After a conventional life of marriage, and real estate work, Regan Senter (born around 1960) broke free in the 1980s, entering show business. In 1992, he entered porn (primarily as a talent agent, but also as a performer). He's revealed his aging flesh in about 75 videos.

Regan says: It was a way of combining a social life and commercial life. I was bored with conventional things such as family and marriage. I tell people who want to keep a life like that - marriage, family, police society - that they should avoid the porn business. The industry is not a place for family life or relationships.

I placed advertisements for models in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. I started placing foreign talent into the industry.

I tested the waters of the industry. I tried to work with the two main talent "agents" [Reb Sawitz and Jim South]. As long as I took a fee from talent (which I have not done since 1993, instead I bill producers), Jim had no problem with it. Then when I began taking fees from producers, he had a problem. With Reb, I made a strategic alliance.

I get along with Reb and Jim, in a cold political way. I consider Jim's World Modeling building an iron curtain.

[AVN always bags on Regan.] AVN is junk mail. I do not believe in industry unification. I believe in industry segregation. Every producer, director and performer in the adult business needs to be a separatist and an individual. He should not do things in a unified fashion. It is not in their interest to unify. They rather need to distinguish themselves. People should not become friends.

If you Luke F-rd, a producer, decides to become a producer, and you walk into World Modeling and announce that you will pay talent $1200, another producer will say, "Please do not do that. I only pay them $400." If you go along with that, you've lost your glory as a high end producer. That constant pressure of gossip is an undertow. It pulls you under rather than up. Do not meet many producers at once.

At a casting call, [talent should] meet producers one at a time.

Regan Senter auditions his talent by having sex with them. "Ha, ha, ha. That is the oldest true cliché you can imagine. Whenever I have compromised and not done it [sex with the talent], it has been a horrific disaster. I am a performer and have done 75 sex scenes.

It is normal for a casting director and performer to have sex with somebody for a few minutes. If someone has a problem with it: Why should you be in the business at all?

This is not a business for family. Imagine I went to every producer's 18-year old daughter and said, "honey. Please do not go to medical school. We have enough doctors. Please join the adult video business.

Regan Senter told me to stay away from the industry if I wanted to marry a nice Jewish girl and live in polite society.

Adult is the legal low end of show business, and an upgrade for a prostitute. An escort who has sex for money, or who marries for money is a hooker. Hello! Do you (prospective talent) need this type of glory? What about the rest of your life?

I've given up on the real world. I don't play that game. I found my regular life boring.

Anyone who has a problem with the following should have nothing to do with the business: I am going to USC to pick up girls to work in this business, to have regular boy-girl sex in front of the camera. If you have a problem with that, you should not be in porn. If you are troubled by this, stay away!

My challenge is not to sign up a 19-year old girl wanting to go to medical school. My challenge is to sign up an avid prostitute or wanna-be prostitute. Hello! Escort is a prostitute. Anyone who has a sugar daddy is a prostitute. This is my challenge. This is the type of girl I want for Beautiful Models. Any girl who wants to f--- and suck for money, quietly or loudly…Masked or unmasked. I can promote her and make her a lot of money. Over $10,000 a month. The other people do not belong here even though they are the roots of this business. Even though they built it. The British built America, then America went independent.

In today's world you do not need to live the family life anymore. You can be independent of it.

A journalist who centers on this industry cannot expect the general affection of the population female. Even if you are a Playboy photographer. Playboy and Perfect Ten are the dividing line. Once you place yourself in the public eye as a sex object, you cross the line.

You become a girl who shows her body so you can get off. That is not a rated-R actress who happens to do some nude scenes in a legitimate movie.

I said to some of my young ladies: It says in the Bible: The Devil took Jesus to the highest mountain of the earth, and said 'All of this can be yours if you will follow me.' That is what I say to my female talent. I can make you a star. I can make you over $10K a month.

But I let her know what it is. It is the lowest ebb of the show business world, which is not a nice place to be. Show business is not a nice business. It is not a place that you would want your wife, daughter or sister. Many young ladies from X have tried to make it in the regular business only to find out that they have to have sex to get work. Which is fine for porn, but sex is not part of the job of mainstream entertainment.

I am happy that adult is legal in California. I wish that local law enforcement would leave the people alone. They are constantly bothering them. Porn has been decriminalized, thanks to decisions regarding defendants, not plaintiffs. Law enforcement's prosecution of us only makes porn more legal. People in this business will often stand for a principle much higher than the might dollar - sex.

