Mr. Marcus, born around 1974, says he doesn't know who his father was, the man took off. Marcus sometimes imagines his father watching him in porn and not knowing.

Mr. Marcus told the 9-96 Details magazine that the kids he grew up with in Southern California are either unhappy in nine-to-five jobs, dead or in jail. The black porn star plans to make his own videos, and wants to use his home boys in the background.

He lost his virginity in his sophomore year in high school to a Mexican girl. As he got older, he became more popular with women. According to surveys, most black women have lost their virginity before the age of 18, while only about half of white women have.

A long time porn user, Mr. Marcus worked as a truck driver after high school. "I would go into these bookstores, pick up a magazine and I'm saying 'The bitch look good. She's fine.' I get these thoughts in my head. I'm looking at these pictures and thinking, 'How do I get into this?' I find some phone number, find some people." (Hollywood Blue)

When Mr. Marcus wants to stop himself from ejaculating, he thinks of someone fat. To get aroused, he thinks "the girl doesn't want to be with me, and I make her. It turns me on, man, for somebody to be resisting me. It gets me so hard. It gets me going."

His mother, who was on welfare during his youth, now has a clerical job. She knows about his work but as of 1996, had hidden it from his then 13-year old sister.

For a year, Mr. Marcus hid his work from his girlfriend, until she found out by checking his pager messages. She then went to the video store and watched the evidence. She cried for three days but stayed with him. "She's pregnant now," he says. "And I'm truly not the one for her." (Details 9-96)

"Dark as the night, hard as a rock," writes Adam Film World, "this guy is a hardcore Denzel Washington. Equipped with a huge dick, a gorgeous physique and a low key attitude..."


Is Mr Marcus Bisexual?

On his website chat board, Mr. Marcus apparently wrote: "i do it for the right price/ private parties...... i do everything, except fats, and getting f---ed.....i''l let men and female suck my dick/ f--- them....."

Brook writes: You sure this is the real thing, Luke? If you look at Mr. Marcus's other posts, they are usually signed with a mailto link to his e-mail address. The message claiming that he's bi had no such link. Was Mr. Marcus set up? If he's bi, that's OK by me, but don't starting labeling before all the facts are out.

Luke: You are right. That post was faked.

Vough replies: "well he really came out of the closet in the movie bi-popular-demand. you could have at lest f---ed some blackman instead af them nasty ass white boys,,,,, an byron long knows he can f--- some ass....."

XX writes Luke: "Even if he was kidding, he should of never placed that on a public board. I asked him if he was bi and he said NO - that seems to be a lie. Are all male porn stars bi? I have heard from alot of people stating that Sean Michaels is bi. I don't believe Lexington Steele is."

Aghast in Modesto writes: Didn't Mr. Marcus supposedly f--- 100 women in "The World's Luckiest Black Man"? Scary. Ms. Mitchell expect 100 nervous porn queens in front of your office tomorrow.

Emmett writes: Is Mr. Marcus crazy?!?! Why the f--- would he admit that he would (had) f--- a guy in the ass for pay?!? What was he trying to do? Sell his ass to anyone one who was reading his comment?!? Whether Marcus was being truthful or not he f---ed himself. This is what I was talking about Luke! Men who enjoy getting their ass licked, f---ing a woman during DP, and multi facials scenes can lead a male porn star to homesexuality. Now I know why he always wear a cap when f---ing. He probably tried to throw so of the men off who could recognized him, since he probably f---ed him. Peter North is gay and so maybe Tom Byron, but those guys have been in porn longer him and they are highly more accepted and popular in the porn community. Marcus is not. What he said was f---ed up. Now Mr. Marcus have to change his name to Mr. Marked.


Authentic Voice of the Porn Fan

Luke: I surfed over to MrMarcus.com to read the authentic voice of the porn fan.

What's Up With Byron Long And A Bitches?

