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In November 1991, distributors destroyed 60 titles featuring Canadian actress Alexandra Quinn who was under 18 when she performed in them. Born 3/25/73, her real name is Dianne Stewart.

At age 14, she began working at a gas station. "Then I went to work at McDonald's and I was there until they gave me my break. They give you like a fifteen minute coffee break you know? They said take out the garbage and then go on your lunch break. I was like "garbage? What do you mean?" So I took out the garbage and then I left." (Sophie's Mentertainment Magazine)

The busty blonde began stripping at age 15 to get attention and money from men. When she saw the lust and dollars directed towards Erica Boyer on a strip appearance, Stewart decided that she too wanted to do porn. Erica introduced Dianne to Jim South who checked her identification.

"When I was in high school," Stewart told Hustler Erotic Video Guide, "I did a lot of cutting and pasting with my birth certificate, using the copy machine. I made my own ID. It wasn't good enough to get into bars but they let me do movies with it.

"I flew down from Canada with just enough money to pay for a couple of meals. I didn't want to bring any money with me 'cause I thought well I'll chicken out if I have money to get home with.

My first movie was for Video Exclusives [now Leisure Time Entertainment]. That was a scene with two guys and two girls. I'd never been with a girl before or with a group, so that was strange."

After a few weeks in the industry, Alexandra began freebasing cocaine. "Los Angeles is wild. Back home, people are more laid back. I was hiding a big secret from everybody and I didn't know how to handle it. That made me feel alone and that feeling got me doing drugs."

Alexandra made about 60 videos before turning 18. One day on set she forgot her fake ID so she used her real ID figuring no one would notice. Wrong.

Quinn condemned the industry on the TV show Hard Copy and was blackballed by many pornographers. "For a long time I was angry. All the people I thought were my friends turned their backs on me. I felt I was owed something after all I'd been through. I decided to return to the industry because I like to show off my wild side and make money at it.

" I went to the CES show in January [1996?]... 'cause I was looking for a contract and I wanted to sign with somebody. And I had quite a few companies tell me not to sign with anybody um, they want to discuss it and call them the next week and Vivid was interested, Metro was interested and Nitro was interested and Sin City. And when-the next week when I called them they all said, "oh we can't talk we can't touch you 'cause our distributor won't let us do anything with you, da da da da... "

" I was real good when I used to do the movies. I did real good scenes. I was always their lead star. The only thing was is that when I was in the movies I was overweight. I didn't look anything like I do now. I was about 150 lbs. with no muscle and I drank all the time and I never ever worked out. Now I weigh about 125. But it's all muscle. I've changed in so many different spots. You know it looks more than 25 lbs. have been off me but it really hasn't. I have quite a few stretch marks. "

Several porn companies paid Alexandra to reshoot her scenes upon turning 18, including A.F.V. Releasing which created Alexandria, I Love You.

The mother of Alexandra's roommate once received a shock from the TV show A CURRENT AFFAIR when she found out that her daughter's roommate was a porn star.

In early 1998, Quinn advertised her sexual services in an adult paper in Houston.

In the pro-am Gang Bang Pour Salopes Dechainees, Lydia Chanel, who started in France, admits she did 15 pornos before turning 18. Other performers who've done the same thing include Tabatha Cash, Rene Summers, Kristara Barrington, Ali Moore, Nikki Charm and Christiana.

Many countries, such as Australia, use 16 as the age of consent. In Holland, it is 13 with parents' permission. In Judaism, a child becomes an adult by 13.