Anne Howe - Used & Abused On A Porn Set

Skinny porn girl Anne Howe's real name is Melissa. She also uses Mel, Ashley, and BJ Lixx.

George writes: I understand that Mary Anne Weiland, Ann Howe's mother and porn performer in the '70s, is still around. Do you have a bio and/or any pictures of her? I'm especially interested to know if she was no-tits as her daughter and whether she knows her daughter is in the business.

JG replies: Hi Luke: In response to George on Dec 27 re: Mary Anne Weiland, Ann Howe's mother. Anne Howe was one of Ed's Dirty Debutantes (forget which number) and, during the interview, mentioned that her mother was a porn star in the 70s. Anne also said she was taken by her mother on her first hard-core photoshoot!

Melissa writes about her life:

Back in the '70's (when porn was still illegal to film) my mom shot porno. When I was born, she stopped. But as I got older, I asked her questions about what she used to do before I was born. She was always very open with me, and when I was about 12 years old I told her I wanted to be a porn star. As I got older, I thought about doing porno and being a big star all the time.

When I turned 18 I wanted to persue a career in the industry, but my mom told me I didn't look like a porn star, and she thought I should get breast implants to have bigger boobs. I thought about that, and eventually I told her no, I liked my small tits and I wanted to see what I could do with my tiny breasts.

When I was 18 I started working as a lingerie model (sexy things, not little girl things) in Phoenix, AZ where I used to live. That was my first taste of the "adult sex industry" and I loved it. I liked having all that sexual attention, and I found out that I didn't need big titties to look sexy.

By the way, if you want to send me something special to wear (thank you!), these are my sizes. But it has to be something new, preferably with the tags on it (so I know you didn't buy it at a garage sale and haven't just been making it sticky for 6 months before sending it to me). Send me any of these things and I will take a picture of me wearing it and email you the photo.

Q: Are you pregnant now?

A: Not any more. The pictures you see on the Internet were taken when I was about 4-5 months along. But I miscarried and lost the baby. It was pretty sad and I liked being pregnant. But now I don't like talking about that much so let's just move along.

Melissa (formerly porn star Anne Howe) writes in March: To my horror, I was paired up with this actor, JJ. I had never worked with him before, but I had heard from other girls that he was not very much fun to work with. They had all told me that he was an asshole, and that he always acted like he was the greatest thing ever to walk the earth. He introduced himself, and I knew it was going to be a hard scene to get through. J.J. was not a very likable person.

We started filming the scene, and at first, things werenít so bad. But when we got to the part where I pulled down his pants, I started to remember the other things I had heard from girls who had worked with J.J. before. They told me he was pretty rough, and that his dick was sort of shaped funny. It was true! His dick was angled A LOT to the side! I had never seen anything like it before. I have been with men who had some curve to their cock, but it wasnít anything at all like J.J.ís. We started the sex part of the scene, and things were not going very well. His dick poked me in a funny way, and it didnít feel very good! On top of that, J.J. started f---ing me really rough. I like rough sex, but he was just too rough! I asked him to calm down some, and he said he would. We started filming again, and then he started acting all crazy again!

I tried to put up with it as much as I could, but it hurt! I almost started to cry, because I wanted to finish the scene, and I knew I was going to have to do anal with J.J., too. I could only imagine what was going to happen. We started the anal part, and of course, J.J. was rude about it. He hardly used any lube, and just tried to shove it in. I was so, so embarrassed, because I knew the scene wasnít going good. J.J. started pounding my ass, and every time he pushed into me it hurt worse and worse. At one point I screamed, but the director didnít stop filming! He thought it was cool because it was a very real, natural reaction. I asked him to stop filming for a minute, and then he started yelling at me! The director was telling me I was a big pain in the ass (I wasn't, but I was GETTING a big pain in MY ass!), and that he was about to fire me because I had been f---ing up his set all day, and all this other crap.

No one had ever yelled at me like that before, and I tried hard not to cry. The director asked me why I needed to stop filming. I told him that my ass was hurting, and that J.J.ís cock was not good at all. I asked him if we could film the scene over, using a different male actor. I should have never asked him, because then the director started yelling again, and the producer came over and both of them told me that I should just shut up and finish the scene, because it was almost over anyway.

Luke says: Anne Howe's site has not been updated since her report on this awful experience. Who's she talking about? TT Boy? JJ Michaels?

Satyric writes: Anne Howe (aka Ashley, BJ Lixx, Lisa) has a website http://www.tinylisa.com where she is still in the hardcore biz working with Heather the amazing deepthroat babe on http://www.ideepthroat.com.