T writes on MrMarcus.com: lexus taylot hayes juli ashton temtress stephanie swift missy etc have all sucked a black dick want to know have any of these bitches given my man byron a f---ing I want to know the hot bitches he f---ed and i hope they sucked his balls and he licked those white bitches asses i know he f---ed dyanna lauren but she aint all that

Racism In Porn

Monkey writes on MrMarcus.com: I am really getting sick of hearing you niggers say "white boy this, white boy that, dont playa hate, yack yack yack" SHUT UP! We do not want our world to degenerate into a nigger culture where you spell player, 'playa'. No White women I know likes niggers, they always say they are very unattractive, that they look like gorillas.

Porn star Azlea Antistia writes on MrMarcus.com: What a sad thing. It's the year 2000 right. Are we stuck in the past still? Black, white, it doesn't stop there you are from somewhere you originated from some other country. The word white is such an ignorate word. To whom ever didn't have the balls to write there real name and say such crap on this message board please if your beliefs are as you say don't be a coward and hide behind some bulls--- letter like KKK. You yourself may have white skin, but guarenteed your background is Europen and Europen countries are the same as africa, spain, italy, etc.... People aren't different only there backgrounds are. You are a discrace to your own race. As author William James said " The greatest use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it." So please don't teach your children and grandchildren to be as foolish as yourself. Men with dark skin are very exotic and intimadating, I think your anger comes from jealousy. As author Joseph P. Dooley said " Life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be enjoyed." Enjoy your life and put your focus in healing your soul and not caring so much about what others are doing! may God have mercy on you!!!

Danadane writes on MrMarcus.com: I challenge anyone to find a purely "white" person or a purely "black" person. If the ignorant, fearful rejects of society ever actually realize that probably more than half their family tree is made up of different ethnicities, they'd probably kill themselves. And as always, if you don't like what goes on here, move on. They don't call this the World Wide Web for nothing. I'm sure you could find somewhere else to be and leave us to take good care of Marcus.

Michael writes Luke: There is no RACISM in porn, Just one nigger to many. Those niggers in porn are living proof of the niggers are evolutionary throwbacks. Take a picture of Sean Michael, Tony Eveready, Mr Marcus, or Byron Long or all four pictures, they all look alike, Uggly as all s---. Put that picture next to a picture of a damn gorilla, in a zoo or wild, they look alike. Try with a orangutan, they look alike, try a chimpnazee, the chimpanzee looks better.

Mike Miller writes: Luke, Do you have nothing better to print? All the racist crap is really tacky, I know you have burnt ALOT of bridges in the porn biz but at least Rob Spallone likes you? So why dont you make a written record of his day-to-day life? How about this . .write up a detailed summary of how you attempt to make a living? Your website has no banner ads so scratch that off, you book isnt selling so scratch that off

Joshua writes: Man I started reading it about two weeks ago after reading about Kendra at Metal-Sludge.com, anyways the s--- is funny. I read it everyday, and the racial stuff is great. People have to get a sense of humor, cause that s--- was funny.

Mark Webb of Allure Entertainment writes: Absolutely the most disturbing things I have ever seen written on your site. How could you let a small group of ignorant people...and I use the term "people" loosely....use your forum and this industry to spread such hatred and ignorance. I know that this will bring some kind of sensationalism to your site and it might be the topic for a few days but this should have never been posted....on Marcus' site...on your site....anywhere !

Please don't think that because you aren't the one writing it that it still doesn't hurt people, you still helped spread their word / cause. We are all aware of racism in today's society, and these postings have nothing to do with this industry, but sometimes the best way to fight it is to ignore it, not give it the time of day, certainly not give it the attention you did today....you gave it way to much attention and let it rear it's ugly head. Apologies to everyone whose names were used with this trash are in order, this was wrong Luke.....and should be removed immediately.

