Naomi's Dad Is Israeli

She's with LA Direct.

William Hyde writes on XPT: "It would figure she's with LA Direct. That limey bastard has his fingers in all the best pies!"

Sonny writes: "She attracted quite a crowd at the New Sensations booth. The second she came out from behind that counter, the crowd doubled so quickly you'd think they had teleported from a spaceship."

Charlie at Fox magazine writes: "During a hurried discussion in Vegas, I was given the impression that Naomi is in fact at least part Israeli, and from Montreal. Of course the crowd was surging and I feared for my life for a moment; that or maybe being crushed together forever along with part of the New Sensations booth, a fanboy fist, and a Sharpie, which admittedly may not be such a bad way to go.... She definitely has an accent, and its not Valley."

Huang writes: "Naomi is Israeli/Czech. She is a very sweet person."

Naomi, 22, shot a scene with Staci Thorne for Kahn Tusion. It is posted through a Meatholes.com affiliated site whose name is so filthy I can not bear to repeat it.

Kahn likes to have the models do a filthy thing, then look at the camera and say, "Hi mom. Hi dad."

Naomi (her real name) looked up at the camera and said (partly in Hebrew), "Hi ima. Hi abba."

Naomi (who has no tattoos) had only one lover before porn -- a boyfriend for five years.

Jack calls: "Do you watch any porn?"

Luke: "Only when I have to. I hate it."

Jack: "I know your gig too. You're not fooling anybody. Porn is so terrible, meanwhile you've been in it for a decade. I make no bones about what I am. I am not doing research. I'm indulging in my sickness."

On the video of Naomi (who started in porn on July 3, 2005) and Staci:

Kahn Tusion says: "Staci's from Wyoming. Her mother raised her to be a whore."

Staci: "She's my stepmommy."

Kahn: "What does she do?"

Staci: "She works for Playboy TV."

Kahn: "She said, 'Why don't you take a picture of my daughter?'"

Staci: "No. She took me on set and I watched all the s--- that went on and I decided I wanted to do it."

Naomi has a speech impediment. Kahn slaps her leg twice.

Kahn: "You used to have an African-American boyfriend."

Naomi: "He was 25% black."

Before porn, Naomi says she worked as a "legal analyzer" for some law firm with a lot of Jewish partners.

Kahn: "Say hello to the guys at the firm. Do you think they are watching?"

Naomi: "Possibly. There's some dirty old men."

Kahn: "What happened? You're a good Jewish girl. You won't get a tattoo. My mom and dad wanted me to be educated, to be a pillar of society, to leave this world a better place than I found it. Instead I'll let strangers come in my asshole and I'll... Why did you make that decision?"

Naomi: "There's a plethora of reasons, but the bottom line is...that I've always loved sex and I've always felt that sex is so boxed in in America and that I wanted to be part of a movement that liberates it and enjoys it and shows it's not something to be ashamed of."

Kahn: "I believe it because if you had decided not to do porno, we probably couldn't get anybody to do it."

Naomi: "No. It takes an army, but every little bit counts. Every person that we talk to and touch, somewhere down the line it affects them."

Kahn: "I think there's a different reason."

Naomi's shocked: "What do you think it is?"

Kahn: "I think that there's an emotional hole in your belly..."

Naomi shakes her head. "In me? No."

Kahn: "And it's filled by a cock and a camera. I think that whole explanation if bull. Don't argue with me. I'll beat you."

Kahn slaps her. He turns to Staci: "Would you like to sit here? I'd love to hurt you."

Naomi says she had sex with one guy for over five years.

Kahn: "He was one-quarter nigger, right?"

Naomi nods.

Kahn: "When you made the decision to let everybody f--- you, did you discuss it with anybody? Did you say, 'Hey mom, dad, this might be a little traumatic. I want to roll this by you. I have a calling in life to further the sexual revolution in America. I believe this is God's will."

Naomi: "I asked my [friend] what I thought. She didn't think I should do it. She thinks that I have higher aspirations that I could achieve. However, she supports me. She sees why I would do it. I told my dad and mom that I was thinking about doing it. They were hesitent at first. They know how my mind is and how I think and they weren't going to sway me. When I had already done it, they said, 'Think about the longterm effects.'

"They love me. They know I'm a nice Jewish girl and eventually I'll get out and turn that money around and be successful and invest."

Kahn: "You talk too much. Why won't you get a tatoo?"

Naomi: "It's against my [religion]."

Kahn: "You can give all the rationalizations you want, but you've put a tattoo on your soul."

Naomi: "In that respect, everything you do has an impression on your soul."

Kahn: "This is the Devil's work. You are selling your virtue for $300. You are good at rationalizing. Jews have always been good at rationalizing. Six million of them went to their demise because they couldn't figure out what was going on."

Kahn grabs her face. "Does anybody slap you in the face during sex?"

Naomi: "No."

Kahn: "Why?"

Naomi: "Because I don't like it.

"I don't like people grabbing my face."

Kahn seizes her neck.

Naomi: "I prefer it over my face."

She says she never had backdoor sex with her boyfriend. "It's not something I would ever choose to do."

Kahn says Staci's dad is a Seventh-Day Adventist.

Later in the scene, Alex goes backdoor on Naomi.

"He's f------ my Jew asshole," she says at Kahn's direction.

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Video Video Video Video Video Video Video Gene Ross reports. AVN reports.

The video clips were taken with my tiny DiMage X31 (cost about $250 two years ago). There's no sound.

I go into the dressing room.

Kat says she hasn't had a boyfriend since she entered porn two years ago. "They'll try to take advantage of you. They think you're stupid and that you make a lot of money and they stop paying for you. I drop them. I don't like relationships."