You (Luke) try to live the rest of your life in the mainstream world. You try to say, 'this adult business is ok.' And it is a big problem for you. And the problem is going to get worse. One day you may breakdown. Don't look to the business as a way to socialize and make friends. I would advise your readers to not do that.

I tell my talent: Do not go to X-rated industry trade shows, conventions or parties unless you are walking in the door a star. You may be beautiful or a great guy, but you should not be there unless it is for a commercial reason. And it is not to meet producers and directors, for that is what you have Beautiful Models International for. Don't expose yourself unnecessarily. Go about your life. Stay away from this business.

If you have a problem with basic boy-girl sex, don't call. Don't come. We don't want to see you. The army doesn't want people who can't run a mile. And we don't want guys unless you can bring a beautiful new girl who will perform with you.

Rob Spallone of Star World Modeling is too good for the business. He's a family man. He should not be here. You can't have friends in this business. I highly discourage my talent from developing any personal relationship in the industry. I do not discourage sex. I encourage it.

The adult industry is not a proud entity in our globe [not to be confused with World Modeling]. Most relationships end in trouble - force, violence, police, snitching, forced activities…. I told Chuck Martino that I would waive the $275 he owed me, if he refused to date talent.

Considering our HIV crisis, it is very dangerous to sleep with talent from this industry. I tell the talent: Do not date the taxi driver who takes you to the set. Do not date the pizza man who delivers to the set. Do not meet your personal needs through this business.

Your peers are clients, or your co-workers. You should not confuse work with pleasure.

To consider Jim South and his relationship with his wife, Reb Sawitz and his wife Jerry, this is not normal. These are strange marriages.

Someone who wants a true family life should not be here. The greatest glory we can give you is to put you on the front of a magazine with a fluid that resembles Pina Colada all over your face.

Beautiful Models - TALENT CASTING

CALL - 1-888-663-3583 or 310-207-4622



Nick Long replies on RAME:

> Just got a call from Regan Senter. He wants Peter Van Aarle and Nick Long to > call him to discuss his talent agency Beautiful Models International. It seems > that they have been casting aspersions on his legitimacy.

I have no idea what he is talking about, nor do I have any intention of finding out. As far as I can recall, I have not mentioned his name (or so-called 'agency') in the past several years, either in print or in person. If I posted an opinion in any newsgroup, it was my opinion and I am entitled to that, with or without his approval.

I wouldn't call Regan Senter if he had the last phone on the planet! The last time I called Regan Senter (several years ago) I had to advise him that it was not 'his' agency that Kerri Downs worked for (and never has!), which I had been told he was spreading around on different sets in the industry. When he was new to the business, we used two of his girls, and he was paid for their appearances (by check). After I heard he was telling people "Nick Long never paid him", I called him to task and he backed off when I reminded him I had the cancelled checks.

Since Regan Senter has had my number for years, he can call me anytime he wants an earfull. I haven't changed my phone number since the last time he had to return my call about his incorrect 'casting' comments.

Maybe Regan Senter should also consider the fact that Kalina LynX has lived with me for the past 3 years. She was one of the many girls who worked for him for a short while when she came to the city looking for the bright lights and wound up starting off with a dim bulb.

> BTW, I have seen the official state government licenses for Rob Spallone, Reb > Sawitz and Jim South's agencies but have not seen Regan's yet. He says he has> one.>

As far as his legitimacy goes, the last time I checked, his only 'license' was a city business license that anyone can get for about $50.

I talked to the main issuing office for California 'Agency" licenses and the person I talked to could find no record of any license being held by 'Beautiful Models International', but that is only according to what I was told by a California official, and it was a while back. If I have time, maybe later I'll post a few reasons why Regan Senter told me years ago (circa 1994) that he could not get a State license.

Things change, times change, but I don't think Regan Senter will ever change.

Suitcase Pimp Seeks Total Vaginal Control of Aspen Brock

Agent Regan Senter says that someone making believe that they are a family member of Aspen Brock is going around the industry trying to buy up all the product that she has done. Aspen Brock told Regan last week that she knows nothing about it, however other reliable sources have disclosed to Regan that it is just someone [a married Reseda real estate developer] who is f---ing her (Regan f---s her too) that wants to be the one and only dick that goes into her mouth anus or vagina. So king dick is going around the industry trying to get her tapes off the market. As far as I know nobody is cooperating.