Azlea writes: This message board I would assum is for fans of Mr.Marcus, people who love his work and the chicks he has or will lay it down to!! lol Racisim is a sad thing and I think that everyone will agree besides the rare few, that this board should be fun, nasty, hardcore and maybe a little drama every once in a while, but s--- leave the bulls--- at home and concentrate on that sweet hardcore mutha f---er Marcus and for the rare few that we won't mention you had to of liked something about Mr. Marcus to take the time to cum to his site.. It's alright hate all you want but you know you like it!!!

Jjones writes: Azlea sounds like she wants to be next in line to be one of Marcus's white trash whores, she seems to be drooling. Well then get on the Casting Couch there is plenty of room, you know you want to you little whore, you are one of those loosing her shine, a has-been who needs a boost to her career like Brittany and Shayla, so go for it, I'm sure it has been your dream since you were a little girl to be a whore for a big brotha, I'm sure your family and friends are proud of how there little Azlea has turned out!


I spoke to Mr Marcus Sunday night. Listen here

Mr Marcus: "Oh man. Some crazy things, huh? I never knew it would get like this."

Luke: "When did you first find out about this stuff going down?"

Mr Marcus: "The night after it happened [Monday night, January 15th]. First thing in the morning. It was that someone had to say something to me that was interesting. Put me in a weird position, because this was the same company that I had worked for."

Luke: "Did Vivid contact you officially?"

Mr Marcus: "Through sources. They want me to talk to Chris Mann [owner of Video Team] and they want it explained to me why they are taking this stance. And I haven't yet because I don't want to hear no excuses. There should be a solution immediately.

"There needs to be a discussion... It can't be these four [companies]... That's not fair... It's a slap in the face.

"Can you still think that way in the year 2001? Can you still think that's an issue? These people who you are so worried about in the South, you're going to let them dictate what the rest of the world is doing? Hell no. The South is a big area of negative energy.

"I don't think it [interracial scenes] should attract obscenity charges or unwanted attention. What about in public life? What about interracial dating in mainstream? What about the people walking around in public hand in hand? What do you say to those people? 'Hey, you guys keep that in the house.'"

Luke: "It doesn't affect them because they're not going to get charged with obscenity."

Mr Marcus: "But we're creating products that are eventually going to reach everyone. If you make a movie or write a book, it's not just going to affect people in literary circles. It affects everyone."

[LF: Mr Marcus seems to say that artists should be socially and morally responsible for what they create, because their products affect a society's moral fibre. I agree.]

Luke: "They're making a business decision that this sort of material is just too risky right now."

Mr Marcus: "I know but it doesn't give them the right to issue a statement saying no black men and white women depictions... It's something that starts with something as simple as being on the box down to the actual filming. It has to. What are you going to take pictures of? What is the story going to be about?"

[Mr Marcus warns about the slippery moral slope. You start doing one bad thing, and it leads to more bad things. As the Hebrews say, one good deed leads to another. One sin leads to another.]

Mr Marcus: "At one point they were using that. Those two different colors of skin to sell the product. The same companies [Vivid, Video Team, Hustler, etc]. Their biggest girls were doing interracial. I don't know. Maybe it was sending the wrong message to somebody."

Luke: "What percentage of your scenes are with black girls vs white girls?"

Mr Marcus: "Black talent, we're not abundant in the first place. There are not that many black productions. And if there are, they're not big scale projects. They're not paying everyone top dollar. I shoot about two black scenes a week. I remember at one point, the peak was black product... I think there should be equality across the board.

"It's ok for the white guy and the black girl. What's that?"

Luke: "Many people are sensitive about black guys doing white girls."

Mr Marcus: "It's offending but it's not obscene.

"I plan to get my chatboard back up in a week. I plan to do a weekly chat like you were doing. I feel like I have a lot to say. I feel that there are times when I can curb things before they actually happen just by saying it ahead of time. And to get that feedback..."

Luke: "The whole industry is in turmoil right now."

Mr Marcus: "So we run and hide? What's sex going to be about? What we think it is or what it really is? Up to this point we've been pretty damn creative with porno... The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes. We're able to be responsible. We've been more accepted... Maybe we were getting too ahead of ourselves with that extreme sex... But then you think about the numbers that are selling...because there are people who want to do it and there are people who want to do it. Same thing with interracial sex. It wasn't like the sales were bad and they had to stop making it."

