Kim Chambers Birthday Party Saturday Night, 1/21/06

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Driving to Kim's party Saturday night, I got pulled over by the cops and ticketed for driving 45 in a 35 zone (on Sunset Blvd). I also received four warnings, including for changing lanes without signalling.

I interview Scott Nails (the LADM page lists his age as 20, and he's been in porn five years, something is wrong) and Cassie, a manager at Exotic Star Models.

Cassie: "He's my best guy friend ever. He's the only one who doesn't try to ---- me."

Luke to Scott: "How did you get into the industry?"

Scott: "Five years ago, I was dating a stripper. She got the same spin from the agent (Roy Garc-a) that everybody gets -- you can do solo. Then she got offered boy-girl. I used to work construction. I did 16-hours that day. She said, please come pick me up. I don't want to get a flight.

"I didn't even take a shower. She had her s--- by the door. The guy is like, I'll pay you this much to ---- her. I said, all right. We shot about 15-scenes together.

"The agent kept hitting me up every six months. I lost $40,000 one month [in construction]. I decided to move out here. After a few months, [the stripper] started drinking and moved away.

"I got offered a contract by Anabolic. I was with them for eight months. I sold my [construction] business. I joined up with LA Direct Models and I've been f------ every day since."

Luke: "When you did your first scene, were you asked for a test?"

Scott: "No, no test. It was 11pm. When you first start, you don't know what you're doing. I've f----- in front of people before, just never on camera. The only thing I had a problem with was coming. I only made $200 a scene."

Kim Chambers walks into the party at 11:40pm.

Kim is single. She's no longer married to Scott Styles and she's no longer with Grant Michaels.

Scott: "I'm very professional. I like to go on set and the girls to be very professional. I don't need to be fluffed. I don't ask for their phone numbers. Just, I'll do my job and you do your's. We'll f--- and go home. I don't like it when girls want to make-out. I don't want a blowjob ten minutes before the scene. I want to do nothing [but the scene]. Nothing before the scene or after the scene.

"It's not about the money. It's about the job. It's a whole mental thing I have to do. I don't want to talk to girls. I want to go in and make-up whatever I want [about the girl]. If I've got to talk to the girl for 20-minutes before the scene, I've already established who she is.

"I have a reputation for being a dick because I go in and I'm quiet. I don't want to talk to anybody."

"Have you dated any of the girls in the industry?"

"I wouldn't call it dating."

"Have you had relationships with any porn girls?"

"I don't have relationships. There are about five [porn girls] that I've f----- off camera.

"When I'm in California, I'm Scott. When I go home, I'm somebody else. I don't let anybody in Arizona calling me Scott and I don't like anybody in California calling me by my name.

"I'm in porn and California about 60% of the time and the rest back home. I have a lot of [real estate] business back home. I may work three or four hours a day and then I'm on the phone the other 21-hours of the day.

"I've had so many girls say to me, 'When you first walked in, I thought you were an arrogant prick, but after I got to know you, I want to work with you again.'

"That's what I have to do to work again the next day. When it's a different girl every day, you have to have some focus points. I'm able to focus on something different every time."

Scott first had sex at 14. As a kid, he dreamed of becoming a millionaire.

"I didn't go to highschool. I started my first [construction] company at 15. I did go to college. I have my associates degree. I was supposed to go into the military. I took the ASVAB test. I scored high. Then I got in an accident on my dirt bike and fractured my shoulder. They wouldn't take me. My recruiting officer sent my test scores to ten colleges and I got five full-rides wherever I wanted to go."

Scott says he got his first tattoo Friday night (Jan 20).