On Friday afternoon, Brock had no comment. She just wants this nightmare to end.

Regan: "Aspen Brock has recently completed several movies for Anabolic Video and Diabolic Video. She did her first scene with me and we agreed to release it as a possible TV advertisement for Beautiful Models International and to give her adult photo and video industry publicity and quick fame far far beyond the normal channels of advertising in the adult film industry.

"I am NOT admitting that Playboy offered to buy the demo tape where Aspen Brock seen f---ing her agent in different sexual positions and oral sex as well.

Regan: "After having sex with Regan on film, which is in sale negotiation, she did her first commercial company scene for Extreme Productions, a BJ scene. The next was for a great cool company called Dane Productions where she did her very first anal scene and she took it like a pro.

"Brock also worked for John Leslie, and I was told did an outstanding hot anal scene. Brock worked for Alex Sanders (shooting for CDI) and worked with Brian Sherwood. Sin City hired her thru Michael Raven and she did a great boy-girl scene with John Decker.

"Her pics are up on the wall at AIM including the ones of me penetrating her.

Regan: "I very firmly educated Aspen Brock (as I have done the same with Allison Kilgore) never date or get involved on a personal level with anyone in the industry or anyone you meet thru people in the industry. Then citing J.D. Ram, one of his last pitiful words was "the industry is like my family." Yes my friend if you try to make it your family, look where he is now [dead]. Then turn around and look at the famous (or for this reason infamous) Jill Kelly with the Cal Jammer suicide story. I firmly disagree with the personal and fratranazation that goes on in the industry including now the sex orientated web site crowd (which has become another division the adult/film/photo industry).

"To quote Sharon Mitchell in her introduction tape (with Nina Hartley in agreement) for talent (which by the way I show to almost all of my new talent following the demo tape of course) "THEY (meaning the producers, fellow performers and crew) are NOT your friends they only want to get you for the best price so they can put another mirror on their mercedes.

"Hey Luke how far has you "being friends" in the industry gotton you? We need to try to discourage and stop the fraternazation (not sexual activity) that goes on in the business. How dare Jim South Jr. date talent in the business.

"To me it would appear more morally correct for me, you, Jim South, Reb, Jim Holiday to have casual sex, commercial sex, ask for sex, accept offered sex than ANY casual social or romantic relationship with the girls. LEAVE THE GIRLS ALONE! Stop trying to date them. Stop trying to get under their skin. Let them do their job and go home! Ok, you want to have sex with them, ok fine (whatever the pretext).

"If anybody who isn't a whackadoodle (a word I learnt from Rob Black which he called Jasmin St. Claire in the movie I was in The Pornographer) here is my number- Beautiful Models International 310-207-2534 e-mail- beautifulmodels@webtv.net."

Regan says Brock entered porn in early March, and in eight work days (for Dane, Annabolic and Michal Raven) earned $10,000.

Senter says Aston met the Reseda real estate developer Mark Handel on a porn set. Mark's brother Bill Handel hosts a show on KFI AM 640 Los Angeles on weekday monrings. "Mark came to my talent and said, 'Oh baby, trust me. Don't do this sick porno stuff anymore. Follow me, I will takecare of you. I will leave my wife. You will be my girl. I will give you thousands of dollars a week. You won't have to do this any more.' He impersonated an attorney and told company he was going to take legal action to take her tapes off the market. He promised her the world. He'd come to her hotel room at 7AM and stay until midnight. This lasted about three weeks. This guy pulled her off the market, promised her the world and didn't deliver. "