Luke: "When were you with Sylvia Saint?"

Mr Marcus: "In December [2000]."

Luke: "So she left you for this multi-millionaire?"

Mr Marcus: "It's a tough thing to talk about because it is a rumor and she's so far away and I am here... What I hear from her is nothing like that. I'm going to make a trip out there and I will be able to see her face to face.

"She's a very stubborn girl. But she's got a lot of love in her heart. She's wanted to get out of the industry for a long time. In the last few months, she was gearing up for that. She made the move quicker than I did. She was a lot more committed to the idea than I was. As time might have, I might be finding my way out of the business."

Luke: "Would you like to get out of the business?"

Mr Marcus: "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I feel that I accomplished a few goals in the industry, but what can I accomplish in porno? My mind is tinkering... It's looking for something, and it's probably getting out of the business. This is easy. Anybody can f---. Anybody can do this s---. The only thing that inspired me to stay was the variety of the girls that I was f---ing. The money has never been an issue.

"It was always the variety of the girls. Every girl was different. My appreciation for them has definitely grown. It's gone through the roof. But if I was going to settle down, I would look over at Sylvia and say, 'Yeah, I've got to settle down with her.' Because she's a much deeper person..."

Luke: "Do you know Kira Eggers?"

Mr Marcus: "Yes, I met her at CES at the Michael Raven booth. Very sexy and very flirtatious. Big eyes. Her eyes will get you. She's very mental. She's a thinker. She doesn't allow herself to enjoy many things without knowing why she's enjoying it."

Luke: "There was a photo of you on your board which showed you engaged in homosexuality."

Mr Marcus: "That was forged. You shouldn't even ask me that s--- man. Man, why would you do that? Why take the time?"

Luke: "Do you use steroids?"

Mr Marcus: "No. I started lifting weights in 1986. It's natural. Give me credit. I work my ass off. Three, four times a week in the gym for an hour."


Mr Marcus Discusses Vivid

In late January, we discussed the so-called Cambria List - a list of acts and boxcovers that triggered obscenity prosecutions over the past 15 years. One thing that seemed to trigger a disproportionate number of obscenity prosecutions was interracial scenes depicted on the boxcover.

Vivid Video and VCA have decided to largely proscribe the types of acts that have triggered obscenity prosecutions. A widely circulated memo to Vivid Video editors ordered them to avoid interracial scenes, at least on boxcovers.

Mr Marcus told me Thursday afternoon: "I've got more control over the situation then I let on... I sat down with Steve [Hirsch]. I've been told by people within the industry to file a lawsuit against them but I don't know if people want to see them go through that... Is it worth it? I would look bad doing a lawsuit. I think I can change things a different way without embarassing anybody... Just by statements and interviews.

"One of the big things is that Stevie should publicly admit that it was a mistake. That it was stupid. Because he said that to me. He said it was a mistake. He said that he shouldn't have said that.

"You can't honestly look at their history and say that they are a racist company. I came in as a force and I was big part of their success. And I am black. So I'm thinking, how could I say something about a company that has allowed me to prosper?

"The problem has died down but it hasn't been taken care of. It hasn't been handled correctly. Things need to be different. Vivid needs a lot of black performers to come through there and perform and produce. They need to open up that door wider."

JRob writes: Is it the purpose of adult film producers to be the agents of social change, or is it their purpose to make money? It is debatable whether video tapes with black performers, or interracial scenes, sell more poorly than those without. I have no evidence one way or the other. However, if it were true (and I reiterate that I do not know one way or the other) that such tapes do, in fact, sell more poorly, do companies like Vivid or VCA have a responsibility to buck an economic reality to their financial detriment just to make a moral point? Or do they, as companies trying to make a profit, have a responsibility to follow where the market leads to their financial benefit?