Naomi, Kat and Victoria are working on their seventies dance movies.

"You were alive in the seventies," Naomi says to me. "How did they dance then?"

Victoria is married to male perfomer Sean Rivera, whose mother worked as a secretary for Western Visuals a decade ago.

Alana Evans is a swinger. She used to be much less discriminating with her sexual partners until she had a nightmarish situation in 2001.

Alana: "She [ex-performer Cheryl Dynasty] told her boyfriend that she was going to leave him and move in with Chris [Alana's boyfriend of almost seven years, they are about to marry on their seventh anniversary -- November 14] and I. We had no idea. I had already kicked the chick to the curb because she was a loony bin.

"She bailed on him. One morning, he parks outside our house and blocks our car in and asks for her. I say, 'Dude, I haven't seen her. We're not friends anymore.' He said, 'Oh, that's cool. I was going to come over and kill you.'

"He opens a backpack and pulls out a gun and holds it by the handle. He said he was going to kill Jules Jordan because Jules had just done her first boy-girl scene.

"After that incident, I told everybody I knew what she had done. She got kicked out [of performing]. She now works behind the scenes for one of the major companies in the business.

"I don't want to deal with nutty little chicks."

Alana's asked why her relationship has lasted so long.

Alana: "We have rules. If a chick is totally psycho, he's not going to f--- her. If a guy is totally disrespectful to him, I'm not going to have sex with that guy."

Have you ever fallen in love with one of your co-stars?


I interview Naomi. She says that as a kid, she wanted to become an attorney. "I almost finished law school. I worked as a legal analyst for four years before I got into porn."

Luke: "How far did you go in law school?"

Naomi: "Four-and-a-half years."

Luke: "How much more do you have to go?"

Naomi: "About a year-and-a-half. I was an apprentice, so it is a longer degree."

She says she got her undergraduate degree in Political Science.

Jeff Mullen (credited as the director Will Rider) walks in: "This is the scene where Britney and Jasmine are walking down the hall. They don't realize they are in 1974."

"It's like Goodfellas," says Jeff about his set and movie. "Only not quite as good."

He turns to a girl. "You can wear panties."

Naomi: "I chose it over Liberal Arts because Political Science is the study of the way things work. So no matter what happens, your degree doesn't out-age itself."

Luke: "Were you a good student in highschool?"

Naomi: "I was homeschooled, so of course I was good. My parents taught me. I graduated when I was 13."

Luke: "Why were you homeschooled?"

Naomi: "Because my parents don't believe in governmental systems."

Luke: "Are they anarchists? Christians?"

Naomi: "They're Jews. When they came here, they were highly disappointed with the country. My father is from Israel. My mom is from Slovakia. My dad wants us to go back to Europe because of the war and everything."

She has five brothers and sisters. "I'm the oldest daughter and the second oldest child."

Naomi got her first boyfriend at 13. They married when she was 18. After about six years, they split ten months ago and Naomi immediately got into porn.

Luke: "How old were you when you lost your virginity?"

Naomi: "If you consider complete penetration, I was 15."

Luke: "Did you get into porn as revenge on your ex?"

Naomi: "Oh no. I consider porn to be a great thing.

"I've always been a sexual person. I consider [America] to be so close-minded [about sex] and outside of the industry it's not openly talked about. I thought if I could be one person in a group of people enjoying sex, exploiting sex, and talking about it and being a symbol of freedom..."

She hates her seventies outfit. "The thing I hate the most [about porn] is wearing ugly clothes. If I don't feel secure in how I look, it's hard for me to perform confidently in my scene."

Luke: "How did you like your scene with Khan Tusion?"

Naomi: "It was funny. He was trying hard to diss me because I'm a Jew and he's Jewish. It was so phony. Because I knew what he was doing, it wasn't affecting me. But the girl I was doing the scene with was crying. Both scenes I did for him.

"He was offering me money to feel sad and to cry. I said no."

She says she's done at least 100 scene. "I work almost every day."

Naomi says Victoria in her afro looks black. "You're a beautiful black girl," says Naomi. "There's nothing wrong with that. My dad has a jewfro. It looks just like that only he's Jewish. My hair was always permed straight."

Though she went to school for it, Naomi never got a bat mitzvah.

"I want to take care of my family so they never have to worry about poverty."

Luke: "How did your family react to your getting into porn?"

Naomi: "They're very supportive. They love me. They trust my judgment."

She says her ex has not reacted well to her becoming a porn star. "I left him but he knew it was coming."

Luke: "How long did you know you were going to leave him?"

Naomi: "Probably two years. I still love him but he makes bad choices and he chooses not to change. It was eating at my heart and my soul being with him. The stronger and stronger it was for him to go in the wrong path, the stronger was my decision to leave him. Finally, I just did it.

"I don't date now."

Luke: "Did you lose any friends over it?"

Naomi: "I don't have any friends. From being married and taking care of my boyfriend and husband all those years. I have my family and my ex."

Johnny Castle, 26, from New Jersey started in porn last May. He moved to Los Angeles in February. He loves it here. He's done over 100 scenes.

"What I love most is the freedom. I have a lot of time on my hands. I pick my own schedule. Usually, at most, you work a couple of hours a day.

"What I hate most is that it's not accepted. It's more accepted out here. There's a big family of people who all do the same thing.

"I've always been in long relationships. It's good to have my own time. It's tougher to have relationships when you're working in this industry."

Later I overhear Naomi talking with Kat and Victoria and other porn girls about how they spend their money. Naomi is the most emphatic about using hers to take care of her family but the other girls sound a similar note.