Alana Evans Reveals Her Side Of The Story


Porn star Alana Evans of AlanaEvans.com writes: Hey Luke; Well, it was a very strange situation. I'm not surprised that it got back to you. Everything does:) The first day I got to the show, I had to wait a while in line and they didn't have enough passes for us. Tonda was really nice to me until we got to the show. Then she was very rude and abrupt about things. Chris actually had to go to our friend's at LikeWhoa.com and they got us passes immediately.

I worked things out with Tonda and Brad at that point. So, basically I'm well over an hour late to the booth because I was stuck out front. They didn't care to help me then.

I went to work promoting for the company, Shaw Internet, by passing out their flyers. Well, Tonda informs me to only give flyers to serious customers because they only made 500. Okay, no problem. This only means I am going to spend more time talking to people, right. Well, I had a lot of fans that wanted autographs, and, well, they didn't actually hire me for that. I can't help it. I am not going to tell my fans no or ignore them. Hello....It's internet porn. I am a pornstar. I know you get it Luke.

They had a lap dance room but I wasn't doing dances. Not really my thing at a convention. I was in the room adjusting makeup and Brad asked for dances. One girl started dancing for him and I just watched. I took over and only danced one song. He gave me like 5 tickets. Apparently it was worth the admission.

I didn't know Brad and Tonda had any relation at all. I have no interest Brad. If she's jealous about the dances, get over it.

Myself and Cheryl Dynasty were fired the next day for being 30 minutes late. Cheryl actually woke me that morning because I overslept. I made it to the show in full hair, makeup, and clothing by 11:00am. And they fired me. Tonda wouldn't talk to me and neither would Brad. She just told me I needed to leave the booth, I was fired, and I needed to get out of my room. So there ya go. I had the other employees of Shaw talking s--- about me to the other girls. Pathetic is all I can say. I am not known for being a flake or unreliable but this is what Brad Shaw says of me.

I am sure they were also upset because they lost business to Matrix Content by hiring me. Matrix has tons of incredible content of me and my fans went there to buy it:)

Porn star Jacklyn Lick writes: Cheryl Dynasty came and stayed with me because he kicked her out of her hotel room that day! He stuck them in Vegas with no where to go. I would recommend no girls EVER work for a company that would leave you stranded like that. I don't drink or smoke, and Cheryl doesn't even drink alcohol. I know for sure she was not 'cracked out' on anything. So, that excuse is lame.

I saw Alana and Chris that morning, and they didn't look like they were on anything. What most likely happened was, they didn't make the money they thought they were going to make, and they over stepped their budget, and the woman got jealous of the porn stars (which were really the only class looking girls at their booth).

Brad Shaw responds: Alana Evans looked like crap, no make up, rolled out of bed hour and and a half late. Not to mention her boyfriend who stood in front of our booth all day. I tried to fire them the first day once I saw her and her boyfriends attitude. I must say, Matrix has some wonderful make-up people, in the shoots she did for them, she looked good, not the same girl I saw though!

Former AVN journalist Ashley Kennedy writes: So let me get this straight; Alana Evans shows up 20 minutes late, and the girlfriend (wife, whatever) of this Brad Shaw fellow (who is running amok making enemies left and right at the show between lap dances), fires her and then slanders her? And leaves Alana ass-out as far as accommodations are concerned? And Brad himself insinuates that Chris Evans is some sort of suitcase pimp/boyfriend? Huh. I can't pass this one up, Luke.

(Excuse me, Tonda, but what exactly constitutes inappropriate clothing at an adult Internet convention? Did they show up in nuns' habits? Adult diapers and tinfoil turbans?)

(I've never seen Alana throw attitude. Are you sure the attitude wasn't YOURS? I mean, from what I'm hearing, your significant other spent more time getting lap dances and being rude and ugly to the people around him than actually conducting business. Check yourself, woman.)

Wow, Tonda, to me it looks as if what was done was this: you have showed the world that you should really find someone else to write your postings, since you're far from articulate. You also violated California labor laws, by publicly announcing to Alana's prospective employers the specific reasons for her termination. Bad move. You are legally bound to reveal only the length of employment, date of termination, and whether or not you would hire her again. Or so I've been told. Don't take it from ME as gospel, Tonda. Ask your attorneys. However, the slander is clear-cut, and carries both a misdemeanor charge and civil liability for you and your company. If I were Alana Evans, I'd sue the living f--- out of you for slander/libel/defamation of character.