Lynne writes: Black tapes do not sell more poorly than white tapes -- they sell differently, with interracial material forming yet another category. There are fewer black choices, so individual videocassettes may sell better than any given white videocassette. Interracial has less of a audience than all black: it's neither fish nor fowl. It tends to be considered prosecutable in some of the more sensitive markets., and no one specifically asks for it in the marketplace. Companies which specialize in black tapes move more than a company which just happens to have one or two in its merchandise mix. Urban areas with more blacks buy more black tapes. On the other hand, there are more whites in general, thus more potential white viewers for cable, and so white movies are more profitable for cable companies. In Europe, there's not a big demand for the rights to black tapes. Companies like Vivid or VCA may not have the soul, if you will, to produce and market black tapes any more than they do tickling fetish tapes. Honestly, people, I have seen less racism in the porn business than in almost any other facet of my life -- Jews aren't known for being racist and pornographers are equal opportunity exploiters -- although AVN prefers the "ho, pimp" school of black genre video (see their reviews) and some of the manufacturers are convinced that's what's selling their tapes, not the built-in scarcity factor.


Mr Marcus Nurses Broken Heart

Sylvia Saint's management writes: To make things clear regarding her and Marcus Salvia's short relationship with Mr. Macus was based only on their sexual attraction - there was nothing more than sex and professional work. No true love or feelings nothing what people thought it was. /Silvia / This relation split during her last stay in Los Angeles November 2000. There is unfortunately something between them that cause they are not able to be friends anymore. You can contact Silvia Saint: SilviaSaint@dreament.cz

Mr Marcus replies with free verse on his site MrMarcus.com: Every ending relationship requires closure if it is no more Men act out of betrayal and a women after she's been betrayed You are as cool as you think Some of the sexiest women I know, salsa Some things aren't right...

Mr Marcus Ready To Sue KABC Channel 7 TV For Defamation

Mr Marcus calls Thursday afternoon, 2/17/05. "You remember when they were running the HIV stuff on the news [in April of 2004]? Remember how they were showing Darren [James's] face and name all over the place? Included in that, they used a clip of me, him and this girl. They never distinguished who was who. Two black guys. They kept saying HIV, HIV. 'Darren James seen here in this clip.'

"I got a lot of phone calls from people [wondering if Marcus was HIV positive when he was not]. It just made everything awkward for me for a while.

"Almost a year later, it ain't really died down.

"I called Channel 7 after 42 people called me. I said, you don't need to include a clip of me in your HIV story. They said, ok, we're going to take it off. They never did.

"They would never do this to a Hollywood star.

"The industry is on a bigger scale than it used to be -- a lot more celebrity, power, money. But what kind of rights do we have as a performer? Are we less of an individual because we choose to do this as a living? There are a lot of socially-oriented financially-driven career-driven performance-driven people in this business. It's scheduled. It's planned.

"With the industry putting people on payroll, it's obvious that we are employees.

"The days of all the performers being f------up is changing. There are some types of family issues that everyone grows up with.

"When I first started in the business, I couldn't tell people what I was doing because I had to hear that all the time. That's what made me be an advocate. If you think this is the face of porn, I'm going to show you that it is changing."

Superhead (Karrine Steffans) Destroys Mr. Marcus

They did a scene together in 2000. Now the black woman's an author (Confessions of a Video Vixen) and music video star. Vivid plans to release the scene in the next few months.

Conte writes: "She is probably the most notorious groupie in the world of hip hop and R&B. Apparently her latest conquest (we need a roll eyes smilie) is Usher."

Mo Murda writes: "As of now Super Head is giving Super Head to Usher.I was listening to Wendy Williams last week and it was mentioned that she said Usher is well endowed.But yeah thats who he is giving throat babies to at the moment.

"Man ole girl broke off alot of rappers she has a son by KOOL G RAP she left the dumb nukka when he started whoopin her azz."

A few months after he shot the scene with her, Marcus saw her in a music video. Then he started seeing her in magazines.

