On Set With Ron Royster Of Eroticist Films


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Kyle, 24, did his first scenes in San Francisco through Lexi Love. He followed her down to LA and they share an apartment.

Is Lexi your girlfriend?

"We're more friends than anything. We've had our moments."

Kyle has done about 40 scenes. He's saving money for school (Globe University) to study audio engineering and psycho-acoustics, "a form of a holistic healing through sound. I'm big into dance music. I want to make some good porn music."

"I've been on my own since I was 17 [and worked a variety of jobs including selling weed]. I'm a hustler. This is just another chapter."

Leah Luv says she started smoking at age eight and that has ruined her dream of becoming a singer. We run through a medley of classic songs such as Yellow Submarine and the works of Kelly Clarkson.

Leah Luv, 21, says she gave birth to her son three years ago across the street (at the California Hospital Medical Center (CHW), we're on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles). She says her need for money as a single mom led her into a life of pornography.

As a kid, Leah (who's done about 200 scenes) wanted to become a veterinarian.

What happened to that dream? "I couldn't afford to go to school."

How did you come up with SweetLeahLuv.com? "Because somebody stole leahluv.com and everybody thinks I'm so sweet."

How has porn affected you? "It's opened up my eyes to a new world."

In a good way? "In a good way and a bad way."

Leah says she's not going to make porn her career.

What kind of crowd did you hang out with in highschool? "I didn't. The few people I did hang out with, we all smoked weed.

"I was a straight-A student. I had a great attendance record."

Kat: "Will you let your kid know when he turns 18?"

Leah: "I'm sure he'll know way before he turns 18. He's a boy. Boys watch porn. I'm a porn star."

Are you going to be willing to pay for his therapy? "That's a funny one. I will. I'm a smart ho. I've saved my money."

What are you doing when you're not being a mom and not being a porn star? "Sleep and eat. That's my life -- being a mom and being a porn star.

"I'm starting at UCLA in March. I'm studying Psychology.

"My biggest goal in life is to be the best mom I can be and always be open and honest with my son and let him know that no matter what decisions he makes, he will always have my support."

What if he wants to work in pornography?

"Whatever he wants to do."

Will you help him get in the business?

"No. I won't help my son ruin his life. It's too much of a risk. I got into it because I had to, not because I wanted to f---. I did it to take care of my family. I knew that working at McDonalds or Target wasn't going to do what I needed to do for my son.

"I'm glad I got into porn. I have a beautiful car. I have a beautiful home. I've been able to put a lot of money away for my son's future."

How has your family reacted? "My dad's very supportive. He understands that what I did was for my child. He quit watching porn. So did my uncle and my brother and their friends. They leave my house when they hear the phone start ringing.

"I have a few friends in porn. They're in porn, not of porn. And none of them know my kid.

"I didn't do any porn until my son was four months old. That's when I realized that life was too hard on a minimum-wage job. I was living in someone else's house. They kept threatening to kick me out."

What kind of woman chooses this industry? "I don't know. I don't know why someone would do that to themself. I've heard young kids, 14, 15, say, 'I want to be a Playboy Bunny.' Why? Why don't you want to be the next Sandra Bullock or Angelina Jolie? Angelina Jolie is someone to look up to. She's a great role model and a great mother."

Do you think you're a great role model for 14-year old girls? "No."

Leah's had braces for five years and should get them off in another year.

"I hate men," says Leah, "because every one I dated f---ed me over."

Today's movie is called, Atomic Vixens Escape From The Valley Of The Sluts.

Leah Luv says ICPorn did bad by her. They had her drive over an hour to the set and then decided they wouldn't shoot her because they'd shot her before. They couldn't be bothered to consult their database in advance. And they wouldn't pay her a kill fee.