A Porn shooter replies: "A few words about this lecherous, hypocritical scumbag Regan Senter. This manipulative bloodsucking virus of a man has the balls to urge the talent in this industry to stop "fraternizing" with one another among other things and then goes on to self-servingly exclude "sexual activity" from his list of demands. Using Cal Jammer as an example of the conquences of "fraternizing" makes me want to punch this motherf---er in the face while I'm holding a fully charged Mikita power drill. (Cal) Randy had issues. Issues that went far beyond his relationship with Jill Kelly. JD Ram? Can you spell H E R O I N? You sir, are a disease. You are a man who figured out long ago that the only way you could get laid was to manipulate naive, "straight off the greyhound bus" young girls, and what better way than under the pretext of being an agent. A title that at least suggests some degree of respectability. There is nothing respectable about you however. In an industry that rountinely scrapes the bottom of the barrel, you Mr.Senter are the barrel. Frequently I question my involvement in this business. Sometimes I find myself very depressed as I try to justify what I do to make a living with my own personal morality. When I think of you, I feel a whole lot better about myself. I wash my hair frequently and my clothes were manufactured during Clinton's presidency. Most importantly I have NEVER told any girl that she need only have sex with me, on video tape of course so that I can watch it over and over again in narcissistic ecstasy, to become a star. If not for this scam of "compliance tapes" that you dreamed up in your desperation for free female companionship I fully expect that you would have become a card carrying member of the Trench Coat Mafia. You are the the type of scum that an entire 36oz bottle of Tilex could not remove. In short, you are the worst type of human currently available without a prescription. I hate you and I hope you die."

Shooter adds: "Regan Senter interpreted my letter as a threat and I would just like to say that I'm not that kind of guy. I also haven't been to the gym since 1995. I stand behind every statement I made except the part about hoping that you die. I don't wish death upon you. I don't wish you any amount of happiness by any means, but death is harsh even for people like you."

Doom: "Luke, the above rant by "Porner" is an excellent example of how to run someone down. The people who air their grievances on your site, as well as on Gene Mean's, should refer to this rant as the correct way to do it. The topical "Trench Coat Mafia" reference, the clothes crack, and ending by wishing death on Senter makes this a **** (out of five) rant.

"On the topic of Senter, do you think he could be persuaded to put his world view in print? I'm thinking something along the lines of "The Cosmology of Regan Senter." I'm interested in the thought that goes behind saying that "a casual social or romantic relationship" with porn girls is immoral, while "casual sex" with them is moral."

Luke: "For "The Cosmology of Regan Senter," click here - Regan Senter."

Director James DiGiorgio: "Hey Luke, tell Regan to go f--- himself and shove his upside-down morality preachings up his ass. If he "firmly educated" this girl, she's in deep s---. It means she hasn't a clue about the realities of this business. As for Mitchell's advice about producers trying to negotiate better scene rates to put "another mirror on their mercedes," Well, I don't drive a f---ing Mercedes. If I try to negotiate a better scene rate, it's just business... just like any other business. And if I were dating a girl in this biz, and I wanted her to do a scene in one of my flicks, I'd be more apt to pay her MORE, not less than she asked for."

Regan Senter replies to shooter: The man needs mental help. I am not even mad at him. He is nuts. He talks like a looney tune and really needs mental help. Did my statements give him temporary insanity?

For me to say you shoudn t use the industry as your social club or date the girls, but its ok to have sex (since that's the nature of the business and the actual JOB is sex, no big deal).

If someone leads a lonely life and may rely on the industry as their social
crutch, I can see how that would drive him mad.

Look, some people believe in Jesus Christ as lord, and others don't. What do my beliefs regarding FRATRANAZATION within the industry have to do with me personally being one of the providers of talent in the industry, and you doing your job in the industry? If I don't agree with you, your morals, your ethics, and even if I personally don't like you, I still would deal with you and most people in the business, because it is exactly that - A Business. A business of sexual performance. Outside of California and Germany most of us would be considered pimps and prostitutes.

If everybody acted like Quasarmann, (I quote the Book of Revalation), Woe to the inhabitants of the Earth.

I disapprove of what you say but I defend to the death your right to say it.

I am very straight forward and honest with the new talent that come in to sign up. Most talent are handled in an impersonal business like manner with usually a lengthy presentation, which includes several legally binding agreements stronger than most exclusive contracts of production copanies. They are then given about 15 pages of guidelines about Beautiful Models Intl. It is a privilege to be a part of Beautiful Models International and loyal talent is what makes it work.

I do NOT abuse the fact that talent come to me to request work performing sex and limit the demo tape to maybe less than 3 minutes, and usually maintain a total platonic relatioship with them after that. Unless they reside at my residence or we do a commercial scene together. I have been in business since 1992 and I have found very few girls who have griped about the demo after they have done it. Any issues that I have had with talent stem from OTHER people NOT them or other issues between me and them such as loyalty and maintaining the Beautiful Models International policy.

Different than the free market ad my competition (there are only 2 right?) we are selective about who we take in. It also isn't always based on the best looks.