Marcus tells me Monday afternoon: "I wonder if there will be a double standard. Paris Hilton has done a couple of X-rated videos and she's still accepted. What's the difference between Karrine and Paris? None. You can do this and still have a strong lifestyle. You can still carry on and make money.

"I'd like to see Karrine do even more than with the book. That would make me feel better. That would make me feel that the people I met on my journey through porn weren't so bad. They weren't just stereotypes. Porn people aren't all in one room. They're spread out through the house.

"I want to be one of the biggest cheerleaders for [Karrine's sex tape].

"I'd like to become more than just Mr. Marcus performer. I'd like to knock out a few directing gigs. I'd like to be taken seriously on a business-level."

He wants to start his own company and is looking for investors.

"I have to take care of my family. I have more responsibilities than just me. I've always had them, I'm just starting to grow into them better. I want to spend more time with my kids.

"This Superhead thing is important for black females. They either like her or they hate her. The [sex] video is going to really divide them.

"I hope that I have more credibility and I can balance it out for her.

"The opportunity to talk bad about her always presents itself but I don't think that's the purpose of this situation.

"Cats need to know that it ain't about that."

Luke: "Why did she do it? Because she needed the money?"

Marcus: "Yeah. Every single one of them.

"You go to a strip club and see a bunch of fine bitches. She don't need to be on a pole.

"I'd like to see her succeed. It'd be a good thing for me too. I need a good thing to happen for me."

Adultfyi reports:

The tape featuring Karrine Steffans and Mr. Marcus is called Mr. Marcus' Cool Off. Word is that Mr. Marcus is repackaging the tape to take advantage of Karrine "Superhead" Steffan's celebrity. According to Solange at HipHopDX, Karrine Steffans might be suing Mr. Marcus for the porn tape. I haven't seen any court documents yet, so who knows if the suit has or will be filed. Maybe it's a publicity stunt to sell more video tapes? Solange states that the tape shows why Ms. Karrine Steffans is known as Superhead. "Iíve seen it before and, she has a MEAN head game," writes Solange.

Here's Karrine's official website.

Confessions of a Video Vixen is the widely anticipated memoir of Karrine Steffans, the once sought-after sexy siren who appeared in the music videos of multiplatinum hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z, R. Kelly, and LL Cool J. A top-paid video dancer, Karrine transitioned to film when acclaimed director F. Gary Gray picked her to costar in his film A Man Apart, starring Vin Diesel. But the movie and music video sets, swanky Miami and New York restaurants, and trysts with the celebrities featured in the pages of People and In Touch magazines only skims the surface of Karrine's life.

This memoir -- part tell all, part cautionary tale -- shows how Karrinne came to be the confidante of so many, why she kept their secrets, and how she found herself in Hollywood after a life marked by physical abuse, rape, and drugs -- all before she was twenty-six. By sharing her emotionally charged story, she hopes to shed light on an otherwise romanticized industry.

If she's had a life of abuse, rape and drugs, is it OK to masturbate to her porn scene?

Hanging Out With Mr Marcus In The World Modeling Building Monday

Marcus is moving into the big new office recently vacated by Alexander DeVoe (who's moved to West Coast Productions).

He's been married 13 years to a beautiful white woman. He has her picture next to his computer. They have two girls, aged 10 and 11.

The girls were up in the building the other night but Marcus wouldn't let them see his office because it hadn't been sanitized.

"Your girls look black," I say.

"They're mixed," he replies, "but black is the dominant gene."

I look on his bulletin board and read the following inspirational messages that all of us should incorporate into our lives:

* Get s--- done.

* Don't give up on your dreams

* God bless the sexual

* Only God can judge me.

In porn for 12 years, he remembers when nobody would talk about porn in polite society. Now it has exploded into popular culture.

Marcus opens up a book of Tupac Shakur's poetry and shares it with me. Marcus has a painting of the late rapper on his wall. Marcus says he got to hang out one-on-one with Tupac seven times.