Leah writes on ADT Nov 27:

Its great to know that I am missed here. I feel special. The reason I havent really been around is because of what Hillary said and Gia said (working on my website and chasing my 3 year old around and working a whole lot) but also, it seems as though lately when I have been coming on here, no one was saying anything about me or responding to the posts about me, so I just quit coming on. I mean, I know whats going on with my wife, and I know whats going on with my friends. Im not really concerned with much right now going on in this industry. I had a nasty break up with a nasty, sorry, piece of s---, little boy who doesnt like to do his job (quit editing and cutting his movie to turn in to Elegant Angel) or take care of himself (Mr. Chris) and since then I have taken a lot of time out of my life for me.

Im rebuilding myself. I know everyone has been through it. So dont act like its some big thing. haha. I did work with Gia on the set of "The Violation of Sierra Sinn ( love you girl, your a champ). Sierra did a great job. For those who havent seen her perform, you should definately look for this movie when it hits the shelves. Also Ultra Vixens was a good time. Very good indeed. I had a lot of fun. Got a chance to work with Kyle Moore for the first time. He had some problems but hes a really nice guy. Loved the make-up for that movie. I looked so hot. lol. haha.

I also just f---ed up my car. I was cut off on the freeway the other night by some asshole and I swerved. My car fishtailed and the ass end slid out to the left and slammed into the inner wall. Its perfectly driveable but still a good amount of damage. Im just fine. Pissed but fine. The driver took off. Asshole. haha. Well guys and girls, I am gonna go look for other stuff to comment on. Nice to feel the love in this thread. haha. You will see me on here still. Just not everyday. I got a whole lot going on right now. Moving, being a mom, working, prepping for school.

March 15, 2007

Leah Luv Vs. Hillary Scott

From Gene Ross:

"Hillary and I don't talk at all," says Luv. "We don't communicate at all. I'm really glad to hear that she's going back to Chicago because her daughter might actually get to know who her mommy is."

"I thought she had this million dollar contract with SexZ Pictures," I tell Luv.

"I don't think it's true," Luv answers. "I read it on Adultfyi but from my personal opinion, Hillary doesn't have the strength to stay under contract for five years. Her asshole and her pussy aren't going to last another five years because they're blown out now and it's only been a year and a half. I don't see her asshole holding up."

Hillary replies:

I am deeply saddened that my former friend Leah Luv is suffering from schizophrenia and severe verbal diarrhea. Our mutual friends have told me that she has been on a shit talking rampage for the last several months and none of us know why. Some say it's jealousy, some say she's using meth again which would explain her strange behavior. But the article I read today was just pathetic. I had no idea she was that desperate to hurt me. I want to be mad, but I just feel sorry for her.

Nice to hear that you're financially secure now, Leah. Especially when a few months ago, you were evicted from your apartment and your car was repossessed. Oh, not to mention the several thousand you owe me....

To address the pile of crap that fell from her mouth, what she said about my family is completely untrue. I'm amazed that someone who physically and emotionally abuses their child would have the audacity to say such things about someone else's family life. Her son lived with her father until a couple months ago because she couldn't handle the responsibility of being a parent thus the physical and mental abuse. How's the therapy going Leah?

Regarding my hygiene lol, I must have worked with Leah about 20 times including the recent "Sweet My Ass" she attempted to "direct". That desperate Leah? No valid reason to hate me, so you just make stuff up? People do have a problem working with her, however. She claims she "quit" but actually, people just stopped hiring her because of her bad attitude and lame sex scenes.

And regarding that fight, I was never picked up and body slammed lol. It was a shoving match that ended with a handful of her hair in my hand. For her being twice my size, I was surprised how much of an edge I had on her.

Please put the crack pipe down, Leah. Your lies and rumor spreading do not affect me. I'm sure we'll see each other in person again. You can tell me how you really feel then. Let's see if all of LA is behind you, lol.

Dumb cunt.

Ninjas named Sierra make much better best friends than you anyway.

Leah had cervical cancer. "She has advanced HPV which she developed before porn from being a teenaged street hooker," says Hillary.

Eddie Normous posts: "Keeping people from rationalising their depravity away is possibly the only noble purpose xpt serves."