We need:

1) 2 IDS
2) Average looking and up
3) agrees to perform basic boy/girl sex with the misc. tested male talent of the business.

I run a serious business and I take my job seriously to get as much work for the highest price for the talent in the shortest period of time, trying to keep the ship as tight as possible.

I have no social life, no wife, no girlfriend, no more animals.

If doing a demo tape with talent (since 1992) you feel is personal sexual entertainent then yes thats abot the only thing you can try to attempt to hold against me. As far as advising my talent NOT to fraternize in the business (or with people they meet thru people in the business) I sincerely believe is sound correct moral advice and business advice. It is not my wish to offend even Quasomann by me saying that it is WRONG to fratranize in and around the business and not going say to Great Expectations Dating Service or place a personal ad. I said in my post anyone who doesn't behave like a whackadoodle to contact me. Your post Quasermann was whacko.

James Di Gorgio is a fun-loving guy who likes to party big time and to my knowledge always treated the talent great. If all the people in the biz were as cool as James DiGorgio than James what you call reverse morality would not exist. I really mean it.

When talent sign up with Beautiful Models International 310-207-4622, I clearly tell them that my reputation is not important, it is yours. You are the talent here. I just book you, promote you and refer you to the jobs, called a provider of talent in the biz.

Director James DiGiorgio: "I finally have to agree with Regan Senter: Specifically, about three things he mouthed in your column yesterday. 1) I am a fun-loving, partying kinda guy; 2) Regan's right, I am cool; and 3) any girl coming into this business should not worry about Regan's reputation,
they should only worry about their own. (Emphasis on the third one.) Thanks Regan! Call me. We'll do Taco Bell or something."

Porn Shooter to Regan Senter: "I strongly advise that you not get into a war of words with me Mr.Scumbag. Since it would be against the law to actually punch you in the face with a fully charged Mikita power drill as I had mentioned before, I will show no mercy assaulting you verbally. First of all, I hate you. I think that is clear by now. Secondly, I am not a lonely man. YOU are a lonely man. Vampires and leeches envy you. Used car salesmen pray to you and manufacturers of ugly clothing eagerly await your business. It must be tough prying the return ticket out of a young girl's hand once you pounce on her in the bus station. You must go through a small fortune in candy cane bills. Last but not least, I am not a "wacko" or "looney tune' as you so eloquently put it. I am simply one man who believes you are the epitome of sleaziness. I'm going to return to my wonderful life now, which includes but is not limited to, having sex with a woman I did not coerce, videotape or pimp out for financial gain. End it here Mr.Senter. Next time I will break out my thesaurus.

P.S Wash your f---ing hair.


Luke stopped by Pretty Girl International Tuesday afternoon to say hello to Reb Sawitz, who, as usual, is sick.

Reb called rival Regan Senter who played an angry phone call from rival talent manager Damien Michaels.

Damien: "Regan, let me tell you one more time. Listen to me very carefully. If I ever see you, we're going to have a major problem! Do you understand me, you little f---face? Do you hear me? I hope you're understanding all of this very clearly because you're really f---ing an idiot. You're a jerk off. If I see you, there's going to be a major problem. Stay the f--- away from any of my girls."

Regan laughing: "I gave him a taste of his own medicine [tried to use one of his girls] and he couldn't handle it. I called one of his girls who wants nothing to do with him. And the guy calls me up in a frenzy. I tried to play that for South on Monday but he was too busy. He's [Jim South] always crying about Damien Michaels this and that..."

Reb: "Damien's just doing the same thing you are."

Regan: "Everybody seems to be doing it. Randy Lee, Don Fernando, Ron Jeremy... Everybody is trying to make a dollar and get their dick wet."

Reb: "Ron Jeremy does it so he can get laid. Don Fernando, because he needs it [new talent] for his own stuff. Eden Rae tried to do it but it didn't work."

Regan: "I got Eden Rae in the business. I can show you the demo [Regan boffing Eden] if you want."

Reb: "Oh God, are you saving them [demos]?"

Regan: "What am I supposed to do? Throw them in the garbage? Give them to the police department as a donation? Reb, despite what you think, I' ve always liked you. You're one of the most down-to-earth people in the business. I think you've seen so much stuff that you don't agree with, it wears you down.

"I only had sex with Nena Whett once. She was too boom-boom-boom. Hyper... She's breaking up with Johnny Toxic. I counsel people not to date with people in the business."

Reb: "Damien is not going to be around long."

