Rikki Andersin Resurfaces as Fired Teacher Tericka Dye

Tara reports on FreePornStarPix.com:

Rumor has it that Dye's past came to light because she is currently divorcing and fighting with her ex over child custody.

In the porn world, she went by the name Rikki Andersin. Her biggest film was 'Tight Ass' for popular porn direct John T. Bone. She was the sole box cover girl and star of the film. Today, the movie is included in a compilation DVD by Metro called 'The Amazing Ass Trilogy 2', for $24.95 at Gamelink.com. (After making 'Tight Ass' with Rikki, John T. Bone made sequels using other actresses, hence
the trilogy compilation.)

In the film, Rikki is involved in sex acts such as oral sex, double penetration, and anal sex.

Her movies include Ass Whores 12, Climax Shots 86 - Three To Tango, Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun, Eruptions - Double Dippin, In Thru The Out Door 7, In Thru The Out Door 8, Party House 5, Sex Freaks 10, Tight Ass, Wet Cum Shots 6, Exit Only 6, Wet Cum Shots 7, Rug Munchers, Major Slut and Butt Brats 7.

Exit Only 6 is available on DVD for $4.89 @ FiveStarDVD.com. It features hardcore anal action and is a four hour compilation video.

Wet Cum Shots 6 is available on DVD for $6.95 @ FiveStarDVD.com.

'The sensation of being showered in hot jizz keeps these cum hungry sluts sucking and ----ing like the whores that they are!', says the film's description.

Wet Cum Shots 6 can also be viewed online, click here. A digitally remastered version of the film is also available at Gamelink.com, click here.

Her film Ass Whores 12 is a VHS only title that you can buy at Movies By Mail. It is another hardcore anal compilation, this time promising, 'Cock hungry asswhores ready for more! Deep anal penetrations!'.

Climax Shots 86 - Three To Tango is also available only on VHS and is available for purchase at MoviesByMail for $5.99. The compilation film offers up,'Double penetrations! Double cumshots!'.

'Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun' appears to be completely out of print. I cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Rikki's biography page at Excalibur Films offers this tidbit,''Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun' featured yet another Rikki Anderson DP, this time with David Hardman and Steve Hatcher.'

'Eruptions : Double Dippin' can be viewed online at Gamelink for $14.99, click here. I could not find it available on VHS or DVD anywhere online.

Here is a short synopsis of the movie, 'Double the action, double the fun! Nothing but sex with multiple partners. It's twice the fun! With Double penetrations galore and ton's of anal. This nasty flick is sure to please. No holding back, this is hardcore, raunchy ass, nasty freaking porn at it's best.'

Rikki Andersin (aka Tericka Dye) is featured on the front box cover of the movie.

'In Thru The Out Door 8' is out of print, but 'In Thru The Out Door 7' is available at Adult CD Universe, click here. The movie is a 4 hour all sex, all anal compilation video.

'Party House 5' is only available on VHS and can be purchased at Movies By Mail for $5.99. Another Rikki Andersin title is 'Sex Freaks 10'. Alas, it is another VHS only title that can be purchased at Movies By Mail for $5.99.

'Two cocks are better then one! Package pleaser! Deep throat! XXX hardcore action.', is the description for the movie.

Rikki Andersin shows up on a fairly recent compilation DVD called 'Butt Brats 7'.

'The brats are back for a seventh installment of ass-invading debauchery. Every asshole is penetrated to the fullest - and some brats even get the double penetration treatment! Four hours of double the pleasure, double the fun!', says the movie synopsis.

'Wet Cum Shots 7' is another Rikki Andersin movie. Its available on VHS for only $3.95 at RedLightVideo.

'Hardcore in your face facials! Jizz hungry sluts that can't get enough. From her ass to your tits!!!,' reads the film's synopsis.

'Major Slut' is no longer in print. According to a page for the film at ExcaliburFilms, the movie stars Rikki Andersin as a soldier who has sex in a variety of military scenerios.

'The recruitment officer tells Rikki Anderson that she can Be All She Can Be, unaware what she really craves is to be the Biggest Cum-guzzling, ass screwing whore the U.S. Army has ever seen! When she can't get enough action in the barracks, Rikki dreams of very rough sex with a pair of Russian soldiers, a toy interrogation by a fiendish Asian slut, and finally, a secret chamber full of technical screwing machines designed to break even the most insatiable major slut!,' reads the synopsis.

Rikki is yet again double penetrated by two male performers in the movie.

In the out of print 'Rug Munchers', Rikki shares a lesbian tryst with another female performer described as 'ravenous' by the reviewer.

Finally, Tericka Dye (aka Rikki Andersin) claims that she only shot porn footage for one day over a decade ago. I do not believe her, because the more digging I do on her porn career, the more I find non-compilation appearances of hers . On her Excalibur biography page, the out of print 'Rug Munchers' is described as 'one of her first films'. Where are the others? The Adult Film Database lists nine movies for her and they are all compilations. The page does not mention her non compilation films, such as 'Rug Munchers', 'Major Slut', 'Pussy Crimes', and Anal Cravings 13.

The IAFD (Internet Adult Film Database) has a listing for Rikki Andersin that mentions yet another non-compilation film for her called 'Valentino's Sexual Reality 4: Inside L.A.'. 'Anal Cravings 13' (click here to watch it at Gamelink) is another movie listed in Rikki's Excalibur Film biography. Nowhere is it mentioned to be a compilation and I do not believe that it is a complitation. I believe it to be a two hour gonzo movie.

I do not believe that Rikki Andersin could have film all of those scenes in one day, as she claims. She had led an admirable life after leaving porn, but should come clean about the full extent of her activities in the porn world.

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'The Tericka Dye story is just huge'

Jane writes: "I've sold alot of copies of Wet Cum Shots 6 that she stars in. I doubt she'll be able to get a job anywhere. She may as well just set up a webcam and just masturbate online for Steamray."