And Brad, as far as Chris Evans is concerned, he's more than just a boyfriend; he's an adult performer in his own right… he has appeared in numerous vids as well as on several Playboy TV shows. He's hardly a useless cling-on boyfriend. As a matter of fact, when I leave Los Angeles, he will be the caretaker of my beloved surfboard…a duty I would never impart to someone that I did not hold in the highest esteem. Oh, and by the way, Tonda, my son said you are a hoo-hoo-ha-ha for treating Alana the way you did. Of course, he's not allowed to say the word "cunt" until he can drive, but nonetheless, the sentiment remains.

Brad Shaw replies: Ashley Kennedy, Tonda is out of town for the 4th. Screw California labor laws, we were in Nevada, buy a clue. I can fire whoever I want, whenever I want. She was paid for a day and a half, and only did one days worth of work, I think that is nice of me. Not to mention I did not take back her convention badge which cost me $150.BTW, Alana showed up an hour and a half late. She looked so bad, people would rather have a dance from me then her. Her overzealous boyfriend would not leave her alone to do her work. We had 2 security personal, we did not need him standing around getting in our way and distracting her. Case closed, Alana is small time, I am off to make enemies with some players.


Alana Evans's Creepy Story: 'I Could've Been Killed Today'

Alana calls me back. "I got booked on a shoot through Gold Star Models. The person in the hotel room didn't exist. He used reputable male talent's name -- Scott Lyons name. He uses Scott's name and booking girls for shoots and getting them to hotels. The room number doesn't exist. The girls are left waiting in the lobby. I guess this guy is sitting there getting off on watching us totally frazzled, not knowing what is going on. I booked this through my agency."

Luke: "What did your agent say?"

Alana: "They were a little surprised."

Alana calls me back at 7:33 p.m. "AVN has put a story up but they are so PC, they haven't put all the information on there. I know you will.

"Gold Star booked me a couple of days ago to do a shoot with Donnie Long and Scott Lyons. Because I recognized the male talent, I didn't call them.

"They booked me to do a scene at the Universal Hilton. I don't like working at a hotel but sometimes that's what you have to do.

"After waiting 15 minutes, my husband Chris Evans calls Scott, who told him that there was a guy in the business using his name to book girls. The shoots never came to fruition. The guy would send the girls to locations, giving them hotel numbers that didn't exist.

"This guy is calling the agencies, booking through the agencies, and he gets a kick out of watching women wait, frazzled, in public places. My fear is that he is not going to get off on that for much longer. He's going to go to the next step. That's why everybody needs to know.

"One day a girl is going to show up and she's going to get attacked."

Luke: "Joel Lawrence isn't calling me back."

Alana: "They realize they screwed up. I could've been killed today."

Aug. 5, 2007

She writes:

March 23, 2008 will mark the 10th anniversary of my first ever leap in front of the porno eye... Its a crazy thing to realize I've committed myself to a life of sex, drugs, and rock n 'roll. I've never lasted at a job for more than a year... I don't think I will ever go back.

Many people ask why I am here... a friend asked if maybe it's my Dad. Other people think something tramatic has happened to everyone in porn and thats why we are here...

I'm here because I choose to be... I love the choices I make... whether it's sleeping with my girlfriends or fucking hot Rocker boys... I do what I do for me...

I lost my viginity at 14...by the time I was 16 I probably had nearly 100 men...I say men because most were over 18.... shame on them:) but I couldn't keep my hands to myself. I got into trouble as a teen but not with the law.... I was always chasing boys... I couldn't get enough.

My first real relationship ended after 8 years... I finally escaped. We were swingers... that started when I barely turned 18. I quickly learned the excitement of showing off sexually in front of others. I am a total exhibitionist and a voyeur. But that got boring... I got tired of being the hot young blonde all the couples wanted to pounce.... I needed more sexual fulfillment.

I found many things in my current relationship... the ability to just be free is the best part.

They say that when a women turns 28... she starts to hit a peak... well I had one then.... and now at 31... I'm reaching an all new high. I've found a renewed sense of my whore'ness and I am loving it.

I believe we only live once and we need to be happy... personal happiness is key... and my sexuality makes me happy.

Butterflies in my tummy is even better... I get them sometimes... but it takes something special to do that:)