Regan: "Another Eden Rae Entertainment."

Reb: "She didn't last at all. In fact, [Eden's hubby] Jeremy came back to me."

Regan: "I introduced them. I had Eden stay at my house. She did a scene with Ed Powers. And then I said, 'ok honey, it's evening time. Let's have sex.' And she refused. 'Ok, no problem. I will be happy to still find you work. However, you can not stay in my place. This is the price we need to administer to you. However I will place you in the local hotel at your expense, honey.' That's the same hotel that Nadine Casabianca robbed with a gun [the same girl who held up Ed Powers and tried to rob him at home]."

Reb: "I've seen her. She looks great."

Regan: "Her ex-boyfriend will be out of jail soon. That's Tia's [tall busty blonde in late '30s] husband [Tommy Gunn according to Reb]. I guess this is something Luke F-rd didn't tell you. I've been staying away from the Luke F-rd Syndrome because everyone was saying that it was me behind him. Whenever there was xxx in the business, Jim South would say, 'ooh, I think Regan is behind this.' Everytime. It's like, blame the Jews for everything. Blame Regan. Now they have a new one - it's Luke F-rd. They can blame him everything. I respect him as a gossip journalist. He is the supreme Boneyard. The Boneyard in the AVN? He's way beyond it.

"AVN was going to do this big article on sexual harassment. They had this journalist call me. And I said, 'ok, you want to play? Call me Mr. Monica Lewinsky and I'll start. I'll tell you about the other producers who are getting blow jobs from the girls. I'll give you lists. I'll bring you the girls to physically say who they had sex with. And they [AVN] backed off. They didn't do the article. They didn't want to give me the publicity. [AVN plans to run the story in its February issue. Regan was the only porn producer/agent, according to AVN, willing to admit on the record that he sleeps with talent.]

"I had sex with that transsexual in 1993."

Reb: "She wanted to go back to being a boy."

Regan: "What bad PR. So Guy DeSilva and Dick Nasty and all those who f---ed her, that would be a scandal for them. When I stuck my dick into "her" dry vagina, it felt really good... You're a married man."

Reb: "My wife lets me do what I want. I've done 75 videos."

Regan: "I don't try to be a big operator anymore. I just do my job. Find the girls work. I'm not trying to march on the golden city anymore. I'm no longer the new kid on the block trying to play takeover. Damien says, 'oh, I want my girls to get work from everybody.' Well, that's like saying, 'I'm a Jew but it's ok to believe in Christ.' It doesn't work that way.

"I can't handle too many girls. They make my brain go demented. I don't want to be like World-Mart."

Reb: "Jim has too much talent and he's not handling it. It's not working. He still loses people."

Regan: "He tries to make money on anything. If a 300-pound black girl..."

Reb: "I don't understand how they let you work out of your apartment."

Regan: "The work is on the set, not out of the apartment."

Reb: "Do you have any idea what they [the police] did to me? Over ten years ago... They sent in this blonde girl. I had her fill out her paperwork and then told her to go in the other room for a Polaroid. Then she said, 'you're under the arrest.' I had a receipt for the license in my hand but I did not have the license because it had not been issued yet. It sucked. I got two months probation."

Regan Senter Interview

I call Regan of BeautifulModels.com for the first time in about four years. I first met the guy in January 1996.

Regan: "I have a hot girl for you if you want a scandalous interview. TinaFine.com.

"I'm the same old guy. I look the same. I bet you look the same."

Are you still doing your compliance videos?

"Everything is the same. The mountains fall but Bush is still there. You look back and say, what have I accomplished? Nothing.

"I'm happy you're back. The industry needed you back. You changed the industry. Before that, it was all hush-hush. It was controlled.

"Reb [Sawitz] is gone, retired to Orange County. His wife still does make-up. [Somebody else operates Reb's agency Pretty Girl International.] Your first interview should be Bill Margold."

What's new with your business?

"New girls. A new rule here. A new rule taken out. Every time a new girl comes in, I change my rules because they teach me a whole new lesson of what I did wrong."

Do you notice any difference with the new crop of girls?

"None. Have you gone down De Soto Blvd from the 118 to the 101? Have you noticed any change in the last five years?"


"Maybe Jim [South] will kick Bill Margold out, and this is not an attack on Bill, and give you an office there. You can automatically interview all the girls who come in. You can be one of [Jim's] cronies.

