Lezley Zen Update

I call her Wednesday afternoon, Mar 29, 2006.

Lezley: "I live in Florida. I'm not moving back to LA. Once you get out of that city, you should stay out. I'm 32-years old. I'm never going to get a contract. I don't have any family out there. I don't have any friends out there.

"I was a feature girl. I shot so many times for Vivid and Wicked, they won't shoot you after so many times. I'm not going to go to gonzo land. It's not my style.

"I walked in at the top of the list and I walked out at the top of the list.

"I'm getting back in the restaurant business, which I used to do."

Luke: "Do you have any regrets about your time in Adult?"

Lezley: "No. The first couple of years... I have an intense headstrong personality. A lot of company owners aren't used to that. The only regret I have is not curbing that. I probably would've got a little further with a contract, etc."

Luke: "Does porn affect your real life?"

Lezley: "I get recognized quite a bit but it's always positive. In the personality I put forth in movies, interviews and appearances, people that do recognize me treat me with respect. People don't come up and go into graphic detail. They're always polite.

"I might feature for a year. I have so many members on my website. I have so many people who want to meet me.

"I find the hardest part is dating. You have to decide whether you want to tell them the truth or wing it and write it up as something in your past. Everyone has skeletons in their closet.

"I didn't have a lot of friends in [the LA porn industry]. I had a lot of acquaintances. I miss them.

"Trevor Zen and I are roommates. We've started branching out. Who knows if we will get back together. That would definitely be easier.

"I've been on three dates in the past year. I'm not going to go into all that until I've gone on three or four dates with somebody."

Luke: "Don't most guys recognize you right off as a porn star?"

Lezley: "No, they don't. I get recognized by the tattoo on my shoulder. I get recognized in airports more than anywhere.

"I hang out in up-scale places. I don't get recognized that much. I wear normal clothes. I've never worn the porn girl attire. I've never had my boobs and ass hanging out all the time. I like keeping a sense of elegance and class about me. Just because I may be one way for a living or behind closed doors does not mean I want to be that way all the time."

Luke: "It's hard to pull that off."

Lezley: "It depends on how you carry yourself. My family was upper-class. I know people on that side of the fence. A handful know what I do, but because I always maintain my composure and dignity, they don't like at me like a porn star. The Jessica Drakes are few and far between [in porn].

"I don't have a choice. If I want my kids to respect me, then I have to behave."

Luke: "Why did you get into the Adult industry if you have kids?"

Lezley: "It wasn't about the kids. At the time, they were with their dad. I had been divorced for about two years. I had been married for seven years.

"I needed to do something different. I needed to shake things up in my life. I had just started drinking when I was 27 and dabbling and I went wild. I did a lot of wet t-shirt contests, bikini contests for fun. I ran into a couple of Adult stars.

"I called Wicked Pictures and Brad Armstrong and Jonathan Morgan. I asked a lot of questions. Then I flew out for the weekend and did Serenity's Roman Orgy and New Girls in Town.

"I wanted to pay off my debts from my divorce. I bought a new car. I bought furniture. I put my kids through private school. I got a lot accomplished. I helped my mom out.

"It wasn't the attention. I could give a ----. When I want attention, I get it.

"I enjoy being in front of the camera. I enjoy being seductive. I enjoy teasing in a dark way.

"I never did any photo work my entire career. I would love to do some magazine layouts.

"For a while, I was dating Dani [Woodward]. That turned into a disaster.

"I got my first set of boobs two years before I got in the business. It was 275 CCs. Then I got silicone implants and went up to 325 CCs. After I got in the business, I saw Garth Fisher and got 450 CCs. I've had eight boob jobs."

Luke: "Would you have done it the first time if you had realized you were going to have seven more?"

Lezley: "No. I would've saved the money and done it right the first time, even if meant flying out to Beverly Hills.

"Garth Fisher does a great job for certain types of boobs. If you already have boobs, he does a great job. If you're going in for reconstruction if he wasn't the original doctor, he doesn't do so great."

Luke: "Did any of the doctors try to sleep with you?"

Lezley: "No."