ashlyn is not my wet dream lady."

Rimmer's age (born 1924) may be one reason that he prefers his sex gentle. Many men would be happy to stand in line with three other guys to receive a blow job from Gere. I would.

Ashlyn Gere and her friend Victoria Paris appeared in 40% of porn productions shot on film between 1990-1994. With Janine and Christy Canyon, the four porn stars told the world they ran the biz's biggest fan club - Alley Katz Enterprises. In reality, the girls were ignored figureheads who dropped out of AKE in early 1997.

Ashlyn claims to fornicate and masturbate incessantly. She supposedly dreams about gangbanging the Dallas Cowboy football team. Her greatest joy is sucking testicles which she calls "the glory of manhood."

Gere's favorite sexual position is cowgirl - where the woman sits on the man's penis with her back to his face.

Ashlyn returned to her old stomping grounds of UNLV in 1993 to participate in the play Hot Tomatos at the Black Box Theater.

The brunette didn't perform during 1995 and the first eight months of 1996. Instead she stripped at clubs across North America for $15,000 a week, sold her home in Las Vegas and played the villain Felecity on the short-lived TV show Space.

Ashlyn returned to porn by doing a girl - girl scene for Jim Holliday's Sorority Sex Kittens: The Sequel followed by Decadence.

When she's not f---ing, sucking, stripping, gobbling gonads or beating off to the Dallas Cowboys, Ashlyn plays wife to her husband Layne Parker.

She also spends weeks on the road stripping with her friend Victoria Paris. "I prefer doing the duo act. I wish that clubs all over the country could have the duo acts. But when you have to dance in certain cities that have G-strings on, or even pasties for that matter, it gets awkward because you can't really put on the entire girl-girl show. I mean, that's what you're advertising, so that's what it should be.

"When I first danced alone it was scary. I was never a "house girl," so I had no acclimation to this kind of dance life. I was thrust into the dancing through the adult movies and my first club was in New Jersey, and it was a totally nude club -- so I had to completely take off all my clothes. And what got me through it was my acting experience. I just said, "Okay, I'm an actress. Now this actress is going to take on the character of a nude erotic dancer. What do I think she would do and how would I accomplish that on stage?

"I toyed with the idea of a girl-girl show in about my fourth year of dancing because on the road it gets lonely. You live out of a hotel room constantly and a suitcase -- and it sounds wonderful to travel the world and it's nice to go to all the different cities and meet the people who watch the movies but after a while it gets old. The hotel, the fast food and everything -- so having a good close friend along is really a wonderful benefit. We (Victoria Paris and I) don't even take to two hotel rooms, we stay in the same hotel room. We're good friends and we enjoy each other's company.

"When you're in your hotel room at night, we talk about things like walking our dogs and "where do you want to go on vacation this year and when was the last time you've scuba dived?" So it adds a hominess that you don't normally get on the road.

"I made a mark on the industry, portraying the girl-next door or the girl in the business suit. Before I came, you tended to see mainly spandex on all the girls in the movies. I wore business suits and even slacks and they were like, "Oh, my God. You're gonna wear a pair of pants in this scene?" I said, "Yeah, I just came from work, I'm a business woman and I put on pants today but don't worry it's all going to come off and there's going to be lingerie underneath it. " They found that a very unusual concept." (Mentertainment magazine)

Ashlyn portrayed the character Clear Knight on the TV show "Millenium" in 1998.

"Ashlyn's appearance completes her visits to the triumverate of shows springing from the production groups headed by Chris Carter of X-Files fame (X-Files,

Space: Above and Beyond, and Millenium)," writes Shall on RAME. "Maybe she has found a career as a member of the "stock company" that revolves around these shows. Fascinating that an actress so famous in the adult biz

could find acceptance in the mainstream, ain't it ? She will be on again in part II next Friday to complete her role as a neo-Nazi?"

Replies Brandy Alexandre: "You forget, they're porn fans. As much as I adore Ashlyn, I think her parts are based more on their admiration for her former career than an interest in promoting her present aspirations. She hasn't appeared in much else than C. Carter and G. Morgan shows. The end of G. Morgan's marriage around the time they met, in fact, makes me suspicious.

"Just how close would Kimberly Patton have gotten to Chris Carter had she not been Ashlyn Gere, and he not a porn fan? How close would Traci Lords have gotten to ANYBODY had she not been Traci Lords. The fact that she goes by Traci Lords, unlike Ashlyn using Kimberly Patton, answers that question. (Of course, we will forgive Ashlyn for using "Kimberly Ashlyn Gere" in her first appearance on X-Files and other attempts to profit from her porn persona first, before trying--and failing IMHO--at talent).

"Without porn it is terribly unlikely that any of them would otherwise be hired. Therefore, none are legitimate actors unless and until they prove they can act. I'm still waiting."


Ashlyn Gere Interview

For years, my favorite fantasy porn girl was Ashlyn Gere. Then I saw her in real life and the fantasy died.

This happened to me with various porn stars, including J.R. Carrington. In pictures and movies they can look fantastic, but in person they often seem ordinary at best. Roxanne Hall was an exception. She looked better in real life.

I just read this recent interview with Ashlyn Gere on Unchain and the interviewer seems to have the same fan boy attitude I had towards Ashlyn at one point. I identify with him. The downer is that the answers Ashlyn gives are so ordinary and boring. Another letdown.

Before I started meeting porn girls, I fantastized about porn girls. Now that I've met them, I fantasize more about shul girls.

Gere's making three movies this year for VCA - the home of the over the hill porn star (Marilyn Chambers, Ginger Lynn, etc).


VCA's Club Sin

Sergio writes: Ashlyn Gere just finished making a movie for VCA titled Club Sin. This is what she told: "Club Sin, Is a slight dark comedy, not really that funny, but its about a group of divorced surviviors(women) who meet on a regular basis to discuss there experiences, although we don't hear to many of them because my character decides shes had enough of the BS and decides to start her own group. My characters name is Elsa, and in my mind I replace the use of the divorce group with want I believe is the ultimate powere of a woman...her pussy, of course. I choose a partner to help me run my club which is Club Sin, and the story unfolds from there. There are 7 sex scenes, all different, and I'm in 3 of those, but I'm in the entire movie. Some of the cast: Gwen Summers, Chloe, Kylie Ireland, Brook, Nick Mannning, Evan Stone, and about 10 other people. It was a four day shot, and I hope everyone enjoys it."