"Out of Rob Spallone [who ran a rival talent agency to Jim's World Modeling until March 1999] came Damien Michaels, who isn't around much anymore. Came [Mark] Spiegler who brought in LADirect [Derek aka Ben English]. These are all the properties of Rob Spallone."

Derek has built up quite an agency.

"It will rise and fall.

"The best sale I have to my talent is the same sale Jim [South] has -- no fees.

"Some of these girls have two agents -- one back in Colorado and one here. Ten percent to this one and ten percent to that one. It adds up. Why doesn't someone train these girls in the seminar that providing sex doesn't have to be only on video? It can be in exchange for accommodation and transportation. I don't mean that as prostitution. I mean that in the custom video or whatever falls in the category of legality. Compliance video is the answer to the industry. Rather than these girls having to fork out all that money, there should be a barter sex book.

"Brianna Banks is a mega-star today. When she came in the business, she did a scene for Young, Dumb and Full of Cum. It didn't hurt her.

"When I brought her into Vivid, they just passed on her. Now she's a Vivid contract girl.

"Are you doing the same thing? Or are you doing production?"

Just writing a column.

"You're being nice this time. That's not good."

I'll be nasty when I need to. But I have to protect a few alliances I've made.

"World Modeling doesn't matter anymore. Did you see Jurassic Park? Remember how they were trying to keep everyone celibate? When these new agents and managers came into the picture, they hatched like dinosaur eggs. You know what those dinosaurs were doing throughout Jurassic Park? Eating people up.

"You know who opened up the floodgates for all these dinosaurs who came in? Me. I was the first rebel. Then Rob Spallone came through.

"World Modeling has had some talent for years. I can't see talent staying with LADirectModels for years. They're often from out-of-town and they come for short periods of time. At one time, Roy Garcia was king of the hill. Not anymore. At one time, I was trying to get to that level. I was neck-and-neck with Reb. You remember. When you were in Reb's office, it's still on l-keford.com, what did he say to the girls at the end of the interview?"

To stay away from Regan Senter.

"There isn't any difference between a talent scout who finds girls work, a manager, and an agent. I need to disagree with the new revised tape that AIM has [on this point]. It says there's a difference between an agent and a manager.

"Girls sign up with me for a three-year exclusive contract. It says on the contract in big red letters -- we do not remove pictures. We only add. There is no termination agreement. If I refer you to Vivid and you say you do not want to work with Regan anymore, there's no termination."

I doubt you could enforce a contract for having commercial sex, however, in the courts.

Regan, I was just checking to see if you had changed and fallen in love with a member of the talent pool.


"As far as Gia Paloma is concerned, she is not with Beautiful Models anymore. But as far as the paperwork is concerned, which is 100% legal, she is under exclusive contract. I still find her work and she doesn't even know it.

"Gia Paloma works for JM productions. How did she meet JM Productions? Through me. How did she meet Jim Lane and Skeeter [Kerkove]? Through me.

"It's not like you can go to World Modeling and say, pull me out of the book. When I spend three or four hours putting those pictures up, I'm not going to take them down.

"You want to know what has happened [since we spoke last]? I've made things more concrete, with more steel. I've reinforced the building. I built a deeper fallout shelter."

Is Angel Cassidy still with you?

"Angel Cassidy signed up online "exclusively." She checked the exclusive form. Read the bottom and see what it says. Read the non-exclusive contract. Read what it says about doing the demo. If she decides to do boy-girl, what happens to the non-exclusive contract? It becomes exclusive.

"The biggest difference between then and now is -- it is written. To quote Bill Margold, 'Why don't you put that in writing?'

"If they can't get into Playboy, Penthouse or Hustler, what precisely am I doing with them except trying to convince them to do boy-girl? Very common in the industry today is internal cum shots. Creampies. It's replacing anal."

Imagine your shock and horror if, after interviewing Regan Senter, you were looking at his list of talent and saw someone you were dating. Then you emailed her about it and she replied:

worst experience i had, far beyond the one we discussed. nightmares. i'd rather forget. please don't mention his name to me ever. i yelled. i got really drunk on my own and i cried myself to sleep.

Every since your email mentioning Sentar's name I have been breathing unevenly because I am close to crying over the whole damn thing. I feel seriously unhappy.

That RS stuff was one of the most upsetting thing in my life. If ever you want me to shut up and be depressed, you have the verbal key.